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Spiritual Alchemy - Mercury and Jupiter

Robert Redford Mercury in Virgo
Brad Pitt Mercury in Capricorn
Tony Scott Mercury in Leo


Relationship between Jupiter and Mercury in Tandem


Of all things visible, the highest is the heaven of the fixed stars.
-Nicolaus Copernicus



ABC Radio says "Spy Game" "Sizzles with suspense!" Model studies with regard to several ratio designs using Jupiter to Mercury blueprints - positive and deconstructive examples.

Jupiter, The Philosophic Urge v Mercury, The Analytical Urge

Robert Redford Sun 25° Leo 59’ – Moon 19° Virgo 14’
and his character Nathan Muir have more than one birthday on record. Redford’s chart is thought to be 28° Pisces 58’ Ascendant and 29° Sagittarius 23’ Midheaven.

Redford and Muir both have strong Sagittarian characteristics, and in SPY GAME, they personify Jupiter, the higher mind. Redford brings his own sky conscious 'overview' to the story about a ‘phantom’ spy who had been an agency ace for Near East Ops. The film follows Nathan Muir through a tour de force of his shadow career on the last, best day in the covert world of espionage. Redford’s energy-palette rhythm runs parallel with the self-realization theme attributed to the Lord of Heaven. The name Nathan Muir also rings a bell in resonance with the Mountain Lake Wave, adding clarity and skills of observation the naturalist John Muir [April 21, 1838 Sun 0° Taurus 33, Ascendant Aquarius 16°02] brings to mind. Redford, Brad Pitt, and John Muir all share the Mountain Lake Wave palette.


Brad Pitt Sun 25° Sagittarius 52’, ruler Jupiter
Moon 22° Capricorn 05', ruler Saturn

left, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt,
Tony Scott, and
Trump IX The Hermit



Tom Bishop [an appropriate Trump IX name] is recruited by Nathan Muir during the Phoenix Program in the Viet Nam era. He is groomed as a contract agent for eventual promotion to the CIA inner circle concerned with Near East Ops. When Muir reports to his colleagues about Bishop, he cites his belief in Bishop as an agent with real potential. As his mentor, Muir took the initiative and gave Bishop extraordinary freedom of movement because he "thought he would make a fine case officer one day."

The relationship between Muir and his most promising protégé pivots and takes a turn for the worse when a sensitive operation explodes in the Middle East. Guru Muir acquires clay feet in the eyes of Bishop at that point and they go their separate ways.



Muir retells the story to his peers and supervisor, in an edited version, while the audience gains some degree of insight about subtle, higher mind techniques we use in covert activity. We learn an indirect technique, an effective compensation for negative Mercury factors and lower octave, sub-death irritants. Jupiter, the master of self-undoing, can also master the antidotes, and rescue Mercury from his own left brain shortcoming.


Relationship between Jupiter vs Mercury - Hard Day at the Office


Then Tony Scott brings up the Jupiter-Mercury template established via verbal sparring. Conversations between departing higher mind agent, veteran Nathan Muir, and lower mind CIA tech analyst Charles Harker [Stephen Dillane] initiate the central power struggle at the agency on Muir's last day. Harker is tech oriented new school, a post-wall agent, who assaults Muir, someone he sees as a personification of old school standards. Harker harshly demands every scrap of information regarding Tom Bishop [Brad Pitt, positive lower mind], held in a Chinese prison, scheduled for execution in 24 hours.

Muir has a sharp, precognitive ability and gives sensitive documents to his personal assistant Gladys [Marianne Jean-Baptiste] to hold until further notice. He withholds everything but minimal recruitment notes from Harker, forcing a conference room show down. He cautions Gladys about the rainy day on the horizon with typical dry humor, and undertakes construction on his 'getaway ark.'

The meetings take place in the atmosphere of 1991 post-Berlin Wall smoke and mirrors - a technique usually associated with Mercury, and sometimes Jupiter. The ‘replacement’ team leaders know who Muir is and know nothing about Bishop. Harker's agents [personifications of negative Mercury in deconstruction mode = taped speech] tear Muir's office to pieces. Muir has only a bare bones skeletal story of Bishop's 24-hour predicament at first, but he gradually learns Bishop shape-shifted and is now considered expendable. Burdened with a heavy heart and Bishop's fate, Muir decides it is his personal karma to launch Bishop's recovery.


Jupiter - Mercury Trump Relationship in The House System


Jupiter Trump IX The Hermit and Mercury Trump VI The Temptation [The Lovers] combine with the akasha of Trump 0/22 as the triumphant spirit in the movie Spy Game.

Three Trump start on the same dark side of the street, as spy game thrills are superimposed on an older, more deadly scenario that is played out. All Trump patterns are hidden carefully - the most polished facilitate matters at hand from behind dark glasses and a London fog raincoat [Wheat3 205 186 150 #CDBA96, a staple Redford colour].

Muir against ‘the analysts’ shows a chilling, bone-cold scenario often played out between agents generated by the higher and lower mind [especially in dreams dedicated to clearing tin and quicksilver]. Any of the main characters in this movie might summon the forces of light or darkness at will. One could also draw a parallel between SPY GAME and certain Karloff-Lugosi overtones that appear in THE BLACK CAT. SPY GAME players caught in the trap are Brad Pitt and Catharine McCormick.

On the surface, it appears there is little hope for Tom Bishop. Ironically, Bishop was caught in a rescue attempt while trying to free his lover Elizabeth Hadley [Catherine McCormack] from a Chinese prison. Brad Pitt and Catherine McCormack establish the introduction of a Mercurial pre-creation mode as Trump VI The Lovers. As 'The Prince and The Princess' they both require a seasoned veteran [Muir] to ransom or rescue them. Dalí's Deck gives a fair picture of Trump VI in the Spy Game disposition; also review Dalí's Two of Cups.

Trump VI - Altar, photographs, pictures, statuary or religious unity symbols, the crèche scene [at Christmas, associated with St. Francis of Assisi], working garden, small pets, tents, M.A.S.H. [mobile medical care], mechanical drafts. Bishop and Hadley meet in a children's refugee camp run by Hadley, similar to an American M.A.S.H. unit. Bishop, under cover as a photographer, has a story about the camp and its doctor published in TIME as a way to get closer to the CIA target.

Trump IX - The Meditation Room - Morning and Evening Rag [sitar-tabla], good air supply/ventilation, robes, good light source and/or candles, centered and balanced decor with light walls [rice paper, neutral colors] for projection equipment, spiritual writing utensils, bed, basin clear water and towel. Muir's centerpiece, a full size American flag in a glass frame, rescued from fire in a hostile camp, represents the 'great collective' and spirit of an ardent American.

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Tony Scott, Director - Mercury: 18 Leo 28’, Jupiter: 29 Leo 05’
Robert Redford as Nathan Muir - Mercury: 17 Virgo 44’, Jupiter: 14 Sagittarius 40’ 
Brad Pitt as Tom Bishop - Mercury: 16 Capricorn 23’, Jupiter: 09 Aries 51’ 
Brad Pitt's Full Chart Wheel @ Article - Capricorn Degrees 20 - 30


Spy Game Official * Spy Game IMDb
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Lepidolite with hexagonal or trigonal cross-sections, each "prism" face has complex crystalline formations, they are the "spirit" of the wave, and varieties of Stibnite - curving of the long bladed crystals is due to twinning where one twin plane bends the crystal one direction and another twin plane bends it in the other direction.





Brad Pitt Makes It Right in New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina, The Actor
Breaks New Ground and Helps Rebuild
the Lower Ninth Ward

article by Gerald Clarke/Photography by Harry Benson
Architectural Digest
January 2009

For Brad Pitt it is Christmas in October--and New Year's and the Fourth of July too. "You have no idea," he says, "what a high it is for me to see the delight on people's faces when they see how these homes work."

"New Orleans has its own mind," he says, "its own thing. It has a real spirit. It's the most authentic of all American cities." He likes it so much, in fact, that he now has a house in the French Quarter. But when he visited the city in early 2006, he was astonished by the lack of progress in repairing the damage, the result of a top-to-bottom paralysis in Washington, the state of Louisiana and New Orleans itself. "I couldn't believe that nothing was going on," he says. "I recalled t he pictures of people on the roofs, begging for help, and I couldn't believe that this was our America."

An abiding interest in architecture--he considered becoming an architect himself--gave Pitt a solid grounding in the building arts and a passion for environmentally friendly sustainable development. "When you realize that 40 or 45 percent of the world's pollution comes from the way we build and maintain our buildings," he says, "it's just common sense to think that there's a better solution."

.... Many people thought--many people still think--that the Lower Ninth Ward should be abandoned. The land on which it sits is lower than sea level, they argued, and another Katrina might flood it again. To which Pitt responded that other parts of New Orleans, white and Middle class, actually lie lower, but no one talks of abandoning them. "It seems to me that this is about fairness," he says. "We may have been designed equal, but we certainly weren't born equal. I feel great happiness whenever we level the playing field." ....




TimesTalks interview Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford
portray Dan Rather and Mary Mapes onscreen. Based on a true story

Western Inn Star Menu In Honor of Robert Redford



Natural Alchemy Film List for Mercury and Jupiter



THE LAST CASTLE - 'Jailhouse rocked'

A few words about Redford's film, "The Last Castle", reviewed as a 'military testosterone fest' in the PACIFIC SUN article written by critic Stephanie Von Buchau

'The Last Castle' is a high security military prison run by Col. Winter (James Gandolfini), a desk soldier with Capt. Queeg-like obsessions. He listens to Mozart and Salieri, polishing his collection of weapons. He's internalized his conflicts into maintaining perfect order and discipline in his prison. He uses both subtle psychological and crude physical force. His men have become callous and sadistic in their unenviable jobs.

Into this artificial environment comes a new prisoner, three-star General Eugene Irwin (Redford), court-martialed for disobeying a direct order to retreat and getting eight men killed. (I thought the Army covered up stuff like that, but sentencing the general, stripped of his rank and sense of honor, to hard labor is necessary for the plot of this film.)

At first, Winter admires the legendary officer who has written a book on tactics, but soon, as Irwin unwisely displays his disdain for a desk-jockey and begins to stick up for the more unfortunate prisoners, Winter becomes vindictive. A literal struggle for control of the prison erupts when Winter, who has been forcing the men to build a sloppy stone wall in the center of the quad, witnesses Irwin helping the men to destroy their inadequate work and re-do it the right way, and restoring their sense of self worth ....

Robert Redford

The Age
The Horse Whisperer
Milagro Bean Field War
Great Trivia & Pix


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Incense: home staple list should include Cedar, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Lotus, Pine Cone, Rose, and Vanilla
Oil for 7 Planetary candles, Equinox event, and the 7 Candle Bond Ritual: Elderflower, and Strawberry & Rose

Veggie fans: Bone knits: raw carrot juice, fresh cut and pressed with pineapple juice will speed healing; Leafy Green Salad [Vit. E & Copper] made with veggies from backyard garden is an all around healthy lunch; prepare a snack tray to keep in your frig that has favourite green veggies and fresh fruit slices that are neither acidulous or alkaline in reaction. Green foods are good for maintaining acid/alkaline balance.





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Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo.
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Perscriptio in minibus tabellariorum est.
[The check is in the mail.]

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Ita erat quando hic adveni.
[It was that way when I got here.]

Capricorn Aaliyah, Kirstie Alley, Richard Dean Anderson, Joan of Arc, Rowan Atkinson, Joan Baez, Anita Baker, Jennifer Beals, Pat Benetar, Linda Blair, Orlando Bloom, Victor Borge, David Bowie, Lord Byron, Mel C [Spice Girls], Nicolas Cage, Lewis Carroll, Paul Cézanne, Jean-François Champollion, Arthur C. Clarke, Phil Collins, Jennifer Connelly, Warwick Davis, James Dean, Ellen DeGeneres, John Denver, Gerard Depardieu, Charles Dickens, Marlene Dietrich, Christian Dior, Minnie Driver, Allison DuBois, Faye Dunaway, Jakob Dylan, Gustave Eiffel, Federico Fellini, Ralph Fiennes, Roberta Flack, Bridget Fonda, Jane Fonda, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Peter Gabriel, Ava Gardner, Maurice Gibb [Bee Gees], Robin Gibb [Bee Gees], Kahlil Gibran, Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Cary Grant, Georges Gurdjieff, Gene Hackman, Teri Hatcher, Rutger Hauer, Benny Hill, Anthony Hopkins, Samuel L. Jackson, Milla Jovovich, Danny Kaye, Ben Kingsley, Lorenzo Lamas, Diane Lane, Brandon Bruce Lee, Annie Lennox, David Lynch, Edouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Audrey Meadows, Sarah Miles, Henry Miller, Molière, Jim Morrison, Paul Newman, Nostradamus, Michelle Obama, Odetta, Christina Onassis, Donny Osmond Jimmy Page, Dolly Parton, Joe Pesci, Brad Pitt, Edgar Allan Poe, Jackson Pollock, Elvis Presley, Ayn Rand, Vanessa Redgrave, Steve Reeves, Keith Richards, Sade [Helen Folasade Adu], Albert Schweitzer, Tom Selleck, Shakira, Sissy Spacek, Robert Stack, Donna Summer, Danny Thomas, J.R.R. Tolkien, Marisa Tomei, Lars Ulrich [Metallica], Robert Wagner, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Malcolm Young [AC/DC]


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    Truth interview: ‘Truth’ Was ‘Tricky’
Actor Robert Redford sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about his latest film, “Truth,” in which he plays former CBS News
anchorman Dan Rather. He says the “tricky” challenge of the role was capturing “the essence of Dan without caricaturing him.”
4:04 interview on Today


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