To Know, To Dare, To Do, To Keep Silent, To Go


Sun 17° Capricorn 44' - ruler Saturn, Safty Urge
Sun combust Mercury, the conjunction exact, causes quick cognitions, premonition, inventive comprehension, such as with machine, architecture, furniture/model design, art forms, anything that pertains to the 'next step' of cutting edge technology.

Moon in 3° Moonchild 11' - ruler Moon, Domestic Urge, deposited in Eighth House, with possible financial benefit through legacy, inheritance or money gifts from unexpected quarter. Interest in ancient knowledge, entry to the underworld [archeology, exploration, hypno-therapy, mining, and other], with agricultural skill and knowledge of medicinal use of plant/vegetable kingdom - Book of the Angel Raziel handed to Noah. Other aspects combine with Luna to provide insight into dream analysis.

First House 13° Scorpio - ruler Pluto, Universal Welfare Urge, higher octave initiation
Pluto 8° Leo 02', in Ninth House of the higher mind, learning language, philosophy, cultures that exist in foreign lands that alter the waking conscious perception of the world at large.
see footnotes for well known men and women with Venus in the Ascendant
visit Trump IX for notes about Knebworth Festivals.

Venus in Sagittarius in last degrees of the Ascendant, influencing preference for harmonious proportions in art that are comparable to those that exist in music and are the essence of the pleasure created by architecture. Page has a star chart structure similar to the cities of Chicago IL and Salem MA, with a midheaven designed for a hierophant - interpreter and storyteller. Visit posted star chart for Chicago @ George Lucas, also a One Destiny.
Return to Enter Jimmy Page.
see Venustas

Midheaven 0° Virgo 06' [conjunct Regulus]
- ruler Mercury (line of intuition), conj Regulus

Destiny Path: 1
Jimmy Page – day by day - global Zoso tracks to date
Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page published 2015


By the age of 18 Jimmy Page was already a serious musician with impressive credentials. Some comments from Proximity follow, written by Hugh Jones, and Page’s recollection of that brief time window when everything was dramatically transformed via literally hundreds of recording sessions.

“His first experience in a real group was with Neil Christian and The Crusaders who travelled all over England playing cover versions of songs by then unknown American rockers like Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and Bo Diddley. From Neil Christian Page moved on to an informal association with Cyril Davies, known as the Father of British Blues.

He was noticed jamming with Davies at London’s Marquee club by a record producer named Mike Leander who reportedly asked, “Would you like to play on a record?”, to which Page nonchalantly replied, “Yeah”, thus launching an illustrious career as a session guitarist which eventually led to his association with the Yardbirds and ultimately the formation of Led Zeppelin.”

Jimmy Page recounts his transition at about age 17, “I left Neil Christian when I was about 17 and went to art college. During that period, I was jamming at night in a blues club. By that time the blues had started to happen, so I used to go out and jam with Cyril Davies interval band. Then somebody asked me if I’d like to play on a record, and before I knew where I was I was doing all these studio dates at night –still going to art college in the daytime. There was a crossroads there and you know which one I took.”


   Jimmy Page, Real Estate Wizard  

Sun in Capricorn, the tenth zodiacal sign – Saturn, Lord of Time and Space - day of the week: Saturday
Symbol: The sea-goat, mountain goat, dolphin, or scapegoat. The duel nature of Capricorn is illustrated by the Sea-Goat. This mythical creature could relate to both worlds - land and sea. The goat with the fish’s tail signifies extremes of height and depth.

Capricorn Countries include: Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Greece, India, Lithuania, Mexico, and Saxony
Cities: Bradenburg, Brussels, Constance, Marseille, Oxford, and Port Said

Well known musicians born in the sign Capricorn include
Women: Aaliyah, Sade Adu, Joan Baez, Mary J. Blige, Marlene Dietrich, Annie Lennox, Barbara Mandrell, Dolly Parton, Patti Smith, and Donna Summer
Men: Alvin Ailey, David Bowie, Bo Diddley, John Denver, John Paul Jones, R. Kelly, LL Cool J, Jimmy Page, Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, Michael Stipe [REM], Lars Ulrich, Eddie Vedder, and Malcolm Young [AC/DC].

Reflex action: Moonchild, or Cancer, the Shellfish, ruled by the Moon. Sol balancing Luna in these signs indicates deeper concerns with regards to the highest part of consciousness and the most hidden part of consciousness - the public image and psyche seat of power. This polarity indicates exoteric signatures, economy, thrift, and prudence; a desire for high attainments are likely. Skills include grace under pressure, esoteric savvy, and lines of the architect.
Well known people who have Capricorn Sun in opposition to Moon in Moonchild, by sign, include: Mary J. Blige, Jean-François Champollion, Maurice Herzog, LL Cool J, Eva LaRue, Mary Tyler Moore, Sir Isaac Newton, Jimmy Page, Michael Schumacher, Phil Spector, and Christy Turlington. see
Binary Solutions
Tarot Trump: Trump X, The Wheel, The Wheel of Fortune
House System: The Office and Den
Journal - day by day records
Metal: Lead – Power Gemstones
Nutrition and menu: The Zeppelin Diner
Capricorn governs the following places: churchyards, monasteries, convents, places for storing lumber, arsenals, barren or stony fields, mountain roads, the summit, cattle pens, vaults, mines, oil, and water under the surface of the earth.
Emotional characteristics: the emotions are inhibited, feelings are often turned upon the native because the sign rules the force known as contraction in reflex to expansion [Jupiter, the other business planet]. This may result in questions about belief in personal ability, the mind can rule the heart too completely.
Mental characteristics: powerful, concentrative, laborious, forceful, cautious, economical, conservative, thrifty, scrupulous, trustworthy, detailed thinkers, stubborn, good friends and bad enemies, brooding.
Spiritual keywords: the individuality, the seat of the sense of separateness, the competitive spirit, that which does not sense reality in its upwardly mobile ascent to heaven.
Physical anatomy: knees, kneecaps, hair, outer epidermis, various joints of the body, skeletal frame, teeth, left ear. Capricorn is said to rule the sense of hearing.
Zodiacal Physiology: nucleolation, accumulation of energy, limitation, crystallization, preservation of strength.

Capricorn is a preventative force as much as Moonchild is one of protection. An example of the practical application of this marriage of opposites would be seen when Page decided to foray into the world of producing. John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, [featuring Eric Clapton in the USA on London] is one of his best results. It’s considered a classic that plays as well today as it did when it was released. Page, Clapton and Beck had a close knit ‘birds of a feather flock together’ familiarity because they came from the same nest of origin. All played lead guitar with The Yardbirds. Pete Townsend would rely on commute but he contributed to that creative pool taking shape as the crème de la crème sessions collective. They found the music business could best guarantee quality yield when operated in the spirit of an extended family experience.
Check the Immediate sessions with Eric Clapton that comprise the Guitar Boogie collection of songs.


Moon in her own sign, Moonchild - Cancer, anciently, the fourth zodiacal sign – Moon rules the power of the psyche, the physical [anatomy] mind, home-domestic matters, the nursery and its protective entity, dream themes such as your astral vehicle and astrosome, hypno-therapy, empathy, environment, transmigration and the grave.
Day of the week: Monday
Symbol: The shellfish, crab, tortoise, snail and all who carry their house with them; the RV was designed for those who love the Moon and this sign. These shells serve as insulation or protection from outside influences just the aura field protects the more dense physical vessel and armor was worn by Knights in the Age of Chivalry. The sign refers to the safe haven, Hogan and kiva, and feels related to the John Paul Jones fantasy sequence in The Song Remains the Same.
Shields for protection anticipate. Early defense includes, with prophetic gifts, an ability to triumph through efficient tactics of compensation, placement and adaptation. Our home is our castle [Capricorn] as well as our sanctuary [Moonchild] and “refuge from the storm.”

Reflex action: Capricorn, the Mountain Goat, the Sea-Goat
Tarot Trump: Trump IV, The Emperor, King, Osiris, Sovereign
House System: The Dining Room
Metal: Silver, Silver and Gold braid [especially Celtic designs], and Pewter – see Power Gemstones all treasures from the sea, including pearls, coral, mother of pearl, sunken treasure, and more.

The Sign of the Shellfish begins on the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. The Moon rules the fourth zodiacal sign, a water sign known as the psyche seat of power, memory, and guardian of transmigration of souls. The three water signs, Moonchild, Scorpio, and Pisces govern the oceans and seas of the world, rivers, fountains, as well as global consciousness they symbolize.

Luna helps to provide Summer’s profusion of abundant beauty, bounty, and well tended fields of gold akin to the homey harmony of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Shire. The cyclic movement of birth, death and rebirth linked with the phoenix gives us the unit of time we call a ‘month’, taken from the ancient Egyptian lunar god ‘Month.’ The right brain link with the ancient Nile embraces the land and sea [earth and water are both magnetic elements].

During the twelve months of the year many potential expressions for the psyche are available on a daily basis. Every day the world in detail is completely re-created for the native. Sensitivity to each carrier, personal vehicle, or garment, opens up the full spectrum of psyche expression in our ever-changing world. These choices would dissolve into an infinite universe, impossible to organize and use, if the divisions of time/space were not mapped out in detail by various metaphysical schools of philosophy. Taming the boundless through the study of law and denomination is a profound secret Moonchildren master over time. They are inspired by a rich, vibrant environment that is carefully planned and cultivated, like a thriving family garden. What natives do not find in the material world, they are able to locate [or manifest] in a non-physical universe as natural dowsers.
The flow of energy from the elbow through the arm, wrist, and hand to the fingertips is used by the dowser. The most important point is the wrist, and the nervous system conjoins other energy flow to be used by a dowser and the guitar wizard.

By extension, the auric field is the natural resevoir of the same energy used as healing and reserve power stored for use by the physical temple. Cells return to best integrity levels during the deep sleep state at night. External agents may appear and usher in erosion, friction, or unforeseen variables on the path we travel but the aura filters out most of the negative influences or buffers them. Simple radio, TV waves, magnetism, geomantic zones and so forth would overwhelm us otherwise.



Mars conjunct Aldebaran [the Eye of Taurus]
7th Department of Life - OBJECTIVE REALITY

The knowledge of the Self must include a knowledge of how to raise the vibrations of the sphere in which the aspirant is manifesting until they become 1 with those of the higher sphere which he desires to enter. Each student must live his life from within and unfold his possibilities through his own efforts and through the bringing into manifestation of the powers which each has in potentiality within.


Trump IX The Hermit

SAGITTARIUS, The Centaur, or The Archer
Planet ruler: Jupiter the Religious or Philosophic Urge

Jimmy Page was born with Jupiter in his 9th House [Jupiter 25° Leo 58' rx]
Nativity Star Chart aspect: Jupiter sextile Saturn orb +4°41'

popular musicians with Jupiter in Leo include: Aaliyah, Mick Avory [The Kinks], Jeff Beck, Jeff Buckley, Enrico Caruso, Joe Cocker, Harry Connick Jr., Macy Gray, Peggy Lee, John Williams, and many others

Links for Trump IX Hermit and Zep: The Lodge Wars
Page Plant Era
vaults: May 31, 1977, Greensboro, NC
Never-before-seen live concert film clips of Led Zeppelin performing "The Song Remains the Same"
on John Bonham's 29th birthday) Special thanks to "J.P." for the film. Concert Info: Official Led Zeppelin Video Channel. © 2010 WMG





right, Jimmy Page and The Edge from the movie It Might Get Loud

Modern research has plainly shown that the stars surrounding us do not constitute a simple, but a double system; a fact that was well known to the Sages. For it has been shown that many stars widely separated and apparently belonging to separate systems, are mysteriously related to each other, especially the Pleiades and the Great Bear.

There were two constellations with seven stars each. We call them the Two Bears. But the stars of the Lesser Bear were once considered to be the seven heads of the Polar Dragon. In Egypt the Great Bear was the constellation of Typhon. These stars are called the Sapta Rishi or 7 Rishis. [Their names are Amba, Dula, Nitatni, Abrayanti, Mahayanti, Varshayanti and Chupunika.] Although Ursa Major was catalogued by Ptolemy as having 8 stars and by Hevelius as having 12, nevertheless its 7 brightest stars constitute 1 of the most characteristic figures in the Northern sky, and are called by the Hindus "the husbands of the Pleiades."

"It seems difficult to account for the very remarkable and unsystematized distribution of the motions, unless we suppose that the stars form two more or less separate systems superimposed; and it has been found possible by assuming two drifts with suitably assigned velocities to account very satisfactorily for the observed motions."
Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. XXV, 79

Instrumental Musicians

In a computer star chart study of 100 instrumental musicians [the signs occupied by Sun, Moon, and Ascendant] no zodiacal sign significantly portrays the ability of an instrumental musician. Prominent Mars thought-cells map creative energy and muscular control; Saturn maps plodding perseverance required for long, monotonous practice sessions; the Moon maps time, tune and rhythm; Neptune maps feeling and dramatic approach; and Venus, while the planet of art, maps a good ear for harmony and tonal quality. Venus in the Ascendant quincunx Luna in the Eighth House influences an urge and wish to restore historical monuments and landmarks to their original beauty, as well as rescue home and property from the wrecking ball. Jimmy Page acquired several 'historical' fixer uppers during his first Lunar Return in 1972. Left, the Tower House he bought from Irish actor Richard Harris.

Venustas This Latin term for “beauty” (literally, the salient qualities possessed by the goddess Venus) clearly implied a visual quality in architecture that would arouse the emotion of love; but it is of interest to note that one of the crucial aspects of this problem was already anticipated by Alberti in the 15th century, as is made clear by his substitution of the word amoenitas (“pleasure”) for Vitruvius’ more anthropomorphic term venustas.

Alberti not only avoids the erotic implications of the term venustas but, by subdividing amoenitas into pulchritudo and ornamentum, gives far more precise indications as to the type of visual satisfaction that architecture should provide. Pulchritudo, he asserts, is derived from harmonious proportions that are comparable to those that exist in music and are the essence of the pleasure created by architecture. Ornamentum, he claims, is only an “auxiliary brightness,” the quality and extent of which will depend essentially on what is appropriate and seemly.


rightLed Zeppelin reunion, December 10, 2007 - Celebration Day October 17, 2012
David Letterman Show - Led Zeppelin re Kennedy Center Honors


During the present Iron Age it is the masculine, positive force of these Rishis that has been dominant, rather than the feminine force of the Pleiades.

For the influence of the Pleiades is exerted less upon the immediate events in the mundane sphere than upon the higher planes, yet it is always the feminine force which brings forth the great changes which appear on earth as the dominance of the cycle of 1 sub-race gives place to the next.

For corresponding reasons, during this cycle only the masculine Masters of Wisdom manifest in earth conditions, the feminine Masters working in the higher* realms.

The 1970 progressed star chart for Jimmy Page emphasizes Trump VII The Chariot, the man who has become the Conqueror, master both of himself and the elements, making the cube -- now become the Philosopher's Stone -- his chariot; the heavens his canopy; the 2 sphinxes that draw the chariot, the forces of the Great Agent, his servants to bear him onward. His cuirass is the "breastplate of righteousness" or his knowledge of the manifestations of the Divine which makes him invulnerable to assaults from either the human or elemental kingdoms.

The Urim and Thummim upon his shoulders indicate his priestly power to answer all questions through direct inspiration from the Divine. The globe on the scepter, surmounted by the square and triangle, indicates the 7 fold powers of man arising from the O.



They carry news that must get through, to build a dream for me and you.
They choose the path where no-one goes. - Led Zeppelin, No Quarter



What Goes Around Comes Around

In 1964, Peter Grant and Mickie Most formed a rock management company under the name of RAK Music Management. "RAK was chosen as the name of the company," says Grant, "but names are not important in this business. People don't say, 'Let's get in touch with RAK Management.' They say, 'Let's go see Peter Grant.' ..."

rt, Peter Grant and Ahmet Ertegun

... Grant first became associated with the Yardbirds and, more significantly, with Jimmy Page. Page and Grant took an instant liking to each other. Grant was highly impressed by Page's uniquely professional approach to what he was doing and by his intelligence and sensitivity. He also liked the way Page handled himself through the "cloak-and-dagger" days of Jeff Beck stamping out of the Yardbirds. And Page was equally impressed by Grant's unpretentiousness.

... When the Yardbirds split up, it was simply assumed that Grant would stay with Page. Grant always felt that inevitably Page would succeed at what he wanted to do; for his part Page knew he was unlikely to find a more ideal manager. When Jimmy wanted to keep the Yardbirds alive - Grant owned the name - or form a new group, Grant encouraged him.
            -Ritchie Yorke, The Led Zeppelin Biography

Atlantic Records mogul Ahmet Ertegun had a long-play association with Led Zeppelin that goes to their earliest days. In 1968, after hearing the band's demo, Ertegun knew their songs would become massive hits the first time he heard them. He made a magical move that expanded R & B know how into British rock & roll terrain. Ertegun began the relationship by signing Led Zeppelin and helped guide them through a phenomenal career. His extraordinary line up included many top drawer artists of the era, from the Rolling Stones through Cream and Genesis.

Ertegun was also the founder and chairman of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to which he was elected in 1987 for his pioneering contributions to popular music.

Led Zeppelin Reunion December 10, 2007


The Eddie Kramer-supervised tapes from Madison Square Garden [TSRTS]
from July 1973 are described by Plant as "beautiful and incredible."

see - theremin (thèr´e-mîn)
An electronic instrument played by moving the hands near its two antennas, often used for high tremolo effects.


Power Gemstones for Page Sun in Capricorn, The Goat or Sea-Goat
Ruler: Saturn, The Safty Urge

Saturn: Black Diamond, Jet, Onyx (white and black), Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz - Saturn is usually associated with all stones ashy in colour. Jet or Black Amber: Pliny says in burning, its perfume "chaseth away serpents, and bringeth women again who lie in a traunce by the suffocation or rising of the mother; the said smoke discovereth the falling sicknesse and bewraieth whether a young damsel be a maiden or no..."; Onyx: Properties similar to Jasper; but also said to bring terrible shapes to the dreamer and to remove eye afflictions by contact. Black and White Onyx worn at both shoulders of ceremonial robes represent the Sun and Moon. Antique coins-gold & silver.

December 24 Red Sard [Rusty-red Edomite Sard, oden, comes first in the year in honor of Adam, the red man] Reuben ('Adam', 'Edom', and 'Odem' all variations of the same word meaning rusty-red).


Almost Famous –soundtrack Oscar honors won for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen by Cameron Crowe, and Best Actress in a Supporting Role by Kate Hudson
Angels and Demons
Argo –soundtrack When The Levee Breaks Zeppelin scene 1:23
Blow Up --The Yardbirds scene The Yardbirds (with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck) playing Stroll On, directed By Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)
The Client – Moby Dick considered a favorite song by attorney Susan Sarandon in a debate with “the client”, played by Brad Renfro. He is the young [only] eyewitness to the suicide of a mafia lawyer who hires legal counsel for protection when the district attorney and his posse zero in on him for more information. He doesn’t trust anyone, but Reggie overcomes the obstruction because she is well informed on all matters Zeppelin.
The Client (1994) Official Trailer - Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Renfro
First Knight - most King Arthur stories - King Arthur has Sun in Sagittarius - visit meditation page with Arthurian legend themes here
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Indiana Jones @ Mystique - including early chronicles
IT MIGHT GET LOUD photographer, Ross Halfin - film on Facebook
The Lord of the Rings [trilogy]
The Medicine Man, Shaman, and Shaker ~ Mystique
The Name of The Rose - Sean Connery fanpage
The Ring Cycle [Wagner - Opera]
She - the book and both the films
The Sixth Sense
The Song Remains The Same Led Zeppelin concert film – Stairway to Heaven
Three Soverigns for Sarah
Transcendence Science looks for the Universal Agent and finds it. Capricorn desires to spiritualize matter and Moonchild looks to heal the earth – what better themes to watch develop in a Johnny Depp film on a warm summer night? Additional teaser: from Jorma Kaukonen, "Genesis"

Witchy places to visit @ Dowser Page
References for The Winchester Mystery House and film Poltergeist



Director Davis Guggenheim, well-known for his Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, deepens our appreciation for going electric by bringing together three virtuosos from different generations: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2 and Jack White of The White Stripes. It Might Get Loud weaves together their stories to reveal how each of them developed a unique sound.

It Might Get Loud is an innovative approach to rock documentary film; a profile, of sorts, of the electric guitar and a portrait, of sorts, of some very famous rock stars who love it, the film assembles Jack White (of the White Stripes, among others), Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin), and The Edge (of U2) to talk about their lives in music. Their marquee bandmates -- Robert Plant, Bono, Meg White -- are seen only in archival footage. Instead, the three men gather to form a jam session or impromptu supergroup -- or something -- intercut with their individual stories.




Dominant planets: Jupiter 15.7% - Pluto 14.4% - Moon 11.2% - Mercury 10.7%

Dominant Signs: Leo 20.8% - Gemini 20.6% - Capricorn 20.0% - Moonchild 13.1%

Thor, the Norse god of thunder and son of Odin, commanded storms and lightning. His chariot was drawn by two goats, called Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher. When the chariot moved its wheels groaned and rumbled like thunder, while sparks struck from the wheels echoed the lightning. Thor possessed the magical hammer Mjollnir, forged for him by the dwarf Brok, which would destroy anything it was thrown at, always returning to the hand of the caster. It was also used as the symbol for blessing a marriage, the hammer being laid in the bride's lap. Only Thor could wield this sacred weapon. To do so he needed to put on his iron gloves.

Jimmy Page daily journal

K2 and the mountaineers who forged through uncharted territory - the earliest ascents - and assaulted one of highest peaks in the world include Oscar Eckenstein, a reliable and steadfast rock climber, one of Aleister Crowley's trusted partners. Eckenstein was already well known in the west as an English rock climber-mountaineer, and godfather of bouldering as a sport. He, like Crowley, delved deeply into the ancient knowledge. Eckenstein was noticed as 'unusual' - probably because of his power stellium clustered around Regulus, The Royal Star [@ 27Leo in his radix star chart]. His Jewish heritage made him a marginal choice for some in esoteric quarters. When Crowley refused to cut him from the active A-list he encountered a cold shoulder from some influential climbers who also participated in Crowley's mystical networking.


Page opens British Walk
of Fame

By This is London
24 August 2004

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page became the first artist to be immortalised in the British Walk of Fame yesterday.

The rocker officially opened the new attraction on London's Piccadilly by casting his handprints in cement. Based on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, the British version will feature music icons.

"It's a real privilege and a great honour to be the first," Page said. "I'm really chuffed. "A Walk of Fame is a fantastic idea and it's high time we had one in London. "There are a lot of musicians out there who deserve the honour. If you started putting in all the people I think are deserving, you could cover the whole of London."

The Walk of Fame is outside the new Virgin Megastore on Piccadilly, formerly the old Tower Records store. "This has always been a prestigious site for music so it's right that the Walk of Fame should be here," Page said.

Led Zeppelin were one of the biggest rock bands of the 1970s with hits including Whole Lotta Love and Stairway to Heaven. Last year the band - singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones and late drummer John Bonham - topped the US album chart with a CD of live recordings from 1972.

Page, 60, said he was planning an autobiography chronicling the group's years of rock'n'roll excess. "There are a lot of stories to be told about what went on and insights to give into things that people don't really know about," he said. "So there's a good book to be written and I'm thinking about writing it."

Source: This Is London



The Magic of the Page and Plant Tour




The Firm were a British rock supergroup comprising former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, ex-Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann's Earth Band drummer Chris Slade and bass player Tony Franklin. report: The Firm released 'The Firm', recorded at The Sol Studios, 11 Feb 1985. check AUDIO: Closer (The Firm - rehearsal)
Page and Rodgers originally wanted former Yes drummer Bill Bruford and fretless bassist Pino Palladino in the group; however, Bruford was contracted to another label and Palladino had tour commitments with singer Paul Young.

· The Firm, 1985
· Mean Business, 1986

The Firm - Radioactive Lyrics
from 1984 - disbanded 1986
Label - Atlantic


Jimmy Page A 'Real Estate' Wizard

Mercury D @ 8° Capricorn - age 10-11
Mercury @ 17° Capricorn - age 24
[radix Mercury 17° - 16° Capricorn retro]

Trump 0

"Almost 40 years after the album came out, nobody knows the old man featured on the cover, nor the artist who painted him," Jimmy Page observed. "That sort of sums up what we wanted to achieve with the album cover, which has remained both anonymous and enigmatic at the same time."

Led Zeppelin album cover design graces the Royal Mail. Set of musical postage stamps issued for public use 1-07-10.


Led Zeppelin Formed From Yardbird Ashes
* Purchase Highland Retreat, Boleskine *
Page A 'Real Estate' Wizard

Why so isolated? Frequent questions about occult groups, fellowships, and fraternities, as regards full spectrum in-fighting within secret societies repeatedly bubble up as those with genuine interest in the Twentieth Century discover this topic. Lodge War history abounds throughout Europe and has an influence on those who study the mystic in the US and other countries. More about Franz Bardon, Aleister Crowley and The Rosicrucians in The West Coast Magazine.


Black Swan [residents at Boleskine]
Cygnus Swan constellation - Lothlorien
Swan represented in heraldry: Asdale, swan's head erased at the neck
The Yardbirds Fillmore Auditorium



Jimmy Page and Tower House

1972 opened with Page transacting business encouraged by his first Lunar Return. The year spotlighted the Eighth Department of Life and subsequent acquisition of the Tower House from Irish actor Richard Harris, who purchased it for £75,000 in 1968. Harris employed the original decorators, Campbell Smith & Company Ltd. to carry out extensive restoration work on the interior. The Moon [real estate, home and garden make overs, and environmental effects such as ‘garden mists’, fountains, the small lake, wetlands, lily ponds, etc.] in a house suitable for the Phoenix, is the best position for reclamation of land and property. The three year renewal period perfectly supported Page’s interest in the late-Victorian town house, built between 1876 and 1878, by and for architect William Burges. Now, Tower House retains much of its internal structural decoration, but the furniture and contents that Burges designed for his home have long been dispersed.

Page said, “I had an interest going back to my teens in the pre-Raphaelite movement and the architecture of Burges. What a wonderful world to discover." Lunar Returns take us through a time block with the opportunity to “go back” and complete or augment unfinished business. These commitments effect the sensorium and, as a pure source of pleasure, prepare us for any new emotional structures we begin to build in anticipation of what will transpire over the next 27 years.

The Department of Life activated by the Lunar Return - cycle is birth, death, regeneration - the Eighth House, also covers matters that pertain to pleasures and speculations of the father, the professions or honors of friends, the religion of secret enemies, if any, legacies, personal property of the partner, and themes that pertain to recuperation, regeneration, and the unknown.

Tower House is located at 29 Melbury Road (formerly number 9) in Kensington, London and is a Grade I listed building as of the 29th July 1949.


"Led Zeppelin History"
Excerpt: Gimme Shelter
On This Day [June 1] In Led Zeppelin History

On this day in 1980, it was reported that Jimmy Page had just purchased a mansion in Windsor, England, from actor Michael Caine. Located on the banks of the River Thames, this massive old stone mill is large enough for its own recording studio. According to reports, the mansion became Page's to the tune of 900,000 pounds. image below.

Three months later, Led Zeppelin stayed at the Windsor mansion because it was near Bray Studios. The band was using the studios to rehearse for the North American tour it was supposed to play that autumn.

At Page's Sussex manor home, Plumpton Place, a 19-year-old "friend of the band" had recently died from an alleged drug overdose.

Page had long been a big investor in real estate. Another actor, Richard Harris, sold Page the property known as Tower House, on Melbury Road in the London borough of Kensington. Elsewhere in Kensington, Page opened an occult book store called the Equinox in 1976. It closed in 1979, only after using its profits to publish some rare books by Aleister Crowley.

Page also owned Boleskine House, a former home of Crowley located on the eastern shore of Loch Ness in Scotland. A few years earlier, the guitarist had also considered purchasing a Sicilian abbey and farmhouse once owned by Crowley.

Rock and roll, Steve "The Lemon" Sauer

Original post on Sunday, June 1, 2003
Led Zeppelin History: Vol. 5 No. 307


Astrological Note: Sunday, June 1, 1980 12:00:00 pm transits

It would appear either Jimmy Page is a master of the round art himself or he got sound astrological advice from someone else

Sun: 11Gem08 [conjunct fixed star Aldebaran: 9Gem31] with Ceres: 3Gem34 and Vesta: 25Gem20 [conjunct centre star Polaris: 28Gem18] [see sacred]

Moon: 12Cap28 conjunct Jimmy Page radix Sun 17° Capricorn 44'; see also Peacock: 23Cap33

Mercury: 0 Moonchild57 conjunct Venus: 1 Moonchild24 retrograde; both transiting Mercury and transiting Venus conjunct Jimmy Page's radix Moon @ 3° Moonchild 11'; also note the position of transNeptunian Vulkanus: 9 Moonchild17 conjunct Sirius: 13 Moonchild49

Jupiter: 2 Vir 09 conjunct Regulus, conjunct Mars: 10 Vir 18 is over Jimmy Page's radix Midheaven @ 0° Virgo 06'; additional transits activating Page's MC include transiting Saturn: 20Vir17 conjunct transNeptunian Zeus: 17 Vir 45 - go Jupiter in the Houses

go Palm Jupiter with Walk of Fame event



John 'Bonzo' Bonham - Kezar Stadium, June '73. The Starship was purchased for
their 1973 tour and used again throughout the entire 1975 U.S. tour, by which
time Bonzo liked to occupy the co-pilot's seat.



Page reflected on Outrider a few years after its release [19 June 1988]:
"Outrider's all right. It's demo-like compared with those overproduced albums that came out at the time. It didn't do very well - doesn't matter - but I did tour. I was playing music on that tour going right back to The Yardbirds.
Jason [Bonham] was the drummer on that tour."

Outrider is a blues-rock album by Jimmy Page, recorded in early 1987 at Sol Studios (aka The Sol), in Cookham, Berkshire, England. The Sol was built in the early 1980s by Gus Dudgeon who subsequently sold it to Jimmy Page. Page has released only one solo album to date - released on the Geffen label. Page's band The Firm first recorded its self-titled debut album at The Sol in 1984, featuring hit single, "Radioactive," the album being released the following year. The Firm's subsequent album, Mean Business, was also recorded at Sol Studios.

Page experienced a major transition during 1986-87 during the process of Outrider's creation. His progressed Sun moved into the first degree of the sign Pisces and his Venus entered the weeping degree of Capricorn, his radix Sun Sign. Outrider marks the first time since 1969 Page recorded with a record label other than Atlantic Records/Swan Song Records. His break from tradition is a direct response to the path of collective inteligence represented by Pisces. When the face of Nature is unveiled, so that the interaction of all her laws is perceived, meditation upon this fact leads to the surrender of personality - and liberation of personal consciousness [Trump XIX The Sun].

The project was intended to be a two album release, but there was a betrayal or some kind of treachery, and Page's house was broken into and robbed. The disposition of p Venus @ 29 Capricorn was not the cause of theft, but indicates the loss of valuable personal items, including the demo tapes which had been recorded up to that point. The break-in happened during the early recording stages of Outrider, during the sojourn of his progressed Moon over his radix Capricorn Sun, so transformations and transmutations of light survived the attack on his work in progress, as referenced in the cover image of Page. The representation is one of suggesting contemplation of "stellar light", the literal meaning of the word KVKB, Kokab, usually translated "Mercury." This theme is fully developed in the eventual composition of the Page-Plant release, "Most High," recorded after several more spiral turns. At the time of Outrider however, special contributions were forthcoming, as typify the path of collective intelligence. The sphere of the Moon refers to LBNH, Lebanah, or "whiteness," but the word signifies, "ornament of the heart," linked with the great sympathetic. Robert Plant appears on one track, "The Only One", and John Bonham's son Jason drums with Page for the first time on record.


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* Theories of Procreation: Many ancient theories about the generation of what exists in this dimension were once debated by philosophers, even that there are "male and female sperm" involved [Hippocratic Corpus]. This would seem to mesh with the "primal waters" of ancient Egypt, recognized as the masculine face of the primal waters and the feminine face of the primal waters. Genesis does not specify the bi-polar principles, however does state the Elohim were 7 feminine emanations responsible for co-creation, and then of course, there is the theory attributed to Darwin...


Well known individuals with Venus [copper, brass] in the First House
Men with Venus in their Ascendant include Alan Alda, Ben Affleck, Meher Baba, J.M. Barrie, John Belushi, Orlando Bloom, José Carreras, Lewis Carroll, George Clooney, Joe Cocker, Jean Cocteau, Peter Cook, Billy Crystal, Danny Davito, Bruce Dern, Donovan, Mahatma Gandhi, Allen Ginsberg, Hugh Grant, George Frideric Handel, Ed Harris, Richard Harris, Isaac Hayes, Benny Hill, Judd Hirsch, Aldous Huxley, Jeremy Irons, James Joyce, Larry King, Helmut Kohl, T.E. Lawrence, Jay Leno, Tobey Maguire, Ray Manzarek, Groucho Marx, Arthur Miller, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, Jimmy Page, Luciano Pavarotti, Norman Vincent Peale, Gregory Peck, François Rabelais, Steve Reeves, Richard the Lionheart, Arthur Rubinstein, William Shatner, Oliver Stone, Lech Walesa, Wagner, Walt Whitman, and Michael York.
Women with Venus in their Ascendant include Joan Allen, Evangeline Adams, Yasmin Aga Khan, Lucie Arnaz, Lauren Bacall, Shirley Bassey, Carol Burnett, Ingrid Bergman, Sandra Bullock, Dyan Cannon, Laura Dern, Cameron Diaz, Queen Elizabeth II, Linda Evans, Judy Garland, Teri Garr, Rita Hayworth, Billy Holliday, Angelina Jolie, Gelsey Kirkland, Dolly Madison, Giulietta Masina, Linda McCartney, Sarah McLaughlan, Margaret Mead, Helen Mirren, Margaret Mitchell, Kim Novak, Merle Oberon, Eleanor Parker, Leontyne Price, Charlotte Rampling, Lynn Redgrave, Sally Ride, Helena Rubinstein, Grace Slick, and Nancy Wilson.

Michael Caine
, the Old Mill House, purchased by Jimmy Page
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Led Zeppelin was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame on November 14, 2006, at Alexandra Palace. Led Zeppelin was inducted by Roger Taylor of Queen, Wolfmother performed Communication Breakdown as tribute.

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