Number 11, 22, and 33

The mystic experience is most commonly defined as the experience of union with the divine or transcendent. As such, it is an individual and private phenomenon and does not have a fixed home in any on religious tradition, nor is it limited to any particular age. Mystics have appeared in all cultures, in all ages; they have flourished within the great organized religions as well as outside them. There have been Christian, Jewish and Muslim mystics as well as Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist ones. And there have been mystics who were simply themselves, part of no tradition and not even recognizing any entity that they would call ”God.”

-Mysticism, The Experience of The Divine

Those who have the Master numbers in their names, birth date, or divinatory number may know that they are endowed with qualities of leadership and inspiration that are not given to the majority.

The mission of these numbers, each from its own angle, is selfless service to humankind. They are given only to those clan or community ‘elders’ where experiences have fitted them to be leaders and masters. They are numbers of high tension and great power, difficult to live up to because of their strict requirements.



11 and XI

11 is the messenger, mystic, the dreamer, the impractical visionary. You live in the clouds and get your ideals and vision from the ‘higher planes.’ You are usually clairaudient and clairvoyant [although not always aware of it]. It is within your power to give to the world a revelation – for which you may or may not receive your reward on earth. If you seek nothing for yourself and pledge your life to the service of the human race, you are likely to achieve great fame, for the 11 vibration is electrical and broadcasting; if you seek the platform for your own glorification, you are likely to be struck by your own lighting.
The number is associated with the planet of the Aquarian Age, Uranus and links us with space and time management sciences.

Visuals projecting a circularity of form or motion; a feast as in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, The Magic Pitcher, the special ‘fire’ or ‘light’ of the Sacred Magic of Light, Life, and Love. There may be a suggestion that this number inspires and creates interest in gold – in particular Alchemical Gold of the Druids and the Ancient Knowledge. This is not the same gold as in Eureka [Gene Hackman, Rutger Hauer] but the passion is matched to that drive and compelling fuel that continues regardless of obstacles, as in the film, Constantine [Keanu Reeves & gold artifacts as power tools, Rachel Weisz as someone who denies her gift and twin sister Isabel, a tormented seer, Djimon Hounsou the ‘electrical fire storm’, and Shia LaBeouf Chas Kramer’s yellow cab] and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [Harrison Ford, Sean Connery]. Add the firebrand, volcanic fire - doubled when a factor in the cauldron with the 22.

11 - License Plate note Vehicles have destiny numbers, designated by their license plate: example Constantine protégé Chas Kramer drives a yellow cab with license 5Q49931 = 11 Destiny Vibration. The cab works as a transport for John Constantine, the hero, who must traverse a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional Los Angeles cityscape, as demonstrated in the Olympic Hotel exorcism scene. Constantine tricks a soldier demon into a mirror that acts like flypaper, holding it until the mirror is craned out the apartment window and splintered into a pile of glass. Just before Constantine leverages the mirror out he calls to Chas, sitting just below in his cab, and tells him to move the car. A glimpse of the cab’s License 5Q49931 provides background information about the probable relationship Chas and the hero, Constantine, share. As the driver [or vehicle, often # 11 or #7] in the first scenes of the film, Chas acts as the carrier who delivers Constantine to the door - of the church, Papa Midnight’s club, the bowling alley, and so on. Chas is in preparation for practical entry into the deeper mysteries, but at the moment he is concerned with moving his car to avoid a plummeting 300 lb. mirror with a secure grip on an enraged, imprisoned demon.

Constantine @ imdb

Qabalah: 11

firebrand, volcanic fire; the special "fire" or "light" of the Sacred Magic of Light, Life, and Love; hence "Odic Force"
where, when
gold (Chaldee); to penetrate, cut, attack; to conceal; a circularity of form or motion; a feast


If you have an 11 Destiny Path, 11 Talents, or an 11 in your name, these may apply to you.

You want to reveal the beauties you have seen and known.
Want to preach the necessity of living true to ideals.
Want all people to know your personal idea of God.
Want to indulge in impracticality, but seem practical.
You are a poet by virtue of your commitment to 'the right way.'
Provide universal remedies but may not usually understand human needs.
You are always the universalist – seldom concerned with individuals.
Can be content as a dreamer and visionary, with a passion for salvation and uplift.
Insist upon right – as you see it – regardless of the human equation.
When you believe in yourself and understand prophetic signs, you should study duty, which is the rule of right, and practice justice as if you loved it.
You have great interior strength and the devotion of the martyr.
Want to choose your friends from among your own kind.
You have an "electrical" type of mind and are capable of remarkable inventions.

As composed of 7 and 4, the number 11 symbolizes the power that is realized as a result of the perfect union denoted by 7. As 9 and 2, it represents Wisdom carried into the realms of Occult Science, giving control of the magnetic currents of the astral world. As 6 and 5, it signifies Temptation banished through devotion to Religion. As 10 and 1, it denotes Fortune dominated by Will.


The number 11 figures prominently in the scheme of things
re the romantic cult classic movie Ladyhawke

Etheric Double - the technical applications apply to all three super numbers 11, 22, and 33
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol @ Tom Cruise Star Menu
Trump XI The Enchantress


Famous people with the 11 Destiny Path or 11 Soul Urge Talents include

G E O R G E L U C A S soul urge 16/7+ 4 = 11
Godfather of the digital lab, a visual distillery of cosmic forces

Women: Ann-Margret, Jennifer Aniston, Pernilla August, Kim Basinger, Angela Bassett, Linda Blair, Helena Blavatsky, Sarah Brightman, Maria Callas, Lynda Carter, Joanna Cassidy, Coco Chanel, Patricia Clarkson, Chelsea Clinton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Davis, Judi Dench, Jeane Dixon, Jorja Fox, Greta Garbo, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Diana Krall, Patti LaBelle, Jessica Lange, Queen Latifah, Lucy Lawless, Annie Lennox, Juliette Lewis, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Miriam Margolyes, Kelly McGillis, Mel B, Eva Mendes, Kate Middleton, Nichelle Nichols, Anaïs Nin, Michelle Obama, Odetta, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Rosa Parks, Valerie Perrine, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paula Poundstone, The Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Phylicia Rashad, Miranda Richardson, Gena Rowlands, Diana Ross, Meg Ryan, Gwen Stefani, Donna Summer, Nancy Travis, Cicely Tyson, Leslie Uggams, Emma Watson, Esther Williams
The Men: Marty Balin, Orlando Bloom [see Orion's Belt], Kenneth Branagh, Richard Burton, Tim Burton, Bing Crosby, John Cusack, Cecil B. DeMille, Kirk Douglas, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Felton, John Huston, Jack Kerouac, George Lucas, Bernie Mac, Claude Monet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Edward R. Murrow, Mike Nichols, Gary Oldman, Oliver Platt, Keith Richards, Bryan Singer, Anthony Valentine, Mark Valley, Jules Verne, and Gig Young

Destiny Path 11 with Mars in Aquarius
Michelle LaVaughn Obama, Gary Oldman, and Emma Watson

Super Number 11 - Oversoul: Viggo Mortensen
LOTR The Two Towers - Extended Edition The Ring of Barahir belongs to the man from the north

Star Wars deleted scene VI Return of the Jedi: Luke's lightsaber adjusted, Vader calls out to Luke


11 Vocations provide opportunities to put into use: inspiration, enthusiasm, ideals, cognition related ideas and strategy, cutting edge inventiveness, zeal, adventuring spirit, high risk or unconventional knowledge (stock market, film industry, music industry), ESP, telekinetic skills, universal service work with help & rescue organizations, therapeutic touch in veterinary and animal recovery work, space age technology and engineering design, mission statement that is based on moral values. Sometimes activism with an eye on improvement of the status quo, as with, “influx of positive force, raw material, etc. for the benefit all”. Master of communications as the messenger.

As facilitator: Dr. Andrija Puharich, a man before his time, Puharich represents the best of the "11 vibe" and the "22 vibe" because he went a step beyond and explored the unknown, but returned with the message others could follow.



22 and XXII

22 is the practical idealist who has seen the vision of 11 and has the power to put it to practical, tangible use--for the benefit of all. He is the Material Master, who conceives tremendous plans and achieves tremendous results. Owing to the rapid vibration of super numbers 11 and 22, most people first seek out spiritual guidance before tapping into their associated core soul qualities.
Master numerologist Sydney Omarr writes: number Twenty-two is a higher octave of 4. A master digit. Emphasis is on building, creating, making master plans. Must not be bogged down with detail or influenced by persons with no vision. The number is associated with the planet Pluto and the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. This number is fortunate (if you are picking winners).


If you have the 22 Destiny Path, 22 Talents, or a 22 in your name, you want to be the perfect builder--for the good and security of all.

You love Form, but want it perfectly constructed, for use.
22 realizes the necessity for practicality in a practical world.
Is POWER to the nth degree and Master of every situation.
Is respected and looked up to and never betrays a confidence.
Stands for the ideal realized.
Is the true Master-Builder--building for eternity.
Has his eyes on the stars but his feet on the round. Has the leadership of 1, the kindness of 2, the imagination of 3, the patience of 4, the freedom and progress of 5, the balance of 6, the spirituality of 7, the executive power of 8, the love of humanity of 9, the vision of 11--united in his super-human 22.

left, Nicolas Cage, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The master guides a student into mysteries of the Ancient Knowledge.



Qabalah 22

good (feminine adjective); welfare, benefit, good things
hearer in secret; Angel of 8 Wands
wheat; a magical vision (Chaldee); Notariqon of "Tetragrammaton, Elohim Tetragrammaton, undefined

Tarot Trump 22 Teacher, Apprentice, Pilgrim
Venice Explorer Venice Festival Pics by Umberto Sartory

The great celebration held at Hobbiton on 22 September III 3001, in honour of Frodo's 33rd birthday and, especially, Bilbo's 111th. It was after this party that Bilbo departed the Shire, and passed the Ring to Frodo his heir, setting in motion the story of the 9 Walkers and their journey to achieve destruction of the Ring of Power.

This unnamed servant of Sauron was said to have once been one of the Dunedain, a man of the island of Numenor, but like many of his kin he desired power and immortality beyond his allotted span and so turned against the Valar. He came to Middle-earth and settled in Umbar, where, a long with others of his kind, he ruled the Haradrim.
He became corrupted by Sauron during the Second Age and came to hate all of the Free Peoples, especially the descendants of the Faithful and the line of Isildur. In Sauron’s service he became a powerful sorcerer, and through his magics greatly extended his life. Because of his evil and his cunning, he quickly rose in position, eventually becoming Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dur. His helm left only his mouth exposed.

‘I am the Mouth of Sauron, hear him speak.’

Although he carried a sword his deadliest weapon was made not of metal but of words, and he would use it to devastating effect, killing hope instead of flesh. He may have been directly involved in winning the allegiance of the peoples of the south, although with the once-conquered Haradrim fear may have played as much of a part as bribe. His disheveled mount was clothed much as he was, in a combination of dirty rags and rough spiked armour, much of which was rusting through neglect.


22 Destiny Path
Well known people with the 22 Destiny Path and Soul Urge Talents include:

Harrison Ford - H A R R I S O N F O R D’s vowels, indicating his Soul Urge-Talents vibrate to the super number 22
1 9 6 6 = 22, mastery, higher octave of 4 love of travel, especially by water, encourages enterprises connected with water, such as commerce, voyages of discovery, metamorphosis, and exploration of power sites around the world.
see What Lies Beneath at Harrison Ford tribute page

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Elizabeth, Joan Allen, Karen Allen, Tori Amos, Marie Antoinette, Annie Besant, Claire Bloom, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Elizabeth, Susan Boyle, Delta Burke, Sheryl Crow, Marie Curie, Catherine Deneuve, Cote de Pablo, Edith Falco, Sarah Ferguson, Sarah, Duchess of York, Jennifer Garner, Linda Goodman, Kathy Griffin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anita Hill, Miriam Hopkins, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Hudson, Helen Hunt, Anjelica Huston, Calamity Jane [b. Martha Jane Cannary-Burke], Margot Kidder, Nicole Kidman, Gelsey Kirkland, Marie-Antoinette, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Martina Navratilova, Connie Nielsen, Kim Novak, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mimi Rogers, Saint Therese de Lisieux, the Little Flower of Jesus, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Fiona Shaw, Hilary Swank, Audrey Tautou, Judi Trott, JoBeth Williams, Vanessa L. Williams, Ann Wilson [Heart], and Oprah Winfrey

Mars in Aquarius entertainers with 22 Destiny Path: Bill Bixby, John 'Bonzo' Bonham [hidden 22], Eric Burdon, Leonardo de Vinci, Rupert Grint, and Wilhelm Richard Wagner

All 22's need to cultivate-
The Steadfast Adherence to their Ideals
in the midst of materiality.


22 Vocations provide opportunities to put into use: practical routines and umbrella shelters for diverse groups with a common goal, construction and renovation after natural disaster, world service troubleshooting, improvement of conditions, reclaiming wetlands and natural habitats, sweeping plans and operations, civic and national projects, multi-layer analysis, diplomacy at home and abroad, outlines for long term business and social plan, experimental tactics that may be employed in peace and times of conflict. This vibration is often given to Dis Pater and the planet Pluto, so carries radar and other gifts that belong to the blind god. Master of disguise, invisible to others while effective in the field.

22 may contain references that include: 0 and unity, wheat [related to Osiris who taught agriculture, or natural alchemy, in Ancient Egypt – common symbols are harvested wheat and grapes]. Fold in other links that directly bond with Yodh, a magical vision, someone who listens in secret – connected to justice: as with balance, adjustment [see The Adjustment Bureau and Hereafter], fairness. Most Phoenix related topics [Pluto the higher octave of the Moon] are placed in this category. Most questions that arise during early puberty are linked with a modification of Plutonian hormones, as example: “Who am I?” and “Where do I come from?”, and, ”Is there life after my incarnation is complete?” The planet itself is often mistaken as a malefic influence because many people don’t understand the higher vibration of the subtle akashic layer as manifested in the material world. The Pluto-principle has an acquired Janus-Principle characteristic when properly befriended: dual-consciousness or the ability to see forward and backward at the same time, perceiving the two sides of everything simultaneously.



Babylon 5 Season 2 The Fall of Night - Kosh revealed youtube 3:35

33 and The Master Gland

ARGO, a '33 film' - American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter, Ben Affleck, starred in '22 films': State of Play (2009), and The Town (2010).
THE LORD OF THE RINGS - Author J.R.R. Tolkien
THE MATRIX, a '33 film' - American actress Gloria Foster is The Oracle.
THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and CRIMSON TIDE are '33 themed' films starring Denzel Washington. Washington often takes an interest in film with '22' and '33' themes, like Book of Eli, Déjà Vu, and Inside Man, a Spike Lee-directed bank heist thriller co-starring Jodie Foster [CONTACT] and Clive Owen [33 destiny, and '33 themed' films, ARTHUR, and CHILDREN OF MEN].
THE SIXTH SENSE, SURROGATES, UNBROKEN, and the excellent spoof on a '33 theme,' HUDSON HAWK, Bruce Willis


Qabalah 33

sorrow; wept, mourned; mourning; meadow; verily, of a truth; howbeit
your (s.) fathers
to destroy (Chaldee); (?) a king of Edom
spring, fountain

A story that started with an idle note on a blank piece of paper has, in the end, taken us back through thousands of years of myth and language. This is one of the great joys of Tolkien - his work has an almost 'fractal' quality. The more you examine a single detail, the more it unravels into an epic mesh of connections and complexity.


Famous people with the 33 Destiny Path include
Jessica Alba, Pearl Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Ruth Brown, Diahann Carroll, Dame Agatha Christie, Julie Christie, Phyllis Diller, Melissa Etheridge, Calista Flockhart, Gloria Foster, Eva Gabor, Greta Garbo, Kathie Lee Gifford, Liz Greene, Geri Halliwell, Goldie Hawn, Salma Hayek, Katherine Heigl, Milla Jovovich, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, Sybil Leek, Elle Macpherson, Reba McEntire, Mary Tyler Moore, Merle Oberon, Sinéad O'Connor, Anna Paquin, Valerie Plame, Emily Procter, Bonnie Raitt, Jean Shrimpton, Mira Sorvino, Sissy Spacek, Britney Spears, Meryl Streep, Natalia Tena, Lindsay Wagner, Cindy Williams, Heartwarmers
Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Hayden Christensen, Chris Columbus, Francis Ford Coppola, The Edge [U2], Danny Kaye, DeForest Kelley, Walter Koenig, Thomas Mann, Peter Mayhew, Ewan McGregor, Clive Owen, Sylvester Stallone, Terence Stamp, Donald Sutherland, Bruce Willis, and Neil Young.



33 Vocations provide opportunities to put into use: service formulae that are universally useful, use of illusion, global consciousness, establishing balance & fairness, inner stillness, inspiration, multi-layered knowledge and multi-tasking techniques, humility with regard to self-help programs and self-improvement regimen, reliability, compassion, willingness to work, mediation and consultation with emphasis on advice, contact with wide range of people, inner calmness, love of agriculture and nature generally, community garden, love of art, music, and all things of beauty. Historical restoration, care and well being of national treasures, foundations that inform, instruct, and rehabilitate. Master of collective management.

We change the course of others' lives by our instructions, via the written word, through speaking, or by our actions. We direct people into new channels of mental and physical activity; we change the tenor of their existence.

The last word on this matter is best left to the master himself:

"Oh what a tangled web they weave who try a new word to conceive!"

The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, No 319, dated 1971
Source: The Encyclopedia of Arda

some astrological symbols in The Lord of the Ring


see Women Rock - Mercury in the Signs

Note: The Destiny Path [numbers in your birthdate] has its astrological correspondence in the Sun. Visit Trump 0/22 for Sun Sign information and characteristics of Trump XXII, 'the spirit of The Law.'

When the Sun is afflicted in the star chart, he may be strengthened by a strong [8 or 10] Soul Urge. Numbers and stars often enhance personal power and mitigate difficulties of karmic numbers and the round art.



10 Forward Star Trek galley, Bat Cave, Colour Us Inn, Indiana Jones Menu, Innholders' Company
It's All In The Sauce, Jupiter Table, magic spice, Mercury Table, Oracle's Lab, shrmx, smoothie, Starshine Inn Star Wars
tangerine, vittles, Western Inn, Zeppelin Diner


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