Featured Dilemma: How to read
the symbols in Trump XVIII?

Dear Mystic Eyes,

Trump XVIII The Moon recently began to appear in my reading as a straight up and reversed future card. It is not a Tarot Trump I see very often so any suggestion with the interpretation would be helpful. I'm not able to track a progression that would lead to Trump XVIII in the future, based on the daily meditation. Repetitive 'past cards' over the last few weeks include Trump IX The Hermit [several appearances] and a couple Trump VI The Lovers. XVIII seems dark to me, so I hope you can provide a positive use for application of this mysterious influence. Anything you can share will be helpful.
Thank you,

Dear Moonlighting,

Translation of Trump XVIII is layered and each level of awareness has its own signature delivery system, so precise interpretation is often elusive. The Moon often serves best via a function and effective binary solution because she carries twenty-eight masks and viewpoints. One example of an efficient binary solution is provided through the history of the ancient world in the Baltic Sea. In the Age of Vikings, East and West met in the middle of the Baltic Sea on the island of Gotland. Merchants from Russia, Novgorod, and the Arab world traded and mingled at this island port with their counterparts from Scandinavia, England, and Germany. The middlemen through centuries of this international commerce were the farming folk of Gotland. And they became fabulously rich.

Identification of Truth that rests hidden in a universe of distractions remains the key to the pure energy of XVIII. At some point we all lose sight, for a moment, of the essential Truth which underlies the material world appearance. The Moon also operates on the basis of the birth-death-rebirth cycle, 'passing of the torch', and co-existence of more than one parallel universe. The element always includes water and related symbols, sometimes the Dolphin, Dog and Jackel [sacred to the Moon], and the Beetle Kephra [the Sun at midnight], shown travelling through the Pool of Night in Trump XVIII. Moreover, that greatest darkness before the dawn of the year resides in the parallel symbolism. There is also a mystery in the fact that the Beetle is associated with stagnation of the Work, its final decomposition.
The zodiacal sign attributed to XVIII varies from deck to deck, so the Trump will portray prominent symbols for the sign used in your deck. For example, dogs baying the Moon with the accompanying assumption of sympathetic magic or witchcraft and all that type of phenomena which we associate with the treacherous semidarkness of the waning moon are shown in some version of the Trumps by artists who did not understand the deeper symbolism of Kephra and Anubis. That false representation is exactly characteristic of the sort of thing that always is to be expected to occur in connection with the work of the Magician in a less than ideal laboratory.

Bon chance, DonnaKova

Travis Fimmel, Ellis Dove and Patrick Swayze, Charles Barker / Apache, THE BEAST
deep undercover. who can you trust?

The Leopard Man [Jacques Tourneur 1943] fits uncomfortably in either the horror or the mystery genre. The title is misleading: its semantic analogy to "Cat People" turns out to be only apparent, the film having to do not with a man who supernaturally becomes a leopard but with one who merely pretends to be one... Tourneur's staging of self-contained mini-narratives in which women are stalked and killed addresses the direct connection between the spectator's gaze and death, foregrounding the desire of the spectator in a way generally associated with later films by Hitchcock....
-Chris Fujiwara, Jacques Tourneur: The Cinema of Nightfall


    The Dreamer

    Lars Homestead - Luke Skywalker at dusk

    September 16, 2011, a new Saturn size planet was spotted in the constellation
    Cygnus, the Swan. The planet circles not one, but two stars. Premonition? Did
    George Lucas envision Tatooine, the home planet of Luke and Anakin Skywalker
    years before space age technology confirmed it's existence? read more


    Dream Work

    The following dream has been sent to me for interpretation. It is of especial interest since it is remembered from five years ago. First, let me say, that a dream remembered after so long a time will contain distortions and abbreviations so that much of the meaning is lost. Nevertheless a dream remembered after five years is obviously one of significance and a key dream in the life of the person so that an attempt at interpretation is worthwhile. Here is the dream:

    The first thing I recall about the dream is that I was sitting on a park bench on a corner, reading and very comfortable, facing a row of houses across the street. The street was like a T-dead end with the street coming into it. I was sitting there reading and it started to rain. It would be sensible to get a coat I thought and I started across the street.

    I could visualize myself in the dream as a young girl with dark hair, shoulder-length and I was very well dressed. As I walked across the street looking down, I saw the street, because I had nothing on my head. I noticed the street bricks, thought them to be very beautiful red bricks. The rain water came down very clean and clear. My shoes, I noticed, were well-made, hand done, expensive and I was clothed so I had the feeling I wasn’t lacking a thing – I had on flat shoes, on the order of well-made ones… I was very well clothed and I was taken care of. I was not uncomfortable in any sense of the word even though it was raining. I had noticed as I sat reading that the cars were coming from the right side of the street toward the end of the street – the dead end. It seemed to be dusk. I went across that street to the house right in front of me but it was not my house, but the next house, next door to mine. A man was coming out of this house and it was kind of like a courtyard in front of it. I asked the man about the address. He was walking very quickly with a baby in his arms. He told me and he said, “I live in the back.” He was walking very quickly. He seemed preoccupied, walked past me. He talked in a language I didn’t know and as he said the address and spoke to me about it I knew when he meant. I wondered about it because I didn’t speak the language. That’s all I remember now.

    The dream itself, though it lacks many details, is a rich one and serves as a fine example of the use of a dream to describe a problem and forecast what the outcome will be.

    In the first dream segment, the dreamer describes the setting and where she is in her life. She says she is sitting on a park bench comfortably, facing houses on the other side of a brick street. The street next to the park runs into a dead end, but she is not facing that dead end, and it does not figure in her experience. She merely notes that it is there as a possibility for others. She is well dressed, and well sheltered, except for her head, which is uncovered. It begins to rain, but this does not make her uncomfortable… she is protected, except for one part, her head. This dream segment describes her as a happy person, for the moment resting contentedly before progressing on her way. This moment of rest can be interpreted as a short delay toward further maturity or toward wiser insights. Greater mystical experiences, if she is included toward mysticism, may be in store for her.

    In the next segment of the dream, the dreamer begins to cross the street, holding her head down, for it is unprotected, while her feet, representing the more basic aspects of her life, the necessities, whether material or instinctual, are being met. She describes the fineness of her shoes, covering her feet very well. The street itself is well and beautifully paved. The general feeling of the dream is of a person at ease with herself, happy and succeeding at what she is attempting. The rain, bright and clear, seems to wash the air clean, without causing the discomfort of a wetting. It suggests transparency, the ability to see to the other side of things. The impression is that insight is just before the dreamer; she is about to make a psychic discovery which will be of significance to her.

    In the third dream segment, the dreamer notices cars with their lights off, signifying people who are blind, who do not understand fully what they do. These cars are moving toward the dead end at the end of the street. At this point, the dreamer notices that the formerly apparently bright day has turned to dusk. This segment generally seems to be a comment on others – not the dreamer – who do not have the insights or the deeper understanding toward which she is moving.

    In the next dream segment, the dreamer comes, not to her house, that is, the life which she has found so productive, but to the next house from it. Again, this suggests that the dreamer is about to take a step forward in her personal growth. She seems to feel uncomfortable about this. There is a courtyard before this next house through which she must pass to enter the house. In other words, she may not be able to take the step she is anticipating immediately – there are more experiences she must go through first.

    In the final segment, a man with a child appears who speaks a different language, indicating that she has indeed progressed in her efforts toward growth. However, he comes, not from the house, but from behind it. Perhaps he is another searcher like the dreamer. He carries a child in his arms, which may indicate his infantile self or the dreamer’s. This figure is an ambiguous one. The fact is that he comes from behind the house, and the fact that he carries a child is a move backward in this dream which generally is concerned with moving forward. He seems, therefore to be a dark figure who will hold back the dreamer from her purpose. The wisdom she seems ready to acquire at the beginning of the dream eludes her. This is indicated by the fact that dressed and shod carefully, she has failed to cover head (to think things through carefully); she attains only the courtyard of the next house from hers; and she meets this man. An inhabitant of this world of wisdom, where a different language is spoken, he also has not attained the wisdom he is searching for.

    -Trudra, West Coast Magazine, Dream Special


    The Moon

    The Posterior Pituitary Gland

    Dr. Melvin Page wrote: “Toynbee, the eminent historian states that there have been thirty-four civilizations in the last 10,000 years of which only four exist at the present time. Some of them were lost through warfare, disease or starvation, but there were nineteen of these civilizations that disappeared without any known cause.

    In researching the use of sugar I have found that our predecessors in America had sugar for only about two hundred years. At first it was only the wealthy that could afford it and the annual consumption was only a very few pounds per year. Now the average consumption is over two hundred pounds per year per person.

    The use of sugar and alcohol is what affects the posterior pituitary gland and causes it to lose it’s function. This causes many diseases and because the number of women who cannot conceive is probably nearly ten percent now, and which figure is steadily increasing, I have come to the conclusion that sugar and alcohol were probably the cause of the disappearance of these nineteen civilizations because of the infertility of the women who used sugar and alcohol.

    It is known that alcohol has been used for many centuries and sugar was used in various countries for several thousand years. In those days the use of sugar was spotty. It was used only in those peoples who were affluent. When these sugar users disappeared there were plenty of people such as were un-civilized to take their place.

    Now the situation is different. Sugar is used by nearly all of the people throughout the world. Instead of sinking into oblivion piecemeal, we will probably do it all at once in a very few generations.”

    e me if you're interested in the full newsletter and want a copy by snail.



    Spock: "Mother, how can you have lived on Vulcan so long, married a Vulcan, raised a son on Vulcan, without understanding what it means to be a Vulcan?"

    -- Spock to his mother, Amanda, in TOS #44 "Journey To Babel"

    Star Trek speaks of the Trump XVIII theme in such episodes as Is There In Truth No Beauty?, Epsiode 62, Season 3; Mirror, Mirror, Epsiode 39, Season 2; and This Side of Paradise, Epsiode 25, Season 1, to name a few.

    Trump XVIII The Moon is a powerful source of fuel for the astrosome and doorway to the higher octave. see also 1 0 F O R W A R D - galley



    Janeway: "And as a man, can you accept that there are certain things beyond your level of understanding?"

    da Vinci: "If I could not accept that... I would be a fool."

    -- Janeway and Leonardo da Vinci in TOS #879 "Concerning Flight"


    Star Trek: Generations (movie 1994)
    Patrick Stewart provided insight into the complexity in the final action of the film: "They had to go to Nevada for re-shoots and make the battle with Malcolm McDowell on that buckling bridge more exciting. This comes after Captain Picard persuades Kirk (Shatner) to leave the horse ranch mirage to help out the Universe again."

    Stewart saves Shatner at one point, but "the bridge gave another lurch, and I went off the side. We filmed this with... Bill hauling me up. None of that... is seen. I'm hanging onto Bill's hand, and he said, 'I suppose it's too late to get back on the horses.' And I said, 'I'm afraid so!' (We're) extremely dismayed this didn't get into the movie."
    USA Today - December 1, 1994 - sttng 701 July 3, 1995


    Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Death Star


    Handmaidens of Princess Leia of Alderaan
    Handmaidens of the Monarchs of Naboo



    The Water Element is associated with Silver Sulfide, Ag2S

    · Uses: An ore of silver and as mineral specimens.

    · Specimens
    Acanthite is the most important silver ore next to galena. Actually there is an argument to be made that acanthite could be the most important silver ore. Galena is a lead ore that often contains enough silver (usually about 1%) that when it is processed for its lead content the by-product silver supplies the majority of the world's needs.

    left, From Russia With Love

    Argentite comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum, from which the chemical symbol for silver, Ag, is also derived. Acanthite comes from the Greek word for thorn, acantha, in allusion to its typical crystal habits. Acanthite is generally easily identified although it may appear like galena and other silver sulfide minerals.

    · Associated Minerals include silver, quartz, bornite, gold, galena, proustite, pyrargyrite, stephanite and other silver sulfide minerals.



    The Willow Tree
    Saille, Willow, Pussy Willow, Osier

    Willow Tree: One account records an Old Testament reference to the exiled Jews hanging their harps upon the willows as they wept beside the rivers of Babylon. This led to the weeping willow’s classification by Linnaeus as Silax Babylonica. Early 19th century gravestones throughout New England were decorated with the willow emblem.

    The Willow is sacred to Diana, Luna, so many lines from Shakespeare may come to mind, such as enchantment, expression of undying love, fertility, the Goddess powers within a young maiden. In ancient Greece, the goddess Hera was born under a Willow on the island of Samos, where a magnificent temple was built to honor her. In the underworld kingdom of Pluto and Persephone, Orpheus touched a Willow branch and received the gift of supernatural eloquence. Willow groves are sacred to Hecate, dark goddess of the night and witchcraft. Willow is the source of Salicylic Acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Special observance may be indulged in for Beltane or May Day. Gypsies also revere the Willow, and decorate it on April 23rd, Green George’s Festival.

    An old spell uses a Willow to dismiss love and transform passion into friendship. At Full Moon snip a foot-long tendril from a Weeping Willow tree and braid it with equal lengths of bright red and cool green yarn. Tie three knots in the braid and hang the charm in an airy room until the Moon is in its last quarter. On three successive nights untie the knots one by one in privacy and silence while concentrating on your desire. Before the New Moon rises, burn the red strand to ashes and throw to the winds. Coil the Willow and green wool together and place in an envelope for safe-keeping.

    The Willow of the Druids was not the Weeping Willow, but the tree or shrub we know as the Pussy Willow. The Irish called the Pussy Willow one of the ‘seven noble trees of the land.’

    more information   Stonehenge



    Gentianella amarella
    Bach Flower Therapy #12
    The numerous flowers range from crimson to purple in colour. They are gathered from August to October.

    Removes blocks to Higher Self and vision of oneself as part of a greater whole. Inquiring without confidence an answer is available; someone who does not understand that with such doubtful expectancy events can but take a doubtful course. From a practical view, some blocks to emotional and especially domestic matters exist. Examples are continuing unemployment, loss in partnership relationships for adults and/or children, loss of a pet, displacement of a family member, difficulty in school or unfamiliar learning situations, and so on.

    This state of mind represents the person on the opposite side of the table from George Clooney, Up In The Air, during the process of severance, the shock of betrayal felt by Melanie Griffith, in Working Girl, and the feeling of loss experienced by the downsized employees, in The Company Men.

    A positive approach would probably encourage a detailed study of great people who have walked a similar path. Some biographies that have inspired me describe individuals who have successfully changed career, mid-stream, to reposition professional opportunity from psychiatrist to bartender, or lawyer to chiropractor, or personal assistant to spiritual counselor.

    Bach Flower alternatives that may also assist, if discouraging intervals set in, include Rock Rose Helianthemum nummularium and Wild Oat Bromus ramosus.



    Some well known people with The Moon in the First House include Aaliyah [Palm - Venus], Patricia Arquette [TV supernatural drama series Medium], Anne Bancroft, Antonio Banderas, Carlos Castaneda, Jim Caviezel [Jesus Christ in the Mel Gibson-produced and directed 2004 film, The Passion of the Christ, Edmond Dantès in The Count of Monte Cristo, Carroll Oerstadt in Déjà Vu, John Reese in TV crime thriller Person of Interest], Richard Chamberlain [The Last Wave, Raoul Wallenberg in Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (TV movie), and Archie Leach in TV series Leverage], Cyd Charisse, Roberta Flack, Richard Gere, Liz Greene, George Frideric Handel, Daryl Hannah, George Harrison [Magical Mystery Tour, Time Bandits], Whitney Houston, Lauren Hutton [movies American Gigolo and Once Bitten], Michael Jackson, Paul Klee, Carole Lombard, Elle MacPherson, Linda McCartney, Van Morrison, Bernadette Peters, Jill St. John, Stuart Sutcliffe, Rudolph Valentino, Sigourney Weaver, and Andrew Lloyd Webber [Jesus Christ Superstar and Phantom of the Opera]
    [Luna conjunct the cusp of the Ascendant]: Jack Kerouac father of the Beat Generation, author On The Road [see also Dharma Bums, Biography of Buddha], and Paramahansa Yogananda [Indian yogi and guru retired for a nap in 1956, dod same year and remains intact in a glass coffin. - see the Phoenix pages]
    names with brackets appear in TDN posts about other subjects and topics of interest


    Recommended film list includes Edge of Darkness [Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone]
    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
    Trailer 1:33 HD
    The Score [Robert DeNiro, Marlon Brando, and Edward Norton]
    Star Wars III & IV Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobe, Sir Alec Guinness
    The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black:
    Visit Sirius Black, Godfather of Harry Potter at 12 Grimmauld Place

    also go to

    Story behind Time Bandits 7:04 Terry Gilliam, George Harrison,
    Denis O'Dell, John Cleese and Eric Idle discuss the making of Time Bandits
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