Harrison Ford

Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con 2015 Panel 11:27
Harrison Ford's Reaction To Star Wars Teaser #2


DOB July 13, 1942 at 11:41 AM in Chicago Heights, Illinois

Harrison Ford is a double Moonchild with Libra ascending - see Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher, both Libra Sun and Capricorn ascending, co-stars in Star Wars Episode VIII The Force Awakens. The Trump associated with the Moon's sign is Trump IV The Emperor, Chief, and Sovereign. In Egypt he was known as the Lunar God Month.
Sun 20° Moonchild-Cancer 38' and Moon 22° Moonchild-Cancer 46'
ASC 2° Libra 48' - MC 3° Moonchild 15'
Mercury 1°12' Moonchild conjunct Midheaven could introduce professional interest in advertising, public relations, publicity that would help others intensify their imaginative powers. Business dealings with regard to discovery of, manufacture and distribution of commodities is more the line and job description of outlaw-smuggler Han Solo, and archaeologist-professor Indiana Jones but those names are synonymous with Harrison Ford.
Venus 18° Gemini exact sextile Mars 18° Leo, suggesting the intellect of a poet with literary skill - composition, publication, and collecting interest, if only a hobby. Others with Venus in this air sign of communication, relationships, and writing include: Cher, George M. Cohan, Russell Crowe, Bob Dylan, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Garner, Tom Hanks, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Nelson Mandela, Al Pacino, Maxfield Parrish, and H. Rider Haggard.
Jupiter 7°34' exhalted* in Cancer/Moonchild, in the Tenth House

Harrison Ford is famous for his portrayal of Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon [Hawk & Falcon ruled by the Sun] linked with Trump XXII/0,
his interpretation of archaeologist, professor, and expert on rare antiquities and the occult, Indiana Jones, who is linked with Trump V,
and Rick Deckard, the blade runner, linked with Trump VI and Trump VIII - some references to Trump XV & Trump XVI
note: Blade Runner sequel in the works for release January 12, 2018 - see Blade Runner 2
Ford's Jupiter is in conjunction with Mercury and Midheaven, square his Ascendant
Prince of Cups, the airy part of Water - see The Last Crusade
All planets above horizon, Dominant Houses 10, 9, and 11

Destiny Path 9
Soul Urge 22

Moonchild – Cancer
: Carthage, Holland, Isle of Mauritius, Madagascar , Malawi, North and West Africa, Numidia, Paraguay, Scotland, United States, State of Virginia, New Zealand
Cities: Algiers, Amsterdam, Berne, Cadiz, Campeche (Mexico), Carthage, Champagne, Constantinople, Cordoba (Argentina), Cumberland (MD), Deptford, Dusseldorf, Genoa, Kabul (Afghanistan 1973), Lubeck, Magdeburg, Manaus, Manchester, Manila, Manitoba, Martinique, Milan, New York, Pine Bluff, Providence, Pyrenees, Rochdale, San Diego, San Francisco (CA), St. Andrews, Stockholm, Tunis, Turin (Italy), Venice, Waterloo (IA), York

Natives of the Moon's Sign can supplement their diet with Fluoride of Lime and other nutritional foods, obtained from eating alfalfa sprouts, almond paste, apple crisp, barbecued spare ribs, blintzes, carrots, cashew butter, coconut, Corellian Stuffed Potatoes, cottage cheese, cucumbers, dried beans of any kind, endive, http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Fresh-Lime-Soda Fresh Lime Soda, garlic, greens of all kinds, grilled tandoori chicken salad with walnuts, guacamole, honey, huevos-rancheros, Thomas Jefferson's jambalaya, kale, key lime pie, knishes, lemon, lemon kefir, lean meat, lettuce, liver, maple tree syrup, melons, milk and cheese, all mints, mixed berry compote, mushroom, night-growing plants, Norwegian potato soup, onions, oranges, oyster stew, oysters with lime-chili sauce, palm, papaya, pears, pomegranate kefir, pot roast, potatoes and goat’s cheese, pumpkin, raisin pie, red cabbage, ricotta, rye bread, shrimp and crab with cocktail salsa, sweet potato pie, sweet-sour pork, tater-tots, tomato bisque, turnips, watercress, yogurt.
Early evening break: The Berkeley Free Speech Cocktail.
Herbs and teas include: Celery Seed, Chickweed, Eyebright, Golden Seal, Lapsang Souchong, Lily, limes, all mint teas, Rosemary, Saxifrage, White Poppy, Wild Clary.
Cook with chipotle chilies, secret to a sassy shrimp cocktail sauce.

The 9 Destiny Path

[when asked, "If heaven exists, what would you want God to say to you at the pearly gates"?] You're a lot better looking in person.

-Harrison Ford



The humanitarian 9 is always looking for a way to raise standards, with highest regard for the Sanskrit rule, rta, doing everything the right way. In the film, 42, Branch Rickey [Harrison Ford] delivers as the Major League President and General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1945 he told two of his close advisors, “I’m going to bring a Negro ballplayer to the Brooklyn Dodgers,” breaking a code that had been in play since Abner Doubleday’s time.
Rickey had a blueprint for action, based on a grand Methodist triad, composed of Rickey, Robinson, and of course, God, Rickey met and interviewed Jackie Robinson for three hours on August 28, 1945. The discussion boiled down to their views on Baseball, how they could upgrade the comfort zone of the great American pastime, and rules of the road for doing so. Robinson promised Rickey he would not fight back [against almost certain abrasive belligerents] for three years. People with the 9 Destiny are tested frequently. They are sympathetic companions of Diogenes, who took up the quest to find an honest man.
Carl Jung wrote, “Archetypes can act as creative or destructive forces in our mind, creative when they inspire new ideas, destructive when these same ideas stiffen into conscious prejudices that inhibit further discoveries.”

Jung could have been thinking about the interfacing personalities in team sports, morphing status of collective chemistry, and transforming American archetypes during the 40s after the defeat of fascism.
9 is the numerical vibration of Baseball. Each team is a well-oiled 9 man machine. Every baseball is nine to nine and a quarter inches in circumference. The baseball diamond is measured so the distance between each of the points, home plate and all the bases, is exactly 90 feet. Players associated with the number “9” uniform include Ted Williams, Boston Red Socks, Jackie Robinson when he played with the Montreal Royals, and Robert Redford, rookie with the New York Knights in the film, The Natural. All wielded a bat like the rod of Aaron, as though disengaged from the clay of this world.

As intuitive seekers, people with a 9 Destiny can withdraw to the world of philosophy or psychic phenomena to locate binary solutions for problems plaguing humankind. Rickey chose to initiate his own hospitable cauldron of change, Ebbets Field. An invisible banner above the entrance, all who enter here should know that the Dodgers play according to God’s command to love one another. The adjusted pace kept up with the demands of the time and ushered record numbers of fans into the stadium.
In mysticism, this vibration is known as Yesod, ‘foundation,’ an indication of good sense. It flows through the order of Angels, increasing and decreasing all things, supports/contributes the genius of man, redemption and trials, and rest. The traditional representative is Gabriel, for Joseph, Joshuah, and Daniel. Nine Destiny individuals often achieve status as great teachers, great musicians, world servers and/or specialists in fine tuning. Nine is dramatic and not suited for technical or monotonous work.

Indiana Jones is a perfect fit for Harrison Ford. He has the adventurous spirit, curiosity, and daring of the archaeologist with the intellectual depth of a university professor. His initiating energy and negotiating skills are balanced. The blend of opposites is also reflected in Harrison Ford’s as both The Royal Marriage [Sol-Luna conjunction] and Jupiter exalted in the watery sign Moonchild.
The electrical fire of the Sun and Jupiter combined with the Moon, in her own boundless element of water, challenges an audience to solve Ford’s personal formulae for equilibrium. There is a tendency to locate the mystery of psychic transformation in matter and use it as a basic scheme for effecting chemical changes. In the Baseball movie, 42, this point of power could be “The Joy Zone,” the center of percussion in a bat, a 7 inch area in the center of the barrel. Great hitters sculpt their bats all the time, using different techniques to refine the grip, sanding the wood down to the ideal shape and weight.

Those with the 9 Destiny Path favor lifestyle themes with a universal tone, usually associated with Maxima, the while light – and its renown electric buzz. The 9 is always searching for the “sage” [philosopher], the guru on top of the mountain, because that is the level of work where they best resonate.

May the Force be with you!
see Mystique

Fire and water may be substituted for Sol (compaqssion) and Luna (empathy), two of many strengths active within the Royal Marriage. The ideal strategic formula described in the film, Ender's Game, is based on a fragile chemical status sustained via the Sol-Luna relationship.
The sci-fi book turned futuristic space movie illustrates the way people of all ages handle authority, power, and relationships under intense pressure. The story focuses on the proposition that elite troops, selected to face down alien invasion forces, should be subjected to tests that would push the envelope past standard acceptance.
Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is the most promising general in the training program. His life has evolved under microscopic observation from a very early age. Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) has manipulated every possible person, place, and thing in order to discover stress points in Ender's ratio of compassion to empathy. He isn't just analyzing Ender, he's molding him. But strength of will is a key factor Ender's handlers won't compromise because the balance would be neutralized and Ender's personality thereby altered.
Harrison Ford must use a similar formula based on his own chemistry. Through his character development in films like Ender's Game, The Fugitive, and Firewall, for example, various ways domestic life and public identity connect and interrelate are explored in unpredictable situations. Ender's Game suggests the deep degree of research applied to his career, clairvoyant skill, and public image will be cultivated by Ender over time, as he matures. Some of the many intriguing twists in the story involve the operational and potential plans of action extant on both sides of the war. This topic enters the area of deconstructing thought forms as animated projections of the psyche. The heading isn't only the general range of unique response skills Ender can access, but how he may eventually choose to apply them.

The 9 Destiny Path often leads to self-realization, however the labyrinthine journey this individual takes to reach that goal is as diverse, colourful, and sometimes bizarre as the cantina scene at Mos Eisley's Spaceport.

[asked if he would ever play Indiana Jones again] In a New York minute.

[asked if he would ever play Han Solo again] No, because I have outgrown that character.

9 Destiny people should be world travelers, and work in the line with free expression of humanitarian interests...as artist, musician, actor, healer, minister, welfare worker, writer and community leader.
Harrison Ford's Priceless 'Star Wars' VII Response

Fire and water in conflict reveal the negative condition that results if opposites fail to find a compromise. This type of internal civil war is a problem faced by Dr. Norman Spencer, Ford's character in, What Lies Beneath. Dr. Spencer and his wife Claire [Michelle Pfeiffer] seem to have the perfect marriage, but after her daughter leaves for college, Claire begins hearing strange voices and seeing visions of a young woman. Claire thinks the old family house may be haunted and tells Norman. He dismisses her experience and convinces her it would be a good idea to see a shrink. But he's really harboring a sinister secret that could destroy them both.

Others with the 9 Destiny Path include: Cher, Linda Evans, Jennifer Grey, Sean Bean, Peter Cushing, John Dee, Papus, Robert Redford, and John D. Rockefeller.
Calista Flockhart's Soul Urge is 9. check Women Rock - Mercury in the Signs


Action movies 2015
Star Wars Episode IV (1977) - A New Hope * Original Cantina Scene HD 6:22
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Deleted Scenes HD 12:30 * Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - Trailer 2:06
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Deleted Scenes HD 9:30
The Making of Star Wars - 1977 Documentary 49:01


Raiders of the Lost Ark Indy overcomes several treacherous challenges in the opening sequence, only to lose the priceless artifact to French nemesis Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman). As Belloq grew in arrogance, his chances for self-undoing shifted into high gear.
Be careful what you wish for.
Seraphim: A choir of spiritual emanations which have six wings and can shapeshift, said to take forms of a dragon, salamander, or serpent. Hebrew: 'saraph,' literally “burning or fiery serpent”. (plural: seraphim); in most systems Seraphim are listed as the highest choir nearest "I Am Who Am." ref to Seraphim

Breaks in Transcription
History is no stranger to the problem of the multi-language delivery package.
It dwells in the elusive spaces between the original word and its final version.



Based on the early computer studies of star charts drawn for movie stars and stage [live] performers, conducted by Doris Chase Doane

Birth-charts of movie stars analyzed 100 100%

· Charts with Mars prominent 98 98%
· Charts with Uranus prominent 94 94%
· Charts with Neptune prominent 89 89%

· Fifth House Activity of 100 Movie Stars Charts with fifth house active 93 93%

· First House Activity of 100 Movie Stars Charts with first house active 91 91%


'The Jones Boys' on the road to Berlin
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


An energetic personality, the outward expression of unusually active thought-cells of the type mapped by Mars appears to be a requisite for motion picture work. Long working hours under great pressure also need strong Mars thought-cells in order to withstand fatigue, criticism from highstrung fellow employees, and to ward off discouragement. Mars is prominent in 98% of the charts.

Ability to fascinate and express more than ordinary charm, to portray a part so faithfully that others feel it, using better and better methods of portrayal to sway the emotions, requires a magnetic personality. Ingenuity and originality is mapped by Uranus, which is prominent in 94% of the charts.

The constant seeking of an ideal is shown by the prominence of Neptune in 89% of the charts. These thought-cells also map ability used to promote a project, to get recognition for one’s personality, to reproduce a musical symphony, to portray fictional characters; in fact, Neptune prominence indicates the dramatic ability. The actors having Neptune prominent portray a wide variety of roles, while the ability to enact a character played constantly by the same actor does not require the great dramatic talent mapped by Neptune.


· Statistical Report for Harrison Ford

Mars 18 degrees Leo 19' in House XI
Uranus 3 degrees Gemini 13' in House IX, conjunct Saturn @ 8 degrees Gemini 08' in House IX
Neptune 27 degrees Virgo 25' in House XII, conjunct Ford's Ascendant @ 2 degrees Libra [with Part of Fortune 4 Libra 55', an enhancement of the Ascendant and planet Neptune]

Note: Mercury square Neptune orb -3°46' and Uranus trine Neptune orb -5°47'


· Statistical Report for Sean Connery

Mars 28 degrees Gemini 15' in House VI
Uranus 14 degrees Aries 54' Rx in House II
Saturn 5 degrees Capricorn 27' Rx in House I
Neptune 3 degrees Virgo 15', conjunct Sun 1 degree Virgo 45', conjunct Regulus in House VIII [same house as Moon 23 degrees Virgo 53' and Mercury 29 Virgo 01’]


· Statistical Report for Karen Allen

Mars 0° Virgo 24' in House IX - [Venus conjunction Mars orb +3°46', known as "The IT Factor"]
Uranus 13° Moonchild 54' in House VIII
Neptune 18° Libra 59' in House XI

Allen's Ascendant: Moon 10° Sagittarius 52' in the First House


“He’s an archaeologist and a professor of archaeology. At the same time, he is an adventurer unconstrained by the usual niceties of the academic world. He is a swashbuckling type but he has human frailties, fears, and money problems. He teaches, but I wouldn’t describe him as an intellectual. He does brave things but I wouldn’t call him a hero. He’s just in there with a bullwhip to keep the world at bay.”

-Harrison Ford, on Indiana Jones Star Wars Insider #7


Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

Rock crystal is the finest of all the many forms of quartz. The chemical name of quarts is “silicon dioxide”, and most of the earth’s crust is composed of this common material in the form called “silica”. The sands of beaches and deserts, the gravel, sandstone, granite and other silaceous rocks we find almost everywhere – these are all forms of silica.
When quartz crystals are exposed to the radiation which occurs naturally in many places in the earth’s crust, electrons are displaced from atoms in the crystalline structure, resulting in the crystal taking on various shades of color – from amethyst to light smoke, to a deep and mysterious transparent black. When chemical impurities are present, these tint the crystals in many shades of yellow, rose, blue and green. From conditions like these in quartz and other silicas arise our beautiful gemstones, such as beryl, zircon, carnelian, chrysophrase, agate, chalcedony, sardonyx, jasper, heliotrope, amethyst, garnet, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, opal, and topaz.
Some quartz crystals have piezoelectric properties; that is, they produce tiny amounts of electricity when squeezed and released. These crystals are used in electronics because they vibrate at precise frequencies. This controlled repeating vibration rate has made our modern world of communications possible. Telephone, radio, television, and satellite communications could not exist without this fascinating energy activity. Quartz timepieces and other recent advances in solid-state technology owe their existence directly to this crystal oscillation or to the knowledge derived from the phenomenon.

From article by Dr. Frank Dorland, Crystal & The Aquarian Age
My Six Years With The Crystal Skull


Tom Clancy and Harrison Ford

Tom Clancy was born in Calvert County, Baltimore (MD) on April 12, 1947
Sun 21° Aries 57' in a solar chart for noon
Ruler: Mars 0° Pisces-Aries cusp, trine both business planets Saturn and Jupiter, considerable organizational skills - good aspects for construction, engineering, original use of raw materials [modern artform like Benny Bufano, Henry Moore, Frank Stella]
Mercury 25° Pisces 21', trine Jupiter exact [lower and higher mind in harmony], good humor, tendency to avoid controversial religious topics.
Neptune, ruler of Pisces, 9° Libra 06' rx
Destiny Path 1


Patriot Games by Tom Clancy (Putnam) - August 2, 1987
Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy (Putnam) - September 3, 1989

from Verbosity interview:
Are your books a sort of a "Walter Mitty-esque" exercise, with your heroic characters, such as Greer and Clark, acting as alter egos for yourself? Do you often base your characters on people you know or real national figures?

Tom Clancy: I guess I learned this one from another Brit, Alfred Hitchcock. I don't write about super-heroes. I want my protagonists to be recognizably human, with real human concerns (paying taxes, going to Little League, assembling Barbie doll-houses). Some of my characters are based on real people. One's even based on me.

v: When you create your villains, are they ever based on the villains we saw in the drama of the Cold War and conflict around the globe, or are they pure works of fiction?

TC: My villains are all wholly fictional characters. The reason is obvious if you think about it.



Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher were born in the time of year when Sol travels through Libra, sign of the Scales, the archetype with seven directions. The Tarot Trump attributed to Libra is Trump VII the Chariot, sometimes known as The Charioteer or Conqueror who stands in the centre of the chariot platform. The figure represents the adept at the center of the universe even though various dimensions traveled incorporate the ticking clock, therefore change. The seven directions are known as: right and left, above and below, front, back, and center.

Mark Hamil
Sun: 2° Libra 00' sextile Moon: 1° Leo 48' an aspect of growth, resiliency, and good luck - harmony between career and public life (Sun) and personal, interior life & domestic matters (Moon).
Ascendant: 7° Capricorn 16'
Midheaven: 29° Libra 27'
Mars 24° Leo, 22' in the Eighth House indicates likely legacies from people, outside the extended family circle, helped during earlier life, or for whom some important service rendered. Initiation is an underlying theme, interest obtained perhaps via the attending Mercury in Virgo inconjunct Jupiter.
Mercury 18° Virgo 08', in the Eighth House (partner's wealth, health, income) suggests a specialist style of precision in every detail that concerns health, initiation-ritual, and joint funds; inconjunction Jupiter 10° Aries 07' rx in Third House that includes a desire to travel, acquire new knowledge, explore new vistas. The subjects of interest involve the law, language, lower octave energy management (dowsing, auto-writing, etc.), history, and philosophy. [The Force is strong in this one!]
Mars Aspects
Mars conjunction Pluto
Venus conjunction Mars
Mars sextile Neptune

Carrie Fisher
Sun: 28° Libra 26' inconjunction Moon: 25° Taurus 04', both Venus ruled signs. Venus is the Social Urge and favors combined forces with each member of a group gifted with the path to empowerment. There is no weak link in the chain, in other words. The Force will be with her always!
Ascendant: 27° Capricorn 15'
Midheaven: 16° Scorpio 40'
Mars 14° Pisces 00' - in the Second House, capacity to earn money by hard work, enterprise, use of a trained voice; assets accumulate and wealth retained via investments in property, objects d'art, luxury items, and machinery.
Mercury 14° Libra 17' in the Eighth House (property, finances of partners) suggests balance between income and expenditure, partners strive to make life more pleasurable, enjoyable via proportionate management in financial/investment matters; inconjunction (exact) Mars 14° Pisces in the Second House
Mars Aspects
Venus opposite Mars
Mars opposite Jupiter


YAVIN It has been speculated that the moon Yavin IV might have been adversely affected by the explosion of the original Death Star. Whether or not the first Death Star was close enough for Yavin IV's surface to be affected, the rebel base surely had a sufficiently good deflector shield to locally repel any falling debris onto neighbouring areas of the moon's surface (so the base need not fear obliteration by a direct impact). The rebels probably left the moon within days of the battle anyhow, since they would rightly fear Imperial reprisals.

The Death Star was not close to the moon when it exploded. It had just rounded the limb of the planet Yavin, ready to fire the superlaser. According to indications on rebel tactical displays and the known diameter of Yavin, the battle station was about 250,000km away from Yavin IV. The Death Star II was only about 2000km away from the Endor moon.

According to X-Wing: Wraith Sqaudron, the planet Toprawa was sterilised after the Battle of Yavin. This was Imperial punishment for the theft of the Death Star plans from a facility on that world. The locals were innocent, but they were reduced to a pre-industrial existence, and forced to partake in rituals of public grovelling in order to receive supplies.
source: www.theforce.net



Alec Guinness [Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi] -   The 5 Soul Urge
Mark Hamill [Luke Skywalker] -   The 11 Soul Urge
Carrie Fisher [Princess Leia Organa] -   The 11 Soul Urge
Peter Mayhew [Chewbacca] -   The 7 Soul Urge
Anthony Daniels [C-3PO] -   The 22 Soul Urge
Kenny Baker [R2-D2] -   The 11 Soul Urge
Frank Oz [Yoda (voice)] -   The 7 Soul Urge
Billy Dee Williams [Lando Calrissian] -   The 11 Soul Urge


The Bad Guys

David Prowse [Darth Vader] -   The 3 Soul Urge
James Earl Jones [Darth Vader (voice)] -   The 5 Soul Urge
Ian McDiarmid [The Emperor] -   The 11 Soul Urge
Peter Cushing [Grand Moff Tarkin] -   The 22 Soul Urge



Millennium Menu for Han and Leah Solo
Nerf steaks were one of the foods kept in the galley of the Millennium Falcon. In 40 ABY, Jaina Solo longed to eat a nerf steak after spending a very long mission in the confines of her StealthX.

Nerf steaks were the meat of a nerf. Each steak usually weighed half a kilo. They were considered a staple food and were served in different types of meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner at Dex's Diner on the planet Coruscant. Situated in the heart of the galaxy, Coruscant was the seat of government for the Galactic Republic and the Empire that supplanted it.

Dex's breakfast menu list included grilled nerf steak seasoned with a unique blend of serrian salt, tertium, punctil and black hole pepper, served with two gartro eggs; this cost 12.5 credits and was considered a staple through-out the galaxy. For lunch nerf steak sandwich was available for 8.7 credits; and finally for dinner meals fried nerf steak with melted jerba cheese, grilled Ojomian onions and Felucian glasscap mushrooms cost 14.7 credits.

Note: Ojomian onions were a type of Onion presumably grown on the planet Ojom. Felucian glasscap mushrooms were a type of edible mushroom which grew on the planet Felucia.
Substitutions: A substitute for Felucian glasscap shrmx on the planet Tatooine were a variety of mushrooms that grew on moisture vaporators. Uncle Owen walked out with Aunt Beru to gather mushrooms on their moisture farm when Luke was still a baby. Aunt Beru carried young Luke in a sling so he could go along and be with them both.


Harrison Ford is an Academy Award-nominated American actor [Witness, Det. Capt. John Book]. He is best known for his performances as the tough, wisecracking space pilot Han Solo in Star Wars, and the adventurous archaeologist/action hero Indiana Jones.

Harrison Ford has the Soul Urge of the master builder [he was once a carpenter] in search of the perfect set of blueprints. 22 is the practical idealist who has seen the vision of the 11 and has the power to put it to practical, tangible use - for the benefit of mankind. He is the Material Master, who conceives tremendous plans and achieves tremendous results. Owing to the rapid vibration of both the 11 [George Lucas and Steven Speilberg] and 22, people with the gift of the 22 Soul Urge usually have a tranquil still room or retreat where they live to maintain harmony through meditation and reflective exercises. His New England home [Jack Ryan's] in Patriot Games (1992) is an ideal landscape for the 22 Soul Urge.

As Indiana Jones, Ford has an effective style because he approaches ancient artifacts with a rare kind of respect for those who commissioned and fashioned every little ‘part of history’. He can 'walk a mile in their shoes' and unveil the motivation that generated the object he is after. Indy takes into account that science and religion are one [or once were a whole body of interwoven systems] before science separated from 'the true faith'. Most people never think about the fact that ancient artifacts were not made for modern science to use or interpret, nor were they intended as evidence or debunking devices for the skeptic. The test for a genuine artifact is whether or not it works, not the date of its origin and stage of civilization responsible for production. It makes people wonder if anyone has tried to use the crystal skull that is on display in the British Museum. see mysterious elongated skull artifacts from museum exhibit in Ica, Peru

More than half of Ford's star chart is deposited in the water triad. He has a royal marriage in the Moon's sign, with his Jupiter [7° Cancer 34'] exalted* there as well - an important connection with Tarot Trump IV. His heart and emotions are driving forces, and he can't do anything on Earth unless he feels a strong affective charge - and the right amount of friction to advance his enterprising spirit. His most popular characters [Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan] are directly linked with Tarot Trump IV The Emperor, Osiris, Sovereign, and King.

In 2000, Harrison Ford received the Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. On June 2, 2003, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Kodak Theatre at 6801 Hollywood Blvd.

Harrison Ford is an active environmentalist and sits on the Board of Directors for Conservation International. There is a species of Central American ant (Peidole harrisonfordi) and spider (Calponia Harrisonfordi) named after him in honor of his conservation work [some of the extras seen in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... just joking]. He was asked to name a new breed of butterfly and choose the name of his daughter, Georgia. On 6 October 2006, he was awarded the Jules Verne Spirit of Nature Award for his work in nature and wildlife preservation. The ceremony took place at the historic Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Ford has also been the star of many high-grossing hit Hollywood blockbusters such as Air Force One, Blade Runner, and The Fugitive, which have distanced him from his famous Star Wars and Indiana Jones roles. At one point Ford had roles in the top five box-office hits of all time, though his role in 1982's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (as Elliot's school principal) was deleted from the final cut of the film. Five of his films have been inducted into the National Film Registry.


The loss of anonymity is something that nobody can prepare you for. When it happened, I recognized that I'd lost one of the most valuable things in life. To this day, I'm not all that happy about it.

-Harrison Ford


What Lies Beneath

Director: Robert Zemeckis 21 July 2000 (USA)
The Cast: Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diana Scarwid, Amber Valletta

There are many spoilers for this suspense-thriller, so herein remains a focus guide for What Lies Beneath and Trump XII. Here is a preview clip.

‘We cast Harrison first – he was on board immediately – instead of an action hero, Norman Spencer is more a vulnerable character. Our first choice for Claire was Michelle. Its unusual to ask two actors and they both say yes immediately.’

Norman and Claire Spencer give people faith in a story-book marriage. Like their home on Lake Champlain, an extension of their relationship, they are both adapting to new beginnings. Norman was recently promoted to a prestigious position in his field of genetics, about to complete his break through program at work. Claire is fully recovered from a near fatal car accident a year ago and coping with the transformation of her made-over home into an empty nest. After daughter Caitlin goes off to college, her next project is preparing a photo spread of picks from her fabulous rose garden.

Director Robert Zemeckes said the characters are well formed, 3 dimensional, very real, and complex. ‘There’s something happening – the audience knows on a subconscious level that there’s no editing’ – its seamless because the actors understand the tone and style. True, perfect casting enhances the graceful and precise flow of the film. Tension begins to build when we notice chronological gaps exist, seemingly insignificant at first.

The Set: The landscape changes with the story as seasons morph from Summer to Winter. The agreeable tone of the movie turns like the leaves. Gradually we become aware of layered facets underneath and behind** pleasant, but superficial, appearances. The Feur house next door is the flip side of the Spencer home – its energy moves slower: its shaded, retreating and magnetic. Minimal light seems to enter or leave and ordinary objects seem to create subtle misdirection. At first, the shadowy house is somewhat like negative space in a painting that gives the spotlighted image more contrast by its presence.

The film covers topics often discussed when considering Trump XII images, especially the central subject of the card. The figure hangs, suspended from one foot strung up on a scaffold, dropping a handful of coins to the ground. The card is frequently interpreted to mean the innocent betrayed by the treacherous, as in the story of Christ when Judas gave Him over for 30 pieces of silver. Yet three great virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity, perform in their best light via the Piscean pattern. The meanings further embrace the concept of interiorization and involution. The symbol of the great ocean and its fish, also associated with Christ, is a reference to an immersion of symbols into water. During our current sadomasochistic military era, the waters we know in a dream state operate with other dimensional properties – clock time does not register and gravity is completely suspended. Nonetheless, this film verifies the old saying that still waters run deep.
Part of, What Lies Beneath, is about how we survive and rebirth ourselves in good times and bad times. The water element is so central to the story there is often the impression the characters are weaving a collective tapestry underwater. Thanks to this movie, that is part of the magic of the dream world experience we can remember when we are awake.

The séances are staged on the Bathroom tile floor because that is the source room where vapors first appeared. Five different sets were constructed so the Bathroom could provide various angles necessary for the camera to work on complex paranormal sequences. Several ‘signs’ result from accumulative impressions. The plot thickens as rising vapors start to appear on a regular basis. Mist is an air-water combination able to shapeshift rooms, hallways, and the texture of space into a canvas-like surface where semi-firm images can take shape. Claire and her friend Jody attempt a foray into unknown territory using a ouiju board that yields a hint of an invisible presence. The day following the séance, Jody drops off a book on topic, Ghosts, Witchcraft, and Alchemy. Claire decides to further investigate and she begins reading. Norman finds the book, reads it and takes notes. He now seems to believe something is happening.

Bring plenty of popcorn – this is a 5 candle suspense film best enjoyed with friends.


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I'm delighted to be back in business with my old friends. I don't know if the pants
still fit but I know the hat will.  -Harrison Ford


* Jupiter exalted in Moonchild [Cancer]: just, good-natured, intuitive, prolific, quiet pleasures, charitable, kindly, calm assurance, abundance of feeling. Love of complex and ever changing symbolism, archeology, history, tradition, real estate; may have an interest in research topics related to The Monad, collective consciousness, the kiva, the sea and global consciousness.

The ancient sanctuary, altar, temple, and grave all come under the heading of Jupiter in Moonchild. All are inspirations for set-production designs for both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Here are a few important film references to exalted Jupiter in Harrison Ford’s star chart.


fly by Starlight Inn for Star Wars Menu
Tatooine cantina: Obi-Wan and Luke meet Han Solo and Chewbacca


Star Wars: Han Solo
Jupiter exalted is obviously linked with the Cantina scene and the Falcon jump into hyper-space, the ancient Temple and honors ceremony in the final scene of Star Wars IV. On the icy world of Hoth, Han's relationships with Luke [almost dead from a wampa attack and exposure to the harsh climate when Han rescued him] and Leia develop into strong bonds. These are favourable attachments, feelings and emotions and Han is stirred to respond to a demonstration of affection, or display of feeling on the part of others. The cloud city Bespin managed by Lando, an early partner in crime, is the direct reference to the sky god and his [sometimes] dalliance with 'games of chance'. Han's betrayal, confinement in, and release from, carbonite is filed under the heading of the 'potter god' as well.

Indiana Jones: Indiana Jones
Dr. Jones explains the power of the Ark of the Covenant to the G-Men, discovery of correct translation of Headpiece of Ra; acquisition of ancient patriarch, rescue of the children from bizarre cult and the difficult collection and return of a sacred stone that reanimates an entire town; Dr. Jones reclaims historical artifacts for the museum, discovers crusaders [Venice is typical Jupiter in Moonchild setting] and their treasure; discovers ancient explorers, reunites with family and friends, communion with higher conscious being[s], happy ending.

Well known people with Jupiter exalted include James Barrie, Ingmar Bergman, Halle Berry, Annie Besant, Helena Bonham Carter, James Cameron, Coco Chanel, Ray Charles, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Michael Crichton, John Cusack, James Dean, Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern, Robert Duvall, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo, Jerry Garcia, Jean-Luc Godard, George Harrison, Salma Hayek, Katharine Hepburn, Sir Edmund Hillary, Kate Hudson, Jesse James, Famke Janssen, Frida Kahlo, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Franz Liszt, Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Nostradamus, Proust, Aristotle Onassis, Rudolph Valentino, Emma Watson, John Wayne, Bruce Willis

Jupiter represents people in power, magistrates, great professors, and religious figures. The age of Jupiter covers the period from 55 or 58 years to approximately 70 years. In the midheaven, Jupiter bestows honor, success, popularity, recognition from peers, good judgment, long journeys, and wealth. see the Star Wars Index for more


** Set design note on What Lies Beneath: Just as the physical vessel covers and protects the soul, so a dwelling place should shelter and insulate the people who live there. The Spencer home has been transformed into that type of upgraded multi-tasker. The coordinated color scheme for the interior of the house and wardrobe mirror the tranquil lake outside – white with varying shades of relaxing, cool blues. Visually there is a sense of harmony and balance. Everything seems to integrate well. This is also reinforced in various office décor – you see it when you look at it – it pops out; otherwise it is non-apparent.



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Archeology Magazine articles about Indiana Jones include Indy Spirit Awards
(From the Trenches, May/June 2008) shortlist of scholar-adventurers who embody the spirit of Indiana Jones.

Archeology - June 15, 2009 Huge pre-Stonehenge complex found via "crop circles" Given away by strange, crop circle-like formations seen from the air, a huge prehistoric ceremonial complex discovered in southern England has taken archaeologists by surprise.
A thousand years older than nearby Stonehenge, the site includes the remains of wooden temples and two massive, 6,000 year-old tombs that are among "Britain's first architecture," according to archaeologist Helen Wickstead, leader of the Damerham Archaeology Project.

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