The Moon, La Lune General Meaning: Trump XVIII is the Moon, and the astral world; the attributes are psychic power, creativity on the fantasy dream level, and the emotions (especially sympathy). The card can also mean the deep insecurity of those in one’s life, who desire activity and power, and relationships that are positively incongruous with the times. For this reason, Trump XVIII may signify frustrations on the part of those around the inquirer. This card is by design symbolic of duality; the colors of black and white, and the two structures, indicate friction or extremes: the two sexes, all polar compliments, such as matter and antimatter, the waking and dream state, and so on. Since this card represents impediment of those in the environment, the inner perceptions are toward an understanding of responsibilities, especially domestic matters, country, and the health of the family, in a spiritual and physical way.

In The House System: The Baby’s Bedroom

Attributes of the Room: For the baby who observes his mobile above his crib and his rocking horse by the window, this idea of what he rules can extend as he wishes it. Through the eyes of a child, this world is for him to play in. Baby likes the Moonlight seen through his window; lustrous pearly glaze on the glass and/or a luminescent opaque texture, the atmosphere seems to float Peter Pan's magnificent ship through the clouds, across the face of the Moon.

Baby has dreams that carry him off to a place where his daylight fantasy will be real.

In The Spread: The inquirer is mildly fascinated with the design represented on Trump XVIII. The symbols represent two opposite life styles, worlds, mental levels, possibly the opposite sex of the inquirer, and more. A moderately large group of people responsible for the psychic disturbances in the force, or the feeling of frustration the inquirer perceives, remain cloaked and outside radar detection. These people are restrained, unable to move freely; they cannot act as they wish and seek a diversion. Often the inquirer is the individual on whom they seek to vent their pent up feelings and emotions. Their intentions are challenging, but they are not seriously dangerous.

Symbols: Symbols may mean the "midnight of the soul," or psychic trial, where the inquirer will emerge triumphant. "The darkest hour is just before the dawn," is represented by the colors black and white, the two structures, towers or other references to the material world are facing each other, and the Moon. The scorpion is the symbol of sensitivity of the inquirer, the awareness of the instinctive temperament of approaching difficulty, and sometimes this can be seen as impending danger. In ancient symbolism, the most important temple celebrations, rituals, and initiations began when the Scorpion constellation appeared above the horizon. Defense mode symbol: Sirius Black as Padfoot, night of full moon.

The Number 18: 18 relates to all those who do things abundantly. It is a number of foundation, redemption, denominated good sense, and rest at the appropriate time. Suggestion there is an interest in time windows. A study of the increase and decrease of all things, this vibration supports and contributes the genius of man.

Film List:
Bell, Book, and Candle
Capitolism: A Love Story
Deja Vu Denzel Washington as Agent Doug Carlin - ATF


Edge of Darkness - Director: Martin Campbell 29 January 2010 (USA)
Stars: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston

As homicide detective Thomas Craven [Mel Gibson] investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent [Ray Winstone] tasked with cleaning up the evidence. The R & D factor fed by modernized war determines trump card play that inevitably wins out over human life, rules generated for the general population, and people in the middle who are content to believe the story as told by the media.

We gain insight into the real personality of Emma Craven (Bojana Novakovic) when we visit both her bedrooms. First, we look through the room she occupied during early childhood with a place for everything and everything in its place. Later we visit the room she moved into when she left home to work in another city. She had all she needed in both locations for both lives, but her nest of origin suggests or implies her budding personality in a stronger, understated way. Emma enjoyed her early years in delicate pastels, with fond memories bathed in summery warmth.

When Emma left home she moved outside the protective cloak of safety her father provided. The rental apartment had little, if any, security - evidenced by the missing computer that was on her desk, next to a window with a lock that had been forced. Someone got in, trying to cover up her work routine and sensitive data Emma was privy to - and reasons for her death. We don't know how this room appeared before the break in, but based on the appearance of her room at home, we get the impression all her things were searched.

By comparing both rooms Emma occupied, we identify little things that reveal her character, innate sense of order and natural tendency to do the right thing - and we learn about her patriotism. Subtle hints appear in the design of bedroom walls and ceilings that suggest pressure and crystallization – not overtly oppressive, but constant. The downward movement and “compressing effect” built into the blueprints of both homes where Emma lived force a defensive response to the most private haven of refuge in her overall environment. Once those profile items are established, we still know something is broken, but we know it isn't Emma.

117 min Source: IMDb
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Erin Brockovich
The Firm
Fog City Mavericks
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Man On Fire
The Minority Report
Rising Sun
The Rock

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Norman Z. McLeod 1947
Stars: Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty, Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff, Fay Bainter
[see also The Clown Prince Theory]
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, by James Thurber

Surrogates - Director: Johnathan Mostow September 2009
In act one we are given two pictures: first, a world able to advance beyond violent crime, plague, and discrimination via surrogate vehicles, but the second image is a horrific murder, the first in many years since the use of surrogates became popular.
FBI Agents Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) and Jennifer Peters (Radha Mitchell) zoom across town to the luxurious apartment of the first casualty. The landlady [her surrogate] gives them the tour, up the stairs to the top floor bedroom. Images on the screen reveal a burn out of the user safety system. Sadly, the user is connected to the screen. Her appearance tells the story – but not the reason the built in fail-safe protection deactivated her insulation. Greer seems stunned. Later, he returns home to find his wife Maggie (Rosamund Pike) but she is unavailable.
We enter a quiet space and catch a glimpse of the Child’s Bedroom through the eyes of Tom Greer, but with a feeling it would be unwise to remain too long. The room is kept like a sanctuary, dustless, precise, and untouchable. The north wall is covered by a large unopened window with red and gold curtains [colors of fame and wealth]; in front are display shelves designed for a young boy, adorned with collections of various favorite models, teddy bears, and prized objects d’art. Next to a small chair in the northeast corner seating the largest teddy bear in the room, is an ornate toy chest filled with fantasy, adventure, and discovery.
A family photo of father, mother, and young son seems to represent the guardian spirit of the room. The bed is in the north corner, next to the northwest wall, with a large family of plush teddy bears. This is the most carefully arranged corner in the room – it designates the wealth of the occupant. Immediately inside the door, on the dresser, is a baseball and glove [that goes with the Red Sox banner on the back of Agent Greer's bedroom door]. The name Robbie is written in ink across the side of the mitt.
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Sorcerer's Apprentice
STAR TREK: First Contact

STAR WARS: Episode One
The Phantom Menace Director and Writer: George Lucas
May 1999
Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) are dispatched by the Chancellor (Terence Stamp) to [as Guardians of the Republic] facilitate negotiations between Naboo and the Trade Federation that is covertly blockading the planet. The Knights quickly realize the manipulation and trap, escape the danger, and race to Naboo to rescue the Queen (Natalie Portman) before an invasion begins. The Jedi sense the Federation’s treachery and betrayal runs deeper than appearances suggest and set their hope, with the Queen, on a resolution within the Senate.
On route from Naboo to Corrusant, the small diplomatic delegation must divert to Tatooine for parts, fuel, and repairs to their ship. The desert planet is in the Outer Rim, a logical and convenient haven, with little or no knowledge of Federation affairs.
On Tatooine they meet young Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd) , working as a mechanic in a parts and repair shop. The boy is convinced he can make and repair anything. A growing dust storm prompts Anakin to take his new friends home with him. They meet his mother (Pernilla August) and C-3P0, Annie's ongoing home droid project. "Isn’t he great? He’s a protocol droid to help mom… when the storm is over, I’ll show you my racer. I’m building a pod-racer."
May the force be with you!
- Anakin's Room on Tatooine
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The Phantom Menace - Big Board cast personal year and destiny numbers for first film of prequel

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Allman Brothers - Midnight Rambler, I'm No Angel
[see also CHER AT LA MIRAGE]

Magazine Text for Tarot Interpretation
printed for the radio show, THE COSMIC LOOK
an ‘on the air’ Q & A exchange about Sacred Tarot, Les Cartes a Jouer
West Coast Magazine
Tarot Key Textbook
C Rev. Donna Kova Dauser




Appetizer Tray: The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco
Cocktail: see Trump IX or try Mos Eisley Cantina

Capitolism: A Love Story
The Firm
WALL STREET 2: Money Never Sleeps

Millionaire Pie

Delicious any time, Millionaire Pie is especially prized by the kitchen CEO or Indie Filmmaker who doesn’t want to overheat the kitchen.

Promotional Line: "Power can be murder to resist."


8 oz. Package of cream cheese, softened
1/2 C Sugar
8 oz. Can of crushed pineapple, undrained
1 C Grated coconut
1 C Chopped pecans
8 oz. Carton of whipped topping; thawed (OR 2 cups whipping cream, whipped and sweetened with 3 tablespoons of sugar)
Prepared 9-inch pie shell


Cream together the softened cream cheese and the sugar with an electric mixer, letting the mixer run for 3 or 4 minutes on high speed. Stir into the cream cheese mixture the crushed pineapple, coconut and pecans, and mix well.

Carefully fold in half of the whipped topping until filling is blended well. Reserve remaining half for top (see below). Pour filling into a prepared curst, and chill for several hours.

Notes: Millionaire Pie can be garnished with a dollop of the whipped topping when served, or you can spread the remaining half of the topping over the whole pie and garnish with a sprinkling of chopped pecans.




We are introduced to Harry Potter via his sleep space, the cupboard under the stairs. As a newborn, Harry was placed by Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall in the home of his mother's muggle sister. A note explained that his parents Lily and James had been killed by Lord Voldemort, how Lily Potter had sacrificed herself to save her son's life and how living with his only other relatives would protect him from Lord Voldemort. Petunia and Vernon Dursley agreed to raise Harry, but kept him as downtrodden as possible in order to squash the magic out of him; they never told him how his parents died, instead claiming they had died in a car crash. Harry served and performed work and chores for the Dursleys much as a glorified houseboy. Harry's sleeping quarters illustrate the harsh treatment and rejection he felt.

Uncle Vernon detests all magical things, especially his nephew. He and his wife, Petunia, have grudgingly raised Harry but did not accept him as a real member of the family. Harry was denied any information about the magical world, including his parents. Vernon was Director for a Drill-making company named "Grunnings" and Petunia keeps current with celebrity marriages and separations reported in the daily rags.

Later, we learn about the character Sirius Black and Regulus Black by visiting their bedrooms at The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, in London. Visit Sirius Black, Godfather of Harry Potter at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Do Not Enter

Without the Express Permission of

Regulus Arcturus Black

Excitement trickled through Harry, but he was not immediately sure why. He read the sign again. Hermione was already a flight of stairs below him.

"Hermione," he said, and he was surprised his voice was so calm. "Come back up here. R.A.B. I think I’ve found him."

... Harry pushed the door. It was locked. Hermione pointed her wand at the handle and said, Alohomora. There was a click and the door opened.

They moved over the threshold together, gazing around. Regulus’s bedroom was slightly smaller that Sirius’s, though it had the same sense of former grandeur. Whereas Sirius had sought to advertise his difference from the rest of the family, Regulus had striven to emphasize the opposite. The Slytherin colors of emerald and silver were everywhere, draping the bed, the walls, and the windows. The Black Family Crest was painstakingly painted over the bed, along with its motto, TOUJOURS PUR. Beneath this was a collection of yellow newspaper cuttings, all stuck together to make a ragged collage. Hermione crossed the room to examine them.

"They’re all about Voldemort," she said. "Regulus seems to have been a fan for a few years before he joined the Death Eaters ..."

A little puff of dust rose from the bedcovers as she sat down to read the clippings. Harry, meanwhile, had noticed another photograph: a Hogwarts Quidditch team was smiling and waving out of the frame. He moved closer and saw the snakes emblazoned on their chests: Slytherins. Regulus was instantly recognizable as the boy sitting in the middle of the front row: He had the same dark hair and slightly haughty look of his brother, though he was smaller, slighter, and rather less handsome than Sirius had been.

"He played Seeker," said Harry.



Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace



The room is small, austere, yet functional, with a well lit work bench and tools, a combined hobby shop and sleep area. Anakin and his mother are slaves in a primitive system far removed from the "bright center of the galaxy." Anakin has probably always had a room that provides his needs in the moment, for day to day activity, but with no "family" allusion to spotlight personal knowledge of his origin or destiny. He has a single bed with very basic covering. The room seems even warmer than the hot climate provides, because the house is composed of natural materials, perhaps carved in the stone itself, like an earth ship. All the earth tones from natural beige to warm red-orange blend perfectly with the external environment. Anakin’s clan links do not visually appear anywhere in the Star Wars saga.

Anakin has no non-essential items. Art seems limited to the neat arrangement of gadgets, bits, and recycled odds and ends. The circular mural above the center of the room introduces the idea of motion, or perhaps it is simply a kind of blessing or positive proverb in a colourful picture language. The deep night blue suggests space, possibly space travel, and the deep orange background probably refers to the planet Tatooine. The image may involve the encounter Qui-Gon Jinn reported to the Jedi Council - a vergence in the Force.

The plane and space cruiser on Anakin’s bed suggest his dreams to explore space when he grows up. Instead of a mobile and rocking horse, Anakin has power tools, gadgets, and "parts of other things" that hang from the wall and ceiling. Construction heaven for little units who love jig-saw puzzles, leggo, and Lincoln logs.

Anakin cannot break free of the confines of his slavery, but his robot creation, C-3p0 will eventually gain the power to move throughout the local neighborhood as Anakin directs. His last words to 3p0 consist of a brief good-bye and the assurance his mother will not sell him.

See also Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Note similarities between Anakin and the early life of Luke Skywalker who grew up with his aunt and uncle on their moisture farm on Tatooine. Luke is coincidentally charged with care of C-3p0 and his counterpart R2D2.


Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Death Star


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