Robert Redford
Robert Redford and Ted Williams

August 18, 1936 at 8:02 PM, Santa Monica CA - Destiny Path: 9
Sun 25° Leo 59' - Moon 19° Virgo 14'
ASC 28° Pisces 58' - Midheaven 29° Sagittarius 23'

Sun in Leo - ruler: the Sun
Leo linked with the Nemean Lion of Argolis which possessed an impenetrable hide and was strangled by Hercules in the fulfillment of the first of his Twelve Labours. Reflex action: Aquarius, the Cup Bearer or Old Water Bearer
Tarot Trump: Trump V, The Hierophant, The Pope, Jupiter - supreme organ of sacred science, represents the genius of good inspiration, of mind, and of conscience.
House System: The Guest Room, small resort property, patio/floor space for events, parties, the guest room with plush accessories & beautiful view; guest of honor; also, as Hierophant, various story telling books, stage gear, microphone, spotlight, etc.

Day of the week: Sunday
Angelic Intelligence: St. Michael - Fixed Fire Kerub [Winged Lion of St. Mark]
The lion and all members of the feline family, Apollo or Hercules
The sign esoterically signifies the solar seed.
Metal: Gold, Alchemical Gold – Power Gemstones
Menu: include delightful tropical, zesty, and exotic flavours from veggie herb garden and orchard. Grandiose kitchen design, chef prepares salsa, gazpachos, saffron dishes – all ingredients are fresh. Elegant tea service, evening bar, and midnight snack. Room service, naturally.

Leo governs the following places: jungles, forests, parks, forts, palaces, government buildings, all places of amusement and where children play, theatre, puppet show, fairs, festivals, circus, campfire, fireplaces, smelters, chemical laboratories, distilleries, glass factories and places where explosives are manufactured; bakeries, theme parks, in general - ‘the royal treatment’.
Emotional characteristics: faithful, rich in emotional life, affectionate, idealistic, proud, empathic, sympathetic, merciful, chivalrous, domestic, foreseeing.
Mental characteristics: commanding, generous, ambitious, self-sacrificing,, optimistic, opposed to secrecy, fixed in opinion yet magnanimous.
Spiritual keywords: the life principle, the will to illumine, the faith which is sufficient, the will to rule.
Physical anatomy: heart, main arteries, spinal column, with its marrow, especially dorsal region, and spinal cord.
Zodiacal Physiology: distribution and interchange, quickening, heart vitality, and vitality especially connected with the blood [Jupiter is associated with purity of the blood, and in Trump V, the magical force of the human will].



Robert Redford's 1980 feature directorial debut, the family drama "Ordinary People," earned him an Academy Award, and he was nominated as best director again for 1994's "Quiz Show."

The acadamy celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Sundance Institute for aspiring filmmakers. Redford received an honorary Oscar in recognition of his work as an actor, director and founder of Sundance, which has grown into the world's premiere showcase for independent movies.

Those with the 9 Destiny Path favor lifestyle themes with a universal foundation and humanitarian tone, usually associated with Maxima, the white light - and the electric buzz.

They are always searching for the "sage" [philosopher] because that is the level of work where they best resonate. The 9 player is a full spectrum individual with few, if any, shades of gray. They complete what they begin - always to the best of their ability.

Professional team sports are naturally linked with the 9 frequency because coordination, cooperation, and the spontaneity of the 9 are required for competitive success. That is particularly true for The Natural (Barry Levinson 1984), considered one of the best baseball films ever made.

Robert Redford has always been an avid baseball fan [attended the University of Colorado on a baseball scholarship] and modeled his Roy 'The Natural' Hobbs character after Boston Red Sox legend, Ted Williams. Williams married his long time sweetheart and Roy Hobbs reunited with his early romance, Iris Gaines [Glenn Close]. Her name is a double entendre that refers to sight in several ways. The 9 frequency means, "to see the light," or "to get the picture" - as well as a reference to Iris, or a personification of the rainbow messenger herself. There is a pivotal moment in the film during a game when Hobbs must score a homerun. Iris stands up in the stadium, surrounded by an aura of pure white light, and the crack of the bat is heard over cross-town traffic.

Heavy hitter Hobbs wears a 9 jersey, the same number chosen by Ted Williams (August 30, 1918 – July 5, 2002), one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball.

Ted Williams was born with his Sun 6° Virgo 35', Moon 1° Moonchild 22', and Scorpio 21° 19' on the Ascendant. Williams was 21 in 1939 when he moved to the Major League and began to play with the Boston Red Sox. He had a host of nicknames that included The Kid, the Splendid Splinter, Teddy Ballgame, and The Thumper. Ted Williams was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966.

Williams photo-perfect S-curve is derived from his Ascendant and eighth house [adrenalin] power planets. The same configuration probably served him well during military tours of duty as a fighter pilot during WWII and the Korean War. The tension between Mars and Luna usually produces extraordinary strength of some type as evidenced in the lives of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Charles Lindberg, and Amelia Earhart. Ted Williams was born Teddy Samuel Williams, named after his father, Samuel Stuart Williams, and Teddy Roosevelt.

Ted Williams enjoyed his most impressive year during his second Jupiter Return [exhalted in Moonchild] in 1941, when he hit .406 with 37 HR, 120 RBI, and 135 runs scored. His .551 on base percentage set a record that stood for 61 years.


"Trying to sneak a fastball past Ted Williams was like trying to sneak a sunbeam past a rooster in the morning. It's not gonna happen."     -Bob Feller

"I was a teammate of his for seven years and he was the most humble and nice guy I ever met," former Red Sox teammate Mickey McDermott said. "For whatever reason, I had a good rapport with him, better than most. He lived in a tunnel, so to speak, and didn't let many people in."

.... Looking back, McDermott put Williams' life this way: "He was the man John Wayne wanted to be."
          -Mickey McDermott - Boston Red Sox

"He studied hitting the way a broker studies the stock market."     -Carl Yastrzemski


The Natural

Robert Redford was born with his Sun 25° Leo 59’ – a match [conjunction] with the Midheaven of baseball great Ted Williams [MC 28° Leo 52’]. Both men grew up loving baseball.

Williams once stated his goal was to have a father walk down the street with his son, point to Williams and remark, "Son, there goes the greatest hitter who ever lived."

Redford said, "Well, I wanted to make a baseball movie for many, many years because baseball had been such a big part of my life. And the number 9 that I wore that I was dedicating to Ted – I just had him in my head as the perfect character to pattern myself after, in terms of hitting, and determination, and the ability to block things out and focus on just what you were there for.

It was just an homage to someone that I had respected and idolized much of my life and it was a chance to really bring that to a close. He wrote me a very nice note. He was very complimentary - very nice. And I said, ‘Well, he can’t be too complimentary cause he hasn’t met me. I could be a dork.’ I wanted him to come on the set so I could just shake his hand, but he was too busy fishing."

-Robert Redford, HBO Special on TED WILLIAMS


Roy Hobbs: I coulda been better. I coulda broke every record in the book.
Iris Gaines: And then?
Roy Hobbs: And then? And then when I walked down the street people would've looked and they would've said there goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in this game.


The desire for perfection stems from an appreciation of the gift [Williams was born with his Sun 6 ° Virgo 35’ intercepted at his Midheaven, with Mercury @ 10° Virgo 55' R, conjunct Redford’s Venus 9° Virgo 58' within a degree of perfect.] In addition, Williams star chart contains a Part of Fortune 16° 06' Virgo conjunct Redford’s Neptune 15° Virgo 44’, Mercury 18° Virgo 14’, and Moon 19° Virgo 14’ – a natural aptitude for eurythmy, as [re]discovered by Rudolph Steiner. Eurythmy is probably the origin of dance as we now know it. It is the law in physical form, observed as an ancient art practiced in the temple, whereby the physical anatomy becomes the law by shaping itself into lines of power. Ted Williams mastered the S-curve, nature’s line of grace, in performance of his two favourite sports - baseball and fishing.


swan skeleton

More about the Akasha Wave and the Line of Grace here @ Akasha Wave
The Transparent Wave
BACK Champions - Baseball

"Through the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame, we hope to build a lasting monument, an architectural tribute to what I think is the single most difficult thing in all of sports: hitting a baseball. We hope the Museum will become a place millions of baseball fans will visit and enjoy for generations to come. I hope you'll join us as we transform our dreams into reality."
                           -Ted Williams, Ted Williams Museum


HBO's Ted Williams documentary shouldn't be missed for two entirely related reasons: It's superb, and it doesn't mess around with wishful notions drawn from a wishing well.

Ted Williams, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, and Lon Chaney, Sr. share The Mountain Lake Wave palette
A River Runs Through It (Robert Redford 1992)

Others with the 9 Destiny Path include: Cher, Linda Evans, Jennifer Grey, Sean Bean, Peter Cushing, Dr. John Dee, Harrison Ford, and Papus.

JFK was the world’s worst loser. Even in small things, a race against a traffic light or a bet on a golf match, he hated to be beaten. Dave remembers one summer day in 1946 at Fenway Park in Boston when he and Jack were watching Ted Williams come up to bat for the Red Sox. Jack asked what the odds were against Williams hitting a homer. “Fifteen to one,” said Powers, the peerless statistician. Jack offered ten dollars to one that Williams would not hit a home run and Dave took the bet. On his first swing, Williams drove the ball into the right field stands. Dave leaped to his feet cheering wildly, along with everybody else in the park except Jack Kennedy. Kennedy sat in his seat with his head bowed in grief, so downhearted that he did not speak for the next two innings.

-Kenneth P. O'Donnell and David P. Powers with Joe McCarthy - Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye




Making Every Day Earth Day

Robert Redford

Actor, Director, and Environmental Activist

Posted April 22, 2009 | 02:01 PM (EST)

... The first Earth Day came at the end of a decade in which social activism drove this nation's political agenda. Moved by a desire to create that better world, we got together to fight for change the only way a large group of like-minded people could: we laced up our shoes and walked side-by-side. When you have to get together in person, well, you obviously need a specific day to meet up. And that day turned out to be Wednesday, April 29, 1970. ...



By Deborah Kirk

When Robert Redford created the Sundance Channel, one of his top priorities was to give green programming - -with a human face – a home on TV.

Throughout his long career, Robert Redford has always seemed like an atypical celebrity. Motivated more by new ideas than red carpets, Redford has never rested on his laurels as one o f Hollywood’s most bankable leading men. As an actor and director, his movie choices – from All the President’s Men to The Milagro Beanfield War to A River Runs Through It -- reflect his many passions: for justice, the environment, and the open spaces of the American West. Redford’s love of independent film led to the breakout success of the Sundance Film Festival and the founding of the Sundance Channel. And his unwavering commitment to environmental issues dates back nearly a half-century—and is what inspires The Green, the Sundance Channel’s weekly block of eco-aware programs. Here, the iconic actor and innovator talks about a lifetime of independent thinking.

.... What do you think of Hollywood’s infatuation with the environment?

Hollywood has a reputation for being fickle. There are people who take up a cause for two weeks and move on, and that breeds distrust. My feeling is, you better know what you’re talking about. You better walk the walk. And the environment has some very legitimate voices in Hollywood, people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Begley, who have been doing this for a long time.

Does the green movement risk becoming too trendy?

When green became fashionable, I got nervous. Because anything that is fashionable today is yesterday’s news tomorrow. I hope green doesn’t go stale. I hope we just use the word green to get started. That’s what we’re trying to do on Big Ideas for a Small Planet show ideas for a sustainable future – and if you want to classify them as green, OK. Just be aware of what happens when the fashion turns ....

At the time of the interview Redford was living part time in Napa Valley, working up [narration] a PBS series called Saving the Bay about the history of the San Francisco Bay.



ABC Radio says "Spy Game" "Sizzles with suspense!"

Model studies with regard to several ratio designs using Jupiter to Mercury blueprints - positive and deconstructive examples. go to Spy Game

· Jupiter, The Philosophic Urge vs. Mercury, The Analytical Urge Robert Redford [Nathan Muir] personifies the sky conscious 'overview' mind, his energy/palette rhythm. His name rings a bell - perhaps naturalist John Muir [born April 21, 1838 Sun 0° Taurus 33, Ascendant Aquarius 16°02] comes to mind? [See Robert Redford Email, >Subject: Alaskan Wilderness-letter from Robert Redford]

· Stephen Dillane [Charles Harker] personifies the lower mind, Mercury, the antithesis of Muir's Jupiterian role. The reversed mode of Dillane's character, Merlin, is drawn from the same power source as legendary King Arthur (2004). Brad Pitt portrays a Mercurial type who, similar to Muir, will evolve into a higher octave version of himself.

· 'The Right Way' - The ultimate rule under which all others are filed. Robert Redford [Nathan Muir] disposes of his opposition and protects Brad Pitt [his protégé Tom Bishop] with an appropriate application of lightning and thunder. In true Jupiterian fashion, he stays true to his word, he never compromises and throughout the film, Redford [Muir] remains undefeated.

· Tarot Trump study RE Trump IX The Hermit and Trump VI The Lovers, linked with reference to Trump 0/XXII/Unnumbered- The Fool/Wise Man/Wanderer

· The higher mind hero is Robert Redford as he portrays Nathan Muir, a phantom spy on his last and best day at work in the covert world of espionage. The pivoting relationship between Muir and his most promising recruit, protégé Tom Bishop [Brad Pitt] is the foundation of the story. Director Tony Scott dons the role of initiator-oversoul, an instructor role usually attributed to Jupiter in his guru robes. The audience receives subtle and higher mind techniques, useful in the fight to neutralize negative Mercury factors and lower octave, sub-death irritants. Read brief summary*

· Redford also assumes the "higher mind" Jupiter part as the (uncredited) narrator in his early film with Brad Pitt, A River Runs Through It (1992)

· ASTROLOGY: Tony Scott, Director - Mercury: 18 Leo 28’, Jupiter: 29 Leo 05’ Robert Redford as Nathan Muir - Mercury: 17 Virgo 44’, Jupiter: 14 Sag 40’

* Robert Redford's Full Chart @ - Robert Redford at The Press Club Brad Pitt as Tom Bishop - Mercury: 16 Capricorn 23’, Jupiter: 09 Aries 51’ * Star Charts for Brad Pitt Brad Pitt/when filming Spy Game

· Redford's stone cold power resonates with The Mountain Lake Wave, the thin "alternate" between and touching both The Akasha Black Wave and The Indigo Wave. Redford has a Star Chart with a Sun-Regulus conjunction: Sun 25°59' in Leo, with his radix Moon @ 19°14' Virgo conjunct his Mercury @ 18°14' Virgo. His Ascendant, Pisces 28°58 greatly contributes to his naturalist concern for environmental deconstruction that is escalating today. Some examples of The Mountain Lake Wave are found in the writing of Carlos Castanada [especially emphasized in, A Separate Reality] and J Krishnamurti [check The Flight of The Eagle and Commentaries On Living.] Specimens listed here with this wave contained can help your research, I hope. They aren't endorsed by or linked with The Divining Nation:

Lepidolite with hexagonal or trigonal cross-sections, each "prism" face has complex crystalline formations, they are the "spirit" of the wave, and varieties of Stibnite - curving of the long bladed crystals is due to twinning where one twin plane bends the crystal one direction and another twin plane bends it in the other direction.

Note: The Druids held the number 6 in deep reverence and many of their sacred ceremonies are based upon it. They began their year on the 6th day of the full moon, and the six days within the full moon - 3 before and 3 after - were held especially sacred. Also when the sacred mistletoe was cut 6 priests performed the ceremony.

The 6 represents wonderful intellectual development, but it must recognize, accept and respond to the Spiritual Over-shadowing or the Divine Illumination found within the zone [the center of the symbol.]

The number 6 is magically related to the circumference of the circle, which contains 6X60 degrees, each containing 60 minutes of 60 seconds each.



Sunshine Muffins

Appearing at Western Inn - Vittles and Redford Movies

1 orange and 1/2 cup orange juice
1 egg
1/4 cup oil
1 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup raisins and 1/2 cup chopped nuts (both optional)


Cut orange into eight pieces. Put pieces (rind and all), orange juice, egg and oil into blender. Blend until smooth. Add flour, sugar, baking powder,
baking soda, and salt. Blend.
Pour mixture into muffin tins and bake at 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-30 minutes.
Makes approximately 8 large muffins.


Lon Chaney said, "I've been fishing for trout ever since I was a kid when I got a job guiding tourists up Pike's Peak. There were some great streams up there and I learned to regard a mountain trout as the greatest adversary for a fisherman's skill in waters anywhere.
I've never cottoned to this deep sea fishing they rave about out here. Give me a mountain stream, and trout."

-Lon Chaney, Twinkle, Twinkle, Movie Star!


TRUTH Trump IX, The Hermit and background about the ruler of Sagittarius: Jupiter, the Planet
John D. Rockefeller for Jupiter and Saturn aspects - Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. for Jupiter-Tin
Mountain Lake Wave
Robert Redford movie fanpage
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Conversations with Robert Redford of TRUTH 32:41

Q&A with Robert Redford of TRUTH. Moderated by Dan Rather. Controversy surrounds CBS anchor Dan Rather (Robert Redford) and 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett), based on Mary Mapes’ memoir Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power (2005, St. Martin’s Press).

also check Trump IX The Hermit - Search for an honest man


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