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Robert Plant Star Chart Notes

Sun, the Competitive Urge, is in Leo [fire]
Luna, the Domestic Urge, in Pisces [water]
The Sun rules Leo, the Winged Lion - the noble heart
Neptune rules Pisces, the Two Fishes - the Utopia search, see
Trump XIX The Sun Soul Power

Some of the major locations ruled by Leo include:
Countries: the Alps, Bohemia, Chaldea, Cyprus (1960), France, Hawaii, Italy, Maldives, Northern Roumania,
Port of Spain: Trinidad & Tobago, Sicily, Turkey
Cities: Bath, Bombay, Bristol, Calgary, Cali (Colombia), Chicago, Damascus, Frankfurt, Miami, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, Prague, Rome, Sacramento, Yuma (AZ)
The Sun and Leo are usually linked to Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, and Rome

ROBERT PLANT has a 5 Destiny Path
August 20, 1948 8 + 20 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 8 = 50/ 5
background information on structure design using 5 pointed star here: film Metropolis, the Pentagon, and sneak attack on Pearl Harbor re Trump XV and Trump XVI here

The tone is A
Metal: Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Tin
Power Stones: go Stone Gallery and Sun Sign Astrology
Tarot: The Hierophant [Jupiter, The Ancestor, or The Pope] is Tarot Trump V
The House System: The Guest Room, the Gardener's Shed

Robert Plant TSRTS dream sequence mirrors the general description of Trump V, as recorded in symbols from The Wild Wood Tarot: The Ancestor stands at the gateway of nature that leads into the far forest. This is another beginning. Once you pass through the gateway you must strive to stay on the path and see the journey through to the end.


2009 Grammy Winners! February 2009

Album of the Year: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Raising Sand and Best Pop
Collaboration With Vocals: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Rich Woman

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
Duet for Raising Sand
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September 12, 2007 The surviving band members [first] confirmed widespread rumours this afternoon.

December 10, 2007

The Mighty Zep performed at a tribute concert to the late Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records, co-creating what may be projected as the concert of the decade, with Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings, Foreigner and Paolo Nutini.

Singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones laid down a ground shaking two hour concert - their first gig together in 19 years - in memory of the Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun. Jason Bonham, son of drummer John Bonham, completed the premium line up.

full article: the Express and the Star


"To be swanlike is to greet one's death with a song
of exceptional beauty, as in a famous passage of
Plato (Phaedo 84D¡ª85B), where Socrates hopes
his own prophecy will match that of swans,
"who, though they also sing in earlier times,
sing especially well when on the point of death,
because they are about to go off to the god
whose servant they are."

Their god, of course, is Apollo, famous for his
associations with singing swans and their distant
northern retreat in the land of the Hyperboreans"

"Indeed, after Phaethon's death, his friend,
Cygnus, is metamorphosed into a swan ¡ª whose
lamenting death song is of proverbial beauty
(2.376¡ª80) [p.176-177]."

The trumpeter swan's call has been likened to
the sonorous notes of a French horn.

Swans are known for their swan-song,
it was believed that swans sing only
once in their lifetimes, just before
they die. A swan-song has the meaning
of a person's last piece of creative
work, or performance, especially in
literature, music, or art.


Led Zeppelin Reunion December 10, 2007


Robert Plant
Swan or Phoenix?
or both?

Robert Plant is influenced by the swan and phoenix themes because his Moon is in conjunction with both [the swan close to exact, the phoenix in a wider conjunction]; Plant's Moon is in close proximity to Ankaa, the alpha star in the neck of the phoenix constellation.

A phoenix is: "A person or thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty; a paragon"
(American Heritage Dictionary)
a supremely beautiful, rare, or unique person or thing" (Encarta).
A successful completion of a process.


Reunion - Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert - Rock and Roll Tour & various clips on You Tube Sorry, the Robert Plant
& Jimmy Page - Most High video was withdrawn.


Congratulations at last!  Led Zeppelin delivers May Fete - big time!   
New York Times music critic reviews joint CD and DVD release of what we hear will sum up the very last remnant stashed in Zep's magic treasure box.

 How the West Was Won
Led Zeppelin

... "The music is divided into a three-CD package and a two-DVD set, each with completely different material. The Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who was largely responsible for compiling the set, has intimated in interviews that this is all the surviving live material he feels is satisfactory for release. Thus, the group is putting it all out at once with the indulgence that has always been its hallmark. Led Zeppelin was never a band that liked to do things in half measures (that is, with the notable exception of its half reunion as Page and Plant).

Like any three-hour concert, How the West Was Won has its bruisers and its snoozers, but it would be hard to come up with a better representation of all four cylinders of Led Zeppelin fine-tuned and at peak performance....

ARTS / MUSIC | May 27, 2003   
Led Zeppelin: Passion to Bloat
By NEIL STRAUSS   (NYT)   Review  


Robert Plant fROOTS Interview

Robert means, "bright fame", derived from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and beraht "bright".

The sun was the image of divine intelligence or wisdom...The word 'sol' (sun) was derived from 'solus,' the One or He alone, and the Greek name 'Helios' meant Most High.

Folk Roots Magazine

Aug/Sept 2000 Nos. 206/207
Interview by Nigel Williamson

Priory Of Brion: Andy Edwards, Kevin Gammond, Robert Plant, Paul Timothy, and Paul Wetton

It's a Saturday night in late May at the Cheese & Grain in Market Yard in the sleepy Somerset town of Frome. The last major excitement at the venue was when the Baron Knights were in town. But tonight there is an electricity in the air. Back stage in a tiny whitewashed dressing room no bigger than a toilet, a familiar figure with a leonine mane of golden curls is putting on an outrageous silk shirt. Its flamboyance is incongruous for this must rank as one of Britain's most unglamorous venues. There are already three or four well-wishers in the small room which means you have to breath in just to get through the door. Robert Plant sees me and waves me in. "It's a long way from the king of cock rock," he says by way of greeting.

Jimmy Page, who used to play with Plant in a well known beat combo whose name needn't trouble us here, is currently touring American stadia performing all his old songs with second generation heavy metal heroes the Black Crowes. Plant, on the other hand, has gone back to his roots and is currently passing his time playing semi-secret gigs in tiny venues with a four piece folk-rock band called Priory Of Brion. Also in the band is Kevin Gammond, with whom Plant was once in the mid-sixties Birmingham outfit, Band Of Joy.

When he's not on stage at the Cheese & Grain, Gammond is a college lecturer and the rest of the band also have day jobs. The repertoire consists entirely of covers and if it wasn't for the man with the golden larynx seated in the middle of the stage on a stool ("It makes it seem more Val Doonican if you sit down"), at first sight you might imagine they were just another bunch of anonymous semi-pro, pub rock hopefuls.

But Plant is clearly enjoying himself away from the onerous demands of being a mike-swinging, hip-grinding rock god. He looks relaxed and happy, chats amiably with the audience between songs and introduces the band under humorous pseudonyms such as 'Aleister Crowley' and 'Owen Glendower.' They are, in fact, Gammond's one-time students, Andy Edwards on drums, Paul Wetton on bass and Paul Timothy on keyboards.

They don't play a single song by That Other Band with whom Plant once sung - and the audience respectfully refrains from shouting for Whole Lotta Love, Stairway To Heaven or Communication Breakdown. Instead, Plant kicks off with a selection of west coast psychedelic classics from The Summer of Love. They include 'A House Is Not A Motel' and 'Bummer In The Summer' from Love's Forever Changes album, 'Lazy Me' by Moby Grape, Buffalo Springfield's 'Bluebird' and 'Darkness Darkness' by the Youngbloods. "This isn't rock music. This is folk rock. Or perhaps we should call it frock," he says, presumably in deference to the title of this magazine. A little later he makes reference to "the national publication" which is represented in the audience. Hey! He means us. "Do you know we've broken the box office record, tonight?" he adds. A modest achievement in Frome, admittedly. But this is exactly what the Priory Of Brion are all about.

Then they move into a selection of R&B and blues favourites, in the style of Van Morrison's current live set. Indeed, there are two old Them classics in 'Gloria' and Big Joe William's 'Baby Please Don't Go' as well as Ray Charles's 'Early In The Morning' the northern soul stomper 'As long as I Have You' and James Brown and Bobby Bland tunes. Interspersed among them are Greenwich Village coffee house classics such as Tim Hardin's 'If I Were A Carpenter', Tom Rush's 'No Regrets', Tim Rose's 'Morning Dew' as well as Donovan's 'Season Of The Witch.'

A self-indulgent exercise in old fart nostalgia? It so easily could have been. Except that this was Plant as you have never heard him before. On occasion he let out the familiar orgasmic wail he patented with That Other Band. It has lost none of it's power and still sends a shiver down the spine. But again like Van Morrison, over the years his voice has developed a greater character, intimacy and depth.

The notion of getting Plant to talk about his passion for folk and world music in fRoots first arose three years ago when I interviewed him and Jimmy Page about their then new album, /Walking Into Clarksdale. As we talked about their days in That Other Band, we found ourselves disappearing down all kinds of fascinating side roads. Page started talking about what he had learned from guitarists such as Davy Graham and Bert Jansch. Then he moved on to Ali Farka Toure and his love of Brazilian music. Plant went into raptures about Oum Kalthoum's 'blue note', Berber music, Dimi Mint Abba from Mauritania and a recent visit to Kashgar where he had found some amazing musicians.

It was obvious we could have had a far more interesting conversation pursuing these and other topics of mutual musical interest. But I was interviewing them for a rock magazine and my brief meant that reluctantly we had to return to talking about That Other Band in Which They Were Once Very Famous Indeed. But before we did so, I put a proposition to them. How would they like to do an interview in which for the first and perhaps only time ever That Other Band was never mentioned? I told them about fRoots. They knew the magazine and said they loved the idea. Nothing happened. Many months later I saw Page backstage at WOMAD and gave him a new copy of fRoots. His mates in Transglobal Underground, who had played on the Page & Plant album, were on the cover and he turned the pages with interest. Once again, he expressed enthusiasm about that interview. And once again nothing happened.

Then we learned that Plant was about to tour folk venues with the Priory Of Brion and was planning to play at both Cambridge and Cropredy this summer. A message reached us that he was still very keen to talk to fRoots. And what's more, he didn't want to talk to anybody else. He hadn't done any interviews since that last album with Jimmy Page and fRoots was the one magazine that he felt reflected his current musical interests. Gosh!

We met the morning after the gig at the George Hotel & Inn in the village of Nunney, where he was staying. The last time I had interviewed him he had been personable and entertaining but as egotistically full of himself as you would expect any strutting rock god to be. As we'd investigated our way through the Walking Into Clarksdale album track by track he couldn't stop talking. He'd wanted this sound, he'd hit upon that idea and he'd written this lyric. This monologue went on through the first four tracks while Page hardly said a word. Finally he interrupted Plant in full flight. "I think Jimmy Page might have had something to do with that one," he said with deliciously deadpan humour. Plant halted momentarily. "Yes," he said. "Jimmy's guitar playing on that is fantastic. Some of his best ever." Then he was off talking about his own contribution again. You couldn't help remembering what Rolling Stone had once said about That Other Band in the seventies, "Give an Englishman 50,000 watts, a chartered jet, a little cocaine and some groupies and he thinks he's a god," the magazine had sneered. You could see what they meant.

Yet three years later, over Sunday morning breakfast deep in the heart of the timeless English countryside, Plant has undergone a remarkable transformation. He's modest, humble, self-effacing and interested in what I have to say. It would be a tired clich¨¦ to suggest he's undergone some American Beauty style mid-life crisis. But at 51 years old it was clear he has embarked upon a major rethink about what he wants from life. And the same thought processes that have made him decide that he'd rather sing folk songs and blues standards for 250 people in Frome than strut his stuff with a rock band in front of 25,000 people in an American stadium, has had an equally profound effect on his character.

The Starship - 1973 and 1975 North American tours, and Led Zeppelin Star Charts

The Magic of the Page and Plant Tour

On April 17, 1994 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, began to stir up some serious magic for their fans. The timeless team reappeared on stage for MTV Unplugged. The 'Unledded' TV special and No Quarter tour enlarged on an earlier Page/Plant recording [Bombay 1972] of Friends and Four Sticks, accompanied by an Indian orchestra. Page and Plant have worked diligently to perfect variations on their classy eye-opening act since that first true-blue reunion tour. Their unique chemistry, individually, and in tandem as the two Led Zeppelin frontmen, is certainly electric, precious, and rare. Most entertainers hope to achieve this highly coveted "iron-clad guarantee" of solid rapport the audience enjoys while Walking Into Clarksdale. Few do. Page and Plant are two masters with the "hermetic seal" of success, bringing us a new chapter for their greater Mercurial biography.

full article - The Magic of the Page and Plant Tour here

Robert Plant was born with his Moon 6 Pisces 46', a conjunction with Alpha Cygnus, Deneb Adige, a brilliant white star in the constellation of the Swan.

An alternate name for Deneb Adige is Arion. In mythology, both Arion and Orpheus were famous lyre-players turned into swans at death. Arion, who lived in Corinth was the best citharist or lyre-player of his time. On his return from an artistic tour in Italy he was robbed by the crew of his ship and forced to cast himself into the sea. Against all odds, however, he landed on shore in Greece, riding on the back of a dolphin (Cygnus and Delphinus, the Dolphin, are adjacent constellations).

"In its own person the Swan hides a god (as being in the disguise of Jupiter) and the voice belonging to it; it is more than a bird and mutters to itself within. Fail not to mark the men who delight to feed the birds of Venus in pens on a rooftop, releasing them to their native skies or recalling them by special signs; or those who carry in cages throughout the city birds taught to obey words of command, men whose total wealth consists of a little sparrow (for such performing birds)." [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.331].

At the 1993 festival, Plant observed, "Glastonbury is the reason that festivals should exist. Its like those festivals used to be in Atlanta and Texas and Seattle. I know these are socially very different times, but back then the atmosphere was one of community and everybody contributed, everybody was involved, everybody who came through the gate was doing their best to make it something really special. That element's still there at Glastonbury."


You can purchase
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant




Robert Plant Lyrics

Stairway to Heaven ~ Misty Mountain Hop



John Bonzo Bonham
Jimmy Page Yardbirds to Net-Aid
John Paul Jones Aura Envelope - Zooma Tour
Robert Plant
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Led Zeppelin is arguably the most influential band of the 1970s. The band achieved many memorable performances throughout their career but there are few concerts that come close to the historic Tour of Australia and New Zealand in February of 1972. Relive the magic mettle of Mighty Zep.

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July 1973, the mighty Zeppelin met their new best friend, the Starship. At the time, they were the biggest band in the world, so their Boeing 707 carrier, which ferried the band during the celebrated Northwest Tour, also made history with its made-to-order interior, extensive film library, super size waterbed and comfy shower in the master suite. July 6th and 7th - Chicago was the first stop for the band. Chicago is the central U.S. music hub - perhaps something of an inspiration for later research, like 'Walking Into Clarksdale'!



Tangerine #1 - - Tangerine #2


Legends: Led Zeppelin on the World Stage

Almost Famous star Kate Hudson - Unnumbered
The 0/22 Unnumbered Trump

Hammerwood architect biographical note

Innholders' Company
Rock & Roll Vittles for Plant and Page

Raising Sand - Winner of five Grammy Awards (2009)
Label: Rounder Records

Robert Plant Guitar Tabs


Soundstage: Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation is the first live DVD by Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, featuring a performance filmed for the
     Soundstage television series in Chicago

When the Levee Breaks the lyrics appear on John 'Bonzo' Bonham pages here and mirror pages here.

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Led Zeppelin gather around a fireplace on the Starship on their 1975 US tour

Photograph by Michael Brennan/
Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times (Abrams Books)

The Reunion


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