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Spiritual Alchemy

Meditation – The Cosmic Being

The spiritual alchemist conceives the universe to be an immense organic structure, or cosmic person. He perceives that individual souls are evolving from lower to higher states, and entering into rapport with the whole cosmic scheme. He apprehends that a like process is going on in it, and that the universe also is evolving and eternally unfolding its infinite possibilities of expression.

In tune with the pulsating heart of nature, an inner conviction floods his consciousness that every immortal soul plays a part and has its function in this glorious scheme of creation. It is a living conscious cell within the body of the Infinite Person. Expanding its consciousness, as for the moment he has done, it may even partake of the greater consciousness of the all. Thus the ineffable plan unfolds before him.

Each immortal soul perpetually expands the domain of its consciousness and continually increases the power of its control over environment. These separate evolving units thread together to give more complex expression to universal consciousness and power. As an individual becomes stronger when the separate cells of the physical anatomy gain in vigor, so the expansion in power, and more complete cooperation of souls, lend increase of consciousness and power to the Cosmic Being.

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Saint Bernadette

Bernadette Soubirous, the saint of Lourdes, France
Pictures of St. Bernadette at the time of her death, April 16, 1879 (Animation may take a minute to download) and her glass tomb, her final resting place today. Article about the life of Bernadette and the miracle at Lourdes.

SAINT BERNADETTE SOUBIROUS: born 7 January 1844 at 2:00 P.M.
Place: Lourdes, France
Radix Sun 16 Capricorn 27', Moon 8 Leo 43'
Ascendant 10 Gemini 02', Midheaven 13 Aquarius 44'
Destiny Path: 7 [number index], see Trump VII The Chariot [The Incarnation] and Trump VIII Justice

Film: The Song of Bernadette, [Director: Henry King 1943] starring Jennifer Jones, an inspiration as the young saint who experienced a series of miraculous visions of a "beautiful lady", in her debut role. The story unfolds in the small village of Lourdes, France in 1858, that must quickly awaken to world wide attention. A young French peasant girl reports she had seen an apparation while she gathered wood for her family. This biographical account of Saint Bernadette Soubirous mentions the curious exchange between the Church [inquiring about the name of the beautiful lady] and the vision's reply, "I am the Immaculate Conception." The title means the lady was born without sin and went a long way to convince the officials in the town, as well as the religious community, the visions were real. Wonderful soundtrack by Alfred Newman and magnificent supporting cast. Based on the novel by Franz Werfel, The Song of Bernadette.


It is a sound instinct in the people that makes them choose Bernadette to remember and to elevate. It is a sound instinct that makes them know that it is not always the powerful and the mighty who conquer, but sometimes the simple, the disinterested, the tranquil, the candid.

-Margaret Gray Blanton


St. Jude Thaddeus - Patron of Hopeless
Impossible, and Desperate Causes
Feast Day 28 October (Roman Church) - 19 June (Eastern Church)
Marlo Thomas at St. Jude's Hospital


Saints candle directory





Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

The Queen Mother

left, Glamis Castle, Scotland

Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the youngest daughter of the 14th Earl of Strathmore, was 22 at the time she became engaged to the Duke of York, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. She had accepted him only on his third proposal.

All her life Lady Elizabeth had been surrounded by men, from her older brothers, who made much of her, and their friends, to the wounded soldiers who were nursed at her Scottish home, Glamis Castle, which was turned into a hospital for the duration of the Great War that began on her 14th birthday.

What no one could have expected was that the prophecy a fortune-teller made when Elizabeth was a child would be fulfilled. ‘One day,’ said the seer, ‘you will be Queen of England.’

see Mystique


History of United States Seal

".... To the ancient mystics the phoenix was a most appropriate symbol of the immortality of the human soul for just as the phoenix was reborn out of its own dead self seven times seven, so again and again the spiritual nature of man rises triumphant from his dead physical body.

.... European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the Mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government, for the signature of the Mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United States of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols, chief among them the so-called American eagle -- a bird which Benjamin Franklin declared unworthy to be chosen as the emblem of a great, powerful, and progressive people. Here again only the student of symbolism can see throughout the subterfuge and realize that the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix, a fact plainly discernible from an examination of the original seal. In his sketch of The History of the Seal of the United States, Gaillard Hunt unwittingly brings forward much material to substantiate the belief that the original seal carried the phoenix bird on its obverse surface and the Great Pyramid of Gizeh upon its reverse surface. In a colored sketch submitted as a design for the Great Seal by William Barton in 1782, an actual phoenix appears sitting upon a nest of flames. This itself demonstrates a tendency toward the use of this emblematic bird."

Order of the Phoenix





Five costumes worn by Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation, comprising: a wine-colored tunic with blue trim, pants, and hat; a green dress, pants, over dress, and hat, with tag identifying it as from "Evolution" in Star Trek: The Next Generation; a purple/lavender pleated tunic with pants, one glove, costumer's tag identifies as worn in "Galaxy's Child" and "In Theory"; an aqua/green tunic, pants, and hat, with label inside inscribed episode #201, "Redemption, Part II"; an orange tunic, pants, fingerless gloves, and hat, with label inside inscribed episode #190, "Galaxy's Child"


A purple tunic, pants, hat and boots -- worn by Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in "The Child", Goldberg's first appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and again in "Rascals" in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Sale 1778
40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection
5 - 7 October 2006
New York, Rockefeller Plaza

Lot Notes

When Academy Award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg was growing up, she was a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. She looked up to Nichelle Nichols as a reminder that the future could hold a place for people of all races, creeds, and colors. Years later, Goldberg approached Gene Roddenberry and asked if he could find a place for her to contribute to his vision of a better tomorrow. Roddenberry was delighted with Goldberg's offer, thus the birth of Guinan.

The Phoenix - the collective unconscious and the feminine face of the Eagle, considered the symbol of regeneration. The door into the expanded magical reality of the Phoenix is Luna, and those with an understanding of the rebirth phase of the Lunar cycle.

Pluto in the Seventh House of partnership, debate [oratory], contracts, treaties [war and peace], legit theatre, epithets, and 'winning talents'
The House Pluto occupies usually illustrates situations and relationships that involve transformation, renewal, and unexplained forces. When Pluto is personified in the Seventh Department of Life, he helps describe the likely partners who will assist with important matters that concern the objective reality.

The First House of "I AM" describes the self and the Seventh House of "WE ARE" describes the partners usually selected as the ideal audience or person to win over - the jury an attorney will select, the voters a political candidate will pitch to, fans a singer will prefer during a performance, etc. Other planets or the lights that influence the Seventh House modify the presence of Pluto as character indicates.

For example, when a real estate agent with Pluto in the Seventh House has the Moon [radix or progressed] in the Seventh too, there will be a preference to find fixer upper homes or property, make-over gardens and landscape - begin a garden, set up a small pool or pond, perhaps put in a fountain. The movie, Field of Dreams, would qualify as a theme that involves Pluto in the Seventh House with the addition of a radix, progressed [more likely], or possibly transiting Moon. "If you build it, he will come."

Pluto in the Seventh House with the influence of Luna and Neptune will describe circumstances and people linked up with The NEXUS, as represented in Star Trek Generations. The objective reality in The NEXUS allows duel consciousness. Guinan is with Captain Piccard, explaining how things work inside The NEXUS and she is on the Enterprise at the same time.

Women with Pluto in the Seventh House include: Louisa May Alcott, Roseanne Barr, Kim Basinger, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Carole Bouquet, Charlotte Brontë, Naomi Campbell, Belinda Carlisle, Catherine the Great, Kelly Clarkson, Joan Crawford, Catherine Deneuve, Laura Dern [Jurassic Park], Sheila E., Dakota Fanning [Dreamer], Carrie Fisher [Star Wars], Jane Fonda [On Golden Pond], Whoopi Goldberg [Star Trek], Betty Grable, Whitney Houston, Helen Keller, Gelsey Kirkland, Sophia Loren, Madonna, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Annie Oakley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlotte Rampling [Zardoz], Susan Sarandon, Simone Signoret, and Cindy Williams.

Men with Pluto in the Seventh House include: Fred Astaire, Charles Baudelaire, Orlando Bloom, Bono (U2), David Bowie, Charles Bronson, Warren Buffett, Marc Chagall, Ray Charles, François-René de Chateaubriand, Frédéric Chopin, Sean Connery, Francis Ford Coppola, Charles Dickens, Matt Dillon, Edward II of England, Michael J. Fox, Mahatma Gandhi, Wayne Gretzky, Giorgio Gucci, Anthony Hopkins, Ron Hubbard, Chris Isaak, Jesse Jackson, James Earl Jones [Field of Dreams], Tom Jones, Ted Kennedy, Burt Lancaster, Michael Landon, Timothy Leary, Liberace, Franz Liszt, Louis XIV of France, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Marcello Mastroianni, Sal Mineo, Molière, Paul Newman [The Verdict], Vaslav Nijinsky, Guy Pearce, James Pike, Harold Pinter, Maurice Ravel, Ronald Reagan, Arthur Rimbaud, Jean-Paul Sartre, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, François Truffaut [Close Encounters of the Third Kind], Diego Velazquez, Alan Watts, and Henry Winkler.




L E S T   W E   F O R G E T ! !



Mon Feb 14, 2:53 pm ET
Whoopi Goldberg slams NY Times for ‘sloppy journalism’
By Michael Calderone

Whoopi Goldberg blasted the New York Times today for not mentioning her in a Sunday article about black Oscar winners.

"I am embarrassed to tell you it hurt me terribly," Goldberg said Monday on "The View." "When you win an Academy Award, that's part of what you've done, your legacy. I will always be Academy Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg." Goldberg said she was "dismissed and erased" by the Times' top film critics and described the piece as "sloppy journalism." And to settle any doubts whether she's an Academy Award-winner, Goldberg pulled out her Oscar for the 1990 film "Ghost."





Celebrations as 33 Chilean miners are rescued

The 'Phoenix' capsule, rt., carrying Luis Urzua, last of the 33 miners trapped more than two months, emerged to cheers, songs and applause. Mr. Urzua, the shift supervisor credited with helping the men survive the first 17 days before rescue teams made contact, was greeted by his family and President Sebastian Pinera.

The men had been trapped underground since 5 August, when a rockfall caused a tunnel to collapse.

"They were experiencing a kind of rebirth," President Pinera said in a televised address. "When the last miner exited the depths of the mine, I was moved as every Chilean was."

Luis Urzua told the President, "We have done what the entire world was waiting for. The 70 days that we fought so hard were not in vain. We had strength, we had spirit, we wanted to fight, we wanted to fight for our families, and that was the greatest thing."



Jean and Storm

The X-Men
PHOENIX aka Jean Grey

Real Name: Jean Grey Summers (aka Marvel Girl).
Powers: Jean Grey has several waking conscious powers, including telepathy, psychokinetic and telekinetic skills.

Jean Grey File: Professor Xavier, a colleague of Jean's father, Professor John Grey, acted as a child therapist during a difficult emotional time in Jean's life. He slowly established insulation that would protect part of her mind and prevent her awesome powers from resurfacing. Jean was able to live a happy, normal life until she discovered her telekinetic powers. The X-Men film trilogy describes the first encounter between Jean, Professor X, and Magneto at her home. She joined Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and the X-Men (Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Angel), who were instantly enamoured. Eventually, Jean married Cyclops [Scott Summers]. Later, when X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold teams were formed, Jean was a member of the Gold team, with Storm, Iceman, Archangel, Colossus, and Bishop.

Phoenix - X-MEN The Last Stand

Phoenix-Jean Grey is played by Famke Beumer Janssen, born with Sun in Scorpio on either 5 November 1964 or 1965, in Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Her ruling planet is in the sign of The Earth Goddess, Virgo. She is a Dutch actress and former fashion model, best known for her roles in Golden Eye, Nip/Tuck, and the X-Men film series.
Height: 5'11".

DOB: 1964: Her Destiny Path is 9 [humanitarian, higher soul powers] - world servers often have the 9 Destiny or the 9 Soul Urge.
DOB: 1965: Her Destiny Path is 1 [independent, leadership talents, ground breaking accomplishments]

go Storm - Halle Berry
and Magneto - Ian McKellen [also Gandalf the Grey]




... As the dome of the heavens was likened to a skull in the Gothic Mysteries, so the birds which flew across the sky were regarded as thoughts of the Deity. For this reason Odin's two messenger ravens were called Hugin and Munin -- thought and memory.

The ability of birds to leave the earth and fly aloft toward the source of light has resulted in their being associated with aspiration, purity, and beauty.

Wings were therefore often added to various terrene creatures in an effort to suggest transcendency. Because their habitat was among the branches of the sacred trees in the hearts of ancient forests, birds were also regarded as the appointed messengers of the tree spirits and Nature gods dwelling in these consecrated groves, and through their clear notes the gods themselves were said to speak.

left, Rutger Hauer [Roy Batty] with dove in Blade Runner, and right Hauer as Navarre, with Ladyhawke

Many myths have been fabricated to explain the brilliant plumage of birds. A familiar example is the story of Juno's peacock, in whose tail feathers were places the eyes of Argus. Numerous American Indian legends also deal with birds and the origin of the various colors of feathers. The Navaho declare that when all living things climbed to the stalk of a bamboo to escape the Flood, the wild turkey was on the lowest branch and his tail feathers trailed in the water; hence the color was all washed out.

Among the Greeks and Romans, the eagle was the appointed bird of Jupiter and consequently signified the swiftly moving forces of the Demiurgus; hence it was looked upon as the mundane lord of the birds, in contradistinction to the phoenix, which was symbolic of the celestial ruler.

... Both the peacock and the ibis were objects of veneration because they destroyed the poisonous reptiles which were popularly regarded as the emissaries of the infernal gods. Because of the myriad of eyes in the tail feathers the peacock was accepted as the symbol of wisdom, and on account of its general appearance it was often confused with the fabled phoenix of the Mysteries.

The Peacock - Capricorn from 20 - 30 degrees


Birdhouses are an easy way to have more birds around your home or in your woodlot. Easy directions on how to build houses for different kinds of birds and tips for setting them up.
By tailoring the bird house you build to the needs of species you want to attract will increase your chances of success. Example: sanctuary for the American Kestrel, Northern Screech-owl, Gray Squirrel, Red Squirrel, and Fox Squirrel Nest Box

Build a Birdhouse - songbirds are among nature's greatest indicators of a quality environment.

Diagon Alley Close Magical Creatures


Up Close and Personal

The return of the waterfowl to California’s Great Central Valley has been described as one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, and it happens every winter. Visit Gray Lodge Refuge to see thousands of Snow Geese joining Canada and White-fronted Geese. Around the defunct volcanic Sutter Buttes are sandhill cranes and tundra swans.

Sacramento Refuge for avian delights: ruddy ducks, pintails, shovelers, bitterns, night herons, mallards, harriers, rough-legged hawks, gallinules, et al.

Join nature walk or nature trips @ Footloose Forays


Four New Saints: tapestries depicting Rafael Guizar Valencia, Mother Theodore Guerin, Rosa Venerini, and Filippo Smaldone hang from the main facade of St. Peter's Basilica during an open-air mass in St. Peter's square at the Vatican Sunday Oct. 15, 2006.




T H E   D I A G R A M S

The Judgment Chamber - Trump VIII

The symbolic themes of esoteric literature are found the world over; like gesture they seem to be universal. Esoteric literature ultimately concerns man’s quest for the divine within himself. Often the quest is explicitly a search – for the grail, for treasure – either hidden or inaccessible. Often the treasure is guarded by monsters or enemies who must be overcome by a combination of courage and guile. All of this symbolizes the struggle of man against his own nature – the archetypal struggle between Horus and Set, between the Old Adam and the New Man, between David and Goliath, between Sinbad and the Old Man of the Sea who will not get off Sinbad’s back.

Sometimes the prize is a beautiful princess or handsome prince; to attain the prize tasks must be performed, and courage, determination and often cunning are required. Sometimes the prince or princess is disguised as a frog or a beggar, or he or she may be asleep or enchanted. Successful completion of the quest is rewarded by inheriting the kingdom and ‘living happily ever after’, i.e., in ‘eternity’.

-John Anthony West, Serpent In The Sky, The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

The hidden ratio formulae provide mathematical relationships between all figures in the picture for the inner eye [the brow], at the same time concealing the information from the two physical eyes. This is a curious device of ancient civilizations that was perfected in the Egyptian system.


Trump XX The Aeon - Resurrection, self-renewal and rebirth

go John: 15 "the Spirit of truth who issues from the Father"
The world's sin is unbelief, the Spirit will expose it.


Durer's Square




Natural Alchemy Film List - Study and Discussion Resources

Altered States * Ken Russell 1980
A River Runs Through It * Robert Redford 1992 ~ TDN Robert Redford page - Robert Redford Press Club transcript
Auntie Mame * Morton DaCosta 1958
Backdraft * Ron Howard 1991 * Kurt Russell links
Black Beauty * Caroline Thompson (direct, screenplay) 1994 * book by Anna Sewell
The Black Stallion * Coppola, The Black Stallion Returns * Coppola
Blue Sky * Tony Richardson 1994
Born Free * James Hill 1966
Brainstorm * Special notes about the visua-holics feast served up (story was re-written) by Douglas Trumbull
Charlotte's Web * Charles A. Nichols and Iwao Takamoto 1973 ~ Book by E. B. White
The China Syndrome * James Bridges 1979
Cinema Paradiso * Giuseppe Tornatore 1988
Cleopatra; Elizabeth Taylor twitter: One Color Unites Us on WORLD AIDS DAY. Show your support for @ joinred. Buy (RED) Save Lives.


The Corn Is Green * George Cukor 1979 * Katharine Hepburn Star Menu
Dances With Wolves * Kevin Costner - TDN Kevin Costner fanpage
Darby O'Gill



Deja Vu
filmed in the Crescent City
Director: Tony Scott (2006)

Dragonheart * Rob Cohen 1996
Dreamscape * Joseph Reuben 1984
El Cid
Ephesus Ancient City - Seventh Wonder of the World -Artemis Temple, House of Virgin Mary; In Search of Diana of Ephesus; Sacred Power Sites
Fallen * Gregory Hoblit 1998
Far and Away * Ron Howard 1992
Field of Dreams - Kevin Costner fanpage
Finding Neverland * Marc Forster * 2004
Firestarter Silver screen view of Stephen King book * Mark L. Lester 1984
Finian's Rainbow 1968 ~ just follow the rainbow - whistle the songs
* Francis Ford Coppola * check link for The Black Stallion (1979) (executive producer) and Koyaanisqatsi (1983) (executive producer)
Quiz with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola.
The Ghost and The Darkness * Stephen Hopkins 1996

Harry Potter

What are the three Unforgivable Curses prohibited by law that guarantee the user a one way ticket to Azkaban?

The three curses are:

· Cruciatus Curse (Crucio): this spell causes the victim to suffer almost intolerable pain. Some victims of prolonged use of this curse have been driven insane.

· Imperius Curse (Imperio): this spell causes the victim to be completely under the command of the caster, who can make the victim do anything the caster wishes.

· Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra): Causes instant death in a flash of green light, usually leaving no sign of physical damage or of the cause of death that would be detectable to a Muggle autopsy.

TDN pages for current information about the boy wizard and his friends in the wizarding world @ Professor McGonagall Index
Desktop owl download - he brings the latest about Harry Potter! * Lexicon includes spells, potions, maps, wizards and all manner of magical items and devices!

Haxan (narration Wm. Burroughs - recommended with caution
- not for the faint of heart)
Heartwarmers and World Servers
Hope for Haiti telethon [produced by George Clooney]; Hope Sir Edward Burne-Jones British, Date: circa 1896; James Gurney, Dinotopia The Garden of Hope
The Horse Whisperer * Robert Redford 1998actors page
House of Cards * Michael Lessa c 1993
The Hunt for Red October * John McTiernan 1990
The Hurricane * Norman Jewison 1999
Indiana Jones Complete Adventures * Indiana Jones trilogy research @ Mystique includes Spielberg Star Chart
Jumpin' Jack Flash * Whoopi TDN page [STG]

Kiva - Native American Indian
subterranean meditation chamber within the home usually associated with Trump IV, but also with Trump VIII and Trump XII [3 days in the tomb before the Resurrection as described in the New Testament - additional soul mate reference in the Qabalah as to the number of lifetimes we have [3] in order to locate our incarnate soul mate]. New Grange image [equivalent of the kiva] at Russell Crowe fanpage. Associated movies include: Heaven Can Wait, Made in Heaven, Michael, and, "by extension" Defending Your Life

right, image of Christ as the Antlered God (Lord of the Dance)

The Mahabharata * Peter Brook * 1989
Writing credits: Jean-Claude Carrière (adapted by), Peter Brook (screenplay)
& Jean-Claude Carrière (screenplay) & Marie-Hélène Estienne (screenplay)
Mondo Cane * Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti 1962 - 1964
Metropolis * Fritz Lang 1927 * Roger Ebert review

Mystical Triangle in San Francisco re Trump
* San Francisco scene




Candle Prayer for New Orleans



Incense: home staple list should include Cedar, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Lotus, Pine Cone, Rose, and Vanilla
Oil for 7 Planetary candles, Equinox event, and the 7 Candle Bond Ritual: Elderflower, and Strawberry & Rose




left, Professor Dumbledore and Fawkes, The Philosopher's Stone



Innholders' Company, Jupiter Table, Mercury Table, shrmx, vittles


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