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Seven Day Link-Bond Candle Ritual Bath for Merpeople
Winona Ryder Star Chart Godparent * Godchildren


Winona Ryder
DOB: October 29, 1971 at 11:00 AM in Rochester, MN
Sun 5° Scorpio 34' - Moon 6° Pisces 33'
ASC 12° Sagittarius 54' [Jupiter conjunct] - Midheaven 5° Libra 18' [Pluto conjunct]
Interception: Pisces 3rd House and Virgo 9th House
Women Rock - Mercury in the Signs of the Zodiac
Planet of Orient: Jupiter
Dominant Houses: 12th, 3rd, 11th
Dominant Signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Libra
Destiny Path: 3, The Queen, Empress, Unveiled Isis

Scorpio Countries include: Algeria, Barbary, Bavaria, Cambodia, Fez, Judea, Morocco, Norway, and Transvaal
Cities: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dover, Halifax, Liverpool, Messina, Milwaukee, Newcastle, New Orleans, St. Johns (Newfoundland), Tampa, Washington D.C. – also The Statue of Liberty on Bedloe's Island, NY Harbor


above, STRANGER THINGS, Netflix number 1 hit of the summer. Winona plays single mother Joyce Byers whose 12 year old son mysteriously disappears without a trace from a small town community. The series is a loving homage to everything amazing about 80s horror, fantasy, and science fiction.
click image of Winona and the Duffer Brothers for information about Winona and the first season success of the tv series. 7 minutes 05 seconds


Sun in Scorpio, the Eighth Zodiacal Sign
Ruler: – Pluto, ancient ruler Mars - day of the week: Tuesday
Angelic Intelligence: Metatron-Sandalphon - Fixed Water Kerub [Eagle-Phoenix of St. Luke]
Symbols The scorpion, snake [cobra], or eagle/phoenix
The sign esoterically - Scorpio governs an important part of the astral vehicle and its mystery; sign represents water in its frozen or least responsive state.

Reflex action: Taurus, the Winged Bull, ruler Venus
Tarot Trump: Trump VIII, Justice, Adjustment
House System: The Hall and Library
Metal: rebar and magnetic metals, all metals associated with Mars – Power Gemstones

Scorpio governs the following places: research laboratories, kitchens, mulched trees, lily ponds, stagnant pools, vineyards, orchards, places where reptiles or vermin live; real estate: fixer upper as the first financial investment in property.

Emotional characteristics: extremes of emotions; when highly evolved native is impersonal, unselfish, imaginative, and self-renewing; when not, highly evolved is secretive, not domestic, distracted by alternative arguments or causes.
Mental characteristics: scientific, altruistic, executive, penetrating, intellectual, prone to investigate the secret forces of Nature, temperamental; negative: sharp speech, sarcasm.
Spiritual keywords: that which remembers, the power of the spirit in the affairs of the world, the fashioner, that which desires.
Physical anatomy: master gland, nasal bone, bladder, fall, lower lumbar vertebrae, generative organs [external], rectum.
Zodiacal Physiology: procreation, reproduction, destruction and elimination, controls pigmentation, especially red colouring in blood.

Amanda Greyson and Sarak with newborn Spock on Vulcan
Winona Ryder and Ben Cross, deleted Star Trek scene



Place Gold and Silver Candles on your altar according to your standard arrangement. Each day of the week add a new candle and say prayer, until all seven candles are lit at once on Saturday.


WHITE: Spirit, friendship, love, fortitude, and thanksgiving – the universal colour found on most altars. go to The Mystic White Wave and The Transparent Wave.

GOLD: Yellow/white also compatible if balancing reason and logic with circumstances at hand. Mystic Sun. go The Glow and Radiant Gold Wave [Golden Yellow]

SILVER: Or white, the Mystical Moon force; for intuitive and psychological blend; work on inner plane reality. see Mountain Lake Wave.


Using the spectrum colours for the seven day operation, omit white and use gold for Sunday [for spiritual bonding], and silver on Monday [allowing energy of partner into home and the auric field.]

RED - Mars, Tuesday.

Activates the courage, passionate commitments to what is significant for the partner, health and vitality [Mars rules the blood and adrenaline]. This is the VITAL POWER. Expect the link to involve physical energy and power, with some alignment to risk taking. For intense friendship, add stones appropriate for positive Mars energy listed at the Stone Gallery. This candle is sometimes used in relation to hexing and exorcism. visit Red, Gold and Black Wave [under construction]

ORANGE - Mercury, Wednesday.

Also opalescent candles are appropriate for the intellectual link. This aligns nervous and rational energies so as to build bridges and find common denominators in mental realm. Use to soothe over rough edges of previous conversations and minimize tendency to be overly critical/unrealistic in expectations of the partner. Focus on short journey. Higher self-esteem. Avoid Opals on this altar. The Orange Wave and The Orange-Red and Orange Wave

BLUE/PURPLE - Jupiter, Thursday.

Middle blue is Jupiter-Juno-Minerva triad for sky consciousness. Dark blue is Saturn, sky blue is Venus; for power, luck and blessings from heaven – for ease, fairness, and honesty. The philosophical/religious similarities between you and partner should be strengthened and common goals established. Work in positive group activity. Bring romance back.

GREEN - Venus, Friday.

Love, harmony, magnetic attraction and peacemaking vibration that helps people find common goal. Green is connection/balance in nature, healing. Material wealth. Sky blue is very good for Venus [infatuation]. Venus is the Social Urge, and like copper, her metal conducts electricity. She breaks down communication barriers. The Green Wave and The Akasha Black, Emerald Green and Golden Wave

RED VIOLET - Saturn, Saturday.

Introduces discipline, responsibility, order and time/agendas. Subtle body work - Saturn can = Midnight-blue, sometimes Blue-violet. This has to do with an acceptance of destiny, and that of partners. Engineer, constructive use of time available – thoughtful preparation of communications; efficient, but sometimes a solitary journey.

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   The Crucible Nicholas Hytner (1996)
A Salem woman accuses her ex-lover's wife of witchcraft.
Writers: Arthur Miller (play), Arthur Miller (screenplay)
Stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, Paul Scofield, Joan Allen, more.





Since ancient times the bath has been preserved as a ritualized rite reserved for refined, civilized people. In many circles, woman take steps to exclude prying eyes of the uninvited and uninitiated. Regardless, interesting remnants of the tradition remain part of our legacy of cultural myths, handed down to us from earlier societies.


Bathing Oils – Essential and Balancing
Ancient oils and unguents are of special interest today since we still bathe for pleasure and relaxation, not to mention meditation and revitalization. Excavations reveal the importance of the ancient bathing rite in holy places and daily activities.

Excavations of ritual bath (miqveh) is located just south of the Double and Triple Gates. It is one of over forty ritual baths that Benjamin Mazar discovered in his excavations south of the Temple Mount. These baths were used by worshipers who purified themselves prior to entering the temple area — via the Double or the Triple Gates.

Hollywood's elaborate recreations of luxurious sets, designed to highlight customs relevant to the timeless indulgence, may be viewed in two of my favorites, Cleopatra (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Rouben Mamoulian 1963) The Ten Commandments, and Ben-Hur (William Wyler 1959).

Volumes written on the subject cannot be condensed here, however herein merpeople may find a supplement or two to add to basic knowledge of the bath and its various acutrements. Here is a brief reference list for many long standing popular selections.

Although Cleopatra is said to have gained her perfect complexion by bathing in either milk or aloe vera, there was probably a more favorable attraction to fine preserved oils stored in her treasured, more elaborate jars. This theory is based only on my observation of funerary art and artifacts that reveal the tremendous value Egypt placed on particular oils, some of them considered sacred. Naturally their attitude of respect for the physical temple dominated the tone of atmospheric baths, since the physical temple was itself regarded as the clothing of the Divine in ancient religions. Anointing before, during, and after the bath was part of ritual bathing and has, unfortunately, been lost in our modern day cement world, with a handful of exceptions. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Wanted offer movie goers some 'divine' possibilities.

Oils used for bathing are still as personalized as the perfume a woman chooses to enhance her subtle magnetism. Now as with ancient customs, women take care to sample and finally choose a perfume that truly reflects their own unique, inner, essential beauty. Naturally some women are better known for this beauty secret – Coco Chanel (first perfume to bear a designer's name), Arlene Dahl, Victoria Principal, Elizabeth Taylor, are a few women with their own beauty line, perfumes and even (Dahl) cosmetic star chart correspondences.

These are some standard oils and essences that can be used for bath and massage oils (just add to 100% pure oil) or for towels (drop or two in laundry with water following the wash.)

Candle accessories are located on the Candle Navigation page here.


Grapefruit (anti-depressant, for balancing and uplifting the mind); Lemmongrass (Anti-depressant, antiseptic, may help increase flow of oxygen and lifts the spirits); Myrrh (traditional Venus related bath), Palm (lifts the spirits, healing, calming power); Sandalwood (higher octave infusion, especially with Lotus, for clarity and peaceful thoughts); and Tangerine (anti-depressant, calms the nervous system, warms heart – in this regard Orange Oil may substitute for Tangerine).


Mandarin is gentle, promotes happiness and compensates for stress acquired during tension-filled time blocks, slows and eliminates mind chatter; Orange brings peace and happiness to mind and joy to heart, helping to overcome depression; Pine introduces an excellent balancing frequency to the subtle body system and reduces stress; Spearmint and other members of the Mint family act as an anti-depressant, lifting spirits and relieving mental strain and fatigue, activating the imagination in a positive style that promotes subtle body well-being.


Green Tourmaline - balance and internal time/clock


BACH RESCUE REMEDY if added to the bath will assist anyone to relax and steady their nerves to the same degree as though taken with orange juice or just a small glass of pure water.

Cinnamon Oil is part of the formula the Lord gave Moses (Exodus 30:22-27). It has very specific purposes: Powerful Purifier, an Oxygenator and, it Enhancer for other oils; It may also help bring feeling of joy. Lavender is enjoyed by many as standard bath essential and brings many over-all benefits to the entire system. Mango-Tangerine is a personal favorite - works as ideal refreshing bath addition with rose-scent candles, pot pourri and pink quartz crystal for bathing stone. Rosemary is an overall relaxant and tension-remover for muscular system, refreshing with light energy. Spruce and other Conifer Oils ground the physical temple, act as a balancing agent – they warm, soothe and relieve stressful mind chatter.


Trump VIII Adjustment-Justice is linked with modern Justice systems,
Divine and mortal, The Statue of Liberty, The Statue of Freedom,
and a long list of colorful crimefighting characters
like The Avengers, Batman and Robin, Batgirl, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern,
Spiderman, Dr. Strange [The Ancient One is aligned with Trump IX The Hermit],
Superman, Wonder Woman, X-Men, and many more.

Winona Ryder made her film debut in the 1986 film Lucas. Ryder's first significant role, in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice, was as Lydia Deetz, a goth teenager, and won her critical and popular recognition. Lydia is a composite character based, in part, on Persephone, or Proserpina, the Goddess of the Underworld, central figure in initiations observed when the Scorpio constellation rose in the sky, and a Psychopompus in ancient mystery drama. In the ancient Egyptian system, she is known as Isis of the Windpipe. In the new Star Trek movie, Ryder is Amanda Greyson, the human mother of Spock, who was a teacher on earth - another face belonging to Persephone, an earth goddess linked with the seasons of Spring and Summer. As the Goddess of the world beneath the surface [the powers in the subconscious mind] she governs in Autumn and Winter when the life force in buried in Mother Nature's laboratory. Myths associated with Venus and Adonis, Cybele and Attis, and Isis and Osiris are closely linked with these themes.

see Footnotes for information about Persephone



   Star Chart POWER STONES * Clear your precious gemstones then place them in your bath! Bathe in some powerful water when you clear amulet and talisman treasures on a regular, routine basis. Set a schedule to correspond with Lunar transits in your Moon sign, an ideal time to clear jewelry, magical items, etc. each month. When the Moon above enters the sign she occupies in your nativity star chart (check a Moon Sign book for your 2 1/2 day lunar transit) she is in that part of the star chart corresponding with close friends and family. It is a great time to correct any communication lags, gaps and misunderstandings between you and loved ones.

Power Stones
BACK TIP for Dowsers and Merpeople


Traditional * Go with heavy duty grounders including hemetite and obsidian - black, brown and red colours, reputed to have magical or restorative properties inherent in alexandrite and the aloe vera cactus.

Initiation stones, symbolism and power tools are fashioned, awarded and employed in association with the mysteries and initiation-healing theatre governed by Scorpio. Lapis Lazuli is a universal stone all signs of the zodiac relate to and use with ease. Turquoise and Jade are often considered excellent Plan B substitutes for Lapis Lazuli. The sign of initiation is also associated with funerary art and ancient architecture as taught to legendary figures throughout history.

also visit Sacred Place
excellent source: British Museum



When Sol transits the Ninth House each year, action and imagination blend together for the best. An excellent time to take off for R & R or a holiday trip that could span a long distance [out to Vulcan - maybe not that far]. All legal dealings may be addressed to one’s advantage, including contract negotiation, mediation, mergers, and court. Questions related to the philosophic or religious threads in one’s life, in particular the ones that involve self-realization, may be answered during this transit. The ninth house signifies active administration of mortal law and the terrestrial court system. We should think of poise, exactitude, accuracy, equity, and fair play.

Jupiter Transiting the Ninth House every Twelve Years

Life's too short for the cheap stuff - and don’t put up with anything that causes you discontent – do something and change it. The regenerative influence of Pluto should be harvested, but try to align with the appropriate, standardized format and remember to go through proper channels. Good time ahead for heartwarmers and those who engage in community work, missionary efforts, crusades and recruiting campaigns such as “rock the vote.” A good time to consider volunteer or entry level jobs in hospitals, food banks, coaching, or a universal welfare program.

Famous Women with Pluto in the Ninth Department of Life
Petula Clark, Toni Collette, Ellen Degeneres, Linda Evans, Calista Flockhart, Bridget Fonda, Joan Fontaine, Jodie Foster, Aretha Franklin, Liz Greene, Janet Jackson, Diane Keaton, Linda McCartney, Sarah McLachlan, Anaïs Nin, Diana Ross, Isabella Rossellini, Winona Ryder, Jean Shrimpton, Grace Slick, Jackie Stallone, Gwen Stefani, Martha Stewart, Lindsay Wagner, Sela Ward, and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Famous Men with Pluto in the Ninth House
Ingmar Bergman, Nicolas Cage, Winston Churchill, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Walt Disney, Michael Douglas, Gustave Eiffel, Bryan Ferry, John Fogerty, Henry Ford, Richard Harris, Charlton Heston, Thomas Jefferson, Kevin Kline, Jude Law, Ray Liotta, David Lynch, Michelangelo, Arthur Miller, George Orwell, Jimmy Page, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Sergei Prokofiev, Django Reinhardt, Keith Richards, Frank Sinatra, J.R.R. Tolkien, Rudolph Valentino, and Lambert Wilson


In addition, remember that two timeless icons educated in the Temple of Isis - Moses, The Lawgiver, and Pythagoras - combined color and sound via their mathematical system. Stained glass art forms are excellent pocket art. They are easy to carry and inconspicuous. Peter The Great had a pocket full of rubies, according to Suzanne Caygill, a popular Hollywood color consultant.

Understanding the way to combine color and sound often gives a deep meaning to speech, singing, even spoken prayers and mantras. Some people study this by keeping silent or restricting use of the voice in various circumstances. 'Isis, Goddess of the Windpipe' or 'Selket, Scorpion Goddess' - central to the study of art from Tutankhamon's tomb, are linked to the double-headed phoenix/eagle in Western systems. Scorpio is the 8th zodiacal sign, fixed, transformative water.

Black Coral, White Coral and Volcanic Ash are excellent life-force balancing agents. Scorpio, sign of surrender and ‘letting go,’ is the reflex of Taurus, an earth sign of acquisition. Black, White, Nephrite and Imperial Jade also reinstate equilibrium, encourage openness to just and mild counsel, and strengthen the internal support system. Scorpio power stones facilitate intentional storing of the spontaneous activity of the mind-stuff. Volcanic Ash is excellent for Scorpio because of its healing properties and the influence on traditional cerebral chakras. The best sources are thought to be Hawaii and Australia. Hemetite was used by many ancients for neck support while asleep and for funarary accessories. It balances the upper and lower energy patterns and some say it bestows an ability to converse with animals, like "The Horse Whisperer."

Planet ruler * Pluto * Dis Pater, the 'rich one,' and master of invisibility
Both the planet and sign rule the subtle nerve ganglia cooperation within the physical temple, along with several other vital networks. Anciently, initiation rites were held during the time the Sun sojourned through this mysterious and metaphysical sign. Thoughts flow to spiritual power, accompanied by a strong desire to learn.

Percival Lowell, as well as other astronomers, had started investigations in reference to the 'disturbances in the planes of the known planets' however, at first Pluto was thought to be a comet, because of the eccentric path of the planet. Today we consider Pluto the 'collective' planet, representing the masses in changing times. When originally seen by Lowell at the dawn of our modern day 'Atomic Age' Pluto was called Planet X. Perhaps that was an augury, in anticipation of the current attraction to generic management applied to food and our current social engineering trends.



Soul Lift Salad

Ingredients: Green Gulch lettuce and Heart of Palm, topped with Fuyu persimmon, Endive and Pears.

Sprinkle lightly with Fresh ground California bay & Pomegranates and Pear Vinaigrette. Sourdough baguette.


Grilled Tomatoes

Makes 1 quart

3 pounds plum tomatoes, cored and halved lengthwise
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme, or 1 teaspoon dried thyme
Salt and pepper

Heat grill to high. In a bowl, toss tomatoes with oil annd thyme; season generously with salt and pepper.
Starting with cut sides down, grill tomatoes until soft annd charred, 8 to 12 minnutes per side.
Return to bowl; cut into rough pieces with kitchen shears.

Grilling plum tomatoes gives them a smoky flavor - ideal for use in many recipes.
Source: Martha Stewart




How to Make an American Quilt
one of the top ten "chick flicks" of all time

Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse 1999
Written by Jane Anderson, based on the novel by Whitney Otto
Stars: Winona Ryder (Finn), Maya Angelou (Anna), Anne Bancroft (Glady Joe), Ellen Burstyn (Hy), Samantha Mathis (Young Sophia), Kate Nelligan (Constance), Jean Simmons (Em), Lois Smith (Sophia), Alfre Woodard (Marianna), Joanna Going (Young Em), Derrick O'Connor (Dean), Kate Capshaw (Sally), Dermot Mulroney (Sam) and Rip Torn (Arthur).
Running time: 1 hour 49 minutes

How To Make An American Quilt Script - Dialogue Transcript
review by New York Times
buy the movie



Light a lotus white candle for Winona with this prayer


Godparent - Godchild Interview


11.09.2007 - Winona Ryder Cast as Spock's human Mother, Amanda Grayson of the alternate timeline created in 2233 - See more at: http://www.startrek.com/database_article/grayson-09#sthash.IoOXQRhL.dpuf

The Lady Amanda, Human wife of Vulcan Ambassador Sarek, gave birth to Spock in 2232. Spock encountered the Genesis wave in Star Trek III The Search for Spock; he was taken to Mount Saleya on Vulcan where, following fal-tor-pan rejoining in the ancient temple, Amanda assisted in his rebirth. In Star Trek V a long forgotten scene in the birth cave is revealed to Spock, that of his birth and his first impressions of both his parents.

Amanda Grayson was originally a school teacher before she met and married Sarek. She was fond of reading. She loved the works of Lewis Carroll and often read these to Spock.

Star Trek [2009] released 05-08-09

For those watching trial, October update from The London Times
Winona drugs charge dropped Hollywood actress Winona Ryder expressed her relief today after a judge dismissed a drugs charge facing her. Following a prosecution request, Judge Elden Fox dropped the allegation that Ryder was in illegal possession of a painkiller when she was arrested for shoplifting last December. She stills faces felony charges of grand theft, commercial burglary and vandalism and her trial was adjourned until October 24.

Outside Beverley Hills Superior Court, Ryder's lawyer, Mark Geragos, described today's move as "highly significant" and said his client was relieved by the decision. He pointed out that the defence team has always maintained she had a prescription for the pills, a generic painkiller called Percocet. Mr Geragos said: "Its is unfortunate that it has taken 11 months for someone to see that but we applaud the decision."

He said Ryder had been prescribed the pills by her doctor after breaking her arm while filming Mr Veets with actor Adam Sandler. Mr Geragos said Ryder, who appeared in court today wearing a cream dress and matching cream coat, was ready to go to trial on the remaining charges.

He said she was coping with the long running case and the public scrutiny surrounding it tremendously well.
He added: "It has been extremely trying for her and her family. She has had 10 months of having people mock her and say awful things about her.
"But there has also been a tremendous outpouring of support from fans and people who think she has been treated in a heavy handed manner.
"Today she is relieved that after 10 months the drug count was dismissed." Ryder, who has always maintained her innocence, is accused of stealing designer goods including hats, bags and socks from exclusive store Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverley Hills.
Prosecutors allege she had taken £4,000 worth of merchandise when she was arrested just before Christmas last year.
Ryder's trial was due to start today but was delayed because Mr Geragos is involved in another case.
He said he expected that case to be finished by the middle of next week and that jury selection should begin in the Ryder trial next Thursday, October 24. [Ryder was free on bail until the case could be heard.]


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Winona can't get any sleep - so say reports from 'This Is London' * "Actress Winona Ryder says a chronic case of insomnia, rather than her legal predicament, is keeping her up nights, but she has found a sympathetic ear in fellow sleepless star Al Pacino", describing him as 'a friend' ~ 'Simone' is their collaborative effort, about a "filmmaker who uses a digital stand-in for his leading lady when she walks off the set, creating an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is real."

Sleepless conditions are sometimes the result of placement decisions made when planning interior designs and traffic lanes. The bedroom should always be the most carefully organized room of the home. The bed should never be directly aligned with the door or under an overhead lighting fixture, fan or slanted ceiling. Physical survival red alert would be auto-activated just as sleep approaches. Fear due to what the semi-conscious system perceives as a possible falling object could be the instant reaction, just as relaxation starts. Some people find brass wind chimes hung just outside the bedroom window soothes their ruffled psyche.

Crystals on display can work wonders. Organize them all together on a small table or bedstand. For Scorpio, several additional support or maintenance 'amulets' serve this purpose next to quartz crystal (pink or amethyst good.) Australian lava, mica, hematite, black/green tourmaline, polished smoky quartz, lapis lazuli and white or nephrite green jade are great. Any or all of these will work together with Scorpio Sun power urges.
For more about this visit here and email comments


Winona Ryder hot flicks!
Absolute Pictures Archives Winona Ryder

Great Balls of Fire
... the legend lives on ~ Jerry Lee Lewis starred with Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis and The News, Joe Louis Walker and others on the big show bill, New Year's Eve. The show seemed to be larger than any other turn of the era-Millennium do that TV documented or the news filmed!! Jerry Lee looks the same, still in great form and his music still sizzles!

The Star Trek Movie


Winona Ryder is dedicated heart and soul to Polly Klaas Foundation


Larry King understands the giving (not taking) nature of evolved Scorpio Sun types - Mark Geragos December 6, 2002 (King's star chart emphasis on Scorpio and Sagittarius, almost exact inverse of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. so humanitarians interest him greatly.) Scorpio is a sign of surrender and world service (see also Bonnie Raitt) Sentencing real justice or celebrity justice? And how about that prosecution move that got her so outraged in court today? Joining us to go over this sensation case in Los Angeles, Winona Ryder's defense attorney Mark Geragos. And later, Marc Klaas led to that intense courtroom moment today.

Larry King Live Interview – Mark Geragos Real-life legal drama starring Winona Ryder. The actress was ordered to court today [June 3, 2002] and ended up injured. We'll have an exclusive interview with her defense attorney, Mark Geragos.


Well, it happened, regardless of all sane and rational attempts to prevent it.

P O L I T I C S !

December 6th 2002 - The sentence.

Apparently the LA Court takes a dim view of people who defend themselves against LA District Attorney and police, and an extremely sour view of defendants who actually defend others when no one is looking. The lessons we learn from this case are

1) The judge spends little or no time explaining the facts of life to any children he/she may have and

2) When you shop LA you may be considered a much more dangerous threat to the community than murderer suspects, IF you happen to be a celebrity. Do not forget that countless hours of community service work will count for zilch with the judge. Helping those in your community who are in pain, including kidnap victims, families and communities effected by kidnapping and murder? You can be the District Attorney's next target for mocking ridicule in a court of law in Southern California. In the transcript please find the reference to Polly Klaas and The Polly Klaas Foundation, voiced loudly by DA in the courtroom. The DA accused the defense of - "trotting out the body of a dead child" as the rude and disgusting reply to Winona's attorney who entered a plea for leniency.

"Marg Geragos, entered an impassioned plea for clemency on her behalf, citing her work with American Indians and on behalf of the family of the kidnapped and murdered Californian child, Polly Klaas, whose case became a national cause celebre nine years ago.

"She is one of the classiest women I have ever met," Mr Geragos told the packed court, citing her offer of a $1m reward in the Klaas case, a documentary she had made and financed on children in the sex trade in India and her work with the American Indian college fund which sends low-income Native Americans to university."

Not only is the comment about Polly Klass in the official transcript and a permanent addition to the historical record of Southern Califlornia justice system, Mark Klass was standing just outside the court when the DA attacked Winona for the compassion she showed the Klass family.

International Guardian wrote: 'Outside the court, the dead girl's father, Mark Klaas, accused Ms Rundle of being a "third-rate prosecutor" and praised Ryder for the help she had given his family when his daughter was still missing. "She gave to me in my deepest, darkest hour of need," he said. "She was a loyal friend to me and I'll be a loyal friend to her.'"



One of Winona’s peers, Peter Guber, has an extensive background screening out film-star-wanna-be neophytes from the truthful. He has lectured extensively on the subject and should be able to spot the ‘colourful, exaggerated’ recounting of the ‘shop till you drop’ story vs. that of a truthsayer who presents a more believable scenario. In fact, most stars avoid doing their own shopping in order to circumvent THE unappealing situations. A-LIST Hollywood star line-up is known for their professional shopper production staff and wardrobe advisors. Marcus Errico’s Yahoo!, report as of Friday, Oct. 25, contains this little ray of light, suggesting there may be a chance for people to uncover Winona’s side of the story after extensive negative hype:

A Jury of Winona's Peers. Really.

“…. While the identities of jurors were supposed to be kept secret, one couldn't help being noticed: former Sony studio boss Peter Guber

. Guber, who now runs Mandalay Entertainment, raised his hand when Judge Elden Fox asked if anyone was familiar with Ryder.

"I was the chairman of Sony Pictures when one of our companies made a film with Ms. Ryder," Guber said. (Ryder actually starred in three films distributed by Sony-owned Columbia Pictures during Guber's tenure at the company, 1993's The Age of Innocence and 1994's Little Women, both of which earned her Oscar nominations, and 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula.)

Asked if his prior business relationship with Ryder would influence his judgment, Guber responded, "No, I believe I would be fair and impartial."

The lawyers bought it, and Guber made the cut.
Earlier, Fox made the jurors take a two-page questionnaire asking thing like Given what you know, if anything, about Winona Ryder (news), do you have any feelings of sympathy towards her? and Given what you know, if anything, about Winona Ryder, do you have any feelings of antipathy towards her?”

October 16 2002 The Judge Drops Charges (Call to the Doctor verifies prescription for painkiller oxycodone for her broken arm) Why did it take so long for someone to make the call??

June 02 E Online report on court case
News ABC tv discussion about tape without tagline


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Stranger Things | The First 8 Minutes - Series Opener [HD] | Netflix 8:39

Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers 8 episodes Stranger Things 2016