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Pearl Harbor


Brief History: There has been a United States Navy base on Oahu Island since 1875. Pearl Harbor was predicted a vulnerable, probable attack site by Captain Billy Mitchell about 25 years before December 7, 1941 at his court marshal. Gary Cooper plays Mitchell in the biographical film and faithfully recounts much of the transcript predicting the attack. Another film, Seven Days in May, that stars Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, shows footage of Hickam Field and disassembled planes expecting repair parts that were due to arrive from the mainland that Sunday morning.

Many men in the labor force who worked on the island were among the Japanese pilots who returned to attack the base they built. Some Japanese families remained as residents and could have mentioned they saw planes on the field in various states of assembly. The time difference between the planned arrival of planes from the mainland with repair-replace parts and the Japanese squads was only about 10-20 minutes. Japanese planes were let through even though they came in at a slightly different angle because the tower was expecting an early arrival from the US coast and the time was that close.
These flyers knew the layout, except that the ammo dump originally located underneath the baseball field, had moved. It is likely the whole island would have been destroyed had the planes managed a lucky strike. After the Billy Mitchell trial wiser heads prevailed and the military moved the ammo stockpiles to another, undisclosed, location the Japanese knew nothing about. Puzzled researchers never suspected the reason groups of planes kept circling and bombing the baseball diamond.

The following eye witness account is about the prep time that led up to the early morning raid on Pearl Harbor. It is difficult to unearth information about the island during the time window preceding the attack. Most of the records went up in smoke with Pearl Harbor files lost in a Kansas fire. This article first appeared in The West Coast Magazine as follows:




Ray Dauser

Headlines of New York Times on December 8, 1941




It was Saturday morning December 6, 1941, and three weeks of maneuvers were to end with a formal Roll Call and Dress Parade on the taxi line of the landing strip in front of the airplane hangers at Hickam Field, adjacent to Pearl Harbor. We had all learned what to do in case of an attack, during the past three weeks and were now eligible for passes, with the exception of six men in our squadron who had to service three new B-17s coming from the States, on Sunday morning. It was learned later that these B-17s played a large part in the attack on Pearl Harbor, since the radar station mistook the Jap planes for the B-17s due in at 8:00 A.M. Sunday morning.

Joe, my buddy, and I got our passes and headed straight for Ewa, a small town next to Pearl Harbor, for a luau with some native friends of ours. We spent the night in Ewa and left early the next morning for a short hike in the hills above Pearl Harbor. We arrived at the top of the hill, about three hundred feet above the harbor, when I thought I heard the generators at the sugar plant, which did not operate on Sunday. I mentioned this to Joe, and he said, It sounds more like planes. We looked skyward and saw about thirty fighter planes flying at about five thousand feet. They started to peel-off, and we recognized them as Jap planes at about two thousand feet. We could not believe our eyes until they started to drop their bombs at about five hundred feet. The first few bombs landed in the water, but then they started to hit our ships and everything in the harbor looked like it was exploding. In just a couple of minutes there must have been a thousand of our sailors in the water, either thrown from ships or jumping overboard. There were Marine guards on the towers with machine guns and they were the first to fire at the planes, but some of the Japs saw them and machine-gunned them. Some of the sailors managed to get rifles and machine-guns and did hit a couple of planes but most of them flew up in the canyon where we were and circled around for another strike. Two planes spotted Joe and me and came back to strafe us.

We had no weapons so we decided to get to Hickam Field as quick as possible. We ran down the hill and flagged a car and arrived at the field just in time to see the barracks being bombed. Some of the Japs had come straight to Hickam Field and bombed the hanger line first for it was in flames by this time. We ran to the barracks and managed to each get a rifle and several clips of ammo. There were several empty windows, so Joe and I joined the others in trying to shoot down the planes that were now strafing at about a hundred feet. Some of the Jap pilots were even leaning out of the planes, waving to us. There were six two engine bomber planes overhead and they were dropping what seemed to be five hundred pounders. They hit the barracks pretty hard and the staircases started to come down around us so we decided to leave the barracks and get outside. Joe went one way and I went for a doorway with several others. Just before I got to the doorway a bomb hit just outside and there was a terrible explosion. I had slipped on some water from the overturned water cooler just before the bomb went off and was right behind a two foot concrete pillar when it landed. I felt a sharp pain on my shins and thought I was hit with shrapnel but when I looked down my pant legs were plastered with concrete. It was imbedded in the pant legs and I pulled them up to see how my legs were and there was only slight bleeding. I went outside and then helped get some of the wounded to the hospital. Every car and truck was loaded with wounded men going to the hospital. I helped several carloads to get to the hospital and then we loaded the dead for burials. By this time the shooting had stopped and we went to the barracks for ammo and weapons in case another wave was coming.



December 4, 2015
Pearl Harbor Plane: US Navy Aircraft Sunk in 1941 Surfaces in New Pics

Rare photos of a Navy seaplane that sank during the Pearl Harbor bombing 74 years ago are intriguing online viewers, many of whom are reminiscing about that tragic part of American history.
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The five-pointed star is the symbol of the mid-point and apex between the two extremes on the pendulum swing. It is the midway point of no return when using a scale of 1 to 10. The star represents a mathematical formula and, like all other stars, is part of our internal and external psyche. It is linked with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and other urges, according to the personal requirement of the adept who employs it. Five is the number of change, the search for the heart desire, versatility, travel, education, amusements, and in esoteric expressions: war strategy, involution and evolution, more.
right, The Five Pointed Star, Thought Form 41., as a thought of the LOGOS as manifested in man, with the devotional aspiration that He may thus be manifested through the thinker.
Thought Forms, by Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater

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Recommended film references include:

Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now Redux, Francis Ford Coppola 1979 - roots of the war are hidden but tactics show variable toxins in the attack and defense of the country. Shock and horror force questions, who is the proper custodian of this country? Is that concern qualified to lead in the 21st century? Marlon Brando
Australia Baz Luhrmann 2008 - faithful account about WWII bombing of Darwin, Australia, by Japanese forces. Stars: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Shea Adams
The Black Cat Edgar G. Ulmer 1934
The Bridge on the River Kwai* David Lean 1957 - Stars: William Holden, Alec Guinness,
Jack Hawkins
Bridge on the River Kwai at first glance presents visual promotions, posters, dvd and so forth, that see to suggest the Tower symbolism for the film is found in blueprints for the bridge. The movie takes a more subtle turn in the first scene, however, and we are faced with an ancient dilemma -- East meets West via symbol, but something is lost in the translation. The Eastern interpretation is based on ancient picture language records called hexagrams. These images were converted to German and matched to English via the Wilhelm-Baynes edition of I Ching. see below

Broken City Crime thriller, throw back to the old film noir genre with reference to Trump XV and Trump XVI
time frame: New Yorkers vote in 8 days. The script was chosen from “the blacklist” in Hollywood, they are circulating scripts not yet made into films: dark, gritty, great characters, complex plot twists, the hero/heroine trying to find redemption – director Allen Hughes said, “it just popped off the page.” The film stays with you. Stars include: Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cathleen Hostetler, who is seeking a divorce and end to her marriage with the mayor, and at the same time hoping for a new beginning. Trump XV and XVI can involve divorce, deconstruction, and separation from an established partnership.

There’s some wars you fight and some wars you walk away from. This is not the fighting kind… -The Mayor

The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, Otto Preminger (1955), Stars include: Gary Cooper (Col. Billy Mitchell), Charles Bickford, Ralph Bellamy,
Rod Steiger, Elizabeth Montgomery
The Crucible Nicholas Hytner (1996)
Déjà Vu at Denzel Washington page
The Fires of Pompeii, Dr. Who, television episode
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pts. 1 & 2
Hereafter, check The Phoenix film list here
Hunger Games, The President Snow at the Capitol Balcony. Donald Sutherland emailed director Gary Ross about President Coriolanus Snow and the nature of his iron grip on power. His letter is presented as a short feature on The Hunger Games DVD, titled, “Letters From the Rose Garden.”
The frequency of power President Coriolanus Snow personifies is the energy that corresponds to either the most spiritual or most destructive capability in human beings, depending on the bent of one’s nature. In The Hunger Games “we have an allegory of a decaying fabric, of an empire, and the struggle of the oligarchy of the privileged, trying to keep that fabric together, and they do it by repression.”
The rose is often regarded as symbolic of the crown [chakra] in its positive form. Snow’s “obsession, his passion is his rose garden… roses are of great importance. And Coriolanus’s eyes. And his smile. Those three elements are vibrant and vital in Snow. Everything else is, by and large, perfectly still and ruthlessly contained… “
Like fictional and real life figures in our unfolding human panorama: Caligula, Hitler, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Senator Palpatine, Lord Voldemort, the wizard Saruman, Coriolanus Snow has the power to sting himself to death with his own poison. Sutherland goes on to say, “He was, quite probably, a brilliant man who succumbed to the siren song of power.”

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom see Trump V and Indiana Jones here
Kingdom of Heaven Director: Ridley Scott, Writer: William Monahan, Stars: Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Liam Neeson - backdrop at Orlando Bloom pages - solar sphere intelligence suggests holy city is under the protection of the emanations in mosiac law that link with sun and moon Review

The Last Days of Pompeii book by Edward Bulwer Lytton, 1834, "day was turned into night, and light into darkness"
Directed by Peter R. Hunt, Stars include: Olivia Hussey, Ernest Borgnine, Lesley-Anne Down,
Laurence Olivier, Duncan Regehr, Anthony Quayle, Ned Beatty in tv mini-series
The Matrix navigation page

right, El Diablo Trump XV Visconti-Sforza Tarot, Metropolis The Tower City based on the 5 pointed star design, Director: Fritz Lang - Writer: Thea von Harbou (screenplay and novel) This silent masterpiece has been restored.
The Tower of Babel of biblical fame may have inspired the architectural design for the five sided tower in Metropolis. See also Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull here.







Monuments Men based on true story about elite Allied team sent to war torn Europe to locate and return art forms confiscated by the Nazi machine. see also George Clooney
Primal Fear at Richard Gere pages
Ran 1985 and Rhapsody in August [Richard Gere], both directed by Akira Kurosawa
Rasputin and the Empress Richard Boleslawski (as Richard Boleslavsky) Charles Brabin (uncredited) 1932
The Rising Sun Philip Kaufman 1993
The Rising Sun is set Hollywoodland in a haze of dusky twilight when, in the east office lights turn on and the stock market opens. In western life everyone goes into party mode
Both cultures watch each other very closely. Some execs throw a wide loop and cross the line into industrial spying. Roger Ebert wrote it as a line from the sons Don't Fence Me In. We observe "modern Los Angeles where a Japanese multinational corporation operates out of one of those towering skyscrapers where the security guards seem to know everybody's business."
Yet, as up to the minute the corporation is, it remains based intellectually within a hierarchy and structure design that relies on standard military era blueprints anchored in the ladder system flow chart draft. The company design will naturally limit its own life span since the transition to the new era will last only three hundred years before the Aquarian model comes to power. Most Japanese corporations have 250-300 year business plans so their investment does not bode well for long term success.
High tech backdrops project ornament and cosmetic images of an evolved, neat and well-lit environment. Texturally it is difficult to find evidence of circumspect human interaction within the insulated 53 story Nakamoto Building. The engineers' dream becomes a crime scene for the ancient sin of murder while high ranking players are in the middle of a billion dollar corporate deal. Technology acts as a double edge sword that enhances the opportunity for the criminal mind but later compensates by opening the door that leads us inside the hermetically sealed board room tape.
No wonder the president of Nakamoto calls in John Connor, a known entity within the Japanese and American community, who acts like "middle c" on a piano keyboard, separating and connecting the corporate world and LAPD with a variety of investigative regimens. Connor has the respect, trust, and common sense to focus on individuals who could be suspect, while moving the spotlight away from the CEOs. Roger Ebert describes Connor, "The Sean Connery character in Rising Sun is seen to be good because he has spent much time in Japan, love a Japanese woman, and absorbed so much of the Japanese culture that he is damn near as smart as Mr. Miyagi."
Connor has a partner who is not a rookie but lacks a Euro-Asian lexicon, Lt. Web Smith. Smith seems to absorb the layers of communication found lurking in the off pavement hideaways of the story once they are peeled back so they can be examined under a microscope. While his mind is not "empty" he understands how to fight and survive, so quickly becomes an operational asset for Connor.
see personal note** about The Rising Sun below.
Seven Days in May and additional background at Kirk Douglas page here Favourite film about Pearl Harbor screens footage of the disassembled planes on the field, general unaware the base was waiting for the new shipment of parts that were scheduled to arrive the morning of December 7, 1941. Compelling performances - must see production about US history. Director: John Frankenheimer
The Shadow In 30's New York City, the Shadow battles his nemesis, Shiwan Khan, who is building an atomic bomb. Well cast with Alec Baldwin as Lamont Cranston / The Shadow, John Lone, Penelope Ann Miller and Ian McKellen as her father, many more. Director: Russell Mulcahy 1994
Sherlock Holmes and the Devil’s Foot, Jeremy Bret, aired on PBS, dvd series
Star Wars The Galactic Republic was the heart of the civilized galaxy for over a thousand years, governed by the Galactic Senate and vigilant Jedi Knight peacekeepers. Queen Amidala of Naboo, tricked into voting no-confidence in Supreme Chancellor Volorum, inadvertently facilitated the first shift from order to chaos within the government, and democracy, as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine began his rise to power. Jedi Temple constructed as five spires to form a mandala pattern, the central Jedi school and monastery located on Coruscant. Later renamed the Imperial Palace and residence of the Sith, the initial destiny of the Temple was restored by Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. Check Star Wars Galactic Republic in Data Base files and see Star Wars navigation for more information.
Thirdspace: Babylon 5 movie including 'Abraxas'
The Untold History of the United States, Oliver Stone - cable TV series-DVD 12 part set
The Untouchables Brian De Palma 1987
Stars: Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro
Sean Connery won the Oscar for his portrayal of Jim Malone, a beat cop in gangland Chicago during Prohibition. see Untouchables - Exorcists here
Valkyrie at Tom Cruise page. also check documentary: Operation Valkyrie, set of 2 DVD
War Comes to America Frank Capra 1945
War Games John Badham 1983 Stars: Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, John Wood
War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells - The Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcast 1938 [Koch script] ran parallel to the "Red Scare" and atmosphere waxing to WWII, Sunday night the Sun was in the first decan of Scorpio. October 30, 1938 8PM to 9PM:
Saturn 12 Aries rx
Uranus 16 Taurus rx
Venus went into retrograde motion on the day of the broadcast @ 4 Sagittarius
Venus 4 Sag rx sextile Moon in Aquarius [sign of boundless space, the unknown]; 1953 tv movie The War of the Worlds 1h 25min; War of the Worlds Steven Spielberg 2005, Stars: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins 1h 56min
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts Spike Lee 2006–
World Trade Center Oliver Stone 2006 This is an important film that tells the story of heroes who were at the two towers on 9-11, personal accounts of witnesses immersed in conditions there. Nostradamus predicted the place [latitude-longitude] that would signal the beginning of the transition out of our era. Destruction of The Tower of Babel, another event that describes the end of an age in the ancient world, is often referred to in this symbolism. The images that illustrate Tarot Trump XVI, The Lightning Struck House of God are sometimes applied to mundane relationships, events and circumstances.

check CLASSIFIED notes for eyes only

see the book and film series of J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Lord of the Rings, with spotlight on Tolkien's drawings of The Two Towers - Tolkien's navigation page here

left, The Tower XVI, from Salvador Dali's Tarot Deck
Note the significant differences between Pearl Harbor and 9/11, though both events are about overt attacks on the United States. The two attacks represent the oft seen tie-in between the forces of Trump XV and Trump XVI as they appear united in the recommended film-literature suggestions above.
The subtle accent infused into Trump XV patterns is often a slow [repetitive] brainwashing technique utilized to convince or disempower people, regarding their place in the universe – primarily to lock them in flesh and bone. Raw materials involve alterations in the pace of time, usually in contrast to mainstream expectations of the ticking clock. The endgame purpose is to ensure pedestrians will fail the Jupiter test [re: Trump VI expanded themes] that includes adherence to various prejudices, clan karma themes, and specific target points related to an incarnate state. The latter usually pertain to heredity, gender, ergonomic details, race, socio-economic background, and so on. In some situations this may be include the phenomenon known as ‘The Dweller on The Threshold’ as aptly portrayed in Star Trek V and The Mothman Prophecies. There is a follow up sub-text on the topic of human sacrifice in Trump XV, often referred to as ‘collateral damage’ today, an umbrella for those choices that lead to the ‘Damnation of Faust’ and the opportunity to refuse descent into toxic Mars status. The reflex action brings us the super hero, the one, and super heroine, like Superman, Neo, and Wonder Woman.

Look at some differences between Pearl Harbor and 9/11 most people recognize as important. Pearl Harbor is a Hawaiian military installation, and as such is considered a military target during war. The towers [as ref. to Trump XVI archetype] represent all those in the 'city', high and low, titled and pedestrians, and part of our international mainstream business community, non-military in its overall function.
The base at Pearl Harbor maintained their red alert for several grueling weeks of constant air raid drills prior to December, 1941. Manhattan pedestrians were carrying on routine, day-to-day activities around the two towers with no warning they were in any danger. A couple, preparing for a fashion review inside the first tower hit, were crossing the street as pieces of the building started to fall. They saw firemen running into the building to help – people were completely unprepared at the time of the attack.
Pearl Harbor marks the first strike in a war that starts with a sneak attack, but does not signal the end of an entire era. The strike against the general population in New York heralds the end of the military era, as predicted by Nostradamus in that place, and closes in on the unobstructed evolution of the military system that has dominated for over two thousand years. The destruction of the towers represents the close of an established age, like the burning of Atlanta in Margaret Mitchell’s, Gone With The Wind. The impact of the loss registered within our collective psyche is intensified with the intent to infer handwriting on the wall [Daniel] that covers a vast span of time – over two thousand years.


* Bridge on the River Kwai
Reference to Hexagram 20: Contemplation (View). There are double meanings for the symbol of the Tower brought out by tonal variations in the pronunciation of the name of the hexagram Kuan. The Tower means both contemplating (internal paradigm) and being seen as an example for others as someone in harmony with the will of heaven. In the West, the Tower usually translates as an external symbol evident of achievement, especially wealth-prosperity, power in the material world. This version of the image is partly due to a once accepted European observation that the tallest building in any city indicated where the collective there agreed the most power would be found to reside - probably based on the motivation to build the Tower of Babel in the first place. The tallest buildings (closest to heaven) were once places of worship; now they house banks, corporate entities and other financial concerns.

The military commanders' face off is based on other ideas as well, including who makes the rules, the point of origin for that authority, and how leadership roles are established in the community -- another ancient problem personified through the conflict between Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) and Colonel Saito (Sessue Hayakawa). This links with Trump X The Wheel and the film, The Last Castle, stars Robert Redford and James Gandolfini under another heading.

The reason Saito spoke to the assembled men from an approximated tower, really a sturdy stepladder, was to establish for himself, his own troops, and those captured, his authority over all those 'under him' in the camp. As supervisor of his own POW camp and the task of building the bridge, Saito had to be seen as an inspired example of inner serenity, reinforced in the belief his presence meant his program worked in harmony with Divine Law. He could achieve only the opposite of this, in contrast with the British leader who staunchly refused to compromise his principles and insist Saito comply with the Geneva Convention rules that state officers should not be treated as enlisted men for railroad and bridge construction. Guinness remained unbending on the point and was thrown into 'the over' where he very nearly died.
IMDb information here.

** The Rising Sun, personal note: The Rising Sun kept reminding me of the future now shaping itself into the global awareness for the next generation. An oft quoted Wall Street (Oliver Stone) line, "Greed is good," parallels the norm in Japan where greed is commonly considered a virtue. Asian women even joke that to a degree women consider it a sign of beauty if they are cheap when they manage money. The modern corporate collective exists without borders, few restrictions, and like Bill Maher creates its own new rules whenever it wants.
Recently the corporation achieved personhood, due in part to a Supreme Court ruling although there is a failure to exhibit a soul that would feel responsible for the consequences of it's actions. They have protection under the law but are permitted to genocide the wild life in the sea, on the land, in the air without paying a price.
I'm not a missionary, but shouldn't there be a law against all this irresponsible behavior; aren't we designated stewards of this garden planet? It seems we are determined to, as Joni Mitchell sang, "Pave paradise and put up a parking lot" - one of the primary functions of Trump XVI The Lightning Struck Tower.

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