American Industrialist and Philanthropist, founder of the Standard Oil Company
His philanthropy totaled over $500 million and included the founding of the University of Chicago
and the Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research, later Rockefeller University


"The person who starts out simply with the idea of getting rich
won’t succeed; you must have a larger ambition."
-John D. Rockefeller


This page contains information about the Rockefeller family, the influences of Jupiter [Philosophic Urge] and Saturn [Safety Urge]

John D. Rockefeller Star Chart

DOB: 8 July 1839 11:55 PM, Richford, New York USA
Sun @ 16° Moonchild 15' [ruler: Moon, metal: Silver]
The Intelligence of the Moon is Gabriel, central to three great world religions
- JDR Moon 23° Gemini 06' [ruler: Mercury, metal: Quicksilver]
Ascendant Aries 26°45' - Midheaven 14°03' Capricorn
Destiny Path: 9

Mercury 29° Moonchild 26' - Venus 0° Virgo 51' [conjunct 'King Maker' Regulus]
Mars 6° Libra 15' in Sixth House - Part of Fortune 19° Taurus 54'

Jupiter 10°23' Libra, in Sixth House
Dominant Jupiter Aspects
Mars conjunction Jupiter and sextile Saturn
Jupiter trine Neptune
Jupiter square Midheaven
Sun square Jupiter
Jupiter sextile Saturn 4° Sagittarius 25' rx, in Eighth House

Jupiter and Saturn - the two business planets.

Jupiter symbolism in the horoscope: confers optimism, generosity, joviality, rich and fruitful mind, gives success and fortune in enterprises; opulent, expansive, visionary, orthodox, religious tendencies. In the body it relates to the "energy bank of the material body," toxin-free blood, arteries, and more. Jupiter bestows honors, the native is also charitable with legal tendencies.

Saturn symbolism in the horoscope: expresses contracting element of nature. Makes an individual cautious, persistent, thoughtful, sober. Bestows a pondering mind, success is slow in coming, but sure. Saturn inclines to routine and method. Hardships and privations befall the native. Finances related to labor. Saturn encourages the development of tact, diplomatic attitudes, and a sense for justice. Negative: fearful, pessimistic, suspicious, severe, inhibited, repressed. Shows great self-preservation instinct.

Saturn in Sagittarius, even in retrograde, suggests someone who does not feel the world holds one back; will earn wealth by quick intelligence and true worth, and without necessarily being conceited, will enjoy a wholesome feeling within that the rewards have been fairly earned.

Alan Leo wrote, In a general sense Mars may be said to represent an acid, positive or masculine mode of expression; Saturn an alkaline, negative or feminine mode; while Jupiter may be thought of as the "salt of the earth," the universal soul of things, the seed or germ of all material things. It would however be incorrect to say that Mars alone governs all acids, Saturn all alkalines, and Jupiter all salts; although the tendency in each of these planets is toward those conditions of matter. Astrologers consider the whole of the muscular system of the human body as under the influence of the planet Mars, the bones under Saturn, and the blood and cell-life under Jupiter; but it is also true that all the planets affect the muscles and the bones and the blood in a general sense. Truth and beauty may be drawn from Jupiterian aspects, and also from Martian and Saturnine influences.
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Other well known Moonchild natives include: Pamela Anderson, Louis Armstrong, Camilla Parker Bowles, John Calvin, Stokely Carmichael, Hume Cronyn, Tom Cruise, Thomas Davenport [invented 1st commercial electric motor], Sir Arthur John Evans [archaeologist who excavated Knossos, Crete], HH the XIV Dalai Lama, Mary Baker Eddy, Harrison Ford, Garabaldi, John Paul Getty II (Getty Oil), John Glenn, Jr., Arlo Guthrie, Tom Hanks, Susan Hayward, Courtney Love, Tobey Maguire, Nelson Mandela, George Michael, Brigitte Nielsen, Proust, Rembrandt, Diana Rigg, Nelson Rockefeller [41st U.S. Vice President], Linda Ronstadt, Rubens, Richard "Red" Skelton, Jimmy Smits, Princess Lady Di (Diana Spencer), Sylvester Stallone, Ringo Starr, Meryl Streep, Nikola Tesla, Hunter S. Thompson, Liv Tyler, and Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Others with their radix Sun deposited in the fourth house of the star chart include: Jane Austen, Kahlil Gibran, Howard Hughes, Martin Luther, Nehru, Proust, and Tolstoi

Others with the Moon in Gemini include: Jack Benny, Bette Davis, Louis Pasteur, Rossini, Shirley Temple, Joanne Woodward

Others with Mercury deposited in the sign Moonchild include: Pearl Buck, John Paul Jones, Carl G. Jung, Rose Kennedy, Alfred Tennyson, and Maximillian

Others with their radix Mercury deposited in the fourth house of their star chart include: Cervantes, Victor Hugo, Nehru, Eugene O'Neill, William Penn, Proust, Ravel, Carl Sandberg.


John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
January 29, 1874 [Cleveland, Ohio] - May 11, 1960 [Tucson, Arizona].
All his life John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was deeply interested in matters relating to the Protestant church, and he was a leader in the interfaith movement. His commitment to conservation continued throughout his life. He turned over Fort Tryon Park to New York City, wherein he erected The Cloisters to house the collection of Gothic art which he had given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His gifts to this project totaled $15,741,000.

Sun 9° Aquarius conjunct Saturn and Mercury @ 5° Aquarius, Venus @ 3° Aquarius
His Moon is probably in the first decanate of her own sign [birth time unknown]
Mars is deposited in Pisces @ 21° 40', and Jupiter is deposited in the first degree of Libra in retrograde motion.


John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway - see NW Wyoming
Year: 1972
Size acres (hectares): 23,777 (9,622)
Scenic 82-mile corridor between Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks commemorating Rockefeller's role in the creation of many national parks.

Located at the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Rockefeller Parkway connects Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Directions: 30 mi. north of Jackson, on Hwy. 26/89/191, turn left at Moran Junction onto Hwy. 89/287 and pass through Moran Entrance Station (park fee station). Drive 21 mi. to northern boundary of Grand Teton National Park. The John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway connects Grand Teton with Yellowstone National Park along 7.5 mi. of roadway.
General Information: Open Year-Round

Bison are the largest mammals in Yellowstone National Park. They are strictly vegetarian, a grazer of grasslands and sedges in the meadows, the foothills, and even the high-elevation, forested plateaus of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Forests
Yellowstone Bison


The Antioch Chalice

Exquisite silver craftwork
Procured in the thirties by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
The Cloisters* Collection, 1950 (50.4)
The plain silver cup inside this elaborately decorated vessel was once believed to be the legendary
Holy Grail.

The lost ancient city Antioch, known today as Antakya, was the capital of Syria closest to Belkis, Turkey, on the Euphrates River. Antioch was founded at the beginning of the current military era, in 300 B.C., by Seleucus I Nicator, a former general of Alexander the Great. As a vital military and trading hub on the crossroads between the East and West, Antioch ranked with Rome in the early Christian world.

The mainstream culture of ancient Antioch served as fertile ground for preservation of earlier, secret initiatory ritualism that worked as a basic setting for the new Christian traditions. Art treasures of Antioch represent belief systems that range from Judaism, Christianity, and Egyptian, to Near Eastern, Roman, and many varied cults. When the population continued to grow to more than half a million, by the 4th century, this cultural crossroad evolved through the arts, philosophy and religion.

Antioch in the Ancient Age of Sacred Artifacts

Jesus is referred to in the New Testament as “called of God an high priest after the order of Melchizdek,” the first priest who performed a ceremony that offered wine and bread as Jesus did. Saints Peter, Paul and Barnabas preached in Antioch [reference Acts 11:26], "And in Antioch they first called the disciples Christians."

The Chalice of Antioch was found in 1910 by Arab workman at the ruins of Antioch, and was believed to be the Holy Grail or the last cup from the Passover [on Holy Thursday], described in the New Testament.

Early Christian Heraldry

The Antioch Chalice was placed on display at the Chicago World’s Fair, as The Holy Grail. Made in Antioch or Kaper Koraon
The silver chalice is a superb representative of adept metalurgy on its exterior that serves as the house for a plain metal cup set within the protecting goblet of carved silver. The ‘Grail keeper’ depicts two images of Christ and ten of the inner circle linked with an elaborate vine scroll suggestting the verse, “I am the Vine, You are the Branches.” The fruited grapevine forming the rinceau pattern of the shell is inhabited by birds, including a spread-winged eagle; animals, including a lamb and a rabbit, and suggestive of Bacchus, Orpheus, and Dionysus, to name only a few mythological links with the ancient mystery religions.

Go Flask with Adoration of the Magi
Silver with gilded silver
Images from early accounts of the life of Christ include symbolism related to the Chalice of Antioch. At the base of the flask are phoenixes, magical birds whose legendary rebirth from the ashes of a fire may have been meant to symbolize the numerous gifts and blessings of the Holy Spirit.

The Cloisters (1938; a division of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
see: James J. Rorimer, The Cloisters: The Building and the Collection of Medieval Art. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1938.

· The Cloisters was born out of John D. Rockefeller Jr.’s enchantment with sculptor George Grey Bernard’s collection of medieval art and architectural fragments. Before WW I, Bernard had combed the towns and fields of Europe for the pieces and eventually smuggled them to America. When the ever-enterprising Bernard offered the collection for sale in 1925, Rockefeller made an endowment to the Met for the purchase and maintenance of the collection. The museum’s masterpieces range from the Unicorn tapestries and frescoes from the Spanish monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza to the brilliant Antioch Chalice - once thought to be the Holy Grail.

the Cosmic Pipe and the White Buffalo
Spirit Mountain Ranch pictures of the White Buffalo

"I know of nothing more despicable and pathetic than a man who devotes all the hours of the waking day to the making of money for money's sake."
-John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Also born on July 8th: Nelson Rockefeller, U.S. Vice President, Governor of New York
Republican presidential candidate

July 10, 1908, The New York Times reports, Bar Harbor, Maine, July 9, A son was born to Mrs. John D. Rockefeller late yesterday at the Rockefeller home here. This is the third child, the others being a boy and a girl.
Initially there was confusion regarding Rockefeller’s birth hour. The question was answered in The American Astrology magazine of February 1976. In the article from the research department that received a questionnaire returned by Rockefeller himself, in June of 1960, the birth hour is recorded as 12:10 P.M. EST.

The difficult year for Nelson Rockefeller 1961
Activation of Saturn 10 Aries to Mercury 10 Moonchild square in radix star chart, in the 6th house and 9th house.
Saturn in Aries - natural engineer, ambitious, full of enterprise and new ideas with an intense love of justice – the worker in the vineyard aspect. Rockefeller had several severe disappointments during years that his public life held him in the spotlight. He was unable to reap rewards that were due him, gained through activities related to his industry and perseverance, because of the retrograde disposition of Saturn and his place in the sixth house of the star chart.

Progressed Saturn retrograde 8 Aries 55 influence on sixth house matters November 22, 1961.
The sixth house pertains to the ancient mystery plays, initiation, and practical karma. Symbolic theme are linked to the search of Ceres-Demeter for her daughter Persephone, kidnapped by the lord of the underworld, Pluto-Dis Pater, the wealth of the earth that is found under the surface [gold and all metals, precious stones, oil, pure potable water, etc.]

November 17, 1961
Announcement about Rockefeller marriage, separation with intent to divorce. Cause for doubt about a political future

November 19
Distressing news reached Rockefeller [through screening, media blockade that insulated him from the press] that three days earlier on November 16, his son Michael, on an archeological expedition in New Guinea, was in a boat that capsized and he was reported missing. [Michael and Mary, twins born May 18, 1938]

November 20, minutes after midnight
Nelson Rockefeller and daughter Mary, left on the trip to New Guinea from Idlewild Airport.

Astrologer note: Saturn’s sesquisquare to Pluto in ASC [life and posture of the trip] mark of delaying factors that occurred during the trip to San Francisco, to 'hurry up and wait' for the flight to Honolulu [Saturn sextile Sun granted an easier connection of political type because of Rockefeller's high profile influence.] They were then able to continue to Hollandia, New Guinea, and start to search for Michael who was lost in the wild.

Several hopeful signs emerged after the first three days of search in jungle areas. A Dutch seaman who traveled to the artifact site with Michael was able to swim to shore after more than eight days in dangerous waters.

27 November
A gasoline can, thought to be one of those his son used for floating was found.

November 30, 1961
Return trip to New York. Both leads proved to be empty possiblities.

ROCKEFELLER, John Davison IV (Jay)

The great-grandson of famed industrialist John D. Rockefeller first arrived in West Virginia as a volunteer with the VISTA national service program in 1964. Within two years, he had won election to the Legislature, and then as secretary of state in 1968. He is serving his last term as U.S. Senator and will retire after the all-consuming effort to introduce health care in America to the twenty-first century. His many achievements include co-sponsored legislation creating the states-level Children's Health Insurance Program, and persuading the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department to revisit disability claims arising from what has become known as "Gulf War Illness." He will continue to reside in West Virginia.


The Jupiter Test
The United States recognizes that everyone born in this country enters with a clean slate. That frees us from a mandatory philosophy or personal belief system.
Further, the “spirit of the law,” as taught by the masters, expands on the idea that all people have unalienable rights guaranteed by Divine Law, regardless of where they live on the planet.
We are free to choose the influences that will shape our higher mind each time we begin a new cycle on our quest for wisdom, about every 11 years and 315 days. However, the influences of our living family and heredity, all the collectives we inherit as brothers and sisters, and other factors like gender, race, ergonomic edges, social and financial factors, and so on, are there for us from birth and will either directly or indirectly influence our development.

Every new cycle we evaluate our philosophy, and as maturing individuals conduct self-realization stress tests. We edit, upgrade, morph the philosophical system we have in use so we remain efficient and helpful to our community. This process, a regular Jupiter Upgrade, helps us to remain steady on our course and make adjustments as we need to. The best evidence of this concept in law is the Constitution of the United States that is now modified as a result of movements like the Civil Rights Movement, Peace Corps, and Ecumenical Council at the mid-point of our last century.

Each time Jupiter returns home to his place at birth we can clear dead wood. Life offers us the opportunity to mature this way, build character, and retrofit our working lifestyle. The universe breaths in and out , just as we do. It constantly expands and contracts – think of the complimentary actions of the Bull and the Bear on Wall Street. In order to achieve success and develop higher mind powers we must master both types of energy, just as a good portfolio should have both long and short term stocks and bonds. The test itself is fairly straightforward, one of those ‘simple, yet complex’ scenarios we often find at our door just when everything gets itself in order. Everyone faces a different test because we all have different life influences that shape our way of relating to the world around us. But, the outcomes of the test could probably be summed up with two Gregory Peck movies. What we hope for in ourselves and others is recognized in, To Kill A Mockingbird. What we know when spirit triumphs can be analyzed in/by study of, The Gentlemen’s Agreement.

An example of the Jupiterian Test reading may be recognized in the following exchange between two United States senators that took place on Friday, May 23, 2014.
Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), Chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, was exchanging views with members of his committee, all absent but one other, a Republican man from Wisconsin. The viewpoints had apparently been offered for the day, and it appeared Rockefeller was bringing the session to a close, when he remarked:

“I think it’s very important to take a long view at what’s going on here, and I’ll be able to dig up some emails that make part of the Affordable Care Act that doesn’t look good, especially from people who’ve made up their mind that they don’t want it to work, because they don’t like the President. Maybe he’s of the wrong color – something of that sort. I’ve seen a lot of that. And I know a lot of that to be true. It’s not something you’re meant to talk about in public but it’s something I’m talking about in public because that is very true.”

News of this conversation aired that afternoon on Hardball [Chris Matthews], a talk show guest hosted that day by Steve Kornaki. The wide view of the room revealed attendance was skeletal on a holiday Friday, with only Rockefeller and the Republican from Wisconsin. The Republican lost his temper, charged Rockefeller as someone who called him (personally) a racist and was, “playing the race card.” He then continued to vent and express outrage that the subject of racial prejudice and intolerance was mentioned at all - in relationship with both himself and/or his rejection of The Affordable Care Act.

Anger of this type or excessive outrage expressed by the Senator over the statement made by Rockefeller is often, but not always, a sign of failure on the part of the furious, to pass the Jupiter Test. People take these comments personally because they will hit a nerve whether it is the intension of the speaker or not. What we hear is filtered through the Saturn pattern we use – and people who must work on themselves often overreact to general observations when they think they may be exposed to sunlight.

FYI: this type of problem was discussed at the time of the March on Washington c. 1963, at a Hollywood Roundtable. Participants were the following: James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, and Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Hollywood Round Table American History Channel 30 minutes


Letter from Sen. Rockefeller to the GAO
U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who chairs the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, has sent a letter asking the Government Accountability Office to examine how shale oil and gas development in many regions of the country are affecting existing transportation infrastructure and safety on those roads and in those pipelines.

New York Times Articles about John D. Rockefeller IV

visitors to the U.S. Capitol
The Capitol Obama-Lincoln-Washington fanpage

Success for Nancy Pelosi Nov. 8
- health care passes Congress; President Obama made a rare weekend appearance on Capitol Hill as part of an all-out effort to rally Democrats to support the biggest health care legislation since the creation of Medicare for the elderly four decades ago.



Influence of Freemasons in Industry, Trade, Banking and Labor: The Rockefeller family, Henry Ford, Samuel Gompers, Walter P. Chrysler, John Wanamaker, S.S. Kresge, J.C. Penney, John Jacob Astor, John L. Lewis, Pehr G. Gyllenhammar (Volvo), Percy Barnevik (ABB), André Citroën, Samuel Colt (Colt revolver), Edwin L. Drake (oil), Rothschild family, King C. Gillette (Razors), Charles C. Hilton (Hilton hotels), Sir Thomas Lipton (Tea), Harry S. New (Airmail), Ransom E. Olds (Oldsmobile), David Sarnoff (father of TV), John W. Teets, Dave Thomas (Wendy's Rest.), Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Seagram Whiskey), Rich DeVos (Amway), Alan Greenspan (Fed. Reserve), Giovanni Agnelli (FIAT), Peter Wallenberg (SE-Bank Sweden)



Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter - Tin at Heartwarmers Page

Jupiter in Positive Aspect to Saturn

Good for legacy, gifts or promotion. Honors through science or law, gain through lawsuits and all things ruled by the planets and the houses they occupy, especially Jupiter. Substantial increase in general affairs, land, property, possessions, business, credit. Favors large and permanent undertakings. Benefits the health. The conjunction of both business planets indicates some significant hurdles to get over before financial security can be achieved to the desired degree. The conjunction shows the necessity to work hard, pad the schedule to allow for delay or cancellation, and be patient. Success is in the wings, but will arrive after a phase of character testing.

Jupiter Adverse to Saturn

Loss through law, business, educational institutions, religious bodies and all things ruled by these planets. Loss of honor and credit, bad for health, peace of mind and business generally Unfavorable for new or important undertakings or assumption of heavy liabilities.

[Sextile - 60 degree distance [mild good fortune] and Quincunx - 150 degree distance [either fortunate or unfortunate]

Generally: Jupiter and Saturn are the two business planets that represent the symbiotic program that functions as expansion and contraction – the movement is ordered to correspond with the Mercurial respiration pattern of human anatomy – breathing in and breathing out. In economic concerns, Jupiter and Saturn are symbolized by the Bull and the Bear on Wall Street. Specifics are summarized below.

Jupiter sextile Saturn

Best possible insurance against want and poverty for no matter how bad things may be, you always seem to get what you need. When everyone else is broke you can fish a dollar out of some place. In a similar way, when you’re broke, someone or something will come to your rescue. Even in an otherwise weak horoscope this aspect is so strong that it takes the edge from the worst cuts of life, holding up your head and your fortunes, and giving you, in varying degrees, dignity and security which by careful and conservative expenditures you can make into wealth. You are an excellent manager of funds and can stretch a dollar to the limit without being penurious or petty. You simply know how to get your money’s worth, and being utterly fair and honorable, are just as willing to give fair value when you’re on the selling end. You won’t fleece others, and you won’t be fleeced yourself. You can deal with large numbers of people and, having an eminent sense of justice in abstract as well as practical matters, you make a fine judge, minister, social worker, or executive. Whether you are prominent and powerful or quiet and reserved, your character wins you respect and a certain prestige and authority in whatever sphere you move. This is an aspect of maturity and may not be felt before the thirtieth year in any except the security sense. Under it you will develop steadily and forcefully as you grow older and in middle and later life feel the stability that you derive from these two most powerful of the planets.

Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn: Managerial Skill

According to an astrologer with the knowledge of an engineer, the Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn astrological design, based on a theme that will support introduction of prudence, will often suggest an individual is in the process of necessary, proper, and realistic assessment of life situations. The inclusion of any plans on the drawing board can, and often will, enable ideal management skills, a sense of humour, and practical optimism to seize the day. This approach evolves in a way that ensures more economic development will surface. The aspect indicates a sensitive and discriminating nature. These natives have a serious demeanor and a conservative philosophy. They learn to weigh opportunities carefully and to test the water before taking the plunge.


Transiting Jupiter

With great power comes great responsibility.

Jupiter spends approximately one year in each sign and tries to make life very rewarding in terms of the house he is transiting. Jupiter is supposed to be the "greater fortune" and while this is possible, it is not necessarily better in the long run than Saturn, which has been called the "lesser fortune." Jupiter and Saturn work together to create equilibrium in any money management system. They represent the expansion and contraction of our created universe. One usually feels very expansive and optimistic under this transit. It is a time to put out your best effort. Patrons, rewards, and allies can come to you if you make an effort to put yourself in the right place at the right time.

If transiting Jupiter goes over a radix [natal] planet or one of the lights he brings expansion, opportunity, or optimism with regard to the planet or light and the house in which you find him; but there is always the chance of being over confident and underprepared. In the United States, the Temple of Jupiter is Fort Knox, the Treasury - and the banks, so think of Jupiter as ‘increase of personal wealth’ with the need to employ Saturn to keep treasure secure and protected. When a corporation is legally launched [receives corporate seal] the ‘birth’ of the collective is official. Maximize the powerful time of growth, prosperity and expansion when Jupiter returns to his home in the corporation star chart every twelve years. From that birthday, the third, sixth and ninth years of a corporation will tend to few opportunities that are really lucrative and there may be setbacks and complications as well. When Jupiter leaves one sign and enters another it’s a ‘new ballgame.’

Conjunct radix Jupiter: When Jupiter returns to its own place in your chart, it is time to assess the benefits that have arrived as a result of its transit. It’s time to begin anew and to try to accomplish your unfinished business. Generally, it is a time of renewed faith and optimism.

Opposite radix Jupiter: Some will make tremendous progress at this time. Finances maay be more plentiful. A good time to consider making investments for future security. Money that has been withheld may finally arrive. Others will notice they must really “sell” themselves before they can make progress.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Saturn: This is a rather good time to approach those in authority. Some find a very sympathetic teacher to turn to. Others will dip into savings for something they have always wanted or needed.

Jupiter opposite radix Saturn: A time to exert all your self control. Things may seem to go maddeningly slow. Some will seemingly be pulled in two directions, as they will be contrasting possibilities from which to choose.

BACK Jupiter navigation with Jupiter in the Signs and Twelve Houses.


Transiting Saturn

The Bull and Bear of your astrological chart have an influence on financial assets, personal and joint property, and business. They represent people in your life who can change, or at least influence how you think about, your destiny path. Saturn and Jupiter both teach, but sometimes should be calibrated so they work effectively in unison. Saturn provides the rules, testing, and evaluation of your work [see Guarding Tess, Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine]. Jupiter offers opportunity, supplemental and raw materials, and elasticity [see ‘The Magic Pitcher.'] Both planetary forces of contraction and expansion appear in life [personification of their characteristics] when the closure-renewal launch time comes round.

One door opens, another door closes. The cycle of both business planets should be marked on your professional, business, and career program. Every time business planets complete an orbit and return to their home positions in your star chart, a cycle closes and the renewal takes off. Jupiter completes his orbit just under twelve years (11 years, 315 days). Saturn takes over twice the time to circle the Sun and return – a full cycle is 29 years and 167 days.

Follow the influence of Saturn on your Sun: Find the position of the Sun in your Star Chart. Note that twice during its 29-year cycle Saturn will form a square to your radix Sun. This will occur when Saturn by transit is 90 degrees before and 90 degrees after the natal Sun’s position. In other words, every 14 1/2 years this aspect will occur, indicating tests of character, something that will challenge you in a significant way, and can sometimes bring in a stalemate when you anticipated a cornucopia.

If you work with other people there may also be trouble with someone in authority, an unexpected impasse that put your program on hold, or a twist that could set thing adrift. Figure these are good times to check all legal papers and update anything up for expiration. Delays are common so plan far in advance of any deadline date. Saturn is the great teacher. When its power is used positively it strengthens awareness, character, and teaches us to learn from our mistakes. We can learn to manage time windows efficiently by a deeper, constructive, and well-designed mapping of the Saturn influence in our life.

Saturn Return example: Robert Redford
Jupiter Return example: Karen Allen


Saturn and Jupiter Symbolism

In astrological symbolism we see that the symbols for all the planets contain one or more of three elements: the circle which denotes spirit, the cross which denotes matter, and the half-circle which denotes the intellectual aspect of the soul or mind.

In Saturn we have only the cross and half-circle showing its relation to the mind in connection with matter. It has been said by some astrologers that we do not touch the higher side of Saturn, that “we do not reach Saturn above his belt.” In other words, humanity at the present time can only respond to a limited range of the Saturn vibration. Saturn’s special work in nature is to crystallize, to make stable, so a harmonious aspect to the planet Mercury would tend to make the mind more material, to make it one pointed and more stable, so that the ego can bet better control of it and turn it to detailed study. We must always keep in mind that our relation to Saturn is purely material, and if he touch our consciousness, it is only to materialize it.

Just the opposite is the force which emanates from the lordly planet Jupiter. Here we find the mind or the half-circle placed above the cross, revealing to us the fact that though the mind and matter are still conjoined the mind is above the purely material side of the man’s nature and can expand into the plane of pure reason, for Jupiter is expansive in nature and his work is to unfold, to throw from the center outward, just as it is the nature of Saturn to draw from the circumference to the center. The type of mind dominated by Jupiter would be broad, comprehensive and benevolent. An over-abundance of the Jupiterian force would cause the mind to be too general to apply itself to detail work, it would ever be dealing in glittering generalities, while the same amount of Saturn force energizing the mind would make it painfully detailed. Jupiter deals more with the etheric than with the physical brain, for it holds within it the higher powers of the soul to a far greater degree than can be manifested through the physical brain today.

From a paper on “Symbolism” by Mrs. Mildred Kyle, originally published
in the October, 1917 issue of “The Astrological Bulletina.”


Serves 6


1 tablespoon chopped shallots
1 ounce chopped celery
1 ounce chopped fennel
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
6 ounces melted butter
2 cups watercress leaves
1/3 cup dry breadcrumbs
2 ounces pernod
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 dozen on shell oysters
1 pound rock salt


Sauté the shallots, celery, fennel, and parsley in half the butter. Add the watercress to wilt. Combine the mixture with the remaining butter, bread crumbs and pernod, and blend in a food processor. Season to taste with salt and cayenne pepper.

Loosen the oysters in their half shells. Spoon a teaspoon of the mixture on top of each oyster. Place the oysters on a bed of rock salt. Bake at 450 degrees for 4 to 5 minutes.
Serve hot.

Oysters a La Poulette

One-half cup butter, three tablespoons flour, yolks of three eggs. One pint chicken stock (or veal), one tablespoonful lemon juice, one-eighth teaspoon pepper, one level teaspoon salt. Beat the butter and flour together until smooth and white. Then add salt, pepper and lemon juice. Gradually pour boiling stock on this mixture and simmer for ten minutes. Beat the yolks of eggs in a saucepan, gradually pouring the cooked sauce upon them.
Pour into a double boiler containing boiling water in lower part of utensil. Stir the mixture for one and one-half minutes. Into this put two dozen large oysters and let cook until edges curl up.
Serve hot.

Senator Kerry Confronts Swift Boat Funder By: SilentPatriot on Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 at 2:30 PM - PST

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An Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement 4:52

A desktop documentary previewing the African American Civil Rights Movement with a focus on southern desegregation violence, school integration, and the important contributions of civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

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