Magical Garden of Arwen and Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler DOB July 1, 1977 at 6:08 AM in Portland (ME)

Sun 9° Moonchild 27' [ruler: Luna, Diana, Artemis the Huntress]
Moon 13° Capricorn 24' [ruler: Saturn, The Safty Urge, King of the (Hyperborean) Golden Age]
ASC 21° Moonchild - Midheaven 1° Aries 12'

Jupiter 19° Gemini 52' Twelfth House of spiritual treasure and the halls of music [see Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Sun 6° Aries 25' over Liv Tyler's Aries Midheaven, an indication both will favor public life in some capacity, probably with international influence; Jupiter 28° Sagittarius 22' in his ascendant with Neptune 11° Libra 46' rx in Midheaven]

Dominant Radix Planets: Moon, Mercury and the Sun
Dominant Zodiacal Signs: Moonchild, Taurus, and Capricorn

Exoteric associations in Tarot: Trump IV and Trump XVIII, The Moon is represented as a synthetic glyph of the subtle energies employed in creating the Illusion, or Reflection of Reality, which we call manifested existence. see Tarot Navigation: go to Trump IV The Emperor, Trump XVIII The Moon [posterior pituitary gland], Trump XIX The Sun, and Late Autumn-Early Winter.

Plants and Trees under The Moon below; the Moon rules Yesod, thus all roots
Destiny Path 5

Some other well known people with Sun in Moonchild and Moon in Capricorn include:
John Quincy Adams, Lucie Arnaz, Karen Black, June Carter Cash, Merv Griffin, Edgar Degas, Adrian Grenier, Ernest Hemingway, Cheech Marin, Peter Murphy, and Carly Simon.

Your Garden and the Moon
When the Moon is growing lighter, from New Moon to Full, it is said to be waxing, or increasing. When it is getting darker, from Full Moon to New, it is called the waning or decreasing Moon. The waxing Moon favors growth of any kind, both in the garden and in a person’s life. The Waning Moon favors reduction in size or growth of anything. This is the basic principle to planting by the phases, but check for exceptions to the rule.

In traditional planting lore, the rule of thumb is that crops which yield their produce above the found should be planted on the Waxing Moon, and those which yield below ground on the Waning Moon. The logic is that food is produced in the upper part of the plant, but draws back in for storage in the underground part.


The ‘crown of thorns’ worn by Jesus was actually a cap of wound branches cut from the Thorny Tamarisk, or Acacia. The length of the thorns gives rise to the theory several physicians propose, that some thorns were long enough to have entered the brain, acting like spikes. There is a legend about The Sacred Thorn Tree growing today at Glastonbury Abbey ~ that the original branch transplanted there was cut in the Garden of Gesemene and brought to England by the Uncle of Jesus, Joseph of Arimethea.

Among Egyptians and Jews, Acacia or Tamarisk is frequently found in scripture; it was also a sacred tree among the Arabs. Masons hold emblems of acacia, cedar, cypress, and evergreen branches in high esteem. The true Acacia (Thorny Tamarisk) is the tree housing that grew up around Osiris, an Egyptian Sun-God, perhaps once King, who taught the people cultivation of wheat and the vine. The Temple of Solomon held the Acacia (shittim wood) ark, altar, table, etc. If covered with gold, Acacia represented the enduring quality of Divine Law and Divine Truth. The altar upon which offerings were laid, was overlaid with copper or bronze. The ark was covered with gold both inside and outside.

The first person of Tetragrammaton: True Creator The All-Father, letter H, Acacia, tree of Sunday, tree of Levi, the lapis lazuli symbolizing the blue sky as yet untenanted by the heavenly bodies; identified by Jewish apocalyptics with The ‘Ancient of Days’ in the Vision of Daniel. The Second Person was comprised in Ezekiel’s Enthroned Man - the spiritual man as God’s image, man who abstained in perfect peace from the dangerous pleasures of the false creation and was destined to reign on earth everlastingly.

He was represented by F, the fire-garnet (the lower part of his anatomy), the Pomegranate, the tree of the Sabbath and of Judah. The apocalyptics identified him with the Son of Man in Daniel’s’ vision. The upper anatomy was amber: the royal part, linking him with the Third Person. For the Third Person comprised the remaining six letters of the name, six being the Number of Life in the Pythagorean philosophy.

- in the language of flowers: art is your best talent, use it

ALDA - (Quenya) 'tree', naturally common in tree names such as culumalda ('red-golden tree') or Malinalda (the 'Golden Tree' of Valinor), and also seen in Aldalómë ('tree-twilight', a name for Fangorn Forest). The plural form was aldar, seen in Nísimaldar ('Fragrant Trees') as well as several tree-related personal names and titles (such as Aldaron and Aldarion, both meaning '(Lord) of Trees').

Mar. 18-Apr. 14 I am a shining tear of the sun
FEARN, F in the Irish alphabet. Strength, light, the perpetuation of the life-force are represented. Ostara, the Spring Equinox; the Alder is also sacred to Bran. Those like Persephone who have triumphed over dark times, now return and reiterate representatives of the collective ‘attraction’ among community members, connectedness that exists among women especially when there are feminine elders among the group, and so on. Alders make the whistle and pipe for minstrels, and fine dyes of red, green and brown. The tree bleeds red when felled. To Celts, Alder is the special tree of the faerie folk.

In the Old Testament, Aaron’s Magic Rod (The Budding Almond) was sometimes a substitute for Hazel. Almond also symbolizes Mercury. Almond wood is on the same par with concepts like the crown or diadem, a pure crystal frequency. Many Qabalistic attributions link Almond with the early ‘Watchers’ awaiting the Savior. Considered perfect as wood for the White Magician’s wand, it actually belongs to the middle pillar as a whole.

Aloe Vera pulp is considered one of the most effective healing agents for treatment of burns, cuts, and other smaller injuries. The leaf of the plant should be cut open, after rough edges have been removed, and placed directly on the wound; a bandage applied around the whole area should be checked every 12 hours. Replace plant leaf and rebandage regularly to reduce any scars. As a drink, a cocktail should be mixed with 1/2 aloe vera juice to 1/2 cranberry, pomegrannate, or other cleansing juice. Restores vigor to internal organs.

- in the language of flowers: giddiness will harm the effort, so take care

Small flowers of many pale colours. Frodo and Sam found white and blue anemones growing in the fragrant flowered lands of Ithilien, and Tolkien also hints that simbelmynë was also a variety of anemone, or at least similar in appearance.

Popular aphrodesiacs include: chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, damiana, ginger, nutmeg, saffron, vanilla, yohimbe, and most plants, herbs, and foods under the rulership of Venus/Aphrodite. Aphrodesiacs that are not intended for consumption include aromathery oils, including combinations of citrus or rose and lavender; almond, jasmine, lotus, or patchouli massage oil for warming and relaxing the body; incense [including musk, myrrh, rose, and violet]; orris root, rose petals and oil in bath water, various combinations of stones and metals worn on the arms, wrist, and hand. Ancients placed high value on special ointments, oils, and applications - numerous skin care products that enhanced cosmetic features were an added factor as well.

Quert, the letter Q in the alphabet. The Apple had especial gifts of power and youth, as the saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." The Apple brings two favorite films to mind. The first, THE ANGEL AND THE BADMAN, because of the classic Western hero, Quert Evans, a rough rider played by John Wayne (Sun in Gemini) whose life was saved by a Quaker family. The second film is one of Fellini’s finest, JULIET OF THE SPIRITS. The particular reference for the Apple would be the scene of counseling with the Eastern mystic, what may be called the core oracle teaching about the subject. Both recommendations have provided this author with noteworthy insights and inspirations, too numerous to list, that is the reason I recommend these films herein.

Mother Hera’s life-giving Tree of Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides (perhaps The Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge) was guarded by a serpent, probably when the North Star was in the constellation Draco, The Dragon. The Gnostics gradually transformed the serpent into OUROBOROS, the earth dragon living forever in the Underworld. One of the symbols for alchemy is the serpent OUROBOROS eating its tail, also symbolic of time. Alternate translations of Genesis yield a vast amount of speculation about the nature of the serpent, even to the degree the word, ‘subtle’ may perhaps actually be rendered, ‘supple’, and so dramatically alter the entire creation myth.

CRAB APPLE - Bach Remedy: if getting stuck or lost in too much detail; Virgo related afflictions.

Spear-wood of the Rohirrim
Tall, straight, grey trees common in northern lands, and found throughout Middle-earth. The spears of the Rohirrim were made from their wood, as was Gandalf's staff.

Feb. 18-Mar. 17 I am a wind on the deep
NION, N in the Irish alphabet. Knowledge, a tree of rebirth, one of the seven Chieftain Trees ~ they are, Oak, Hazel, Apple, Yew, Holly, Ash, Pine. Sacred to Gwydion. The World-Tree, Yggdrasil, of Scandinavian mythology is an Ash. The staff of the Father God is made from the wood of this Ash, symbolizing the Divine in humanity. This staff figures prominently in The Ring Cycle’s symbolic thrust to the degree it comes close to taking stage centre as an almost independent character in Wagner’s great opera. The God’s staff holds a record of sacred vows, oaths, commitments; Ash power is linked to waters & floods ~ it safeguards against drowning waters & faeries. In rural Sweden, Ash is a “bartrad”, guardian-tree; it protects health & prosperity at each farm. Odd and even Ash keys (seed-pods) were often used in divination. A cleft Ash may cure rupture and rickets. Branches were seldom cut, never considered for hearths though wood be scarce.

The Ash Tree is under the planetary influence of Venus, as well as the apple, pear, fig, cypress, pomegranate, almond, peach, apricot, grapes and other vines.

ASH, MOUNTAIN - in the language of flowers: prudence always pays handsomely

WHITE POPLAR, or Aspen was the letter E, EADHA in the Druid's tree alphabet.
If the Birch Tree has difficulty acclimatizing to an environment, the Aspen Tree is often selected instead, more for cosmetic rather than aesthetic purposes. The Birch (symbol of birthing & beginnings) is sometimes figured in heraldic emblems of Christ. The Aspen, or White Poplar, known as ‘the shield maker’s tree,’ is associated with measure-rods used by the coffin makers from Ireland. The Black Poplar had achieved status as a sacred funeral tree of pre-Hellenic Mother Earth.
Quaking Aspen

Bach Flower Therapy and Treatment employs Aspen for ‘fear’ related complaints, alone or with other remedies ranging from Cherry Plum, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, and Mimulus. Consult a specialist for advice when you have a complaint.

Pale flowers of the woodland. Yellow and white flowers found by Frodo and Sam in Ithilien.

- in the language of flowers: temperance should be practiced for now – see Trump XIV Temperance BINARY SOLUTIONS - Study 3d, Equilibrium and Spontaneity Trump XIV Candles

Banyan Tree branches take fresh roots where they touch the ground and start new main stems; this is connected with the special idea of Kether, Reason. Both the Banyan and the Mandrake provide direct connection with the automatic consciousness which has its seat in Yesod.

Tall trees of the northern forests: Broad and tall trees that grew throughout Middle-earth, and especially in its northern regions. The most famous beech-forest of all was Neldoreth in Doriath. Hírilorn, the three-trunked tree in which Lúthien was imprisoned, was perhaps the greatest beech that had ever grown.

Subject for Tree Ghosts and Indian tree spirits. Says Mr. Crookes in his, POPULAR RELIGION OF NORTHERN INDIA, "These tree ghosts are, it is needless to say, very numerous. Hence most local shines are constructed under trees; and in one particular tree, the Bira, the jungle tribes of Mirzapur locate Bagheswar, the tiger godling, one of their most dreaded deities. In the Konkan, according to Mr. Campbell, the medium or Bhagat who becomes possessed is called Jhad, or ‘tree,’ apparently because he is a favourite dwelling-place for spirits. In the Dakkhin it is believed that the spirit of the pregnant woman of Churel lives in a tree, and the Abors and Padams of East Bengal believe that spirits in trees kidnap children.” There is a fantastically lush and instructional movie about such belief systems, that could easily be a true story. Themes run through to the very misty beginning of time for those of us living in the cement world. Check it out! THE EMERALD FOREST (Powers Booth)

In Middle-earth Birches are smooth, silver-barked forest trees; the Elvish name for this tree, brethil, gave its name to the Forest of Brethil.
The Birch Tree is under the influence of Jupiter, as is the lime, linden, oak, olive, mulberry, ash, almond, and several berries. [Jupiter rules or co-rules these plants: asparagus, sage, leeks nutmegs, cloves rhubarb, strawberries, mints, sugar-cane, myrrh, currants, dandelion, daisy.]

Dec. 24-Jan. 20 I am a stag of seven tines, or an ox of seven fights.
B, Beth is the first letter of the Druid alphabet, sacred Beth of Cerridwen. Representation of beginnings, birth, encouragement. Yuletide. The Swedes hang a leafy twig over each door on May Day to bless the home. Deemed sacred to Thor, Norse god of thunder and lightning, Birch symbolizes youth and springtime. The Dakota Sioux burn Birch bark to discourage thunder spirits. A Birch bough on the roof protects a German home from lightning strikes. German (and Gypsy) homes are protected from unwanted spirits by the broom (made of Birch) on the back door of the house. Birch groves guarded home, hearth, and garden in colonial New England. Siberian shamans may still seek the ‘magic mushroom’ in Birch groves where it flourishes.

Birch is one of the hardiest of trees, growing further north and with the Rowan and the Ash, higher up mountains than other species of tree. Graves calls the Birch, ‘the tree of inception’ with good reason. It self-sows, forming groves ~ also is one of the earliest forest trees to put out leaves in spring. Scandinavians carry a young dried leaf for good luck on the first day of a new job. Basque witches use Birch oil to anoint love candles. The Native American Indians preferred Birch bark for their canoes since the light material on the water facilitated construction and maintenance of the vessel. The whiteness of the tree's bark is an apparent suggestion for a connection with White Goddess ritual, present at birth and the moment of passage to higher dimensions. Followers of The Goddess often whitened their faces, to mirror the white face of the Moon. The reported composition of the ‘witches besom’ is traditionally Ash, Birch and Willow (osier) sacred to Triple Goddess.

An Old English folk-ballad titled, The Wife of Usher’s Well has a line: ‘And their hats were ‘o the birk,’ echoing a rural theme that souls returning from the dead decked themselves with branches plucked from the Birch trees surrounding the gates of Paradise. The boughs were worn for protection lest the winds of Earth discover them and thwart their mission.

Birch is the shaman’s tree, like the Chinese Kien-Mou, a piece of wood analogous to the sacrificial stake of the Brahman. All three of them are notched seven, nine, or sixteen times, like to Jacob’s Ladder, "by which the Sovereigns ascend and descend." Birch is also the link with the runic letter B.

Bird's Foot Trefoil Fairy: Have you ever noticed strange circular patches of grass surrounded by toadstools? Those circles are fairy rings, where hundreds of tiny feet have trampled while you were sound asleep. If you hunt for fairy rings early in the morning, look carefully through the crushed grass and underneath toadstools... you might find a tiny shoe that a fairy dancer has left behind! Fairy Meaning: Born to dance.

This deciduous tree is found by streamsides. The leaves are dark green on the top side and silvery-white with rusty veins below. Leaf margins have rounded teeth, and the twigs are sticky. In autumn the leaves turn yellow.

Edgar Cayce recommends 5 raw walnuts daily for asthma attacks.

The Bluebell Fairy: The Scottish name for this flower is dead men's bells for it is said that to hear the ring of a bluebell is to hear one's own death knell. For this reason, it should never be picked.
Fairy Meaning: Constancy

Near the village of Bodh Gaya, India A powerful symbol in Eastern philosophy, as captured on film in, The Little Buddha (Chris Issak, Brigit Fonda, Keannu Reeves). This movie I heartily recommend to anyone interested in seeing first hand the power of the religions in the East and at the top of the world. A must see if you are inspired by the story of The Buddha and want to know more about the teaching about reincarnation. The Bo or Pipal Tree was shelter for the Buddha Shakyamuni at the moment of his complete enlightenment.
GO Richard Gere for more

- in the language of flowers: bluntness is necessary right now

- in the language of flowers: constancy in friendship is yours; stoicism is to be honored

is an enchanted forest in Brittany originating inside Arthurian legends. Nimue or Viviana, Lady of the Lake, enchanted, imprisoned and hid Merlin beneath a large stone within the confines of magic trees.

Variation from the book, CASTLES, by David Day and Alan Lee, as follows: '...she led Merlin deep within the enchanted forest of Brocielande and had him sit down for a time to rest beneath a thorn tree. There she used Merlin's own magic on him. Putting him in a sleeping trance, she trailed her wimple nine times around the thorn tree under which he lay. She created a 'Tower of Air' from which Merlin could never emerge. Although Vivien could come and go as she pleased in this ensorcelled Tower of Air, to all others it was invisible.'

The Brooches of the Elven-cloaks These fastening brooches were given to the Fellowship of the Ring by Galadriel and Celeborn to close the folds of the grey cloaks of concealment. They were described as a newly opened beech leaf. In The Two Towers, Pippin left his brooch on the trail to Isengard so Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli would be able to track the Hobbits. Pippin utilized the brooch again in, The Return of the King. He recognized the Elven cloak and brooch worn by Merry, and found his wounded friend after the battle of Pelennor Fields, outside the gates of the City of Gondor…[Minas Tirith.]


"The Broom,
Full-flowered and visible on every steep,
Along the copses runs in veins of gold."

The Broom flower is the emblem of mid-summer, a hot yellow flower sometimes known as "Salem Wood-wax."

BUTTERCUP, Ranunculus
Found in dry, open meadows this 4 to 12 inch plant has shiny yellow to whitish flowers. Its tiny seeds were eaten by California Indians.

- in the language of flowers: ambassador of love is your destiny

- in the language of flowers: If your heart is broken always remain cheerful, things will change soon

Mighty spreading trees of southern climes
Huge resinous trees with spreading branches. In the Third Age, as today, cedars were most common in warmer lands, but they were apparently not unknown in the Shire.

The Cedars of Lebanon Those magnificent Cedars, so celebrated throughout history and in Holy Scriptures, came from the mountains known by Hebrews as Libanus ~ of great height, with trunks some thirty-five to forty feet circumference. Cedar and Gold were the primary materials used for construction of the interior of Solomon’s Temple. Floor planks were Fir. Cedar and Cypress beams & panels were imported from Syria for temples and palaces to be erected in Ancient Persia. A large door of wood, presumably for a temple, cost well beyond what an independent farmer could afford.
Northern White Cedar is sometimes called, ‘The Tree of Life’, originally a simple tea that was refreshing at the day’s close. Today, this wonderful tree has been researched and there are remedies harvested to apply with regard to many complaints. Needles taken off the Cedar bough have an impact on various skin conditions and coloration problems.

CELEBORN The White Tree of Tol Eressëa
The White Tree that grew in the central regions of Tol Eressëa. It grew from a seedling of Galathilion, the White Tree that grew in Tirion, and from it came Nimloth, the White Tree of Númenor.

CHAPARRAL Lung disorders, blood purifier, arthritis.

- in the language of flowers: - education will make you known

- in the language of flowers: beauty of the mental type is yours

- in the language of flowers: – be honest andn faithful, belong to one

COMFREY ROOT AND LEAVES Blood cleanser, eats carbohydrates, but do not boil as high temps break down allantoin [the healing ageent].

COSMOS Yellow Cosmos [Cosmos sulphurens]
Draws bees and butterflies to your garden. Renders lovely dye, shades of orange and tan. Rapid growth, a prolific bloomer - great if your garden is small; feathery foliage gives a delicate appearance to all the flowers.

CRANBERRY One of the jewel tone colours in Arwen's palatte Arwen’s Cranberry Crown; also go ARWEN FASHION

Lobelia erinus compacta, Edging Lobelia, Garden Lobelia
“Crystal Palace” is still considered by many to be the very best Lobelia for border edging and formal bedding. The deep blue flowers offset by dark, bronzed foliage will provide a long lasting and stunning display from late spring through to early autumn.

Red-golden trees of the Field of Cormallen
A tree that grew in North Ithilien, and especially in the woods around the Field of Cormallen. It is almost unknown apart from a passing note by Christopher Tolkien, but its name suggests that it was tall and thin, and that its leaves were red-golden in colour.

Lavender blue everlasting flowers in summer. 2’. Easy to grow drought resistant plants. Sun link.

- in the language of flowers: basehful love is better than no love at all

This tree, a hard pine with three long needles in a stiff bundle, offers little shade, as the needles droop sparsely in tufts at the end of the branches. The tree can spread widely, branching close to the ground. It offers a bounty of nuts which are nestled in the thick woody scales of the cone. These nuts, as well as those from other pine seeds, were a part of the early California Indian diet.

ECHINACEA Tea has long been considered a general healing help for the immune system; said to stimulate the activity of white blood cells, which destroy bacteria, viruses, and other maladies.

EGLANTINE, sweet-smelling wild rose
A type of wild rose, with sweet-smelling flowers and leaves, also known as sweet-briar. Frodo and Sam found it growing in Ithilien as they journeyed through that land.

ELANOR, the flower named ‘Sun-star’
A golden, star-shaped flower, with a name meaning sun-star. Sam Gamgee first came across it in Lórien, and gave his eldest daughter, Elanor Gardner, the name of this flower.

Nov. 25-Dec.22 I am a wave of the sea.
RUIS, R in the Irish alphabet. Completion of cycles, fullness of night. Sacred to the Cailleach. A waterside tree, dwelling of spirits; ask unseen presences ere you break a twig, and unlucky to burn the Bourtree. A solitary Elder, where none was before, may be a Witch in disguise. An amulet against evil and a charm against warts, the Elder made good remedies for colds & chills, and sometimes (the berries) even blessed the owner with special powers. Sayings go that an Elder planted over a new-made grave in the form of a cross will bloom as the sign the soul has moved on to the rewards that were accumulated while incarnate.

Tall trees of forest and field that grew throughout the northern regions of Middle-earth, as they still do today.
Treebeard especially noted the elm-woods of Ossiriand, to the east of Beleriand.

another name for Oiolairë
A title used in Númenor for the evergreen tree oiolairë, a gift to the Númenóreans from the Elves.
Oiolairë means ‘Ever-summer’, A sweet-scented tree that grew in Númenor, and especially in the western region known as Nísimaldar. It was the custom among Númenórean mariners to place a cut bough of oiolairë on the prows of their ships, as a symbol of good fortune.

The white grave-flower
A translation of the name simbelmynë, the name in Rohan for the small white flower that grew especially on the graves of Men. This association with the dead was the source of the flower's name - a literal translation would be something like 'everlasting memory'. In appearance, Tolkien compares Evermind to the anemone, a small white flower growing among the grass.

Sweetbay is commonly found in a variety of wetlands or swales and along streams on the coastal plain of the United States, from Massachusetts, south to peninsular Florida. It bears large, fragrant, white blossoms in the springtime. The leaves are silvery underneath and give the tree a silver or white appearance. Its small fruits turn bright red in the fall. This tree is used sparingly as an ornamental in wetter areas. It is evergreen and makes a good backdrop to smaller darker trees and shrubs in wetland plantings. It is generally overlooked for its showier relatives, such as the Southern magnolia (Magnolia Grandiflora), which has larger leaves and blossoms.

'Fangorn' means 'Treebeard', from the old Ent who dwelt in this forest. A last remnant of the great forests of Eriador, lying in the southern foothills of the Misty Mountains, in which the Ents still dwelt during the Third Age.
Aldalómë Quenyan [High Elven]; Tree shadow; alda tree (Q) [Silmarillion]; lómë dusk [Sil], from DO3, DÔ- Q lóme shades of night
[Etymologies]; a name given to Fangorn Forest by the Ents

Hardy trees of the highlands; evergreens that grew across the northern parts of Middle-earth, and especially in the upper Vales of Anduin.

Yavanna made an image of Telperion in Tirion, Galathilion. From it came Celeborn, the White Tree of Tol Eressëa, through which it became the ancestor of all the White Trees of Númenor and Minas Tirith.

Telperion is the elder of the Two Trees of Valinor, called the White Tree, which shed silver light on the domain of the Valar. His leaves were of dark green, shining silver beneath, and his boughs were decked with brilliant flowers that shed a rain of silver dew. More importantly, one of Telperion's flowers survived the Darkening, and was set aloft by the Valar; this was the light we call the Moon.
Arwen and Elrond with the banner at Minas Tirith - Coronation Day

The mate of Belthil in the courts of Turgon
The golden tree made by Turgon of Gondolin in memory of Laurelin, one of the Two Trees of Valinor. Its mate was Belthil.

This bough, with leaves and stem of gold, was hidden in the woods and shadowed by the walls of a small dell. It had to be plucked from the tree (no one enters the Underworld without it), and brought as a tribute to Persephone. And it is said that when a bough is torn away, another grows in its place, with the same leaves and stem of gold. And he who finds it may pull it out easily, if he is fated to descend; otherwise no sword nor any amount of force can hew it away.

The Hidden City of Gondolin, by Ted Nasmith

Tea is used for the nerves, increases general sense of health and harmony, and improves the status of the immune system. Calm, healing, facilitates circulation.

Plants often unite in nature. To graft, a cutting from one plant is placed in contact with the inner bark of another. The part implanted is called the cion. The plant receiving the cion is the stock. The cion retains the characteristics of the plant from which it is taken. The stock supplies food and water for the growing plant. The main uses of grafting are to multiply plants which do not come true from seed. Grafting often saves time in growing plants, as when one-year-old cions are grafted on two-year-old roots. Grafting is also used to change the habits of growth.
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May 13-Jun. 9 I am fair among flowers.
Uath, H in the Irish alphabet. Whitehorn and May are two other names for the sacred tree of Olwen and Cardea, Roman patroness of crafts. She lives in a starry castle behind the North Wind, said to have the power to “open what is shut, and shut what is open.” Her emblem, the Hawthorn bough has clustered pink or white blossoms with an aphrodisiac scent, symbolizing fullness, ripening. In Bali wreaths of Thorn keep away ghosts and things that go bump in the night… but if you bring Thorn indoors, contrariness will come in with it! It was deemed the tree of chastity by the Old-Irish. Greek brides wore crowns of Hawthorn flowers in May.

The Hawthorn grows to about 15 feet, with long thorns and bright berries during Autumn. Smaller trees have protection from the Hawthorn as they develop, the Oak and Ash in particular. Beliefs about the Hawthorn survive in this Mother Goose bed time story:

The fair maid who, the first of May,
Goes to the fields at break of day,
And washes in dew from the Hawthorn Tree,
Will ever after handsome be.

Aug. 5-Sept. 1 I am a salmon in the pool.
Witch Hazel Coll in the Druidic Tree system, C in the Irish Alphabet This fruit-bearing tree is known for the specially magical qualities associated with psyche truth. Extract may be applied directly through the solar plexus to direction blueprints for the whole person… re-calibrating the system to move energy back to the correct track. Dedicated to the god Thor, Hazel is said to cure fever, also assists with the process of ‘letting up, letting go’. If allied with white magic, Hazel enhances youthfulness, fertility, healing and wisdom. Sacred to Manannan and the Muses. Wands and Divining Rods are mostly cut from the Hazel, but all kinds of nut and fruit trees have been used, White & Black Thorn and Privet also being favourites. A Hazel rod was a badge of authority, particularly used by Romans ~~ early records exist from Ancient Egypt ~~ Cicero and Tacitus both wrote of the rod, "virgula divina."

In Germany, Hazel was known as the ‘wishing-rod’ and was used just as fortunetellers use cards, coins, or tea-leaves in modern times. Robert Boyle, the ‘father of chemistry’ may have first mentioned the diving rod in England. One of his publications (1663) stated, "A forked hazel twig is held by its horns, one in each hand, the holder walking with it over places where mineral lodes may be suspected, and it is said that the fork by dipping down will discover the place where the ore is to be found. Many eminent authors, amongst others our distinguished countryman Gabriel Plat, ascribe much to this detecting wand, and others, far from credulous or ignorant, have as eye-witnesses spoken of its value. When visiting the lead-mines of Somersetshire I saw its use, and one gentleman who employed it declared that it moved without his will, and I saw it bend so strongly as to break in his hand. It will only succeed in some men’s hands, and those who have seen it may much more readily believe than those who have not."

Some authorities on the subject speculate the dowsing and the divining rod was first brought into England in the time of Queen Elizabeth; others offer some evidence to show Henry VIII imported German dowsers during his reign. In the State papers of that time may be found recorded the fact that commissioners were sent to Germany to study the best methods of mining and brought back with them German miners from the Harz Mountains. It seems likely that; in some areas where dowsing was not employed by the locals there, these ‘foreigners’ may have introduced the ancient art into England. In Southern France, Ireland, and the Holy Land, documentation survives to the effect dowsers have been asked to find water since ancient times. The television series about the unusual and unexplained, IN SEARCH OF… researched the dowser in England and The Colonies. While doing the show, there were unearthed several previously unknown standing stones, one of those is the largest discovered in the USA.

Eliaphas Levi specifies the perfectly straight branch of an Almond or Hazel Tree be cut with a single blow before the rising of the sun, at the moment the tree is ready to blossom. Levi refers to the Magic Wand as the ‘perfected divining rod’, in TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC (Weiser Publisher) in his chapter on Magic Equilibrium, elsewhere stating that preparation as follows is a wise course for the Magician: “The magical idea must be turned into light for the eyes, harmony for the ears, perfumes for the sense of smell, savours for the palate, objects for the touch. The operator, in a word, must realize in his whole life that which he wishes to realize in the world without him; he must become a MAGNET to attract the desired thing; and when he shall be sufficiently magnetic, let him be assured that the thing will come of itself, and without thinking of it.”

Tree of the High Elves, The image of Telperion
A reference to the White Tree Galathilion that stood in the courts of Tirion in the Pass of Light, and was made in the image of Telperion by Yavanna herself. This tree was later used as an emblem of the High Elves, at least in Middle-earth. Most notably, it appeared on the Doors of Durin at the western entrance to Moria. On those Doors, the tree was depicted twice, as a mirrored pair of images. Those images showed Galathilion with its branches hung with crescent Moons, to represent its descent from Telperion, whose last flower formed the Moon itself.
source: The Encyclopedia of Arda



July 8-Aug. 4 I am a battle-waging spear.
TINNE, T in the Irish Alphabet.
Increase, heroism, foresight and defense. Sacred to Lugh of the Long Arm, Celtic Sun God, and to Habondia, Goddess of Plenty. Holly and Ivy cover “Jack-in-the-Green”, a leaf-clad mummer and chimney sweep who dances on May Day in England. During the Saturnalia, Romans decked their homes with Holly, the plant sacred to Saturn. Early Christians used a similar decor so they could ‘blend’ with the local color. The surviving tradition we know today, that of ‘decking the halls with boughs of Holly’ at Yuletide is as popular as ever, additionally emphasizing the resurrection and the ‘return of the light,’ celebrated at the Winter Solstice on a global level.

HOLLY - Bach Remedy: when love fulfulment is focused wholly on another person; Scorpio related afflictions.

HONEY GARLIC [Sicilian Honey Garlic]: Nectaroscordum siculum
In summer, Sicilian honey garlic has delicate, bell-shaped, greenish-white flowers with mauve-pink markings that dangle in loose, weeping heads. The plant, which attracts bees, is beautiful even after it has finished flowering.
Source: Martha Stewart

Trees under the command of the Ents
Apparently a form of Ent that had lapsed into an almost complete tree-like existence. Though they would rarely move of their own accord, and then only slowly, they could be roused by the more active Ents, with whom they could also communicate. The Huorns played a great part in the defeat of Saruman during the War of the Ring.

Dec. 23 Who but I knows the secrets of the unhewn dolmen?
To ‘Little Benjamin their ruler’ belongs New Year’s Day
December 23rd, the day of the Divine Child
Benjamin’s tree was the Hyssop, or Wild Caper, which grows green in walls and crannies and was the prime lustral tree in Hebrew use, or the Holy Loranthus, which preys on Desert Tamarisks. Benjamin, ‘Son of My Right Hand’, was given connection to Sol, in the cycle’s most southerly stage, ‘The Ruler of the South.’ Often classified as one of Jupiter’s own, the amethyst and lapis lazuli can be employed as corresponding precious stones within a variety of magical formulae. Amber was once designated Jupiter’s healing and empowerment jewel, thought to contain ‘captured lightning’ (with similar astronomical value as attached to the extraordinary amber harvested in Speilberg’s, JURASSIC PARK). Amber was always in heavy demand throughout the ancient world, and like lapis lazuli, a true universal staple on criss-crossing trade routes. As a companion plant, Hyssop attracts the cabbage butterfly away from cabbages, and comes under the heading of Sagittarius, The Centaur.

This aromatic tree grows to a height of 150 feet. The branches are flattened with the leaves overlapping in whorls of four. On older trees the dark brown to red bark is fibrous with deep irregular furrows. Wood from this tree is used for making pencils, and lining closets. Use you sense of smell and discover how this tree got its name.

INDIGO Indigo indigofera and Polygonium tinctorium
Bushy annuals, natives of India and the East, with beautiful flowers and many green leaves. It is the leaves that give the famous blue.

A colourful and distinctive flower. Frodo and Sam found it growing in Ithilien, and the Gladden River and Fields took their name from a variety of this flower. The 'iris-swords' mentioned in The Lord of the Rings are a reference to its thin, pointed leaves.

Sept. 30-Oct. 27 I am a ruthless boar.
Gort, G in the Irish Alphabet Attachment, fidelity, eternal friendship, and resurrection are represented via Ivy. Sacred to Palu, as well as Maires, Attis, Osiris, and Saturn. Ivy and Holly figured prominently during the Saturnalia, Ivy due to characteristic spirals, pattern of growth and evolutionary unfoldment in the material world. Ivy is the crown of poets and the wreath of Bacchus. Robert Graves writes, “Bacchanal revels of Thrace and Thessaly in which the intoxicated Bassarids rushed wildly about on the mountains, waving the fir-branches of Queen of Artemis (or Ariadne) spirally wreathed with ivy - the yellow berried sort - in honour of Dionysus (the autumnal Dionysus, who must be distinguished from the Dionysus of the Winter Solstice who is really a Hercules), and with a roebuck tattooed on their right arms above the elbow.” (THE WHITE GODDESS)

- in the language of flowers: come down from the clouds

JASMINE This twining, deciduous, woody climber is grown for its clusters of very fragrant, pure white flowers borne from summer until early autumn. Grow over an arch, or near a garden seat, so the perfume can be easily appreciated.

- in the language of flowers: aid will always be close... so never fear

- in the language of flowers: capricious beauty will not help you

Apuleius classes the Laurel among the plants which preserve men from the influence of evil spirits. The Laurel was also sacred to Apollo and believed to give protection from lightning. Laurel wreaths from the hills of Delphi were prepared for Pythia, Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi; it was the practice of many ancient Oracles to eat the Laurel leaf prior to entering the temple. Laurel is listed as one of the Evergreens - it is said the first church was built of evergreen boughs near Glastonbury Tor. This may have been part of the modern day ritual of decorating the home and sacred place with Evergreens, such as holly, ivy, box, laurel, and mistletoe, at Yuletide. Laurel, Bay and other healing trees were planted around open-air amphitheatres so breezes would catch and carry their scents throughout the area where the audiences were seated. The ancient stage was often the scene where healers commenced the healing process. Dreams provided insights, combined with classical performances, helping patients to clear the mind so the physician could proceed with any tangible treatment. In Mythology, Daphne is turned into a tree to avoid pursuit of her lover Apollo, so the Laurel has always been sacred Apollo. A wreath of its branches symbolized victory, conferred on the royal houses and those recognized as having distinguished themselves. Competitors triumphant in games dedicated to The Sun God were crowned with Laurel. At the global level, the Laurel Wreath represents generative Solar energy, blessings, and a kind of nobility usually considered as characteristic of divine favor. Originally, the Laurel was probably an emblem from the poetic Olympic prototype of the Roman Games we know today. Of course, classic lines are coined from the great chariot race in the film, BEN HUR, when Charleton Heston received the Laurel from Pilate: “You are the people’s one true God ~~ for the moment. Permit us to worship you.”

LAURELIN (the Tree of Gold) and TELPERION (the Tree of Silver)
the Two Trees of Valinor

Telperion and Laurelin, the Silver Tree and the Gold that brought light to the Land of the Valar in ancient times. The were destroyed by Melkor and Ungoliant, but their last flower and fruit were made by the Valar into the Moon and the Sun.
source: The Encyclopedia of Arda

A favoured wood of Gondor’s craftsmen

A tree that grew in Gondor; little is known of it, except that it was fair, and beloved by the woodworkers of that land. The staves given by Faramir to Frodo and Sam were made of lebethron wood, as was the casket in which he brought the Crown of Gondor to the coronation of Aragorn.

LICORICE ROOT For the adrenal glands: for a higher, more even level of energy. A piece of licorice placed directly on a small sore will help cool the area, reduce pain, and speed healing. Licorice helps destroy viruses and stimulate and clear the lymphatic system.

- in the language of flowers: high-souled people will aid you in need

Trees with heart-shaped leaves and sweet-scented yellow blossom, commonly - but inaccurately - referred to as 'lime-trees'. In Legolas' song of Nimrodel, he compares her to a linden-leaf.

Linden-tree mythology: Philyra, a beautiful nymph and the daughter of Oceanus, attracted the amorous attentions of Cronus, who, in order to escape the detection of his jealous wife Rhea, transformed himself into a horse in order to woo her. The result of their union was the centaur Chiron, half-man and half-horse. Afterwards Philyra herself was metamorphosed into a linden-tree.

Caras Galadon (Galadhon) Telerin; (great) City of trees; GALAD- tree, Sindarin: galadh [the variant spelling - Galad-on - may be due to the Elves of Lórien being of Silvan origin]; the -on form is likely augmentative ['great']; city of, City of the Trees

- in the language of flowers: eloquence is important at this stage; Lotus leaf – recantation will not make up for the injury

- in the language of flowers: love of nature is in your blood; magnificence will make your fortune

MAL (l)
(Elvish root) 'gold', 'golden', as for example in Mallorn ('golden tree', and also Malinalda with the same meaning). Also seen in Malbeth ('golden words'), Mallos ('golden flower'), Malduin ('golden river') and many other instances. This element is also seen in Ormal (probably 'high-golden'), the name of one of the great Lamps of the Valar that gave light to the World before the Two Trees. The plural form of this element is mel, see in Mellyrn, the proper Elvish plural of Mallorn.

MALLORN Mellyrn - The golden trees of Lórien
The Golden Wood: A name used of Lórien, and with a similar meaning, referring to the golden mallorn trees that held their leaves until spring. Though they are commonly called 'mallorns', especially by the Hobbits, the correct Elvish plural is mellyrn.

The Lady of the Golden Wood is Galadriel
Most of the land of Lorien lay east of the Silverlode in the area known as the Naith or Gore [a triangle of land]. Deep within the woods, rose a great mound, crowned with a double ring of trees: The outer were white; the inner gold. In the center stood a towering mallorn, in which was built a flet, once the site of the house of Amroth, the beloved of Nimrodel. The mound was Cerin Amroth, and it was “the heart of the ancient realm as it was long ago.” There Arwen and Aragorn had plighted their troth, and after his death it was there she died and was buried.
see The Glow and Radiant Gold Wave

Botanic name: Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'. Common name: Red Sunset, Red Maple.

- in the language of flowers: chagrin will not pay off at all

- in the language of flowers: beneficence is your key to success, disposition is very sweet and winning

ALOCASIA, Taro. Quilted, shiny, metallic green-purple foliage. A robust grower. Excellent in containers and water gardens. 48” tall. Sun link.

Greatest of the forests of Middle-earth, located in Rhovanion, to the east of the Vales of Anduin. The name 'Mirkwood' was first used in about III 1050; renamed Eryn Lasgalen in III 3019. Prince Legolas is the Prince of Mirkwood who was chosen to attend the Council of Lord Elrond in Rivendell.

The Mistletoe and Amaranth are the flowers of immortality, associated with Yod in the Divine Name. The golden-colored Mistletoe directs us to the great priestess Velleda, the only Druid religious who is historical, according to Norma Lorre Goodrich. Her book, PRIESTESSES, is a brave, new world from the ‘adventures through inner journeying’ angle. “The word for Druid was DR, from the Greek word, ‘dryas,’ for ‘oak.’ The Elder Pliny, Rome’s foremost naturalist, explained in his Natural History, that mistletoe was connected to the Oak Cult practiced by the Druids of Gaul.” He lists three varieties of mistletoe. The Odinic Mysteries, Authurian Legends and tradition all list the Mistletoe as sacred with specific directions about how harvesting should proceed. Goodrich adds notes about religious ceremonies in which the Mistletoe is highlighted with another sacred plant, 'Herba Sacra' (thought to be extinct) that she speculates is from the same family as Verbena or Vervain. Herba Sacra, "thought to have been used in solar worship and in fertility rites, used to be sought two hundred years ago near stone circles, then thought to have been Druidical temples. Velleda will wear it as a crown."

The Myth of the Golden Bough (from Vergil’s AENEID) provides insight into the nature of the Mistletoe, through the oracle from the Priestess at Cumae:

"…The bough, its leaves, and its buds are entirely gold; but it is not plain to see. It is hidden. This Golden Bough was consecrated to Juno, queen of the gods. It was enfolded in foliage, buried among tree trunks, and encircled by dark valleys." (v.148)

Protection: Christmas Holly and Mistletoe sprigs help the Holiday spirits of the season gear up for the Winter Solstice and our sacred celebrations at that time of year. In the home, Mistletoe is often hung over cradles to protect babies from uninvited faeries. Its association with the lightning-drawing oak ironically bestows mistletoe with power to protect from those heavenly blasts. Hanging mistletoe over the back doorway of the home will protect against lightning, fire (especially fire caused by the lightning), and floods.

Mistletoe - in the language of flowers: obstacles will be placed in your path

Moly, as recorded by Robert Graves in, THE GREEK MYTHS: 2, may be linked to, ‘Molione, perhaps a title of the Elean Moon-goddess, the patroness of the Games, meaning, "Queen of the Moly"; the Moly being a herb which elsewhere defied moon-magic. She was also known as ‘Agamede’ (very cunning); and this is the name of Augeia’s sorceress daughter who ’knew all the drugs that grow on the earth’ (Homer, Iliad xi, 739-41).’ The reference to complete knowledge of this nature may be linked to, The Book Of The Angel Raziel, given to Noah as he descended from the Ark. It is said to contain cures for all the woes and maladies known to man. Crowley directly quotes Homer, mentioning Moly as the plant given ‘by Hermes to Ulysses to counteract the spells of Circe. It has a black root and white blossom, which again suggests the dual currents of energy.’ Other references associate Moly with the Classical Greek figure of, ‘Athene The Mother’, whose rites were celebrated at Bady (the river); her traditions seem sparse throughout history after the time of Constantine, who outlawed Mary worship and all related celebrations.

Emblem of The Quicksilver Messenger Service second album, ‘HAPPY TRAILS’; Moly appears in lyrics of this musical collection, thought one of the 100 most necessary LPs for anyone on an isolated desert island.

Plants goverened by the Moon include melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, endive, ginseng, jasmine, turnips, sea-weed, hyssop, mint, mushrooms, lettuce, watercress, gourd, rosemary, night-growing plants.
The lotus and all water plants - many co-ruled by Moon and Neptune [associated with Beryl and Aquamarine]. In Hinduism the lotus is a symbol of the sun and of creation, and of perfection and purity, because its flowers grow on long stalks high above the water, whilst its roots remain in the mud. Its origin is generally assigned to the primeval waters, from which it emerged on the eve of creation or cosmic renewal as a thousand leafed plant from Visnu's navel (representing the center of the energy of the universe). Seated on the opened flower was the Lord Brahma. Thus in Hinduism the lotus became the "visible representation of the womb of creation.
The gorgeous, trumpet-shaped flowers of the Moonflower Vine open at dusk and remain open throughout the night until noon the following day. With large, heart shaped leaves, this fast growing vine is perfect to train over a fence, trellis or pole. The belladonna, because it dialates the pupils.
Trees: the palm and trees abounding in sap.

or Wood Folk, hail from isolated forests of South Germany, rarely venture out of the woods. Though not nocturnal, they seldom come in contact with people, except in cases involving unusual requests for some prepared food or domestic articles. Moss People have always repaid their debts generously. These gentle folk should not be confused with those forest creatures of the same area thought the basis for the belief in the werewolf. Legends of Scandinavia suggest the possible occupation of an Oak Wood by Moss People in Zealand where stories about them are told even today.

Nocturnal insects of a kind closely related to butterflies. Bilbo found them fluttering at nightfall on his first visit to Rivendell, while in Mirkwood the moths were black, or dark grey, and grew to a huge size.

MOUNTAIN PENNYROYAL, Monardella odoratissima
Found on dry, rocky slopes and ridges, this plant has several stems [up to 1 foot tall], topped with a head of small lavender to pale pinkish purple flowers. When crushed, the leaves have a minty smell. Tea can be made from the blossoms, leaves and stems. Found in the Shasta-Trinity forests in Northern California.


A tasty kind of edible fungus, and a particular favourite of the Hobbits. Farmer Maggot grew them in his fields, and in The Lord of the Rings Frodo remembers stealing mushrooms from Maggot's fields as a child. He revisited the same farm years later, and Old Maggot gave him a parting gift - a basket of mushrooms.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics reveal that mushrooms were thought to prepare royalty for the mummification process and immortality. A prescribed variety of mushrooms was said to be an ingredient in the mummification 'liquid' prepared by ancient embalmers. Many cultures believed that eating mushrooms could endow them with super-human strength and bring them into the domain of the immortals. Excavated remnants reveal details about the ritual initiation mysteries [Orphic and Eleusinian] that suggest the ambrosia consumed, or the "Apples of Apollo," were made from mushrooms or were a type of sacred mushroom.

Mushrooms are said to confer clairvoyance, they figure prominently on the list of aphrodisiacs, and work to support, or help restore, the immune system when it is vulnerable.

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Symbolism: Second Breakfast

The crown worn by the ancient magi and priesthood of Persia who devoted themselves exclusively to Ahura. Hercules prepared for his last labor, bringing Cerberus up from the Underworld, by donning the Myrtle wreath at Eleusis. Only Athenians could be initiated in to the Mysteries, so Pylius adopted Hercules and Theseus acted as his sponsor. Even so, Demeter is said to have honored Hercules by founding the Lesser Mysteries on this occasion. Hercules accomplished his twelfth and most difficult labor, and wove his own wreath from branches with black leaves (colour of the Underworld). But those leaves touched by the hero’s sweat became silver-white; the White Poplar or Aspen represents victory in both worlds. The Myrtle-wreath was one of many emblems employed in the mysteries associated with Proserpina, significant of life rising out of death, the paradoxical statement: In order to live, one must die.

Traditionally, one of three gifts brought to the Christ Child by the Magi (great, wise astrologers) who followed the Great Star. The other two gifts were Frankincense and gold. In rituals dedicated to Cupid and Venus, Myrrh is the favored incense, although Musk is currently thought as to be as potent. Violets are recommended as the most pleasing and stimulating on the altar; yet the rose is also gathered or presented as a token of affection. Myrrh is used in places of worship and private homes as a purifying agent, in a manner similar to the Native American Indian ritual of directing a cleansing, clearing Sage to the four quarters of creation. (Note: there are over 250 kinds of Sage, some of them toxic. It’s okay if it burns with a slightly sweet fragrance.) An antiquated meaning of the word, ‘mummy’ refers to the medicinal Bitumen, a pitch that oozed out of the rocks at Mummy Mountain, at Derabgerd, in Persia. A mixture of pitch and Myrrh, known as ‘mummy’ by apothecaries, was once applied to fractures and wounds as a remedy. Anciently, the subject of perfected royal entombment and embalming was inseparable from The Cult of Anubis, Patron Saint of Embalmers. There are no complete formulae extant (words and the species of ingredients may be lost) though there are speculations such as highlighting the ‘magic mushroom.’

A flower of Lórien, a pale flower that grew among the golden trees of Lórien.

Nísimaldar - The country of the Fragrant Trees
The country around the haven of Eldalondë on Númenor's western coasts. The name means 'fragrant trees', and it was so called because of the great variety of rare and beautiful trees that grew there. It was the only place in Númenor where mallorn trees grew, and it was from the stock of these that the Golden Wood of Lórien came. source: The Encyclopedia of Arda

NYMPHAEA (Waterlilies)
antique illustrations

Jun. 10-Jul 7 I am a god who sets the head afire with smoke. Duir, D in the Irish Alphabet OAK is the tree of Druids ("oak-seer"); Oak groves, sacred to Oeseus, The Dagda, Juppiter, the Summer Solstice a time associated with Oaks ~ symbols of power, endurance, strength, and triumph of life. Magic and healing were attributed to the Oak and The Mistletoe (‘all-heal’) that grew in sacred tree groves. Harvesting ceremonies were the most important Druidic rites (only gold instruments were used by those who collected Mistletoe from Oaks); many volumes have been written on this complex subject. Sacred Mistletoe was a central part of Druidic beliefs that sprang from the story of Balder, The Beautiful (the cycle of life theme) akin to its telling at the basis of many well known cultures throughout the ancient world.

In alchemy, Oak usually refers to the natural tree, since one component of the secret fire should be extracted from its embers. The Father Gods were often associated with the Oak. Augustine preached Christianity to the ancient Britons while standing under an Oak tree. Abraham, patriarch of three world religions, received his heavenly visitors under the Oak, his character traits known as those of the Oak Tree. Abraham built his sacrificial altar under the Oak Ogyges. Saul was buried under an oak. So was Rebekah’s nurse; it became known as the Oak of weeping. It was under the Oak of Ophra, Gideon saw the angel sitting, who gave him instruction as to what he was to do to free Israel. When Joshua and Israel made a covenant to serve God, a great stone was set up in evidence under an Oak.

The Oracle at Dodona, with its doves and sacred Oak Grove was an outstanding site dedicated to the Pelasgian Zeus. By the theogonic process, Diana was associated with him as his wife, - the mother of Aphrodite. Peliades, priests of Diana, were ‘dreamers’ and also received prophecies via the rustling Oak leaves (accomplished by birds migrating much like those swallows returning to Mission San Juan Capistrano the same day each year). One great Oak was thought the Tree of Life, and others believed the tree occupied by the migrating birds when the doves were not at Dodona (within the old Mogol Empire) was that ancient tree of power. Other miracles occurred at Dodona; wonders such as great copper pots hung from the mighty Oaks in the sacred grove; the spring with unusual properties for the priestesses was also documented many times.
The Argo - Jason assembled many noble men from Hellas, and with the help of one Argus, built a ship of fifty oars called "Argo", with a speaking timber from the oak of Dodona fitted at its prow. The ship was built according to the instructions of Athena. It is said that when the ship was launched into the sea, it appeared among the stars from rudder to sail (Constellation Puppis).

The Oak of Tears
Old Testament reference to the story of Jacob, Gen. 35: Deborah, who had been Rebekah's nurse, died and was buried below Bethel, under the oak tree; so they named it the Oak of Tears.

The Oak Tree was dedicated to Baal in numerous eastern nations, especially Phoenicia. Edward C. Whitmont reports on dreams and other research today and believes, as does Jung, that we still require rituals, channels, and vehicles to process the identical work themes human beings have encountered throughout history. In his book, RETURN OF THE GODDESS, he offers these observations by way of his encounters with numerous subjects, "Need is the basic urge to biological, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. It functions for the sake of survival, group or personal identity and self-validation."

Modern day tradition holds that Carmarthen, located in South West Wales, is the birth place of Merlin the magician, claiming that the origin of the name Carmarthen, or Caerfyrddin comes from Myrddin, the Welsh name for Merlin. Merlin is said to have made a prophecy regarding the old oak tree:
'When Priory/Merlin's Oak shall tumble down, then shall fall Carmarthen Town'.

Oiolairë ‘Ever-summer’
A sweet-scented tree that grew in Númenor, and especially in the western region known as Nísimaldar. It was the custom among Númenórean mariners to place a cut bough of oiolairë on the prows of their ships, as a symbol of good fortune.

Elven-tree is a title used in Númenor for the evergreen tree oiolairë, a gift to the Númenóreans from the Elves.
source: Encyclopedia of Arda

The grove of Olive trees where Jesus went to pray was in the garden of Gethsemane - this well known site is mentioned in several Old Testament passages also. The ambassadorial gesture that often initiates the pow wow between contending competitors, that of ‘sending an olive branch’, may have its origin in universal flood mythology, as recorded in Genesis, VIII, “And she came to him in the evening carrying the bough of an olive tree, with green leaves in her mouth. Noe therefore understood that the waters were ceased upon the earth.” The Olive is attributed to Jupiter because of its softness and richness. The Olive Tree was Athena’s gift to Athens. The name of The Goddess was the source of the city’s name. In climates too hot for the Olive, Sesame seed oil was substituted, although too expensive for most people in agricultural communities, even for simple uses such as cooking and for lamps. Olive is used in Bach Flower Treatments when exhaustion follows long period of strain or physical illness (over-achiever, pedal to the metal syndrome).


Hobbits in the Garden - Rivendell

Enter Middle-earth Inn

Galadriel's Glade mystic mirror


Arwen' Garden Part 2

…in Valinor there was no winter of death, nonetheless they dwelt then in the Kingdom of Arda, and that was but a small realm in the halls of Eä, whose life is Time, which flows ever from the first note to the last chord of Eru. And even as it was then the delight of the Valar (as told in the Ainulindalë) to clothe themselves as in a vesture in the forms of the Children of Ilúvatar, so also did they eat and drink, and gather the fruits of Yavanna from the Earth, which under Eru they had made… and all were bidden to come to his halls upon Taniquetil, there to put aside the griefs that lay between their princes, and forget utterly the lies of their Enemy.



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