Your hand is complex - worth your study and care. This page reviews some of the significant points of interest to you. Your phalanges for each hand are fourteen in number, three for each finger, and two for the thumb. When a right angle is formed by the thumb and index finger, fortunes can be made via effective crisis management. Those with this wide distance between their thumb and Jupiter finger facilitate their own game plans and the blueprints of other people, even if dealing with uncertainty and the unknown. People with medium distance between thumb and Jupiter finger are resilient, innovative, and when they problem solve, will often colour outside the lines when appropriate. These individuals are confident in their personal capability. They are able to engage anything at any level so made ideal generals and the best lieutenants. People with small angles formed by thumb and Jupiter have the same personal power as the first two and tend to keep to low profile public life, if they enter the mainstream at all. Many reclusive mentors, world servers, and scientists reserve their knowledge until the time is right.




Temet Nosce - Know Thyself

"Many things influence our emotional make up--our physical build, our glands, our hormones--and all these show up in our hands," says Dr. Eugene Schelmann. Your body type --the key to healthful ways to deal with tension--is best revealed in your hand shape.

The mesomorph [one with a strong, muscular hand] needs action when upset. Strenuous exercise relieves tension.

The endomoroph [with a large, wide hand and short, sausage-like fingers] can use good company and lots of talk to help reduce [excess] nervous energy..

The ectomorph [with a long, thin hand and flexible fingers] needs to be left alone to sort out the problems "at hand."






- muscular, wtih strong bones,
well-developed muscles and heart.

- fat with broad hips, large stomach
and buttocks.

- tall, thin, fragile.




Keanu Reeves practices the Anjali Mudra (adoration, hands
are in namaste or prayer position) at Matrix premiere


Most of us are difficult to categorize because we are a mixture of types. But your hand can give the needed clues:

If you are a mesomorph, you have a strong muscular hand with fingers and palm of about equal length. The index finger is long, perhaps even longer than the ring finger.

Mesomorphs are hard-driving and competitive and get so involved in their work that they have no time for exercise or for relaxation except on social occasions that involve eating and drinking. Men who have heart attacks before they're 40 are often mesomorphs.

Healthy outdoor exercise like tennis or biking can be life-saving for this type Dr. Scheimann says, "not only as a way of keeping weight down, but also because this body type needs action when upset. Mesopmorphs release tension better through physical activity than by sitting, reading or watching TV."

If you are an endomorph, you have a large, wide hand with short, sausage-like fingers. The hand is stiff and inflexible, with very few lines, though the life line is deep and strong. An endomorph needs people when he or she is upset. Plenty of friends and conversation keep the endomorph from becoming self- absorbed; otherwise a visit to Le Vrai may be on the menu. An Endomorph will be ready for anything if there is a handy list of support-twitter people and cell phones to locate the nearest exit out of The Matrix.

The ectopmorph's hand is delicate - long and thin and flat, with flexible fingers that are longer than the palm. There are usually lots of small lines on the palm. When the ectomorph is anxious, solitude is part of the clearing out process. The ectomorph has a keen analytic brain and likes to think in a serene atmosphere where it is possible to balance everything. When possible, visit The Oracle or locate a still zone when you return to Zion - someplace personal that can help you recharge your batteries.

The hand absorbs, directs, and shapes most energy fields in contact with it 24/7/365, but few people master any of these three activities. The power centers are in the fingertips and the palms of the hands.

People who are human vacuum cleaners pick up negative vibes in their environment, seldom aware of how much emotional and nervous baggage they "assimilate." The influence of "outside" energy" may also provide enough information to discern divas in an unfamiliar geographical locale, giving the wayfarer an advantage others cannot acquire with ease. The opening scene in the film Gladiator begins with Maximus running his palm over a field of grass to get the "feel" of the battlefield; he always takes up some of the land when he enters the arena to "get the pulse" of the place. In the encounter scene from Dances With Wolves the Medicine Man touches tops of high plain grass just before Lieutenant Dunbar and the visiting wolf start to play together.

In the 60s this balance of the external and internal paradigm was called a "contact high" or, if an unfortunate exchange, "negative vibes" - depending on the disposition of the charged atmosphere.

People who direct etheric energy often work in rescue centers with all kinds of animals, including birds and water creatures. The ability to unruffle the energy field is often applied when horses and other large animals are in pain, a state of fear and agitated. The general idea is conveyed in the movie, The Horse Whisperer, and a documentary about the man who inspired Robert Redford's character in the movie, Buck [see Sundance Festival]. The technique became popular in hospitals during the 70s and 80s when nurses used a version of it, "therapeutic touch", if newborns were fidgety and couldn't "settle down."

Shaping etheric energy comes under the heading of energy management, usually connected to an aura study. Colours that add focus and accent for set, wardrobe, and special effect palettes in The Matrix are here. More information about etheric vehicles and the etheric double is here. Learn how your personal still zone can help to center you.


Recommend: The Need for Beauty a last lecture by Rudolph Schaeffer

William G. Benham included "Aristotle's Treatise on Palmistry" [c.1700] in his
book, The Laws of Scientific Handreading, in 1900.


The thumb we do to Dame Venus Rules commit;
Jove the fore Finger rules as he thinks fit;
Old Saturn does the middle Finger guide,
And o'er the Ring Finger Sol does still preside;
The outside Brawn pale Cynthis does direct,
And into the Hallow Mars does most inspect:
Which is the nimblest Planet of 'em all.


Hands often illustrate the relationship
between man and the cosmic forces.

Exercise for meditation and inner plane balance: Palms up, rest the fingers of the left hand gently on the fingers of the right hand and both thumb tips touching to channel enlightenment energy throughout your physical temple. You may find that in just a few moments you feel positive energy that will pass through your hands until you discontinue the pose. The nerve channel associated with illumination passes through both your thumbs. The usual result is the experience you have facilitated empowerment and fundamental reversions of deconstructive change in the physical temple. This and additional hand poses are demonstrated by Keanu Reeves in LITTLE BUDDHA. Many masters utilize hand yoga that can be observed by a study of photographed art treasures all over the world. Tour a sacred place with statuary, glass windows, fountains, and so forth. Research Tatva Yoga, and Hindu art, also connected with specific hand gestures. Christ, Buddha, gods and goddesses especially, provide insight; also saints, Green Tara and Kwan Yin, and many others.


Finger Ring and Signet

There is no doubt that the custom of wearing finger-rings has been continuous over the aeons. Both Mr. F. H. Marshall and Mr. O. M. Dalton have in their Catalogues of the Finger-Rings in the British Museum devoted several paragraphs to discussing how they were worn.

In ancient times they were usually worn on the fourth finger, next the first finger. Rings were not generally worn on the middle finger – the digitum infamis. The Finger of Saturn when long gives prudence, love of solitude and a reserved, studious disposition. When short it denotes frivolity and general lack of seriousness in all things. Ornamentation by way of jewelry suggests celibacy, mourning or renunciation of the world at some point in life.

The fourth finger was usually chosen first for reasons of convenience, and next because there was a popular belief that a nerve ran straight to it from the heart.

above, 16th century merchant signet ring

Betrothal and marriage rings were usually worn on the third finger [Sun], which was perhaps the most favoured for the wearing of rings generally. Down to the XVIth century a ring was commonly worn by both men and women on the thumb. Thumb rings were usually worn by soldiers and doctors. One favorite preventive of epilepsy was a silver thumb ring engraved in Gothic characters with the names of Jasper, Melchlor, and Balthazar. We also have recorded history of the ring that notes this custom: "Grave persons, such as aldermen, used a plain broad gold ring upon the thumb." A thumb ring is not always connected with a dignity, if it is to be judged of through its inscription or bearing. A massive thumb ring of brass, strongly gilt, was formerly in the collection of the late Marquis of Donegal. Its motto, within side, was in quaint Latin, (Cauda piera meleor cera,) which may be rendered in this jingle:

When God does send,
The times shall mend.

Thumb rings worn by archers were made of many different materials including, but not limited to wood, jade, bone, antler, quartz, gold and turquoise. Generally speaking, archers using the thumb ring shot off of the opposite side of the bow as opposed to archers using the Mediterranean release; that is, a right handed archer shot off of the right side of the bow when using the thumb ring. Archery historians would generally agree that these thumb rings could be considered the grandparents of the modern release aid.

The signet-ring was often worn on the first finger [Jupiter], and Episcopal-rings on the first or third. From the earliest period of civilized relationships the finger ring was a convenient means for carrying the signet of its wearer. Rings were also strung round the neck and threaded on the cords of hats. Mr. Dalton points out that ladies sometimes wore as many as ten rings on the fingers, and men six.

The third finger, the Finger of the Sun when long gives love of the beautiful, desire for celebrity and fame, but when excessively long, the tendency inclines more toward notoriety, risk in speculation, the love of money and gambling. When short it denotes a dislike of all these things. Power stone for this finger include diamond and ruby; the recommended metal is gold, according to the seasonal preferences, from rose-gold to white gold.

The fourth finger, the Finger of Mercury when long gives mental power, grasp of languages, and power of expression, especially in speech. When short it denotes difficulty in speaking, and in the expression of thoughts. Gemstones said to increase the power of concentration and confer eloquence include agate, carnelian, cinnabar, and jade.
A considerable number of rings made of red jasper, red faience, and red glass have been found in the tombs of Egypt; all are uninscribed and all have a gap in them. Some believe they were to prevent, or protect, during conflict or work near enemies, or to prevent, slow or control bleeding.

Hyacinth amulets were worn on the neck, and bezels in rings assisted women in childbirth, drove away bad dreams, and banished grief and melancholy from the mind.

The Moss-Agate, with markings in it resembling trees and vegetation, is much prized by the husbandman, who wears a moss-agate on his right upper arm, and places one in the right horn of each of his oxen, so that he may have an abundant harvest.

right, Art Nouveau hand jewels designed for Divine Sarah

more information about power stones worn as amulets, jewelry, with symbols of authority, and so forth.


THE LINES IN THE PALM show your ability to remain healthy.

The Life Line curves down the middle of the palm around the base of the thumb. If your life line is deep you can maintain good health and probably have a strong spiritual, mental, emotional [visionary], and physical fitness program. When the Life Line is faint, broken or shorter than mid-palm you are less resistant to illness and need to take greater care of your health. When you reach middle age, pace yourself carefully.

The Heart Line [upper of the two major transverse lines on the palm] is an indicator of emotional health. The deeper or darker the colour the line the more passionate you tend to be. Love, and its expression, can help you live longer because you eliminate the stress that is known to shorten life.

The heart line is the barometer of emotional feelings and the internal weather of the individual. Read with other signs in the palm, this line is usually an indication of the expected commitment in matters of love and affection. When it is long and very clear, the heart line designates a person with high ideals and a very loving frame of mind. A short heart line indicates selfishness, or passion without love. If the line is branched, it shows friendships made over the years. If this line is crossed broken friendships are indicated. Check other indications to determine the age and circumstances. If the heart line forks, it means more faithfulness and deeper love. If one of the branches of this line drops down and runs into the life line, a close friend may have a near-death experience and adjust according to the bent of their nature. If the heart line cannot be found in the palm, the person could be bitter and/or take advantage of others for personal gain. There will be no time for love and close friendships.

The Head Line reveals mental health. Suggests Scheimann: "If you have a badly formed or broken head line, you should try to avoid stress and tension or mental strain. Listen to music to soothe your nervous, sensitive constitution."

The Fate Line moves up the center of the palm, usually from the bracelets of Neptune, through the Plain of Mars, to the upper palm - near the Mounts under the fingers. The straight, deep line, without any breaks, is an augury for good character, professional independence, and a 'self made' person.

The Line of the Sun will augment a broken Fate Line, and contribute additional talent associated with Apollo or Hercules, such as competitive skill, rejuvinative powers, love of the arts, and prophecy.

The Line of Intuition runs up to the fourth 'ring' finger. It is seldom found on other types of hand than those of the Philosophic, the Conic, and the Psychic, but it is sometimes found on the Spatulate. This line will never be found on a hand of a person who does not possess strong intuitive qualities. It must show on both hands in order to be a strong force in the overall life. If it is seen only on one hand, the power is there, but it is not being capitalized on at the present time. If the line is deep and clearly seen on both hands, the individual will be alive to all occult influences. The sixth sense will be developed to an astounding degree and there may be evidence of the seventh sense, radar, as well.

Mercury lines appear on the bridge of the nose. If three separate lines appear in this spot between the eyes and if they are relatively straight, eloquence and wit are signified.

The Bracelets Most people link the Bracelets [Neptune] with certain points of health. According to Cheiro there are often three of these lines or bracelets at the wrist, which were called by the Greeks the Bracelets of Health, Wealth, and Happiness. It is certainly very seldom that they can be found together, for experience in life does not give much hope that these three much-sought-after possessions can ever be found together on this side of the grave.

Cheiro writes, "Delving back into the ancient legends of Greece, we find one very significant point in reference to the first bracelet, the one nearest the palm, which represents Health.

It appears that at one period of the ancient Greek civilisation all women had to come to the priest at their Temple to have their hands examined before they were allowed to marry. If the priest found this first Bracelet out of its place and rising up into the hand in the shape of an arch, he would not allow the woman possessing this sign to be married under any circumstance." In such cases these women were made Vestal Virgins in the temples, though we know that most Vestal Virgins were beyond child bearing years and yearning for more than just an empty nest. Yet, the old Greek Priest was right in his idea in a way, because if this first Bracelet is found rising into the hand in the form of an arch, both men and women possessing it are delicate internally, and especially so in matters relating to sex.

The Girdle of Venus arcs upward, on or under both mounts of Saturn and the Sun, usually adds an emphasis on very strong intuition, skill in the arts and negotiation. Sometimes clairvoyance or accuracy about dreams and premonitions.

Venus lines on the face appear between the eyebrows. This line, when clearly defined and straight, denotes success in all love matters and a person of tender feelings. The lighter this line, the more tender the individual. If the line is curved, success is still predicted, but it will take longer to accomplish. If the line is broken, heartache or a person "unlucky" in love.


Frodo Baggins put on the Ring of Power and got a look at his
worst nightmare, one of the fallen nine kings, a slave of the
dark lord Sauron. Examine the Nazgûl palm; you find external
evidence of his corrupted status in a deep gash between Jupiter
and Saturn. The lines all illustrate loss of any normal senses,
rather an inability to summon any thought of balance, integrity,
fairness, or justice. The finger shape and mounts reveal vile
thoughts dominate this entity, who lives a mindless existence.
Dark lines mean deeply troubled thoughts enter computer mind.



Colour research meets the ancient knowledge in the palm of the hand. Many colour analysts refer to the lines for a personal power colour that resides in the hot, advancing portion of the spectrum. These may be pure colours like ruby red or fire engine red for winter types, or strawberry tints like strawberry-rose or cranberry-red for spring or late autumn types. Some lines may contain amethyst, red coral, or other modified colours, also an indication of special types and the four pure seasonal types. Many palmists alternately interpret the most prominent colours in the hand with the lines on the same basis, as mentioned herein.

Red indicates a great love of life and immersion in many possible interests in the physical world. A red hand indicates an active, passionate, extroverted person, probably one of the infamous "Type A" people who like to lead the parade. A red line will indicate similar taste for living, perhaps a tendency to take things to the extreme. The love of action may crossover into ‘daredevil country’ where people take dangerous risks or perform daring stunts as part of their professional job description. Some of these may border on the ‘David and Goliath’ theme, while others may pursue the ‘protect and defend’ path of a fire fighter, soldier, or paramedic, to name a few possible career choices. Possibly the most important things for someone with red lines and palm to remember are: before I start something, I should first locate the pause button, the off button, and all the accessible exits.

Pink often indicates a ‘sampler’ or person who thinks of life as a kind of bountiful and appealing smorgasbord. There is a great flirtation with the world, the love of nature, enthusiasm and optimism. If the personality tends to favour a ‘Spring type’, concentration and attention to detail may prove the best traits to develop for success at the level of practical day to day living.

Yellow is a sign the status of the entire physical system is less than ideal and inquiry into the state of health should be taken seriously. Yellow does not automatically imply any seasonal type. The colour could be an indication the meditation would best focus on establishing harmony for as many physical systems as possible.

White is often a warning sign that health should be attended to almost immediately. There may be a personal lack of self-confidence as well. If too introverted, the individual may appear selfish, self-absorbed, and weak. Inquire as to the state of physical fitness and where meditation is taken each day.



The Mounts of the Hand vary in the most remarkable manner in accordance with the character and dispositions of races and their different temperaments.

Chiero lists the names given to the Mounts by the Greek students of this subject, with associated qualities attributed to these seven planets, such as:

Venus = Love, sensuality and passion.
Mars = Vitality, courage, fighting, etc. - Gladiators
Mercury = Mentality, commerce, science.
Moon = Imagination, romance, changeability. [aura healing]
Sun = Brilliancy, fruitfulness, success.
Jupiter = Ambition, power, domination.
Saturn = Reserve, melancholy, seriousness.

Business Indication

The Mount of Jupiter is found at the base of the first finger and often indicates leadership skill, an extroverted personality, and the tendency to go with the "Bull Market" on Wall Street. When large, it shows desire to dominate, to rule and command others, to lead and organize, and to carry out some distinct object. But these good qualities will only be employed if the Line of Head is clear and long.
The Ring of Solomon is a strange mark of mysticism and occultism [study of secrets], around the base of the Jupiter Mount. The qualities signified by the Mount of Jupiter, the possessor of this arc, will aim at having the power of a master or an adept in the mysteries of nature and the unknown.
Jupiter is exalted in the sign of the Moon - read more @ Legend Harrison Ford

The Mount of Saturn is found at the base of the second finger and often indicates good judgement, the ability to stand alone against the world when the cause is just, and a tendency to go with the "Bear Market" on Wall Street. Chief characteristics are love of solitude, prudence, quiet determination, the study of serious sombre things, the belief in fatalism and in the ultimate destiny of all things. A complete absence of this Mount indicates a more or less frivolous way of looking at life, while an exaggeration of it denotes an exaggeration of all the qualities it represents.

Those who have a musical gift for composition and conducting often have conic Saturn and Jupiter fingers that assure someone exhibits drive, ability and success. The thumb is best if low on the hand and the palm at the base of the fingers is broad, this being a very important item to notice. Many musicians can be accused of having this type of broadness in their hands.




What you hold in your hand for the better part of each day can say a good deal about you and your lifestyle. This idea may be overlooked during personal assessment. Take into account there are many colour-sound waves that effect your nervous system on a moment-by-moment basis.

With whom do you shake hands? How does the perspective of that person effect you? Try to track the energy tone and flow you detect from the palm and fingertips of their hand and make a note of your observations.

What tools of trade do you constantly pick up and put down, or consistently touch? Do you handle chemicals, liquids, luxury articles such as silk, satin, chrome, or precious metals? If so, how do you clear these materials of toxic energy before you use them? Each situation is unique.

For example, some elements are appropriate and others not when you work with specific metals. When you clear your jewelry, especially rings, clear them by putting them in a small cheesecloth pouch and wash them in the surf or a clear river stream. That way you will retain all the positive energy association and purge anything you want to remove.

Anything [metal] you use during meditation, prayer, or reflective work may be cleared by passing the item through a flame, ideally the center [blue-violet] of the flame. You also have the option of placing such power tools as yarrow stalks in the soil of your plant to energize the soil at the same time you clear the undedicated energy from your sticks.

Are your hands often in contact with artificial substances, mouse, electronic machinery? You can clear your own energy by work with the earth in your garden or tending green adaptations for home and yard; arrange a simple vase of flowers for a peaceful day. Pore breathing the Akasha Wave and Mountain Lake Wave for hands and feet is also recommended.


Science Officer Spock's Hand Salute - the Vulcan gesture of greeting and farewell. The first person to speak says, "Peace and long life." The correct response is, "Live long and prosper."

Vulcans are well known for their clairvoyant skill [Mind Meld], as demonstrated by Mr. Spock. He once melded with someone through a brick wall! A similar hand posture, the infamous Vulcan Neck Pinch, serves him well. The Vulcan Death Grip was a fabrication cooked up by Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy when trapped by a Romulan commander on her flag ship.

Greetings, salutations, and gestures



The Seven Types or Shapes of Hands are as follows:

(1) The Elementary—or lowest type.
(2) The Square—or the useful hand.
(3) The Spatulate—or nervous active type.
(4) The Philosophic—or jointed hand.
(5) The Conic—or the artistic type.
(6) The Psychic—or the idealistic hand.
(7) The Mixed Hand.


Sean Connery and Princess Diana in April 1990


Cheiro wrote, Everyone knows that 'the face can wear a mask,' that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the best judgment.

But hands cannot change as the result of a mere effort to please; the character they express is the real nature of the individual—the true character that has been formed by heredity or that has grown up with the person by long years of habit.

Even in the simple act of shaking hands, one can form conclusions about character.

Beware of any man or woman whose hand seems to slip from yours when you grasp theirs in greeting. Such persons are deceptive and treacherous. They may smile at you with their lips, but instinctively they regard you as their prey and will only use you for their own object.

A soft, fat hand is the indication of an indolent and more or less lazy person.

A firm hand is the sign of an energetic, reliable nature.

A very thin hand denotes a restless energetic disposition, but one that is given to worry, and fretting and is generally discontented.

A thin hand that feels listless in one's grasp denotes a weak constitution that has only sufficient energy to live.

A cold, clammy hand is also a sign of poor health, but generally that of a very sensitive and nervous person.

A person who keeps his hands closed while talking, is distrustful in his nature, has little self-reliance and can seldom be relied on by others.

A man or woman who gives a good firm grasp of the hand, is self-confident, energetic, and generally reliable.

Remember that the hands are the immediate servants or instruments of the brain. There are more motive and sensory nerves from the brain to the hand than to any other portion of the body and, whether sleeping or waking, they continually and unconsciously reflect the thought and character of the mind or soul of the individual.

It will, then, be seen from these observations that without looking at the lines of the hand, one may be able to obtain certain details of character that are more trustworthy than those given by the face, and that these rules, if followed, should be of the greatest assistance and value to people in all walks of life. For example, a very long Mercury finger denotes mercurial talents which include writing, oratory, good communication and of course the understanding of figures. In other words, it promotes 'brain power.'
see Mercury The Line of Intuition



Some techniques, known from antiquity, continued in use throughout the Middle Ages. Among those were filigree and granulation work, consisting of small pellets of gold surrounding stones in high box settings, often antique gems: cameos and intaglios. Stones were rarely cut in medieval times, but usually left in their natural cabochon shape, which is oval; they were always polished and backed with metal foil to intensify and reflect colour. Among the personal jewellery of this early period are rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, and pendants, often invested with symbolic, magic, protective, or religious significance. The wearing of images of patron saints was particularly popular.

During the Renaissance, pagan and Christian art began to harmonize, and therewith the history of religious jewellery comes to an end. The magic aspect, however, was not forgotten, and the belief in specific virtues of precious stones remained as strong as ever. Hence the custom of mounting toad-stones or dragon’s teeth in rings, serpents’ tongues and fragments of narwhal horn in pendants. Great importance was attributed to their inherent prophylactic qualities, which legends supported. Gradually, during the early sixteenth century the jeweller emerged from the goldsmiths’ guild, an organization which had previously directed his efforts to the service of the Church. This emancipation coincided with the development of a prosperous bourgeoisie and the raising of the respectable matron and housewife to a socially important figure, who extended her patronage to the goldsmith. Henceforth jewellery becomes an integral part of costume, dependent upon changing fashions, which, in turn, reflect the taste and aspirations of a splendour-loving society. Painter-engravers began to design pattern books for jewelers, and it is well to remember that many Renaissance painters were sons or pupils of goldsmiths, Verrocchio, Holbein, and Durer among them.

-The Complete Encyclopedia of Antiques


    Arm and Hand Points


    Linga Mudra

    Entwine (cross-link) all fingers of both hands keeping both the thumbs straight. Keep this meditation for minimum of 15 minutes. The exercise increases the fire element in the body, and it is helpful when experiencing symptoms of a cold, phlegm and cough ailments.

  • LU 7

    § On the Lung meridian, located above the wrist crease, superior to the styloid process of the radius. Generally found by sliding your finger from the thumb side of your wrist crease over the styloid process and press where sore.
    § Uses: cold symptoms (sneezing, chills, runny nose), sore throat.

  • LU 9

    § On the Lung meridian, located at the wrist crease on the radial side of the radial artery. Generally found by feeling the pulse in your wrist near the joint and moving your finger towards the thumb.
    § Uses: cough, asthma, shortness of breath.

The Palm and Subsidiary Lines
The Plain of Mars, Labyrinth, and the Symbols on the Hand

Salaam * Shalom * Maluhia * Pax * Pax Cultura * Paz * Paix * Mir
Om Shanti * May Peace Prevail on Earth!



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