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Ancient Key to Character


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All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.


Both Trin and Neo have a good, strong nail phalange [ruled by Rhea] that indicates a clear passage of energy directed to the objective reality, in which staying power is good. Quick reflexes. Your hands tell a lot about you, whether you are consulting the Oracle, scanning the internet for Morpheus, or shaking someone's hand - today the zeitgeist is to follow the white rabbit. Direct attention to the art of subtle sense cultivation that returned to the mainstream a few years ago. Participate in art, research, or a hobby that lets fingers stretch and work together, like origami [paper folding], etching, and gardening. The stage is another way to learn the knowledge of the hand. In the theatre, when a role calls for a character to convey a Type A or Type B personality, the hands and props held by the players are instant insight for the audience.

Conical hands and conical finger tips indicate refinement, responsiveness, sentiment, love of beauty in music and art, and an emotional nature. This hand could be the hand of an actor or singer. Long fingers [Trinity] tendency to capacity for details. Square hands, finger tips, and moderately short fingers often belong to a financier, administrator, someone practical, matter-of-fact, and sensible. If the hand of an electrical engineer, an expert mechanic, or builder who constructs beautifully finished and marvelously accurate work, hands and fingers [long] tend to be square. [Neo, though his hand is the 'mixed type,' with more than one type of finger tip.]

Your hand is complex and worth the time it takes for a careful study. This page reviews some points of interest about the thumb and index finger, and a note about the Girdle of Venus. The phalanges for each hand are fourteen in number, three for each finger, and two for the thumb.

The length of the fingers are best considered in relation to the whole hand. A long thumb shows strength of purpose, and a short one indicates stubbornness. If straight, generosity is indicated, but if crooked, there is a suggestion of someone with a tendency to pack away their treasure.

When the index finger is straight, it is a sign of good character, but if crooked, it indicates a lack of self-confidence. If it is very long, domineering characteristics are strong.

When a right angle is formed by the thumb and index finger, fortunes can be made via effective crisis management. Those with this wide distance between their thumb and Jupiter finger facilitate their own game plans and the blueprints of others, even if dealing with uncertainty, low budget limitations, and the unknown. Successful, innovative film makers who claim their genius is based on 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration often have this 90 degree angle.

Film Example of 90 degree angle: The Minority Report

John Anderton [Tom Cruise], head of the 2054 Pre-crime Unit that was created to stop acts of violence before they happen wears high tech-sensitive gloves that interact with their huge adaptive wall size screen. Anderton utilizes collective consciousness as viewed by a trio of psychics witnessing liquid 'work-in-progress akasha.' The sensitives are named after three great mystery writers -- Arthur (Conan Doyle), Dash (Hammett) and Agatha (Christie) -- and are the 'little people behind the curtain' who keep the entire pre-crime paradigm on line.

During a pre-cog work day [they appear to view the 'big screen' without interruption] all lie in a pool in a secure space called The Temple -- tuned to a 'murders-to-be channel' that links to a universal translator. The switchboard can convert pre-cog experiences into images.


Anderton coordinates his elite pre-crime unit to instantly respond to any pending situation. He gets a little help from his magic gloves that facilitate, coordinate, and direct the motion of the field team. Not surprisingly, the high tech power passes through his thumb and Jupiter finger.
Dreamworks based The Minority Report on a short story by Philip K. Dick [penned Bladerunner, Total Recall.]

right, Tom Cruise [John Anderton] works the pre-creation circuit in The Minority Report

left, Francis Ford Coppola for 'Think Different' Apple ad



Music World Example of 90 degree angle
Jimmy Page 8-23-04 Walk of Fame imprint

left, Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist for the rock group Led Zeppelin, in cement. He became the first artist to be immortalised in the British Walk of Fame in London, outside Virgin Music Superstore, Piccadilly Circus. David Fricke, a senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine, described Jimmy Page in 1988 as "probably the most digitally sampled artist in pop today after James Brown."
Page has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice; once as a member of The Yardbirds (1992) and once as a member of Led Zeppelin (1995). Among his many honors from peers and fans alike, Page was awarded "Living Legend Award" at Classic Rock Magazine Roll of Honour 2007. In June 2008, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Surrey for his services to the music industry. Page was inducted into Mojo Hall Of Fame at the magazine's award ceremony on 11 June 2010.

Note the thumb, low on the hand, and the palm broad at the base of the fingers, signs often found in the palm of the noted composer, director, and performer. Long cone shaped Mercury fingers rounded at the tips, suggest inspiration [Luna in the Eighth House] and observe the difference in Luna on the right and left hands - one highly developed, with the other surface even, level. Page has a straight right Mercury finger, an indication of someone with diplomatic skill and [with strong Saturn] a sense of timing and know-how when opportunities are present. According to Jimmy Page "played some of the most fundamental and memorable guitar in rock history—from the heaviest crunch to the most delicate acoustic finger picking."

Page's solo in the famous epic "Stairway to Heaven" has been voted by readers of various guitar magazines, including Guitar World and Total Guitar as the greatest guitar solo of all time. Jupiter is the planet most aspected in Jimmy Page's radix star chart @ 15.7 % and Pluto his second most aspected @ 14.4 %, indicating the probable success of a 'Jacob's Ladder' allusion in the title and "Stairway" lyrics.

Page was named 'Guitarist of the Year' five years straight during the 1970s by Creem magazine. In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him #9 in their ranking of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

A supple thumb will often indicate adaptability based on a broadminded approach to our common spiritual journey. All boats float. This individual can find more reasons for working together toward a community goal than taking the divisive path and missing a golden opportunity.

Good personality if mediation is necessary to make progress, or if there are common sense ways to problem solve and people only await someone who can convincingly make a pitch to the group. When the will phalange is longest of the two [thumb] and flexible, tact, attention to ‘ritual’, and diplomacy may be applied to win others to a cause.

rt, Gérard Depardieu
At Château de Tigné, his 100ha (hectare) property in Anjou, Depardieu cultivates relationships with wine, 'What I want is to be more free with the vines. I no longer want to belong to things, I want to watch others, but without being obliged to do things – simply to be with people, to share opinions, to reassure people to take a direction, to take a risk. I think what is beautiful is to find people who make you want to share a passion. That's magnificent. The thing that's difficult is the infrastructure and the logistics. Making wine is all very well, but I'm not going to busy myself with logistics – I don't know that.'

Throughout history the hand has always been one of the most potent symbols for the Supreme Being. In mediaeval pictures the Absolute is represented by a hand which projects from the clouds. Sometimes the hand is open, and rays of light issue from the fingers, but it is often seen in the act of benediction, with two fingers raised.

Ruth Brown, Aquarius Sun is a daughter of Aquarian Age reform. Her nickname was 'Miss Rhythm,' and she is #60 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll. She is a brilliant co-creator of the 60s soundtrack that was perfectly tuned to the tempo of social change across the nation. Her hand reveals higher soul power [literally] and the universal aspirations that would prevail into the new century.
Lightning in a Bottle (2004)

For a brief moment in time, a few daring, innovative musicians stood at the crossroads of a revolution in music and culture. See Let Freedom Sing: How Music Inspired the Civil Rights Movement (2009)

Ruth Brown was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993



  Ruler of Law

left, Bond. James Bond. Sean Connery plays national action-suspense heroes King Arthur, King Richard, and Robin Hood in Hollywood movies; but his hand reveals a man of driving energy with many skills. He is hard working, has a will of iron and shares a similar philosophic alignment with many of the heroic characters he has played in the movies.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

right, Whoopi Goldberg on The View, an extraordinary Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations who, with her friends, did humanitarian 'Comedy Relief' specials. She excells in every genre, one of few to win the Grammy (Whoopi Goldberg, 1985), Academy Award (Ghost, 1991), Golden Globe (The Color Purple, 1985 and Ghost, 1991), the Emmy (hostess of AMC's Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel, 2002), and a Tony (producer of Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2002).

go George Lucas

Divine Law and Natural Law are written in the palm, as well as an interest and talent for legal debate. The study of metaphysical law is, for example, suggested by a rare mark, referred to as the Ring of Solomon. A semi-circle around the base of the Jupiter Finger or where the Mount of Jupiter would be is the same as a ring. Legendary King Solomon, renown for his wisdom [a divine gift], also distinguished himself as a judge and exorcist. This ring can accompany love of deep and natural law, spiritual alchemy, raja yoga, a serious interest in the occult, and a comprehensive commitment to the law of the land. Suggesting an aptitude for congressional law, this symbol may provide a clue to the profession of choice in later life.

In Egypt, review the Aten Disk with hands radiating forth to form a golden halo - similar to the glow around the heads of pagan gods and Christian saints being bathed in the glory of the sun. There is a connection to the fact that a spiritual sun within our own nature is radiating its glow-ray and surrounding us with celestial splendor. By extension, we see "the handwriting on the wall" [Daniel] as a hint from fate that things are about to change dramatically. See Job xxxvii, 7, "He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his works."
Many palmists attach special importance to the shape and form of hands, of which some seventy varieties were enumerated, and their readings differed very considerably from those obtained from the lines and prominences of the inner side of the hand. All agree that the thumb is the most important part of the hand, because the first phalange symbolizes will power and the second logic; the ball of the thumb is called the Mount of Venus.


The Lord of the Rings: House of Healing after battle - trilogy director Peter Jackson


left, George Harrison, mystic Beatle with a medium thumb and possible Line of Mercury, indicating love of music composition, a temperament that encourages the idealist and world server agenda. The Line of Mercury often suggests the nervous system is very sensitive. Depending on the way this information is processed the line may indicate benefit for an individual and help anticipate good luck that is on the way. This line is also called "The Liver Line" for obvious reasons and tends to support attention to a sensible diet and avoidance of excesses.

A medium thumb angle reveals someone on an even keel with the world in general, independent and adaptable in situations where a strong collective conscious is required for success. Able to quickly and accurately evaluate new or unexpected situations, this individual has a flair for the dramatic, often one step ahead of others, but will likely move in time with everyone else. Good in situations that require innovation, mediation, modification, persuasion, and short-term fixes that yield long term benefit.

This portrait of Paul McCartney on the cover of his 'Driving Rain' CD clearly suggests he qualifies, both as a fabulous culinary whiz and an open-hearted kinda guy! One sure sign of a great cook is the 'White Thumb' or as palmists say, the generous thumb! Note how far back the tip of his thumb goes. He shares a medium angle thumb with George; both are known for their many collaborative efforts with innovative people. A documentary directed by Paul, 'Grateful Dead' (1995) features a series of stills from Linda McCartney's early studies of the band at 710 and a concert performance in Central Park when they were in NYC.

Cheiro wrote, In the judgment of character by the formation of the Hand, the Thumb is of about the same importance as the nose is to the face. It must be understood to represent the natural Will Power, whereas the Line of Head represents the Mental Will.

In my larger works on this subject I have gone into very deeply the medical reasons why character should be expressed by the Thumb and the extraordinary rôle it has played in civilization, and also in the various religions of the world.

There are two distinct classes of Thumbs, the supple-jointed and the firm-jointed. The former of these divisions is the Thumb bending outwards and supple at the joint underneath the nail. This denotes a nature pliable and adaptable to others, very broad-minded, rather unconventional, and not obstinate in its views of life. These characteristics will be increased if the Head Line be found sloping and bending downwards.

The nearer the Thumb approaches the side of the hand, or the more it looks tied down or cramped to the palm, the more the subject is inclined to grasp or hold. The true miser has always a thumb cramped towards the hand, and the nail phalange as a rule slightly turned in, as if the mind wanted to grab hold or retain.

The supple-jointed Thumb is more impulsive in its desire to give than is the stiff-jointed class, whereas the latter type demands reflection before he even gives an opinion.

If a favour should be asked of the man with the supple-jointed Thumb, one should remember that he is more inclined to give in on the impulse of the moment, and if one does not press one's point home at once, he is likely first to promise, and later, on reflection, change his mind.

The man with the stiff-jointed Thumb on the contrary, is more likely to refuse at first and on reflection to agree to the proposition; but if he does make up his mind, he will stick to his judgment or opinion, and the more he is opposed the more determined he will be to hold to his view.

The firm-jointed thumb is then the outward sign of a more resisting nature, and the longer the first or nail phalange is, the stronger and more powerful the Will force.

These people seldom make friends so easily or rapidly as those belonging to the other type. On a railway journey they rarely begin a conversation with a fellow traveler, and if they have to do so it will generally be in the form of an argument that "the window must be left open or shut," as the case may be. Heaven help the other poor traveler if he should also happen to have a stiff thumb, and oppose his ideas to those of the first.

The supple-jointed class, on the contrary, enter readily into conversation with strangers, and they often make their greatest friends while traveling. They are affable, charming companions, and give in readily to the wishes of others. In fact, this quality inclines to a weakness that should be guarded against. Among all those men and women who take the "easiest way" a large majority will be found to have very supple-jointed thumbs. This, however, will be greatly qualified by the position and appearance of the Line of Head, the indicator of the developed mental Will.

To have a supple lower or middle joint does not relate to the Will but to the phalange of Logic of the possessor. When this second joint is found supple the subject adapts himself to circumstances rather than to persons. He reasons out that he must bend or adapt himself to the conditions or circumstances of the life in which he is placed.

The lines in the hand are traditionally linked with Tarot Trump X, The Wheel of Fortune and the lines on the face are part of Tarot Trump XI symbolism, represented as The Enchantress.

Also check Harry Potter books [palmistry (PA6, PA12)] and Lexicon for background information on supplement study:
* Legilmency and various systems for superimposition, overlaps, and
* transfiguration.

The Lord of the Rings:
* Review Arwen's vision and return to Rivendell where she asks Lord Elrond to read her hand.
* Aragorn restores health to Faramir, and Éowyn After the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Check Healing Candle

Star Trek:
* Spock and The Vulcan Greeting On the home planet of Vulcan, the greeting consisted of a right hand raised (palm facing away) with ring finger and middle finger spread to form a "V" shape. The first person to speak said "Peace and long life" and the other responded "Live long and prosper."
* Star Trek: The Vulcan Departure-Farewell
* trivia: The idea for the Vulcan hand sign on the series was contributed by Leonard Nimoy. The gesture (based on the Hebrew letter "Chim") dates back thousands of years as a special sign used by Hebrew priests during their religious ceremonies. see also 'Mind Meld'



The Thumb Ring
An Ancient Sky Conscious Triad Zeus-Hera-Pallas Athena


The radial and uppermost quarter of the hand includes the index finger, the top phalange of the thumb, and the radial half of the middle finger. This part of the hand relates to the externally directed factors of an active and specifically human nature.

In fact the index finger relates to the manner in which the person presents himself and adapts to life, to ambition, opportunity, and social attitude. The top phalange of the thumb represents a person's strength of will, personal discipline, and power of endurance.
right, Obi-Wan anchor mudra able to control stormtroopers

left Marlon Brando demonstrates the mudra of tranquil stillness, popular with various yoga poses during the second half of the twentieth century. Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out. This mudra of knowledge actively engages the pituitary and endocrine glands by pressing into the tip of the thumb; excellent for establishment of your kinetic, emotional, and psyche anchors. People tend to practice this hand posture, the Gyan Mudra, when in the lotus position, often 15 minutes to an hour each day. You find stress relief if you use this meditation while in commuter traffic - returns you to inner harmony, clears mental faculties, good for memory, improves circulation throughout physical anatomy.

Mudras help to balance the five elements in the human system to their optimal levels. The Abhaya Mudra is normally practised after spiritual meditations. Raise both your hands to the sides of your head. Touch the Jupiter finger to tip of thumb (just as in Gyan Mudra). Hold the hand vertically straight by the sides of your head and your mind becomes fearless. Over a short time - 15 minutes to half an hour - this mudra gives a feeling of courage and strength. More Still Tranquil Zone here.


In traditional palmistry the index finger is called Jupiter, and the thumb is associated both with Rhea [top, will], Athena [lower, logic], Venus and Mars - all associated with the life-force, personal vigor, and energy.

If Athena has an "hour glass figure" or waist the thumb is known as a Sensitive Thumb. Regardless of the length of the thumb or type of hand, if there is a Athena waist there is talent associated with art, music, science, paranormal [clairvoyant], and philosophy. One does not have to be famous however to have this thumb; but the sensitivity found there can be expressed through empathy and sympathy for others. People with the Athena hour glass should test high for intuition and or ESP, especially if there is a defined Line of Intuition [under Mercury finger] in the palm.

Two of the world's most beautiful women who wear thumb rings are Aaliyah* [left] and Julia Roberts. Both have the 7 Destiny Path, started their career as models, and have dominant earth [magnetic] sign stelliums - Aaliyah has Capricorn, and Julia has Virgo outstanding.

Sun in 25°Capricorn 58', Virgo Moon with Saturn and North Node
[birth time unknown]

Pallas 24° Capricorn 18' conjunct the Peacock [spiritual, wisdom]
Aaliyah's Capricorn Mercury and Mars [exalted] support Pallas with the Peacock

Capricorn is practical, steadfast, serious, with an earnest nature. Somewhat formal or ritual conscious and strong awareness of objectives and goals. Loyalty, wisdom, good sense of timing, but inclined to take life too seriously... may have to introduce social interaction to 'lighten up' workaholic tendency. Natural interests: real estate, mining, architecture, building trades, surveying, physics, ecology, and conservation.
Governed by the Safety Urge and therefore 'cautious.'

The three parts of the thumb are ruled over by the natural urges associated with Rhea, Athena, and Venus. Most systems designed with ergonomic efficiency in mind begin with consideration of the thumb and index finger. Both of them represent the quality and quantity of energy we divert toward exteriorized life. The nail phalange [Rhea] reveals the quantity of energy at one's disposal and the manner in which this energy is directed toward the external world.

Reasoning power is traditionally ascribed to the second phalange, the phalange of Logic [Athena]. A large, thick Logic phalange suggests that the subject will think carefully before acting, for such a marking indicates the degree of control over the manifestations of life energy.

A well-balanced thumb, with the two phalanges of equal length and thickness, will suggest a person given to careful consideration of action, and one unlikely to act too hastily. A phalange of Logic too long will tend to kill action, the more so if the top phalange is weak in appearance.


Julia Roberts wears thumb ring
Sun 4° Scorpio 03', Moon 24°Leo 47'
ASC 27° Moonchild 27', MC 15° Aries 54'
Julia's Pallas @ 6° Virgo 54' [psychic degree sextile Sun in Scorpio]
in second house with her Moon

Virgo stellium made of: Venus 18° Virgo 04', Pluto 21° Virgo 57',
Uranus 27° Virgo 12', and Ceres 29° Virgo 27'

Virgo is known for service, discrimination, clear-headedness, and coordination (team player.) Focused on correct behaviour, the head often rules the heart; articulate, worrisome, Mr. And Mrs. Clean. Good for work requiring you analyze, criticize, verify or correct. Natural interests: archaeology, antiques, museums, archives, fashion, public service, health care, accounting, repair work, pets, the boss. Mercury, the Analytical Urge, is the ruler of the sixth sign.

Rings worn on the phalange of Logic and where the phalange of Logic joins the base of the thumb may offset specific trends or themes that are in effect. They may function as amulets and add strength to the will of the wearer. They have long been the symbol of immortality [no beginning-no end], attainment, and perfection. At one time men and women in authority wore signet thumb rings, or attached the ring to a hat band or cord for neck or waist. Signet rings, engraved with certain secret emblems, were worn by the hierophants, and it was not uncommon for a messenger to prove that he was the official representative of a prince or other dignitary by bringing with his message either an impression from his master's ring or the signet itself.

Character in WANTED [2008]
Sloan [Morgan Freeman, Gemini Sun]
, The Fraternity's enigmatic leader, wears a spiked thumb ring on his right hand. The character's dominant hand is his right so the spikes represent implements of war. Sloan wears a curled piece of metal on his Saturn finger to suggest emphasis on the spiral, circle, and the monad. The combination of both the rings as wardrobe-accessories would suggest an arrangement had been established between two forces, one masculine and one feminine. Fate [Saturn, time, divine order, the engineer] and the weaver [Athena, the power of the community and the sciences] are united in a partnership that is actualized by The Fraternity as the 'weapons of fate.'

Sloan: "It's a choice, Wesley, that each of us must face: to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate - or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside. Our purpose is to maintain stability in an unstable world - kill one, save a thousand. Within the fabric of this world, every life hangs by a thread. We are that thread - a fraternity of assassins with the weapons of fate. This is the decision that lies before you now: the sheep, or the wolf. The choice is yours."



The Number Seven

Seven is a number associated with a focus on perfection, the spiritual path and rebirth, separation of a whole into parts, personal identity, and overcoming limitations. The number seven seems to function on a mystical as well as a physical plane. The seven year allows the unconscious to merge with the consciousness in many ways. Often the year will bring people in touch with roots of the deeper self, reasons for an opinion, and viewpoint. The seven vibration also brings a greater awareness of the higher aspects of one’s total self in the waking conscious. New horizons and vistas are important as well as unique methods of self identification… name change, new symbols and logos, a new image, job title, tattoo. This is the number of many hats, many audiences, many ways of interpreting your reality.

For specific stones and metals associated with the planets and signs of the zodiac, go to Stone Gallery.







Subsidiary Lines


The significance of the subsidiary lines is completely overshadowed by the importance of the four main ones. They are more changeable in structure, more difficult to locate and only significant in relation to the hand type as a whole. In order to understand their meanings one must bear in mind the old analogy of lines as energy conductors. Each line may be imagined as passing energy in a more or less nervous state from one part of the hand to the other. The direction of the energy will give some clue to the undercurrents of the subject’s temperament and behaviour.

It follows from this analogy that, speaking in general, hands with many lines belong to people of a nervous and sensitive disposition, whereas hands with few lines suggest less nervous, more vital ‘down to earth’ types.

The Girdle of Venus: People with marked girdles are in constant need of excitement, amusement, and variety; and may have to confront Venus testing more than once unless a well designed Saturn pattern helps to co-create their professional profile.

The girdle of Venus starts between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn and runs across the finger mounts. It may be regarded as an adjunct to the line of Heart, and indicates love of friendship, creative [bohemian] literature, and art that is playful, abstract, or expressionist - artists like Paul Klee, Juan Miro, Jackson Pollack, and Jean Antoine Watteau, who colour outside the lines. By extension, world famous gardens are of interest: Monet's lily pond lake and garden, country gardens in UK, and the Obama's White House South Lawn, visible from the street. Beautiful labyrinth gardens, now popular around the world, also provide an opportunity to walk the sacred path, relax, and let go.

In itself the line adds a degree of emotional sensitivity to the hand. Chiromantically the line acts as a connection between the external conscious and the inner conscious quality of the personality. It links the self-assertive elements with the emotions, and therefore tends to challenge the Safety Urge [Saturn] that acts as antidote to Venus. People with marked girdles are sensitive to the status of the sensorium [astrosome, dream environment], and should cultivate unique, personalized, and healthy techniques for their own aura protection. There should be additional care in selection of amulets and other accessories of metal, gemstones, and traditional ornamentation.

The Girdle of Venus, with a long, straight, and deep Heart Line, underscores avid interest in grace of form [regalia, ornament, façade] matched with dependable content, to reveal an impassioned response to natural law, creative inspirations and thought forms. People who also love the performing arts may engage in public relations, photography [especially black-white photography during the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood], and modern ‘living art form’ imagery.

The Negative Influence of The Girdle of Venus

This interpretation is based on a combination of multiple factors that are considered with it so that the contribution to the overall scheme of the palm is not a sign of good things. For example, combined with a short index finger and compromised fate line it will often signify some type of misfortune in life. There may be career disappointments and family problems [check fingers and their aspect list to see if any weakness is increased by negative Venus, or if there is a wavering fate line that may reinforce a tendency to vacillate.] If the line is very deep there may be reversals of fortune or an element of uncertainty may exist related to relationships in love or the public sector. This person may not be a fair weather friend but may meet and socialize with individuals who will prove unreliable when the road gets rough. Remember, conclusions are best when based on a general medley of lines and signs.

The Utopian Search
The Rocking Horse of Neptune - Wrist Bracelets

stylized trident serves as PsiCorps symbol in Babylon 5
and a divining rod, in 'Wrath of the Titans'

The Bracelets refer to certain points of health as indicated on a hand reflexology diagram. There are supposed to be three of these lines or bracelets at the wrist, which were called by the Greeks the Bracelets of Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

It appears that at one period of the ancient Greek civilization all women had to come to the priest at their Temple to have their hands examined before they were allowed to marry. If the priest found this first Bracelet nearest the palm out of its place he could recommend she renounce and refuse to marry, perhaps seeking to enter the Order of the Vestal Virgins. Modern science links the Bracelets to a delicate reproductive system, applicable to both internal and external organs for men and women.

above left, allusion to the "HAND OF MIRIAM" [Barbara Hershey, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST] aka "HAND OF FATIMA" and the "EYE OF FATIMA"
see a Spring Venus-Neptune aura, The Hypnotist

Henna, multi-colour, or single colour ink tattoo work for the hand and wrist hold the ancient associations with adulthood for cultures around the globe. Modern social and religious rites of passage include tattoo symbols, often to complete or augment part of initiation. [see Viggo Mortensen, EASTERN PROMISES and Lorraine Bracco**, in MEDICINE MAN (John McTiernan 1992)]
more @ Mystique for information about the shaman and seer in movie lore


right, photograph of the Angelina Jolie wave catches her rune tattoo, in the form of the lower case letter h, also the symbol of Saturn, Lord of the Golden Age, later the planet symbol for the planetary urge of the same name. Saturn is now considered the teacher of the zodiac, lord of silence, and ruler of the palm and lines [writing of God] therein. Some people suggest the symbol is to remind her of her brother James Haven. Note the crescent in the lower part of the symbol; it catches the energy and directs the flow toward the palm.

It is popular to have a tattoo on the hand, wrist, and one or more fingers. Angelina Jolie has the letter M tattooed on the palm of her hand, a remembrance for her mother Marcheline Bertrand, who has moved on to higher dimensions. Fox, her WANTED character, uses tattoo art to seduce a young recruit to the order [James McAvoy] in one of the steamier bath scenes in the film. Brad Pitt has a tattoo at his wrist that is visible in the Susan B. Anthony finale of Oceans Thirteen.

Celeb tattoos for hand and wrist include, in alpha order: Jessica Alba with a Sanskrit character for lotus flower on her wrist, Pamela Anderson has the word 'Mommy' on her finger where it once was written as 'Tommy.' Victoria Beckham has husband’s initials DB on the underside of left wrist. Orlando Bloom - his right wrist carries the Elvish 'Fellowship 9' tattoo, along with the eight other members of the fellowship, from The Lord of the Rings. Sir Sean Connery has two tattoos we know about, "Scotland Forever" and "Mum & Dad" tattooed on his right forearm. Alison Eastwood has tattoo around her left wrist bracelets. Carmen Electra has her wedding date "Eleven XXII" tattooed on the underside of her left wrist. Janeane Garofalo has several wrist-arm bands on both arms, and a crescent on her Apollo finger [left hand]. Jorma Kaukonen [Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, etc.] is one of the most photographed tattooed rockers. Jessica Lange has hand tattoos. Eva Longoria has a small star shaped tattoo on inside of left wrist. Helen Mirren has hand tattoo.

Britney Spears had once tattooed a pair of pink dice on her inside left wrist - later changed it; she has a small star on her right hand, and red & pink lips on her wrist. Keith Urban has ‘Omni Vincit Amor’ [Latin for "Love conquers all"] on his right wrist.

Celebs with finger tattoos include: Portia de Rossi, Carmen Electra, Colin Farrell, and Tommy Lee.

left, CONSTANTINE [Keannu Reeves] summons divine power - see Jupiter

Sankofa Bird is a symbol from ancient cultures that suggests the royal spirit with access to the akasha records. The traditional design is composed as a symbol of learning from the past to build for the future.
The saying is, “Go back to fetch it.”
And sometimes, “Go back to the past, to the source.”

The area at the top of the spine is a place where energy remains jammed until Jupiter tests have been encountered and disposed of – where we get past bigotry, racism, and prejudice. Because the energy of the Sankofa Bird takes us beyond incarnate consciousness where we are able to contemplate this state of awareness, it is a good idea to place the symbol at the right wrist or just above it, to facilitate breath and your triple warmer.

scene from Sankofa [YouTube] staff of Guardian
at the old Ghana fortress
slave trade era


BLUES BROTHERS Dan Akroyd and John Belushi - the brothers have their names tattooed on their knuckles.

George Clooney for the 1996 film, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN; the tribal tattoos continue to spark an interest to date.

Russell Crowe had several fakes for the movie ROMPER STOMPER, one of his early, very disturbing films about neo-Nazi skinheads.

Keira Knightly, wore Pictish tattoos for the movie KING ARTHUR; and more in DOMINO, about real life daughter of actor Laurence Harvey.

Robert Mitchum began his screen tattoo history in NIGHT OF THE HUNTER with the words "Love" and "Hate" on the fingers of both hands. Considered one of the most terrifying movies of all time.

Robert De Niro wears screen tattoo work for the remake of CAPE FEAR, taking the Mitchum role - another of the Hollywood scariest.

TV episode NCIS: Los Angeles, Random on Purpose, aired November 2009
Pauley Perrette and Barrett Foa go to one of Abby's favourite clubs
Perrette shows off the smiley face tattoo on Saturn finger of her right hand
theoretically her Venus symbol will compensate for Saturn "severity factor"
[seems to be working well for her to date]

Gary Oldman as the mysterious Sirius Black wears tattoos on his hands and fingers in some scenes from the Harry Potter series. Alchemy and rune tattoos are on his chest, torso, neckline, throat, and the rest of his body - see Harry Potter Line of Intuition. go to
The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and view Sirius portrait
Star Chart notes for Gary Oldman @ Capricorn, 20 - 30
stars with ALKES, REGULUS, and SIRIUS prominent

Guy Pearce MEMENTO [Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano co-star] a man tattoos his life over his entire body.

Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan, in the Oceans trilogy, has an elusive, black tribal tattoo design on his left hand. Movie tattoos.
Star Chart notes for Brad Pitt @ Capricorn, 20 - 30, the Peacock

Rod Steiger as Ray Bradbury's ILLUSTRATED MAN whose body tattoos depict actual events, all shown in flashback and flash-forward.

The White Rabbit*** will the real white rabbit please stand up?

Bruce Willis screen picture from Die Hard
Bruce Willis Star Chart

X-Men Wolverine tattoo sampler

SIGNATURES OF THE SOUL, TATTOOING (Peter Fonda 1984, Producer Geoff Steven)
New York, NY: Filmakers Library

Peter Fonda explores the social history of tattooing, both primitive and modern, discussing its use as ornament, badge, and personal statement. Practitioners of the art from the Pacific Islands, California, and Japan discuss the aesthetics of the art.



The fingers: the fingers should be considered in relationship to the whole hand that is usually divided into three parts: the fingers, the top of the palm from the end of the fingers to the thumb, and the third portion of the palm from the thumb to the wrist [include bracelets]. The palmist will study the ratio of the three parts of the hand to determine the part of the character likely to be developed along the lines of least resistance and used most in the course of a whole life. The following comments apply mostly to the dominant hand, usually the right.

Note that lines and other characteristics change every few years, so it is a good idea to have a palm reading at least once a decade.

The Power of Jupiter - Aragorn wears the Ring of Barahir on his Jupiter finger for positive energy - Sauron wears the Ring of Power on his Jupiter finger as a tyrant.

Jupiter the index, first finger, or pointer finger is traditionally used as an extension of power that is associated with expansiveness. Authority, education, and the philosophic viewpoint are suggested. Jupiter energy is electrical, calling up the image of an arrow in flight to the bulls eye of a target. Additional images can link with a wand, rod, tower, electrical bolt, and so forth. The association with thunder and lightning, music, healing, and positive direction will often channel 'alpha' or 'theta' power.

When the index finger is short, a lack of responsibility is evident. If straight, it is a sign of good character, but if crooked, it indicates a lack of self-respect. If it is very long, domineering characteristics are strong. Modification is possible by taking up a hobby or long wished for activity.

The Ring of Solomon is one of the unusual marks of mysticism, the occult, and the search for truth in unknown quarters; owing probably to the qualities signified by the Mount of Jupiter, its possessor will aim at development of higher soul powers, the overview of a yogi, or an adept in metaphysical science. Positive Jupiter indicators would suggest someone with the power of a master or an adept in higher octave study, such asgematria, transcendental magic, and sacred architecture.

Saturn is the middle, or second finger, associated with reputation, knowledge of the 'rules of the game' or 'the law,' and monastic predilection. This is an 'all business' finger because, from an ergonomic point of view, the middle finger is longer than other fingers and first comes in contact with any working surface, such as the keyboard of a computer, the keys of a piano, and a 'light bulb in the ceiling,' etc. Additional images are associated with the crystallizing tendency of the planet. The sword or dagger represents the discipline of the mind. Popular quote: 'the pen is mightier than the sword,' refers to career strategy, financial management, and perhaps a sense of timing for investment. Those who wear jewelry on the third finger, especially a ring, suggest a celibate lifestyle.

The middle finger shows caution and/or slower pacing when long, and haste when short. Character is important; the law is often a strong foundation for building a lasting public image. When crooked, morbidness is very evident. Modification is possible by scheduling more unstructured days in the month.

Apollo is the fourth finger of the hand most associated with the marriage, the arts, and good fortune. The 'ring finger' is linked with most of the symbols we use for vows, oaths, and binding agreements. The god Apollo and the Muses: They are interwoven in mythology so a straight, well developed Apollo finger and mount will often indicate career skills suited to theatre, music, poetry, prophecy, competitive sports in the open, and recreational amusements. The strong fourth finger may enter special areas of medical research and development, therapy, or even role playing as a tool in psychology and social studies [other cultures.] Dream work is often developed, recorded, or employed as a tool for strong relationships. The inner child may be read in part in conjunction with other indication points in the hand.

The ring finger if long shows an interest only in acquiring wealth. If short, it indicates an interest in speculation and a tendency to gamble. When straight and well formed, it shows artistic leanings, but when crooked, such talent will be used strictly for making money. Modification is possible if there is an interest in community work or an active commitment to protect the inner child.

Mercury is the ruler of the little finger, often referred to as 'the pinky' that reveals skill in trade, commerce, mediation, travel tour and related business, the hawker [now on ebay], and communication at the most popular level of sophistication, such as YouTube, My Space, and the blog. The ability to travel unfamiliar road, enter and return from sojourns in the underworld, and study the subtle energy of the collective mind are associated with the intelligence that generates Mercury, the Arch Angel Raphael [patron saint of single people.] The paranormal event most associated with this energy is often related to unseen forces, such as the poltergeist, 'handwriting on the wall,' and telekinetic ability. Prophecy is associated with the Mercury finger, as with Apollo, in a communicative instruction, such as via the wrist: dowser search for lost item, systems used by Da Vinci, as portrayed in The Da Vinci Code anagram, and construction of still zone/tranquility zone such as found at Still Zone site

The little finger, if long, indicates that the individual will do very well financially, but when it is short, he will have a much more serious struggle throughout life. If it is straight, diplomacy and taking advanctage of all opportunities is a strong characteristic. But if it is crooked, chances in life will be overlooked, for this person will not be visionary. Modification is possible if there is a wish to expand on communication skills, through debate, public speaking, learning a new language, etc.

Rhea Earth Goddess rules the top of the thumb, indicating the degree of generosity, extroversion, and flexibility. The second part of the thumb, ruled by Wisdom Goddess Athena, indicates the degree of will power. This small area above the Mount of Venus, should have a waist that reveals self-confidence, discipline, and moderation in all things that refer to the sensorium. The curve of the thumb's top phlange reveals quite a bit about the individual hand. If Rhea phlange curves back toward the hand, the person is more capable of rolling with the punches; however, there is also the capability of the communicator to embellish the truth for the sake of telling a good story.

A long thumb shows strength of purpose, and a short one indicates stubbornness. If straight, generosity is indicated, but if crooked, only selfishness. Modification is possible via the arts that fold in science and/or philosophy, such as metallurgy, weaving, and the garden.




Recommendation: to remain the picture of health, avoid use of fire opals in every instance as they often facilitate entry from undesired quarters. Some stones with history and names are utilized by adepts for specific work. Try the universal Venusian stones first: jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli. They will help to focus sufficiently. See also Stone Gallery and Divination

Paranormal: Fire opals may have negative effects on any research due to the variable nature of the composition of the gem. Psyche armour will snap on but it may be too late.

Discussion on Three Types of Hand, the name and meaning of the thumb and fingers

Sun Sign Astrology: The Good and Bad News About Your Sign

Men and Women with the planet Venus in Venus-ruled signs Taurus and Libra include

Bruce Boxleitner
George Clooney
Mimi Farina
Michelle Pfeiffer

Couples and Collectives include

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
Bono and U2




Divination and character analysis by studying the lines on a persons forehead.

Aristotle commended the practice of metopomancy. He believed that there was a distinct relationship between human characteristics and features of the face. Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", also believed that there was some certainty to the belief that one's face revealed traits of future disease.

In the 16th century, facial interpretations proliferated and books on the subject increased. In 1658, in Paris, Jerome Cardan published Metoposcopia, a guide to face reading and specifically the divination of the future by studying the lines on the forehead. His comprehensive volume contained more than 800 illustrations to substantiate his thesis.

According to Cardan, the forehead can be divided into 7 distinct positions between the brow and the hairline. These were given planetary names: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

To read the forehead one must consider the length, depth and prominence of the lines.



* Aaliyah's eulogy was held on August 31 at Saint Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church on East 84th Street in Manhattan. A horse-drawn carriage then carried her coffin to Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York, where she was initially interred in a crypt in the extension wing of the main mausoleum. When the Rosewood Mausoleum was completed a couple of years later, Aaliyah was moved to a private room in the new building. The inscription of her alias Baby Girl is engraved on her crypt.

** review of movie, ‘Medicine Man’ (PG-13)
By Hal Hinson
Washington Post Staff Writer
February 07, 1992

For some time, though, Campbell has been doing precisely as he pleases, refusing to submit reports on his findings, account for his expenses, or even communicate with his superiors. Like Kurtz in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness," he's off on his own. And, like Marlow, Crane has been sent upriver to find out what the hell is going on.

After an arduous trek on foot and by canoe -- it's a good thing she laced on those boots -- she finally confronts her subject, who is stinking drunk and outfitted for a native ceremony in a lavish straw head-dress, topped with an enormous beak. To say that her first impressions are negative would be a gross understatement. For the audience, though, their initial exchange of antagonistic cross talk and bickering is sublimely funny, a sort of forest primeval variation on '30s movie banter that sets the stage for the battle of sexes to follow.

"Medicine Man," which was written by Tom Schulman ("Dead Poets Society") and Sally Robinson, is a unique confluence of elements: a screwball comedy, a love story, and a medical detective yarn, all in one. And from this heady opening salvo, we get a sense of just what a rare movie we're being drawn into. Few pictures work on this many levels, or present us with characters as strong and richly conceived as these. And yet, miraculously, the film doesn't come across as merely an expedient hybrid of movie conventions. It's a surprise from start to finish, a fresh, compelling, moving tale with real people and real conflicts. It's a wonder.

read full article here

*** Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (story with Rackham illustrations)

Alice in Wonderland, Disney caterpillar - "who r u" & Alice

THE MATRIX: Trinity - "Wake up, Neo. The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit."

Morpheus - "This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Jefferson Airplane: lyrics White Rabbit

"One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small,
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all.
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall.

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall,
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call.
Call Alice
When she was just small.

When the men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low.
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know.

When logic and proportion
Have fallen softly dead,
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said:
"Feed your head. Feed your head. Feed your head."

-Jefferson Airplane, "White Rabbit"
Surrealistic Pillow, 1967 album
see also Golden Gate Panhandle - Digger's Space


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