Karen Allen - Marion Ravenwood

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Indiana Jones reunites with Marion Ravenwood in Tibet [1936]
on his quest to find the Headpiece of Ra


DOB October 5, 1951, 10:11 AM in Carrollton, in rural Illinois

Sun 11° Libra 37' The Scales, First Decan Serpens, symbol of power, wisdom, and temptation, ruled by Venus. Perhaps this adds an augury for success in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indy and Marion are sealed in the Well of Souls, animated by wall-to-wall snakes.
Moon 10° Sagittarius 52'
ASC: 0° Sagittarius 28'
MC: 14° Virgo 40' with Mercury 5° Libra 32', in her Tenth House - Mercury in Libra aligns with the influence that controls the feeding habits of humanity and shows which kind of food is necessary for the maintenance of our health and what is harmful. Also, the intelligence is the initiator into all recipes for diets. By this intelligence the practioner is taught the difference between the electric, the magnetic and the electromagnetic fluids in their relation to the various dishes and how to take them into consideration in the case of illness. This head also draws attention to the diverse kinds of food which serve as stimulants for the production of certain states of mind [Mental and Spiritual Alchemy].

Other well known people with Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius include: Lillian Asplund, Lorraine Bracco. Toni Braxton, Jim Caviezel, Montgomery Clift, Simon Cowell, Bob Geldof, Lillian Gish, Jeff Goldblum, Myra Kingsley, Sean Lennon, Franz Liszt, David Morse, Laura Nyro, Christopher Reeve, Madlyn Rhue, Tim Robbins, Rev. Al Sharpton, Naomi Watts, and Stephanie Zimbalist

check Women Rock - Mercury in Libra
Note: Harrison Ford's Mercury 1°12' Moonchild, also conjunct his Midheaven

Karen Allen has Mars 0° Virgo 24' , in her Ninth House in the same part of the zodiacal girdle as Sean Connery's Sun - conjunct Regulus the Royal Star -- too bad they were not in the same movie together!! Mars deposited in the Ninth House bestows endurance, an interest in intellectual development of humankind, perhaps a fascination with technical factors linked to the weather cycle [including Kahunas of Hawaii]. Automatically links Mars to Trump I, Trump IX, and Trump XVIII The Moon.
Allen's Midheaven, the highest point amidst the houses, at the top of the chart, was strongly influenced in 1995 when she founded the Berkshire Mountain Yoga in Massachussets. It offers a broad range of yoga forms including hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, and yoga basics. All levels of instruction, for the newcomer and beginner to the most advanced students are provided - typical of the all inclusive Ninth House philosophy.
Yoga instruction is often associated with the third, sixth, and ninth departments of life. Raja Yoga (the King's Yoga) is usually indicated by aspects that influence the Twelfth House of spiritual treasure governed by Neptune, or special aspects to Neptune and Jupiter. Allen was born with Pluto 21 Leo exact, in her Ninth House, conjunct Mars 0° Virgo 24' and sextile Neptune, with the powerful Venus as 'Earth Mother' 4° Virgo 11' in her Ninth House close to the Midheaven. The close proximity of Venus with her Midheaven indicates her public image will be linked with ancient initiation, mystery, and sciences once attributed to the Goddess, at least as part of the first impression she will make on her international audience.

Destiny Path 22 - Those with the 22 Destiny Path favor lifestyle themes with a universal tone, especially when global consciousness is involved, such as in the Indiana Jones adventures.
Karen is a name with the 22 vibration, and the first letter K is an 11 vibration, that of the messenger, counsellor, and contributor as a future oriented member of a community. We often entrust important information to those who are born with this combination of super numbers. In Raiders of the Lost Ark Marion Ravenwood was made trustee of the one essential piece of treasure required by Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in his quest for the Ark of the Covenant, the headpiece of Ra. In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Marion's letter is responsible for Indy and Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) taking the journey to ancient Indian digs. Often the 22 takes on a role of teacher and/or a vehicle for enlightenment of others, and the messenger carries that truth to the general population, as may be said of Trump III, Trump VII, and The Enchantress, Trump XI.
Implies highest regard for a Sanskrit rule rta: to do the right thing in the right way.
note: Harrison Ford's Soul Urge is 22
see Super Number 22

Karen Allen and Steven Spielberg on set
of Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Steven Spielberg admits he didn't want to do Indiana Jones IV

Karen Allen commented on the difference between Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008).
"Crystal Skull was more low tech than you might think, although we did do some green screen on it, but not that much. I guess that is the difference, there wasn't that type of special effects in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)'. CGI [Computer Generated Imagery] didn't exist."

Progressed Star Chart Aspects
Karen Allen, is a dedicated designer, student of ancient patterns, and hand knitter. When she was 5, she enjoyed a wonderful experience in discovery of her link with the rest of humanity, past, present, and future, through the art of weaving. Her radix Sun was in a trine aspect with her progressed Moon in Aquarius in her third house of hobbies. She became curious about the lives of others and their history, perhaps through biographical story, romance, and other portrayals of well known people. Third House activities often encourage self-taught skills, community art, and a gift for hand-eye coordination combined or manual dexterity. The third department of life is governed by Mercury and Gemini, the Mercurial expression in the element of air, an intellectual attunement. In the third house that also rules quick, abbreviated, texting-type communications and the lower mind, the Aquarian Moon can allow new permutations and the wisdom of our ancestors or ‘ancient characters’ within us, just under the surface of the self image, to emerge successfully. This is evident in the designs and ancient patterns of her scarves, hats, gators and other lines that contain a quality of timelessness. She combines ancient knowledge with modern weaving techniques using the most ideal raw materials for her clothing and accessories.

Allen attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City at 17 and later returned in 2002 to study machine knitting technology.

Progressions to Age 17 Birthday
Sun 28 Libra with Neptune 19 Libra to provide an inspirational chord, supported by Luna in her own sign @ 22 degrees at eph noon, that will always encourage pursuit of ancient skills [golden age] associated with the goddess.
Venus 14 Virgo 00, with Mars 10 Virgo, established as an ideal position for architects, colour analysis, fashion design, faux finishing, hairstylists, interior design, landscapers, models, and all concerned with cosmetic formulae associated with the physical dwelling places we occupy - the physical anatomy, street residence where we live, and our workplaces. The medical profession refers to care of the physical anatomy and comes under this heading as well.
Mercury 4 Scorpio

Small business owners, general managers, and their employees are referred to in the Sixth House that is governed by Virgo. The two business planets Jupiter 6 Aries Rx and Saturn 8 Libra were in opposition to each other, perhaps offering two different ways of considering the material world through art.

Karen Allen Birthday Progressions in 1998 continued into 1999 during the shoot and release of The Basket on 5 June 1999 at the Seattle International Film Festival.
The film locations were in Washington, with riveting WWI flashbacks shot in Spokane, WA. Karen Allen went through one of her Jupiter Returns between her 1998 birthday and 1999, during the year The Basket was released.

The Basket

Director Rich Cowan
Stars Peter Coyote, Karen Allen, Robert Burke, and others
Time 105 minutes

We open to a small American farming community in its own unique environment, with its sustaining conditions, economic demands, and seasonal considerations. The people who live and work there are self-determined, with only a few exceptions. The farmers require a harvester to bring in their crop, but the machine presents an economic nightmare. Somehow the community must provide the imagination, inspiration, and innovation that will solve the problem. Martin Conlon (Peter Coyote) brings a universal language, sports, to the children who attend his school. He cultivates the higher mind by introducing his class to opera, story structure, and international culture, thereby expanding their ability to imagine something beyond their established pattern. Bessie Emery (Karen Allen) is the steadfast country wife and mother who holds her family together regardless of personal disappointments and tragedy. She agrees to make patterns and sew uniforms for everyone on the basketball team organized by Conlon. His plan is to compete and win enough money to purchase the harvester for the town.

The Basket is one of the cinematic gems that missed out on the high praise it is due. The story unfolds in an idyllic landscape, described as the Pacific Northwest, but representing the spirit of America within condensed geographic lines of definition - the microcosm in the middle of the macrocosm, and the macrocosm in the centre of the microcosm.

The ‘walk of life’ or journey to the core of self is composed as a path moving from the inside of the labyrinth to the outer rim while the parallel path moves from outside the design toward its centre. This blueprint resembles an engineer’s design of a freeway with cars moving in opposite directions, only the flow chart is circular. Both traffic lanes are parallel, interactive, and co-creative.

Superimposed on the self-contained, rural life of the community the local train stops to deliver home a favorite son, seriously wounded in WWI. There is no dialogue about the situation in Europe, except for standard emotional statements about ‘the enemy’ – Germans – but the attitude, speech patterns, and vocabulary are applicable for any wartime conflict. The first scenes of this film set the audience up for the typical test we must all go through during life that pertains to prejudice, bigotry, and racism. This test corresponds to questions we will be asked at the Last Judgment [if you believe in the resurrection]. When we learn how to pass this test we win the prize.

The Basket develops and illustrates complex components of the test itself – universal and timeless requirement to gain access to the ‘higher soul powers’ we all contain within - and challenges us to take on the choices we must make in life. Since everyone will experience a philosophic renewal every 11.8 years and take the ‘Jupiterian Test’ sometime in their life, I recommend The Basket as food for thought in preparation for the upcoming time window that presents this opportunity.

Note that Allen's progressed Sun in Scorpio @ 28 moved to the cusp of Sagittarius during 1999, right over her radix ascendant of 0 degrees Sagittarius. Also, just before her birthday in 1998, progressed Mercury 18° Sag 43' was conjunct her radix Moon @ 10° Sagittarius 52', indicating this was the best time to take on the themes involving Jupiter testing. Jupiter in Aries signifies a progressive person, aspiring, generous, candid, high-minded, ardent, philosophical and reasonable. Success is largely due to personal merits and through relationships, social standing and influential friends. Two occupations are usually on the agenda because the ‘Sagittarian archer’ (ruled by Jupiter) prefers aiming at more than one target – a multi-tasker who gets results. A strong liking for literature and sports is evident as her portrayal of Bessie Emery illustrates on screen. Allen also has skills that enable her to excell in science, philosophy, traveling and all that appertains to cultivation of mind; in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, all these were goals Marion encouraged her son Mutt Williams to pursue in collage. Allen's progressed Saturn in 11° Libra 34’ with Venus in 12° Libra over her radix Sun at 11°Libra 37' provided some insight into rules, relaxation, structure and ornamentation.

Karen Allen 2004 Progressions
Allen's radix Sun @ 11° Libra 37' was conjunct her progressed Venus in Libra and progressed Saturn in Libra, when she inaugurated her own knitwear design studio in 2004 in Massachussets: Karen Allen - Fiber Arts. Launch of her own business initiated a new adventure in 'the world of form' and elevated use of the vital senses.
Progressed Mercury [Opener of the Way] conjunct her radix Moon [10° Sag 52'] @ 20° Sagittarius in her Ascendant opened a door allowing new knowledge to present itself through her community 'shop' and business success with progressed Mercury through art, literary and dramatic skill (especially in the Ascendant). Some ideas were probably introduced through her own dreams soas to escape mundane routines.

In astrological symbolism we see that the symbols for all the planets contain one or more of three elements: the circle which denotes spirit, the cross which denotes matter, and the half-circle which denotes the intellectual aspect of the soul or mind.
Astrologically, the vertical line of the cross symbolizes the Sun, while the horizontal line represents the Moon, or, again, life and form. It is the great loom of life on which all the fabrics of form are woven; all the garments with which the spirit of man is clothed are fashioned and framed by the operation of these dual forces. The Universal Mind is the Great Weaver, love and life are its threads.

From a paper on “Symbolism” by Mrs. Mildred Kyle, originally published
in the October, 1917 issue of “The Astrological Bulletina.”





1. 1 cup chickpeas and fresh water to cover
2. 1 lemon juiced
3. 1.5 teaspoons cumin and dash sea salt - pinch of garlic optional
4. 6 tablespoons tahini
5. olive oil or sunlight oil to taste

Soak chickpeas over night in large bowl, add water as required. Cook the chickpeas for 30 - 40 minutes, stir and sample at around 40 minutes on the stove.
Transfer checkpeas and some water to blender. Add other ingredients one by one until all are combined into a creamy texture. Add small amount olive oil if desired.
Dash of garlic with cilantro and tomato garnish optional.

The Three kinds of food that produce the three energies of the universe, as symbolized figures on The Wheel of Fortune [Trump X] are: Sattvik, Rajsik, and Tamsik. Pure foods that compose a starter ‘Short list’ for the Sattvic Diet include:
Almonds, Apricots, Artichokes, Aspargus, Bananas, Barley, Bean Sprouts (all kinds,) Blackberries, Black-Eyed Peas, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cashews, Cauliflower, Celery, Grapefruits, Grapes, Green Beans, Honey (raw), Jerusalem Artichokes, Kale, Lentils (black or tan), Lettuce, Lima Beans (small amounts), Mangoes, Maple Syrup, Peaches, Pine Nuts, Pinto Beans, Plums (sweet or sour), Pomegranates, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Seeds, Rice, Rutabaga, Saffron (herb), Sesame Seeds, Strawberries, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, Tangerines (sweet), Turnips, Watermelon, Wheat, Yams , Yoghurt (freshly made), Zucchini.

Gradual elimination of spices and condiments from the above option list will lead to a more pure Sattvic Diet over time.



Sri Lankan Curry

Sunburst squash, petite carrots, yellow and red peppers, shitake mushrooms and mesquite grilled tofu (cubed), yellow finn potatoes and pearl onions stewed with tomaties, coconut milk, ginger, Sri Lankan spices and cilantro. Served with cashew basmati rice
Sprinkle with tamari soy sauce.
try a combo of jade rice and wild rice 3/1.



Tibetan Thenthuk

Thenthuk (pronounced "ten" + "took") is a typical Tibetan noodle soup
that keeps the nomads warm during the long Tibetan winters.

The Dough

The dough is very important for this noodle soup. It needs to sit for fifteen or twenty minutes so that it can become flexible and easy to pull.

If you want to make "thenthuk" for two people, put 1 cup of all-purpose flour in a pot and add about half a cup of water.

Mix the flour and water very well by hand and keep adding water until you can make a smooth ball of dough. Then knead the dough very well until the dough is flexible. You want it thick enough that it will stretch when pulled.

Separate the dough into pieces about half as big as big as your fist, and roll the dough between your hands. Make the shape like bananas, or wedges. Then put oil on your hand and roll the pieces between your hands again so they won't stick together.

Put the wedges in a plastic bag or in a pot and put a lid to cover the dough so it doesn't dry out.

The Broth

Now the dough is prepared and you can start the broth. Chop half an onion, a small piece of ginger, a clove of garlic, and one small tomato. If you want to use meat, cut 1/4 or half pound of any kind of meat into thin bite-size slices.

Fry everything in two tablespoons of oil for three or four minutes, or until the meat is cooked well. Add a pinch of chicken, beef or vegetable bouillon, a dash of salt, and few shakes of soy sauce.

Add about five cups of water to the pot. At this time, you can add one potato or daikon, which is a Japanese radish. If you want to use the daikon, slice it thinly. After that wash it in water with a little bit of salt. That way, the daikon won't taste so strong. If you want to use the potato just slice it thinly and put it in the pot.

While you are cooking, chop 1/4 of a bunch of cilantro, two green onions, and 1/4 bunch of spinach.

The Throw-down


When the broth starts to boil, add the dough.
Take a wedge of dough and roll it between your hands so it gets a little longer. Flatten it with your fingers. Then pull the dough off in little flat pieces as long as your thumb and throw them in the pot.

When all the noodles are in the pot, cook it for an additional three or four minutes. After that, add cilantro and spinach and serve the soup immediately.
source: Lobsang Wangdu

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Guacamole Crystal Skull Vodka - intro by Dan Aykroyd [it's real!]

Indiana Jones Karen Allen Interview Indiana Jones Karen Allen Interview
Published on May 19, 2014 8:56

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: presented by the National Geographic Society, immerses you in the science and history of field archaeology. Walk in the footsteps of beloved film hero Indiana Jones




Tibetan Noodle Recipe


· 2 c. Pasta
· 1 1/2 tsp Canola Oil
· 2 x Onions Thinly Sliced
· 8 x Cloves Garlic Thinly Sliced
· 1 Tbsp. Chopped Fresh Ginger
· 4 ounce Lamb Cutlets Thin Slice, Optional
· 2 x Tomatoes Cut In 1/4" Dice
· 4 c. Nonfat Chicken Broth or possibly Vegetable Broth
· 3 Tbsp. Low Sodium Soy Sauce To 4, or possibly Tamari
· 2 tsp Paprika or possibly To Taste
· 4 c. Stemmed, Washed Spinach Leaves


1. Remove fat from the lamb.
2. NOTE: Use Cavatelli or possibly other thin tubular shaped pasta.
3. Prepare Cavatelli according to package directions till al dente. Drain; rinse with cool water till cold and drain again. Set aside.
4. In wok or possibly large nonstick saucepan, heat oil. Add in onions, garlic and ginger and cook over med heat about 5 minutes, till nicely browned. Stir in lamb and tomatoes and cook about 3-4 min, till lamb loses its rawness.
5. Stir in stock, soy sauce and paprika and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer stew 5 to 10 minutes, till richly flavored and lamb is tender. Stir in Cavatelli and simmer 2 minutes. Stir in spinach leaves and cook 1 minute (or possibly more), till wilted. Adjust seasoning, adding soy sauce or possibly paprika to taste.
6. Serving: 4



The Darkest Night

By 1950, the warehouse was bursting at the seams with acquisitions. A few rare, large objects had taken up enormous amounts of space. The Coalition agreed to employ a bit of technology extracted from an expedition that would expand the interior volume of an object without affecting its exterior surface area. Putting the device into operation was relatively simple, but its long term effects could not be judged for another five years.

.... It began with subtle malfunctions in the complex devices, as the Librarians tried to fathom their purpose. Sometimes inert instruments would flare to life, or fade out of existence. It was difficult to tie all the incidents to a common cause, and so the aberrations were ignored.

DZF - A Kirlean photograph of Stonehenge -- showing auras on all the stones, including the missing ones. lso includes detailed plans to replace the missing stones, in order to "see what happens."

L - Gary Seven's voice-operated typewriter.

VTH-0003 Area 'A' Tarp 250x80x80
Time-Travel Phone Booth
Appears to be an ordinary public telephone booth, with an odd antenna on top. On closer inspection, it is revealed that the "Yellow Pages" contains not advertisements for services, but times and locations in Earth's history. If the operator dials the telephone number for an entry, then presses the * and # keys together, a transdimensional gate opens beneath the booth, and (after a short journey through the streams of time) appears at the time and location specified. The telephone number of the telephone has a San Dimas, California area code. {Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey}

CVI-025 - Headpiece to the Staff of Ra
A gold medallion with raised markings on each side, and an off-center hole holding a red crystal.{Raider's of the Lost Ark}.

DZF - The meaning of the Nazca lines
These marks in the desert, visible only from the air, are elaborate hex runes, inscribed to prevent invasion by otherworldly forces, or more precisely to indicate ownership of the earth.



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