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Part Two


'Narsil is a name composed of 2 basic stems without variation or adjuncts: VNAR 'fire', & VTHIL 'white light'. It thus symbolised the chief heavenly lights, as enemies of darkness, Sun (Anar) and Moon (in Q) Isil.' Check Soulpower - Soulmates

The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien No 347, dated 1972
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Narsil close up



Palm Sunday is a glorious Christian holiday. The multitude attempted to crown Jesus king, and sang, ‘Hosanna!’ along the road that was blanketed with Palm leaves & flowers, well into the city of Jerusalem. Today Palm Sunday is celebrated by exchanging Palm leaves and crosses fashioned from the Palm. Debbora, the prophetess, judged Israel. "And she sat under a Palm-tree, which was called by her name, between Rama and Bethel in Mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for all judgment." Judges IV, 5 The Book of Exodus relates entry of the Children of Israel into Elim where they camped near twelve fountains and seventy Palm trees (Chapter XV, 27) Due to constant discovery of potable in the desert, some speculate the rod of Moses was more than a shepherd’s staff, most likely a dowsing rod.

The Oracle at Delos (dedicated to Apollo and Diana) taught the gigantic Palm was favored by the Goddess. Sometimes Babylon was known for a variety of ‘strong drinks’ on their ancient world menu. Date wine was a popular substitute for beer; a ‘sweet but headachy’ clear or white wine, made from the topmost shoots of the Date-palm tree.

Ancients believed the afterlife would offer eternal repose in the cool shade of the Evergreen and spreading branches of the Yaxche (Ceiba Tree) still planted at the entrance to the church throughout the Yucatan and through Central America.

Augustus Le Plongeon asserts, "The Maya empire was of old, according to the author of the Troano MS., figured as a tree, planted in the continent known today as South America, its principal branch being formed by the Yucatan peninsula. Here we have the key to the origin of the tree worship, and its intimate relation to the winged serpent and the king. It is again the worship of the country symbolized by a tree, as it also was by a serpent, or by the ruler. Thus we find a natural explanation of the tradition current among the ancient nations, that the TREE ‘par excellence’, the Tree of Life, that is of civilization, of knowledge, was placed in the middle of the land, of the garden, of the primitive country (referred to as Mayax) of the race; the empire of the Mayas being placed between the two great continents, North and South America, forming the “Lands of the West."

Add to Coconut oil base a mixed floral [magnolia, rose] or citrus [lemon, grapefruit, tangerine] fragrance; or blend Sicilian bergamot with jasmine and orange flower. Delicate flowers, such as hibiscus add an uplifting fragrance to your sun room and hallway. Arwen reading, an ad from Daily Variety is an Oscar For Your Consideration advertisement for: Howard Shore - Original Score, and the Best Original Song - Into the West. Kitchen: Rose Petal Sorbet and Crystallized Rose Petals

This wood has a variety of uses as listed within present day manuals provided for anyone pursuing practical application techniques with Petrified Wood. It is true that most often, these materials have been relegated to marginal importance. However, with patience you will locate those authors who recommend Petrified Wood as a feasible alternate & optional techniques may be found. I have found that, along with mica, volcanic rock from Hawaii and Australia, or obsidian, the best applications for Petrified Wood are within the range of upper energy centers and application for those higher, subtle senses related to them. Generally speaking, the uses are given as those connected to grounding exercises, or to help with a calm state should instinctive fears flare up. Dowsing is, of course, the most efficient way to select both the appropriate material and the information to stock in any library.

PENSTEMON ‘Phoenix Red’
Large, bright red bells with white eyes hang about 12 to 18 inch stems and are in bloom all summer long. This Penstemon was bred specifically to withstand heat. Attracts hummingbirds.

Common evergreen trees, found throughout the lands of Middle-earth, but especially in the highlands of Dorthonion, a land which took its name from the pine trees that grew there.

THE MAYPOLE, MAY DAY, THE MAY QUEEN AND THE GREEN MAN stem from the circle with the central symbol Carl Jung refers to as the point where the psyche meets the consciousness, according to most dream researchers this century. During Dionysian Rites, the devotee would strike the ground repeatedly with a thrysus, a fertility symbol similar to the central pole for the celebrated dances. The staff was wound with Ivy and had a Pine Cone on top. Originally the center of the circle (or labyrinth) held symbols to either God or Goddess celebrated on May Eve. The Maypole was the Divine symbol for Beltane (Beltain) festivities, the day designated for an observation of the new agricultural cycle. European customs were to dress in bright colors, ribbons and garlands, and ‘wearing of the green’ with Mother Earth, weaving circles in and out, dancing and braiding ribbons around the Pole. May Eve is celebrated by the Celts with the Goddess Flora (The Maiden) as the presiding deity, today we think of ‘The Queen Of The May’ or 'The Virgin, Queen of The Angels'. Native Americans wear their soft moccasins during this period of the year, from respect of Mother Nature’s new fragile green mantle. Hawthorn is so strongly associated with the Celtic May Eve festival that ‘May’ is a folk name for it. Sacred Hawthorns guard wishing wells in Ireland, where shreds of clothing are hung on the thorns to symbolize a wish made. To the Turks, the Hawthorn signified erotic desire.

In the ancient ritual the sacred pine was cut and wrapped carefully, followed by a procession into the city. The ritual continued, carried on by devotees and crowd alike going up the steps of Cybele’s Temple, surrounded by troupes of dancers who told the story of the renewal of life as Spring begins each year. Many symbols of the birth, death, resurrection cycle were used in plays and by the teachers of the day on the subject of immortality and the development of characters able to take on the darkest forces and triumph over them. Many exoteric themes held public interest in the same manner as a good Indiana Jones & Luke Skywalker story might captivate audiences today. The Hierophants, accomplished teachers and storytellers, were usually also the priests and priestesses of the temple, playing the roles in the mystery drama.

Hierophants were able to convey every saga they directed to their audience with as much skill as our favorite players and directers today. The timeless ability of storytellers is their style, through which are employed layered meanings and messages, using the most subtle and captivating delivery system we have. That is, naturally, the magic in the relationship between those on the stage and the audience. When both are one there is magic. It is known to be the secret of Barrymore’s HAMLET, and possibly in the magnificent performance of Laurence Olivier as well! The principles taken into the alternative culture of the 60s were explained to me by Chet Helms, manager for Big Brother & The Holding Company, during an interview about his recollections from The Summer Of Love in San Francisco. He clarified what most people suspected ~ that there was nothing left to chance in those preliminary years of experimentation and discovery among the Haight-Ashbury community. He had even measured the height of the stage above dancer’s ground level, to guarantee quality rapport from the stage, yet elevate performers enough so they were not ‘in the middle’ of the event. Many of the successful rock and roll bands of the 60s and 70s used similar formulae as those researched by Helms and Graham. The Glastonbury Tor music festival every year during the Spring Equinox still proves out another universal principle - Once you’ve found the formula that works, don’t go a tinkerin’ with too heavy a hand.

Common denominators underlying themes from similar festivals, like resurrection dramas associated with Dionysus, Apollo, on Savior patterning with Attis, reflect one basic birth, death and rebirth cycle as the mirror of Mother Nature at work in her home kitchen. Pine is one of the most effective aromatherapy scents used today, and like the Bach Remedy, its over the counter and affordable. The whole nervous system (including the pleasure principle) is relaxed, tension is calm, even after adverse contact with members of the opposite sex. In Bach Flower therapy, Pine may be used alone or with other remedies for treatments related to disappointment, despondency, or depression. Additional remedies possible for Pine ‘blend’ are: Larch, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, and Crab Apple. Consult a specialist for advice if you want more information about The Bach Remedy. PINE
Abundant throughout Middle-earth. Bach Remedy: when clinging to guilt feelings; Sagittarius related afflictions.

PINE, White - White Pine Mosaic Bowl


Galadriel gown, Aragorn-Arwen coronation, Arwen's rose gown

Arwen - Rivendell gown, ROTK crowns, detail

The Alder was banned in Temple worship, so the Pomegranate which supplies a red dye as the Alder does, was Saul’s sacred tree and sacred to Rimmon, a name for Adonis from whose blood it is said to have sprung. The interior decor of The Temple of Solomon was primarily a Palm and Pomegranate motif, although no play on words was implied by this as far as I am able to see. Miniature Pomegranates were sewn on the High Priest’s robes to represent the fixed stars, and the Pomegranate was the only fruit allowed within the Holy of Holies. The Paschal lamb was traditionally spitted on Pomegranate wood and so we conclude there is some connection of these disciplines, in some degree, to the Exodus. Saturn, known as Bran or Ninib as well, is associated with Saturday, the 7th day in the week, that was set aside for worship of Jehovah. The Pomegranate, tree of the 7th day, peacock (emblem of early Christians), and the kalathos (basket of flowers and fruits buried with the dead) were symbols of plenty (like the Cornucopia) a reference to the Golden Age of King Saturn as well as The Saturnalia, seven day celebration at year’s end devoted to Saturn.

These images adorned the walls of ancient tombs. The most elaborate and celebrated funerary art has been discovered in the domain of Egypt; there we have reproduced virtually every facet of the incarnation. The Pomegranate is an integral part of the Earth Goddess mystery play, staged at Spring and Autumn Equinox rituals. Persephone was kidnapped by the Lord of The Underworld with no hope of returning her Mother. Interceding forces at work eventually decreed she could return to the surface six months of the year because she had eaten only six Pomegranate seeds while in the underworld. When Persephone is back, trees and flowers blossom - cheerful light atmosphere pervades during Spring and Summer months. When Persephone resumes her role as The Underworld’s Queen her garden-like powers leave with her for Mother Nature’s underground laboratory, and we work with the Autumn and Winter climate. This myth, expanded to incorporate color psychology, helps appreciation of some intriguing observations offered via data from color researcher Suzanne Caygill.

Caygill firmly laid down extremely subtle divisions of color within personal palettes, based on skin tone, hair and eye coloration. Her pillars of support for each seasonal blueprint along with their sub-headings are undeniable. Another researcher with a similar degree of enthusiasm, actress~astrologer, Arlene Dahl, authored a smart little pocket books series, with an eye to color keys and guidelines for all twelve zodiacal viewpoints, helping to break the ground for Caygill’s later research. She presented convincing evidence that men prefer colors acquired from resources underneath the crust of the earth. Effective palettes to best serve women are derived from trees and flowers, a Persephone haracteristic. Lines of demarcation between both types is amazing, consistent and supportable by dream analysis. Carl Jung would find Caygill’s charts an expected development. In his later books especially, his conclusions are the same as hers. Preferences in color palettes within the Caygill patterning allow for the obvious parallels awaiting students of the ancients’ mystery plays.

Poplar Tree – Greek mythology: Phaeton, or Phaethon (“the shining”), was the son of Helios (the sun) and Clymene, who entreated his father for permission to drive the chariot of the sun across the heavens one day, as a proof of his divine descent. Losing control of the unruly steeds, he set the world on fire and was punished by Jupiter for his presumption by being struck with a thunderbolt and thrown into the river Eridanus. His sisters, the Heliadae, who had yoked the steeds to the chariot, were metamorphosed into poplars, and their tears into amber.

The Poppy Fairy Dragon-lore: According to old English legend, the brilliant red Poppy sprung up out of the blood of a slayed dragon. This fully hardy annual prefers moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Seed can be collected and sown in autumn or spring, or poppies will self-seed readily in a wildflower garden.
Fairy Meaning: Transient pleasure

POT POURRI for Simmering
Yield: 1 Portion

(For fragrance only) Ingredients: 4 Oranges, 4 Tangerines, 4 Lemons, 24 (3-inch) cinnamon sticks, broken into 1-inch pieces, 1/4 C Whole Cloves, 1/4 C Juniper berries, 2 t Ground nutmeg

Remove zests (colored part only) from citrus with vegetable peeler. Place on a baking sheet and place the baking sheet in turned-off gas oven overnight, or until dry (the pilot light will dry zest). If you have an electric oven, warm the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees, then turn off.
Combine all ingredients in an airtight container. Makes about 1 1/2 cups. To simmer: Use 1/3 cup in a saucepan of water, and cook over low heat.

[Root and whole herb]

Very soothing and refreshing rinse following the bath and/or shower.

Cardinal Flower, Blood Red Dragons Tongues
Lobelia x cardinalis, Queen Victoria’ is a much sought-after perennial lobelia which is grown for both its wonderful foliage and brilliant flowers. This stately, upright plant bears stunning spikes of crimson-scarlet flowers which rise up among the beautiful, maroon-bronze coloured foliage.

The weather triad (Jupiter, Sol, Luna) governs this fascinating part of our planet,** brilliantly revealed through the up close and personal adventure story of, THE MEDICINE MAN (Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco star, Director: John McTiernan). Excellent view of the most unique forest systems, from above and below, inside and out. (‘SPECTACULARLY THRILLING’, Washington Post)
The Shamrock of four leaves, a good-luck plant, suggests Jupiter.
more Mystique
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Red Raspberry is a mild stimulant that will help to restore harmony to the feminine system. Good for intestinal stamina, and use when batteries are lower than usual. Care suggested for the daily routine of many pregnant women.

Muir Woods
John Muir
See Organic Alchemy Text

Ngetal, or some say Yew.
Water-elder, peith, whitten and gnelder-rose are other names. Established power, wisdom, protection, death. Samhain, the Celtic New Year. Sacred to Gwyn and Hecate, Goddess of Night. Utilized for Pan’s pipes, weaver’s tools, thatched roofs, arrows. Perform divination, speak with those on the other side.

- in the language of flowers: advice you receive now should be disregarded


The Rose symbolizes the final triumph of truth over falsehood, of good over evil. "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another: as I have loved you, that ye also love one another: by this shall all know that ye are My disciples. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend."

Thousand Petal Flower (~ ‘O Zenith Ray of Violet Power, Cleanse my dark blood with Purple shower,Soothe Thou my nerves when passions lower, Bring forth true Inspiration’s flower.’ ~ Roland Hunt, THE SEVEN KEYS TO COLOUR HEALING)

The Lotus and Rose are attributed to 0 because they have traditionally been taken as glyphs of the circle. see The Golden Bough (Sir James Frazer) and The Secret of The Golden Flower (intro C. G. Jung)

- in the language of flowers: a white and red rose together: unity will help you to succeed

- in the language of flowers: your presence revives someone dear

Special varieties that will repeat-flower if cut: Some of the best are 'Queen of Sweden' (shell pink), 'English Miss' (blush cream) and 'LD Braithwaite' (crimson), all of which last well in a vase. Mix them with other cut-and-come-again romantics such as ammi (Ammi visnaga), an adorable annual that resembles cow parsley (sow it directly into the ground before the end of April), and Canterbury bells (Campanula medium), a biennial with big lavender-blue bells [see Vines].

Trees of the genus Sorbus, also called 'mountain ash'. Found especially on the slopes of mountains and hills, these trees with their unmistakable red berries once grew in the western Fangorn Forest, in the regions close to Isengard.
Mountain Ash, also called quickbeam. The rowan tree represented the second letter of the Druidic tree alphabet, Luis (L). Related to the feast of ‘Candlemas, "The Feast of the Flame." The quickening of life, initiation, lit fire in the hearth, protection for livestock when hung over the barn door. The tree stood for magic and was sacred to the Goddess Brigit. From the legend, we know the rowan tree in the north (Ireland) bore the berries of immortality. Guarded by a Fomorian giant with one fiery eye in the middle of his forehead, the brow center and initiation are both brought to mind, reflecting the shield represented by the tree against fairy enchantments or hostile intrusions into the magician’s laboratory. It was customary in the Highlands to have these red-bark trees at the doorway of each home and about the yards.

# 489: Along with other trees, Rowan played a central role in Druid ceremonies. Even in more recent times, these beliefs have been upheld in practices from different parts of Britain. In the North, for example, sprays of Rowan were fixed to cattle sheds to protect the animals from harm, and in Strathspey farmers drove their goats through hoops framed from branches of Rowan. Sprigs were placed over the main door of the house and also worn on the person to ward off false enchantment - the 'evil eye'. In Wales, or Cymru, Rowans used to be planted in churchyards to watch over the spirits of the dead, as Yew is elsewhere.
# 100 - 489 - 701 p 470

Common Name: Garden sage
Sage is a well-known seasoning for soups, salads, etc. The tea is an excellent remedy for throat mouth, stomach troubles, and most complaints that have to do with the digestive system – also liver and kidney troubles, according to Jethro Kloss [BACK TO EDEN]. As a mouthwash mix with a little lemon and honey. Kloss also says wounds of any kind will heal more rapidly when washed with sage tea. He recommends the following for brewing tea:
This tea should not be boiled, but just steeped. It should be kept covered while steeping. The ordinary dose is a heaping teaspoonful to a cup of hot water. Let it steep twenty or thirty minutes. Drink three or four cups a day. Never steep herbs in aluminum.

Note: There are over 250 types of Sage, some of them unhealthy. Be sure you know the type of sage you plan to use for tea – this also applies to any smudge for clearing home or office area. Some smudges [purchased in stores] contain a toxic sage that, when burned, may cause mild nausea and headache. If you find a bad smudge stick, discard the whole thing immediately – do not continue to burn it.

Calluna vulgaris, a broad-leaved evergreen shrub with pink flowers
This low growing shrub is valued for its pink flowers, borne in long clusters during summer. The flowers are attractive to bees. The plant requires an acid soil and winter protection in northern climates. Annual pruning may improve flowering. Plant container grown plants in the spring.

ST. JOHN'S WORT Associated with Mercury-Hermes, known for soothing, anti-depressant properties, and during the break from tobacco and alcohol. Persons taking anti-depressant prescription drugs should not take St. John's Wort without permission from medical advisor. Chance of photosensitization if exposed to bright sunlight.

The forest is beloved for its connection to Robin Hood, the legendary 13th-century bandit who supposedly hid there from his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham, in between stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Park rangers say the collection of ancient oaks is one of the greatest in Europe. But they see an increase in the trees’ rate of decline. Over the centuries, the forest was carved up for farms, mines, towns and logging. Sherwood timber built medieval ships and even part of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Currently 997 ancient oaks stand on the 450 acres known as the "beating heart of the forest." About 450 are still living, and of those, 250 are good shape, while the other 200 are particularly vulnerable. The remainder are standing deadwood.

Rich burnt sienna colored blooms. Long bloom time. Flowers lighten to orange as they age. Butterflies love this plant. Height 16-20” Spread 35”.

A small white flower that grew in particular abundance on graves and tombs, most famously on the barrows of the Kings of Rohan beneath the walls of Edoras. Simbelmynë was the name given to the flower in Rohan, a name translated as 'Evermind': a reference to the memories of the dead on whose tombs the flower grew.

SLIPPERY ELM - Slippery elm bark is a contact healer that coats, soothes and heals irritated or inflamed tissues, including burns and sore throats. Good insulation for tender throat through Autumn and Winter months.

- in the language of flowers: adversity will bring the aid of friends

- A shrub with white flowers in Beleriand called 'aeglos', translated as 'snowthorn.' [Unfinished Tales]
Note the link with Aiglos, spear of Gil-Galad, wielded in the War of the Last Alliance. Aiglos means 'snow-point' or 'icicle.' The element aeg means 'point' from ayak meaning 'sharp, pointed.' The element los means 'snow.'

Wild red berries found by Bilbo in the upper Vales of Anduin, as he journeyed eastward on the Quest of Erebor.
Strawberry recipes at Baggins Bag-End page

Strawberry - in the language of flowers: Strawberry tree - esteem is needed, but more so love; Strawberry: excellence and perfection will do it.
Louisiana designated the strawberry as the official state fruit in 1908 and 2001.

Pubescens 'Sunshine Superman', Star Tickseed. American native species that blooms all season. Gold flowers with an orange center are produced above the low mounds of green, lance-shaped leaves. 10” tall.

Cycnoches ventricosum; Egertonianum (Swan Orchid). see John Lindley, The Vegetable Kingdom (London: Bradbury & Evans, 1853)

- in the language of flowers: curiosity will hurt you

In Egypt the Tamarisk was the holy tree chosen to over-shadow the supposed sepulchre of Osiris, the king of Amenti. The Persea was sacred to Athor, the regent of the West, often identified with Isis. The sycamore was consecreated to Nut, mother of Isis and Osiris, frequently represented in the paintngs of the tombs, standing in its branches, pourng froma vase, a liquid which the soul of the departed, under the form of a bird with a human head, catches in his hands. It is the water of eternal life. So the trees were particularly sacred to the deities connected with Amenti, that is, to the deified kings and queens from the 'Lands of the West.'

We are told that the sacred tree was an emblem found in frequent associateion with the “cinged circle” in Assyria. As this symbol is always met with in immediate connection with the monarchs, it would seem that the worship of the tree bears a close relation to, if it is not typical of, that of the deified heroes and kings.

- in the language of flowers: independence of thought will bring fame

- in the language of flowers: activity in social and business life; thriftiness will bring great fortune

Blue Himalayan poppy, Meconopsis sheldonii 'Lingholm'
With blue as vivid as a kingfisher's wings, Meconopsis 'Lingholm' is of the most exquisitely beautiful of all flowering plants. Bred by chance this superb hybrid is reliably perennial. With stunningly piercing blue flowers these plants are exceptional.
variation: Meconopsis betonicifolia "Himalayan Blue" - Blue Himalayan poppy, Tibetan poppy

The Troll-woods west of Rivendell
The upland woods, consisting at least partly of beech trees, that lay to the west of Rivendell between the Rivers Hoarwell and Loudwater. They were the haunt of trolls, three of which famously waylayed Bilbo and his companions during the Quest of Erebor.

- in the language of flowers: declaration of love should be heeded

A name for the flower Evermind. One of two Elvish names given to the flower referred to by Men as simbelmynë, or Evermind. This name was used for the flowers that Tuor found growing around the Gate of Silver on the journey into Gondolin, and is not recorded after the end of the First Age. Texts referring to the Third Age seem to prefer the Elvish name alfirin for the same white, star-like flower, but whether this signals a change of name across the Ages is not known.

The Elvish name uilos is not literally equivalent to 'Evermind', but rather has a meaning closer to 'Everwhite'. The 'Ever-' element in both these names alludes to the fact that the flowers didn't have a particular season, but instead appeared throughout the entire year.

- in the language of flowers: sensibility will save the day for you

Muin - Joy, mirth, exaltation. Mabon or Fall Equinox. Sacred to Sadv, as well as Osiris (and probably Serapis). In Greece, Demeter and Dionysus were guardians of the ever-growing symbols of the continuing life cycles. As the bull, Dionysus was linked with grapes, wine, and ivy, the truly abundant life, literally provided by euphoria (the grape). This ties in with SOMA, the Hindu ‘liquor’ and spiritual drunkenness experienced directly via substance or by dance, as with the Whirling Dervishes. Symbol of resurrection from the view of the plant world, the birth, death, and resurrection cycle links to high spirit and strength preserved in wine. Mabon is "the Witches’ Thanksgiving" - giving thanks for the harvest and fruits resulting from just effort and hard labour. The music of the pipes encourages exuberant spinning and twisting dances, perhaps associated with the arc designs and spirals found in ancient art and sacred architecture.

Vines, climbers
Cathedral Bells, Cup and Saucer Vine, lavender: Cobaea scandens is an impressive climber and is one of the fastest-growing and most trouble-free vines you will ever grow. Extremely attractive when scrambling upward through trellis work, archways, over small buildings or old trees.

White Cup and Saucer Vine, White Cathedral Bells: Cobaea scandens alba will appeal to anyone who longs for something with panache and visual impact. This rare variety has clear white flowers and will fill the air with a very pleasant honey scent throughout the growing season.

"With the Roman conquest of Gual, with the encroaching influence of the Teutonic people, the change of outlook was a radical one. The spaces of reality widened and the time limit became fixed. Time and space alike contrasted with the inevitable curtailment of the human imagination, and knowledge became synonymous with precision."
- Nora Chadwick, THE CELTS, Penguin Books

Violas and their cousins pansies [associated with Venus] are among the most popular garden plants, adding colour, whimsy, and grace to a bed, border, or steps. They also thrive in containers, allowing you to enjoy them throughout your home and office; they are the perfect colour accent and add buoyancy and cheer.
Functional use: they keep the energy circulating throughout the home and on entry way steps.
Martha Stewart [indoor gardens] directions for planting and care.

Mercury is the planetary influence that governs the walnut, filbert, and hazel. Plants governed by Mercury include carrots, caraway seeds, calamint, horehound, parsley, licorice, lavender, St. John's bread, and all plants whose medicines remove obstructions.

Walnut – in the language of flowers: intellect is certain to bring fortune; better stratagems are required for complete satisfaction and success

Floating flowers of pond and stream
Water flowers known for their round, flat leaves floating on the surfaces of ponds and quiet rivers. Their flowers can be of many colours, but Goldberry the River-daughter seems to have had a particular interest in white lilies. Tom Bombadil travelled to the lower reaches of the Withywindle to gather white water-lilies for her, and it was while returning from a lily-gathering expedition that he discovered Frodo and his companions, and rescued them from Old Man Willow. Goldberry seems to have used her lilies to recreate her original home in the river: when Tom brought the hobbits back to his house, they found a seated Goldberry surrounded by water-lilies floating in pots of earthenware.

Like many other types of plant and flower, water-lilies were also known to grow in the verdant lands of Ithilien by the River Anduin. Long after their adventure with Tom and Goldberry, Frodo and Sam found their broad leaves floating in a quiet stream running down to the Great River.

(Root) This is one of the old-fashioned, home remedies. Very astringent. Excellent remedy in mucous troubles, and inflamed tissues in various parts of the body, and bronchial troubles. Very effective for healing inflamed gums. The leaves are very healing to wounds and cuts. Apply by poultice.

Picea glauca, narrow-leaved evergreen tree
White Spruce is a densely, pyramidal spire with bluish-green needles. The tree is widely used for its site adaptability.

WHITE TREE of Númenor
NIMLOTH, the White Tree that grew in Armenelos
In the early days of Númenor, its people still had the friendship of the Elves of Eressëa. Among the gifts the Eldar gave to the early Númenóreans, one of the greatest was a white seedling of the tree Celeborn that stood in the middle of their island. Planted in the King's Court in Armenelos, the seedling grew into a fine White Tree that came to be known as Nimloth. Its blossoms appeared as the Sun set, and their perfume filled the night in Númenor's royal city.

The tree of Tol Eressëa, Celeborn, was itself descended from Galathilion, the White Tree that stood in Tirion that was made by Yavanna herself. Its descendant Nimloth stood in the courts of Armenelos for thousands of years, but when Sauron gained control of Númenor's government, he saw the White Tree as a link to his enemies the Valar, and ordered it destroyed. So the White Tree of Nûmenor was cut down and burned on the altar-fire of Sauron's temple.

The line of Galathilion did not end in Sauron's flames. Isildur the son of Elendil had stolen a fruit from the Tree before it was lost. The fruit grew into a seedling that Isildur carried to Middle-earth with him after the Downfall of Númenor. That seedling was planted in Minas Ithil, and was destroyed before the end of the Second Age. Its seedling in turn grew into the first of the White Trees of Minas Tirith, a line that was to outlast Sauron himself.
source: Encyclopedia of Arda

Whiteweed also known as Oxeye Daisies are by vague tradition the children of Governor Endicott's planting. They were probably planted and cherished by the wives of early American colonists, when their beloved English Daisies were found unsuited to New England's climate and soil. Woad-waxen and Whiteweed act as crowding usurpers, not only because they are persistent, but because of their great expanses of striking bloom. Many other English plants are just as determined intruders, but their modest dress permits them to slip in comparatively unobserved.

Old Man Willow - the dark heart of the Old Forest
A name for the ancient willow tree that lay at the heart of the Old Forest, and from whom much of that forest's hatred of walking things was derived.

Saille, Willow, Pussy Willow, Osier
Willow Tree: One account records an Old Testament reference to the exiled Jews hanging their harps upon the willows as they wept beside the rivers of Babylon. This led to the weeping willow’s classification by Linnaeus as Silax Babylonica. The tree is said to have originated in China where it graced cemeteries as a symbol of immortality. During the Middle Ages, the willow became a traditional motif adorning tombs. Early 19th century gravestones throughout New England were decorated with the willow emblem.

LOTR The Return of the King - Arwen's Vision in the forest

WILLOW - Bach Remedy: when feeling isolated and ask, "Why is this happening - I don't deserve it!"; Sagittarius related afflictions.

WHITE WILLOW - Useful in all stomach troubles, sour stomach, and heart-burn. The tea made from the leaves or buds is good in eczema. White Willow Bark is best known for its ability to alleviate pain and reduce fever, and is also beneficial for infections and neuralgia.

The Willow is sacred to Diana, Luna, so many lines from Shakespeare may come to mind, such as enchantment, expression of undying love, fertility, the Goddess powers within a young maiden. In ancient Greece, the goddess Hera was born under a Willow on the island of Samos, where a magnificent temple was built to honor her. In the underworld kingdom of Pluto and Persephone, Orpheus touched a Willow branch and received the gift of supernatural eloquence. Willow groves are sacred to Hecate, dark goddess of the night and witchcraft. Willow is the source of Salicylic Acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Special observance may be indulged in for Beltane or May Day. Gypsies also revere the Willow, and decorate it on April 23rd, Green George’s Festival. The Flemish tie three knots in a with to rid themselves of ague.

An old spell uses a Willow to dismiss love and transform passion into friendship. At Full Moon snip a foot-long tendril from a Weeping Willow tree and braid it with equal lengths of bright red and cool green yarn. Tie three knots in the braid and hang the charm in an airy room until the Moon is in its last quarter. On three successive nights untie the knots one by one in privacy and silence while concentrating on your desire. Before the New Moon rises, burn the red strand to ashes and throw to the winds. Coil the Willow and green wool together and place in an envelope for safe-keeping.

The Willow of the Druids was not the Weeping Willow, but the tree or shrub we know as the Pussy Willow. The Irish called the Pussy Willow one of the ‘seven noble trees of the land.’

The Pussy Willow is magic and brings luck, so may be chosen as an ideal raw material for creating love charms, amulets, and for practical tools such as a wand or divining rod.

Medieval herbalists placed all Willows, such as Sallow, under the rulership of the Moon. The Sallow may be selected for rods also, as was preferred by the Scythians and the Alani for purposes of augurial divination. Fine straight wands were chosen, on which certain characters were written, and they were then thrown on a white cloth. From the way in which they fell the magician gained the desired information.




- in the language of flowers: spells have been cast - beware

WOOD, Enchanted Wood
In an Enchanted Wood - artist's collection

Used extensively to stop bleeding of all kinds, externally and internally. Yarrow tea encourages sweating which can reduce fevers; eases complaints that evolve from poor respiration. It can help the kidneys, detoxify the system generally, and improve the digestion. Grows wild in Northern California, easy to locate and harvest. Larger stalks may be cut and used for the purpose of divination and meditation with The Book of Changes.

Jethro Kloss recommends yarrow at the beginning of a cold, with other simple remedies, for the break up of the cold in twenty-four hours. A fine remedy in all kinds of fevers, taken hot. He used yarrow extensively, "as it grows very abundantly in the northern part of Wisconsin where he was born and reared. It also grows in many other parts of the United States."

- in the language of flowers: affection is sacred to your loved one

aka 'a grafted apple' - was under fairy influence, and a man who slept under it was liable, as Sir Lancelot found, to be carried away by fairy ladies.

Zinnia multiflora floribus pedunculatis
The Zinnia, multiflora, a native of Louisania, is a plant of more modern introduction, but requires the same treatment, and flowers at the same time, as the Tagetes patula, with which, though far inferior in brilliancy of colour, it contributes to decorate the borders of the flower-garden from June to September.
· The Louisiana State Flower is the Magnolia (magnolia), Louisiana designated the Sweet Potato as the State Vegetable, and The Louisiana State Tree is the Bald Cypress (taxodium distichum).
- in the language of flowers: – friendship will greatly help at this point; thoughtfulness of absent friends

Zucchini is a low-cal veggie that is easy to grow and contains the daily recommended intake of vitamins A and C. One zucchini has more potassium than a banana, and is great for students who want more of the memory Vitamins - B2, B6 and B9.


Middle-earth: the 'special types' spectrum of colour and fashion

Power Stones for Moonchild, or Cancer, The Shellfish [Crab, Tongs] ~ Ruler: The Moon

The Moon: Pearl, Moonrocks, Moonstone, Jade - The Pearl: The Bible compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a pearl of great price. Favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, who wore pearl studded gowns, and enormous pearl earrings and necklaces. Pearls signify health and long life, the psyche, and were once used as a medicine to combat poison. Moonstone: Potent love charm, bestows clairvoyance. Aids memory, cures epilepsy. May be worn with sheer, embroidered fabrics adorned with satin stitches and French knots. Jade: The ruler of the fifth heaven holds the jade scepter. Nephrite Jade: Used in Mysticism and occult matters of great potency. Healing stones are this color. Special to Moon children as charm. See Nature Spirits. July 8 Yellow Cairngorm - Simeon (the bloody brother whose anger is fierce)

Footnotes for follow up: THE WHITE GODDESS by Robert Graves

- p 263, Trees referencing various Hebrew figures, Abraham the Oak Tree, Aaron magic rod the almond as substitute for the hazel, etc.

- VIP - trees of sacred uses as re Old Testament on 264 - esp ref to the Acacia or ‘shittim’-wood

- 468 Allegorical glosses re various tree-lore, such as The Tree of Tortu and the Branching Tree of Dathi (ashes), refs ? to Brythonic and Danish ash-cults

- The Tree of Ross was a Yew, representing death and destruction.

- Ancient Tree of Usnech was?? Likely to have been a blackthorn, representing strife.

- These letters were the original White-goddess vowels, AOUEI, representing the spirit that moved on the face of the waters in the Genesis narrative; wit with the death vowel I replaced by the royal consonant J, amber, Benjamin’s letter, the letter of the Divine Child born on the Day of Liberation; and with the ‘birth of birth’ vowel omega supplementing the birth vowel alpha. The Third Person was thus androgynous: ‘virgin with child’, a concept which apparently accounts for the reduplication of the letter H in the JHWH Tetragrammation. The second H is the Shekinah, the Brightness of God, the mystic female emanation of H, the male First Person; with no existence apart from him, but identified with Wisdom, the brightness of his meditation, who has ‘hewn out her Seven Pillars’ of the true Creation and from which the ‘Peace that passeth understanding’ derives when Light is linked with Life. The sense of this mystery is conveyed in the Blessing of Aarpm (Numbers, VI, 22-27) which only priests were authorized to utter:

N: Ash (Nion) deities. There is the magical trilogy of Oak and Ash and Thorn.

See also Ardalambion Of the Tongues of Arda, the invented world of J.R.R. Tolkien

Arwen Fashion

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Celtic Wands for Harry Potter series, according to J.K. Rowling

Enter Middle-earth Inn

       Seven Day Link-Bond Candle Ritual       

Power of Albion charged with the powers of light and darkness      Robin Hood mystic forest




Arkansas coreopsis - Love at first sight will not work out

Monthly honeysuckle - Love bonds now hold you steady

Campion rose - Love felt for you is deserved

Rose acacia - Love felt for you is platonic

Red double pink - Love felt for you is pure and ardent

Ambrosia - Love is returned by one who deeply cares

Toothwort - Love is secretly shared with you

Honey flower - Love is sweet and secretly coveted

Forget-me-not - Love is true as felt by one who cares most

Deep red rose - Love of the bashful type will be wanted

Magnolia - Love of nature is in your blood

Moss rosebud - Love will be confessed to you very soon

Syrian mallow - Love will be consuming to both parties

Red Tulip - Love will be declared unexpectedly

Yellow sweetbrier - Love will be decreased quite soon

Wild honeysuckle - Love will be devoted through life

Furze - Love will be for all seasons or none

Creeping willow - Love will be forsaken if not careful

Myrtle - Love will be lost in absence

Wild violet - Love will be lost through idleness

Purple lilac - Love will be soon felt strongly

Carolina rose - Love will be dangerous to you

White rosebud - Love you now feel cannot be true

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