Sherlock Holmes - Champion, Fighter, and Gladiator continued

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the novel at the age of 27 in less than three weeks, on the verge of
his first Lunar Return in 1886. It was published in Beeton's Christmas Annual 1887. The novel
was first published as a book in July 1888 by Ward, Lock & Co., and featured drawings by the
author's father, Charles Doyle. In 1890, The Sign of the Four appeared in Lippincott's Monthly.



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   Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle - 22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930
Double Gemini
Sun: 0° Gemini 33' and Ascendant: 23° Gemini 15'

Arthur Conan Doyle, a true Gemini, was a man with two successful professions. He was a student of Dr. Joseph Bell and a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Medical School. He also studied at Stonyhurst College (England). He practiced medicine at Southsea between 1882 and 1890, but also began to write.
Doyle was a senior physician of a field hospital during the Boer War, and published The Great Boer War, a military history of the struggle. His experience during this conflict is alluded to in one of the episodes of, Murder Rooms The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes that documents his relationship with Dr. Joseph Bell, after beginning his practice in the world of mortals. See the first of the 2 disc set that bring these early Conan Doyle chronicles to life, "The Photographer’s Chair," starring Charles Edwards and Ian Richardson as Conan Doyle’s mentor and noted forensic scientist.
Conan Doyle went to sea and served as doctor on a whaling ship. In 1890 he traveled to Vienna and studied the human eye, insight regarding his intellectual and spiritual interests. Study of the eye opens the door to research in the fields of dreams, invisibility and subtle networking in the physical anatomy. A large part of the eye, symbolized as a black diamond, is space and vital to the sense of sight though it does not actually exist in physical terms. Writing began as a hobby and 'filler' in between patients, but grew to be his best claim to fame once Sherlock Holmes was introduced to the public.
Holmes uses his quicksilver gift to gain information by way of costumes, linguistic-colloquial repertoire, and his multiple identity rolodex. The Twelfth House, where Conan Doyle’s Sun is deposited, confers sympathetic receptivity to the peculiarities of people, places and things. This extends to distinguishing qualities, habits, and idiosyncrasies that add convincing detail to his disguises. This intellectual sphere of influence provides a shapeshifting foundation that permits the option of walking a mile in the shoes of his clients. Some of his most effective roles are the old bookseller, “gentleman of the road”, and longtime men of the sea. His performance as an elder country clergyman did not completely win over Irene Adler, who had herself been trained for the stage. Holmes was impressed when she saw through his charade in, “A Scandal in Bohemia”. The reverse is true in, “The Man With The Twisted Lip,” wherein Holmes is distracted by the dramatic conveyance that has been pursued by a former schoolteacher.

Sun 0° Gemini 33', in the Twelfth House where we encounter the simultaneous union of mental images, conclusions and judgments. This dept. of life accents spiritual treasure, search for an antidote for death, collective karma, the sea and all marine life, movie industry and use of illusion for entertainment, the poet, interpreter, shut ins, treachery, hidden enemies, institutions. The natural dept. of life governed by Pisces, the symbol of Christ, activities concern those who give and receive alms. Recently, themes that observe the relationship between two brothers and their adventures, as written in the Sumarian saga Gilgamesh, have expanded to include "buddy movies" like Batman and Robin, Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid, and Cinderella Man (James J. Braddock and his Manager).
Mercury is ruler of two zodiacal signs, Gemini and Virgo. Both signs involve a narrator, often part of the prologue of a play or the first scene of Act One. Gemini themes are usually adventure related, educational, or laced with comedy. Virgo themes tend to involve established history related to deeper topics such as mystery drama plays that were part of initiation in our past. Conan Doyle used both these styles for his stories. All but four adventures are narrated by Holmes's friend, colleague, and biographer, Dr John H. Watson. These publications are generally considered a major innovation in the field of crime fiction. Gemini, sign of The Twins carries the two brothers theme through all Sherlock Holmes cases, at first in "A Study in Scarlet," when Dr. Watson is told of his prospective Baker Street roommate after he meets a friend at the Criterion Restaurant. "I was standing at the Criterion Bar, when someone tapped me on the shoulder, and turning round I recognized young Stamford, who had been a dresser under me at Barts."
A plaque commemorating this event was placed there in 1953.

Moon: 0° Aquarius 46' with Midheaven at 10° Aquarius 38'
The cyclic Moon has an important place in Conan Doyle's style of writing. The first Lunar Return occurs at age 27 1/4 when Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson were born in the mind of London's mainstream public. Prominent storylines move parallel to the pace of Luna: recurring themes take center stage in the life of Conan Doyle and his short stories.
Sun trine Moon 0° Aquarius 46' exact
Destiny Path 5
Sun conjunction Uranus, Sun sextile Neptune
Mercury 5° Taurus 25', in House XII
Arthur Conan Doyle worked through many life circumstances with ‘a little bit of luck’ and balanced state of mind. Both lights cooperate with each other to ensure harmony between the inner world and objective reality. These blessings are highlighted in a Lunar Return. Conan Doyle had Luna opposite Saturn and square Pluto so the Moon also conferred the ‘monastic’ accent, tendency to abstention, and sense of duty to the spirit of Justice. His deep expression of feeling, usually confined to intellectual channels of expression only, surfaces via the great sleuth and his adventures. Progressed Venus moved from earthy Taurus into airy Gemini at the time Conan Doyle pitched the idea of a recurring fictional character to the Strand magazine. He took up the pen and in 1891 began his successful publishing career. Holmes, dedicated to his selected objectives with an occasional degree of flexibility, reveals something of his Venus and Lunar influence in such stories as, A Scandal in Bohemia, The Eligible Bachelor, and The Master Blackmailer.

The first appearance of Sherlock Holmes coincides with the initial signs of Conan Doyle's Lunar Return, along with his Venus 0 Gemini 01 and his house cusp changes to new signs and degrees. The return of the Moon to her place in the chart at the time of birth is a "rebirth" event that brings the nest of origin and all early life family into the spotlight. Conan Doyle married during this period of time and began his own nest, while he retained the influence of his first family by adding his father's illustrations to, "A Study in Scarlet."
The year between the time 'Scarlet' was written and its publication in November 1887, several dramatic changes occurred that transformed the entire star chart, many of them represented in the first four of Sherlock Holmes stories that were published. This is important because Gemini governs publication of short stories, journals, newsletters and the like. As more planets lined up in Gemini, Arthur Conan Doyle's characters became more popular.
Arthur Conan Doyle’s powerful detective Sherlock Holmes owes something to the Influence of his progressed Mercury in his sign of Gemini, the Twins as he wrote the chronicles. His mind is stunningly lucid, and responds to things intellectually, rather than instinctively or intuitively. Several other successful authors have this placement of Mercury that often overdevelops the mind at the expense of vital forces. They include Albert Durer, Dante, George Sand and Bulwer-Lytton.

The progressed Venus in Conan Doyle’s star chart when he wrote, “A Study in Scarlet” reached 0 Gemini 01. Intellectual Gemini often enables the native to understand passion, even though he does not feel it. Examples of this expression are represented in several Holmes adventures that include, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” “Abby Grange,” and “The Devil’s Foot.”

Irene Adler resembles Venus in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius in the same chart. These two heavenly bodies were at the beginning of their operational influence in 1887, when Conan Doyle wrote Adler’s character in, “A Scandal in Bohemia.”

Venus in Gemini loves the ideal and is therefore incomprehensible to the average man. One must be a poet to absorb Sherlock Holmes ability to remain undisturbed in his life’s work by claims of love or pleasure, as all Venus-quality manifested on the mental plane. The series that stars Jeremy Brett frequently shows Holmes opening the center drawer of his desk wherein we see a photograph of “the woman” in a place of honor, the “healing zone” in the center front of drawer. In a later episode, her image was to be joined by the flawless blue carbuncle, acquired in a case of the same name.

Mars conjunction Jupiter provided Conan Doyle with some of his organizing talent; we are also familiar with his rebelliousness against the “great wheels” of the Justice system that can run over the innocent at heart in their unbridled haste. He often walked the middle line between the extremes of both views and passed on to his “consulting detective” his ability to cope with varied and sundry situations quickly, objectively, and appropriately.

Sherlock Holmes involuntarily employs sixth sense skills [Sun in Twelfth House, Moon in Aquarius] when they appear in evidence as contributing factors – one outstanding example: The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes – The Last Vampyre 1:41:36

Note the Sun to Neptune aspects in these examples:
Sun sextile Neptune [60 degrees apart] and Sun inconjunct Neptune [150 degrees apart]
Neptune observes the sign posts we follow while searching for Utopia. The zodiacal sign Neptune occupies reveals something of the spiritual view of the terrestrial-material world. Conan Doyle was born with the influence of Neptune 26° Pisces 45', in his Eleventh House [associated with Trump XI The Enchantress]. The stellium in the Twelfth House suggests, for those who believe in an afterlife, some involvement with The Temple of Anubis, an ancient Egyptian priesthood responsible for the funerary arts. The priests of Anubis were accepted based on heredity, so no outsiders could penetrate their secret rites. They were the most powerful because they had tthe job of guaranteeing their patients would live forever. Anubis, Egyptian patron saint of embalmers, psychologists, hypno-therapists, and those traveling to other dimensions, was often depicted with the head of a jackal. He "opened the way" for sleepers, multi-level healing, and the long sleep. He also guarded the last resting place. As psychopompus, Anubis is forerunner of Hermes [Greek] and Mercury [Rome], as well as modern day St. Raphael, patron saint of wayfarers and singles. It is possible Conan Doyle did not complete an initiation rite in a former lifetime because the chain of information was broken and thus vital knowledge was lost by the priesthood. Deductive reasoning would then be a vital supplemental factor in continuing with the temple business.



The frequency of the bond between the Sun and Neptune also supports the emotional genius: art, poetry, mysticism, dreams, the deductions of trans-mediumism, and access to soma [the brow]. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a practicing Spiritualist. As written in a published medical paper on human response to massage [especially hands and feet], a medical doctor would find the study of meridians and the flow of energy through the body and out through the fingertips and palms useful:

Inside the organism, communication between organs is incessant. It is maintained through a complex system of blood circulating and energy linking the cells. This communication is happening thanks to an electromagnetic field and to vibrating exchanges between body and spirit.

The Copper Beeches Georges Treville as Sherlock Holmes, first officially authorized series
of Holmes Films, produced under the supervision of Conan Doyle himself. 24:05
(Silent 1912)
Arthur Conan Doyle’s teacher and mentor Dr. Joseph Bell: The True Story of Sherlock Holmes
- History/Crime/Biography (documentary) 45:47

Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes
Ian Richardson Dr. Joseph Bell and Charles Edwards as young Arthur Conan Doyle

Note FYI During the period in which Rudolf Steiner was employed in editing Goethe’s scientific writings, he was developing in secret his own spiritual faculties to an ever-higher degree. By this means he gained a profound knowledge of the spiritual background of the Universe, Earth and Man.
It was not until he reached the age of forty-four that he began to make public his new path to spiritual knowledge. During the following twenty-five years he delivered 6,000 public lectures and wrote some fifty books elaborating a path which guided the Spirit in man towards the Spirit in the Universe. He claimed that he always approached supersensible realities as a scientist and he called his method of investigating such realities by the name of "Spiritual Science". Rudolph Steiner maintained that it was not sufficient today to reveal the facts of spirit-reality by recounting the great spiritual teachings of the past, but that the time had come when man should begin to advance to a direct knowledge of the supersensible world, by developing his latent faculties, in full rational consciousness.

Source: Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear of Destiny





The Guinness Book of World Records lists Sherlock Holmes as the “most portrayed movie character” of all-time.
Since his screen debut in the 1900 short, "Sherlock Holmes Baffled," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective
has been played by 75 actors in over 200 films. This is a partial list under construction.
Note the presence of Mercury and his signs Gemini and Virgo, and Aquarius in these star charts.
Actors who have portrayed Sherlock Holmes to date include CBS pix of actors in character




   John Barrymore
Sun: 26° Aquarius 15' and Moon 12° Capricorn 28'
Ascendant: 15° Virgo 56' and Midheaven: 13° Gemini 45'
John Barrymore’s Sun in Aquarius marched to the beat of a different drummer, similar to the step of Arthur Conan Doyle in many ways.
Mars 27° Gemini 51' in his Tenth House [mission statement in life], the Gemini Midheaven probably provided a compelling first and lasting impression for those who entered Barrymore’s sphere of influence. Mars is a vital force in nature, once thought of as a creator god and linked with the double helix. The metal is iron or steel, indicating his determination to be a leading man in film and his reputation and public image that would long depict his resolute personality. The astrological principle refers to the consciousness of one’s own Ego in action.

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was released in April 1920, featuring a stellar performance by Barrymore as the main character. Dr. Jekyll is a doctor and chemist dabbling in unorthodox psychological experiments [Mercurial curiosity and tendency to deconstruct the whole into smaller units] in his clinic. His intention to help those less fortunate than himself [Twelfth House] is realized, however, Jekyll is teased into temptation and he ignores an ethical line. He decides to cross over to the dark side of the street, literally, and drinks a potion to summon Mr. Hyde. The extraordinary transformation scene is a Hollywood treasure and prepared Barrymore for his show down with Moriarty a short time later in, “Sherlock Holmes.”

"Sherlock Holmes" Director: Albert Parker March 1922
Released as "Moriarty" in UK

Sherlock Holmes: Please don't think me impertinent, but I know that revenge will only embitter your own life and in no way
lessen the wrong that has been done.

When Prince Alexis of Arenburg (Reginald Denny) is accused of stealing the Cambridge Athletic Funds, Sherlock Holmes (Barrymore) is brought to the case by Dr. Watson (Young) to investigate. Student Forman Wells (William Powell, screen debut) is soon uncovered as the thief, but Holmes discovers that the crime is no more than a coincidental link to a vast underground conspiracy. John Barrymore played Holmes who defends the blackmailed prince in the sites of the criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty. Roland Young screen debut as Dr. Watson.
IMDb: John Barrymore...A member of the most famous generation of the most famous theatrical family in America, he was also its most acclaimed star. Barrymore always said playing Sherlock Holmes was his favorite role.

Silent "Sherlock Holmes" Starring John Barrymore (1922)
Sherlock Holmes meets Professor Moriarty (Gustav von Seyffertitz)

   Jeremy Brett
Sun 10° Scorpio 37', tob unknown
Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune
Mercury 3° Sagittarius 15'
The unknown time of birth requires a solar chart constructed for dawn or noon. Parallels exist between two groupings of heavenly bodies in the star charts of Brett and Arthur Conan Doyle to provide insight nonetheless. Brett's Sagittarian stellium (Mercury, Mars and Venus in Sag) is opposite Conan Doyle’s stellium (Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Uranus, and Mars in 12th house) by sign. Reflex cooperation between Sagittarius and Gemini suggests particular skill in interpretation of diplomatic themes, especially if theft and blackmail are factors.
"The Navel Treaty" and "The Second Stain" are two examples of treachery and intrigue associated with Twelfth House betrayal. A distinct reference to mysticism is alluded to by Brett's Holmes, in both cases. They add an important layer that augments the forensic clues. The great detective visits Watson's old school chum recovering from the shock he suffered after theft of a sensitive political document placed in his care. Holmes begins to speak of the beauty of flowers while holding a red rose suggestive of the rose of a thousand petals (aka lotus of a thousand petals). "What a lovely thing a rose is....our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers.... so I say again, we have much to hope for from the flowers." This seems a reference to the energy centers (chakras as open flowers) that function as ports for the physical anatomy. Holmes is about to rely on the courage and quick wits of his client's fiancee and nurse, Miss Harrison, so the poetry may also be a prelude to engaging her participation.
"The Second Stain" also refers to eastern methods of processing information. Holmes and Watson are introduced to the scene of the crime by LaStrade. When the inspector shows the peculiar stain in the rug he asks Holmes why no blood appears on the floor under the rug. Holmes is sitting in a composed posture with the same mudra (hand pose) of the Buddha. Brett often uses hand gestures (Gemini) as a device in place of spoken lines.
Destiny Path 3
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Jeremy Brett played the detective in four series of Sherlock Holmes, created by John Hawkesworth for Britain's Granada Television from 1984 to 1994, and appeared as Holmes on stage. Watson was played by David Burke and Edward Hardwicke in the series.
Jeremy Brett appeared onstage as Dr. Watson, playing opposite Charlton Heston's Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes: The Naval Treaty S01E03 54:21
Sherlock Holmes: The Second Stain S03E04 52:41

   Michael Caine
Sun: 23° Pisces 23'
Moon: 23° Libra 49'
Ascendant: 26° Gemini 44' and Midheaven: 21° Aquarius 41'
Jupiter deposited in Virgo in the Fourth House
Dominant signs: Pisces, Aries, Virgo
Dominant planets: Uranus, Mercury, Saturn
Dominant houses: Eleventh House, Fourth House - Nadir, Fifth House
Destiny Path 6
Without A Clue Director: Thom Eberhardt 1988
Sherlock Holmes with a humorous twist. Ben Kingsley is Dr. Watson the ace detective who has been using an actor to play the part Holmes. Jeffrey Jones plays Inspector Lestrade.
Michael Caine tribute page

   Benedict Cumberbatch
Sun 26° Moonchild 53' [Cancer] at the Midheaven, Moon 28° Aries 55', Ascendant 8° Libra 34'
Benedict Cumberbatch experienced a major life transformation at the time he accepted the part of Sherlock Holmes in the tv series SHERLOCK for the BBC audience.
Some major changes in his lifestyle include: progressed Sun 0° Virgo 28', p Venus 18° Virgo, Mercury 27° Virgo, Jupiter entered Gemini @ 0° 00', and his radix Mars was leaving Virgo @ 29° Virgo 31' - it is significant that his retrograde Neptune went into stationary direct disposition @ 11° Sagittarius 12' during the same year. The persuasive stellar line-up easily qualified Cumberbatch to play Holmes as well as Dr. Stephen Strange, currently filming.

   Peter Cushing
Sun 4° Gemini 25', Eleventh House
Sun conjunction Saturn, wide conjunction Mercury; Sun trine Uranus
Moon 15° Aquarius 42'
Mercury 26° Taurus 20', House XI, sextile Neptune
Destiny Path 9
In 1959 Peter Cushing starred in Hammer Film Productions' The Hound of the Baskervilles, Holmes's first screen appearance in colour; Cushing returned to the role several times in film and on television.
Sherlock Holmes: Season 2, Episode 3
"A Study in Scarlet" (23 Sep. 1968)
Director: Henri Safran
Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock as Watson, Joe Melia as Joey Daly, George A. Cooper as Inspector Gregson
Cushing’s most notable film appearance during the late 70s, was his appearance in "Star Wars" as the icy cold Grand Moff Tarkin. Later he appeared in the ABC Television production of "The Great Houdinis," his first American made-for-TV movie. He appeared as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Maureen O’Sullivan played Mrs. Conan Doyle.
Baker Street Dozen

BBC "Sherlock Holmes The Blue Carbuncle" Starring Peter Cushing and Nigel Stock
48:42 Christmas


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows


   Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. has no radix placements in the sign Gemini, but has a powerful stellium in Virgo, the earthy expression of Mercury. His Mars 10° Virgo 12' rx is conjunct Uranus 11° Virgo 30' rx, and his Pluto 14° Virgo 17' rx , all in his Second House. Downey's Part of Fortune 18° Virgo 20' also favorably highlights all people and matters that involve his Second House.
Like Basil Rathbone's interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, Downey's portrait incorporates the zeitgeist of Conan Doyle's day into the character - and takes the audience back to a time when science and ancient knowledge began the serious sparring contest that continues today.
Sun conjunction Venus, Sun trine Ascendant, Sun conjunction Mercury, Sun inconjunction Pluto
Moon 19° Taurus 12'
Mercury 21° Aries 12' rx, Ninth House
Sun conjunction Mercury 21° Aries 12' rx, Ninth House
Mercury inconjunction Neptune
North Node 15° Gemini 29' in Eleventh House trine Descendant 13° Aquarius 48', Seventh House
Destiny Path 11

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Making A Plan

   Rupert Everett
Sun: 7° Gemini 29'
Mercury 1° Gem 40' exact square Pluto Virgo 1°
May 29, 1959 Norfolk, England
Ian Hart as Dr. Watson appeared in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" in 2002, and took the role of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in "Finding Neverland" 2004
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking - A terrifying story about a perverted killer who preys on young victims from aristocratic English families, this thriller is not Conan Doyle canon, but is cut from similar cloth. The first case strikes at the family home of Duke and Duchess of Narborough who lose their daughter, Lady Alice Pentney when she steps outside her bedroom window to stargaze. The murderer’s access line in the first two kidnappings moves from the door into the room, straight arrow north, to the window in fame - then outside the house, to the roof, and away. Holmes is reunited with Watson, moved from his rooms at Baker Street, just a few days before his wedding to fiancé Jenny Vandeleur (Helen McCrory), a trained psychoanalyst.

   Christopher Lee
Sun: 5° Gemini 28'
Moon: 15° Gemini 33'
Ascendant: 0° Libra 17' and Midheaven: 0° Moonchild 23'
Dominant signs: Gemini, Libra, Moonchild
Dominant planets: Venus, Mercury, and Saturn
Jupiter deposited in Libra in the Ascendant
Dominant Houses Ninth, Tenth, the Ascendant
Destiny Path 1
Christopher Lee played Sir Henry Baskerville opposite Peter Cushing’s Sherlock Holmes in the 1959 Hammer production, “Hound of the Baskervilles,” [click image]. Lee took on the part of the great detective in 1962 in the first of three adaptations: "Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace" directed by Terence Fisher (1962), "Incident at Victoria Falls" (1991) began in the UK as a four-hour miniseries, and was cut in half for its American syndicated-TV view. Directed by Bill Corcoran, Patrick McNee brought back as Dr. Watson. The third film, "Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady" (1992), featured Morgan Fairchild as Irene Adler.
Christopher Lee would relish his role as Sherlock's older brother, Mycroft Holmes, in Billy Wilder's 1970 production, "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes." Wilder, an avid Conan Doyle enthusiast, co-wrote the screenplay, produced and directed the film that proved to be a serious milestone* in the career of Christopher Lee.
Christopher Lee Tribute Page

watch "Sherlock Holmes and the Incident at Victoria Falls" edited version (1992) 1:57:23

   Ian McKellen
Sun: 3° Gemini 44' and Moon: 2° Virgo 10'
Ascendant: 7° Sagittarius 04' with Midheaven 8° Libra 29'
In the 2015 top drawer mystery, "Mr. Holmes," directed by Bill Condon ("Gods and Monsters"), Ian McKellan plays the aging detective after the Second World War, as he recalls the circumstances of his final case. His exterior world is near the white cliffs of Dover, where he can dedicate his energy to his honey-making companions and the life-preserving plant known as prickly ash. The doorway to his interior paradigm is open for us - making it possible to see something of his last case and the missing clue, before his retirement.
Critics have praised "Mr. Holmes": The highest recommendation that can be made of the new British production, Mr Holmes is that the great actor Ian McKellen delivers one of the finest and most focused portrayals of old Sherlock ever attempted... For in this stately adaptation of the book, McKellen’s Sherlock Holmes is 93 years old. Age has not wearied this Sherlock. Not physically, at least.
Based on Mitch Cullin's 2005 novel, A Slight Trick of the Mind.

   Roger Moore
Sun: 19° Libra 41'
Moon: 4° Gemini 00'
Ascendant: 19° Leo 39' Leo and Midheaven: 5° Taurus 06'
Dominant signs: Leo, Libra, Gemini - Dominant houses: Third, Fourth, Tenth
Dominant planets: Neptune, Sun, Mercury
Jupiter in Pisces deposited in the Eighth House
Destiny Path: [00] 7
Roger Moore played the detective in the 1976 TV film, Sherlock Holmes in New York, with Patrick Macnee as Watson. Holmes pursues his arch-enemy Prof. Moriarty (John Huston) to New York. Directed by Boris Sagal

   John Neville
Sun 11° Taurus 31' based on a solar chart because exact tob is unknown. If born in the evening Luna would be in Virgo.
Mars 25° Gemini 14' in the nativity usually represents those in professions linked with the study of language and public speaking, surgeons, blacksmiths [metallurgy], energy management, sports, short stories/publications, and work in unexplained or paranormal fields of research. Mercury sextile Mars prompts quick decisions, usually appropriate for the situation. Mars square Uranus [ruler of Aquarius] adds an element of unpredictability to social life generally. Language is the most ready weapon in adversarial encounters and speaking skills can cut quite sharp into any foe - it is a principal means of defensive action.
"A Study in Terror" is a 1965 British mystery thriller directed by James Hill, starring John Neville as Sherlock Holmes, Donald Houston as Dr. Watson, and Robert Morley as a perfectly Geminan Mycroft Holmes.
Anthony Quayle as Sir Charles Warren also appeared in "Murder By Decree," as well as Frank Finlay as Inspector Lestrade.

   Christopher Plummer
Sun 21° Sagittarius 14' , tob unknown
Stellium in Sagittarius is composed of: Venus 8° Sag 04’, Mars 18° Sag 17’, Sun 21° Sag 14’, with Mercury 0 Cap 09’ on the cusp. Without a birth time it is necessary to construct a solar chart for dawn or noon on the day of birth, however the pattern suggests either Gemini Ascending or in the Midheaven. Jupiter 10° Gemini 01' and Neptune 3° Virgo 34' are both retrograde.
Christopher Plummer is a Canadian actor who turned in two performances as Sherlock Holmes during the late 1970s. “Silver Blaze,” written as a TV episode, with veteran character actor Thorley Walters as Dr. Watson, was Plummer’s first portrayal of the great detective. “Murder By Decree,” a full length movie, was released just two years later on 1 Feb 1979. James Mason is Dr. Watson, Holmes’ friend, colleague and biographer. Mason’s wit adds charm and diffuses tension at pivotal times through the telling of this story based on the Ripper case in London’s East End. The serial killer known as Jack the Ripper was studied by Dr. Joseph Bell, Conan Doyle’s teacher at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. This gruesome series of murders may have prompted the first consultations and exchange of medical research between doctors using forensic sciences we know today as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The renowned psychic who also contributed information to Homes, Robert Lees, is played by Donald Sutherland, Genevieve Bujold as Annie Crook, Susan Clark as Mary Kelly.
Christopher Plummer had been criticized for his expression of sorrow in this film, as though Holmes was created to simply work at a mechanical level of interaction with his objective reality. In fact Jeremy Brett also expresses empathic reactions to less fortunate and manipulated** individuals.
Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
During 1977-79 Plummer’s star chart underwent several dramatic transformations. His 1977 progressed star chart reveals Christopher Plummer’s p Sun 9° Aquarius 54’ was conjunct Conan Doyle’s radix Midheaven 10°38' Aquarius, within 1 degree of perfect, when he played Sherlock Holmes in “Silver Blaze” [TV] and his p Venus close @ 8° Aquarius 33’, with his progressed Moon also in Aquarius. Mercury and Jupiter were both retrograde.
Two years later, during the production of “Murder By Decree,” Plummer’s p Sun had reached 11° Aquarius with Venus conjunct Conan Doyle’s Midheaven exact. His Mercury 22° Capricorn 25’ went stationary direct that year, as did his Jupiter 6° Gemini 21’ while filming.

Check this IMDb link: preview "Murder by Decree" 4:16

   Basil Rathbone
Sun 22° Gemini 25', analysis, problem solving, communication
Sun inconjunct Luna 21° Capricorn 20'
Sun sextile Ascendant, Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun square Saturn
Mercury 13° Gemini 07' plays a large part in Rathbone's Gemini stellium, similar to that of Conan Doyle, but deposited in the second dept. of life, that governs natural law, moral codes, and career. Pluto is 8° Gemini 40' , Neptune 9° Gemini 17' , closely followed by Mercury 13° Gemini 07', with Sol 22° Gem 25',
Mercury trine Mars, Mercury conjunction Neptune, Mercury conjunction Pluto
Destiny Path 3
Basil Rathbone played Holmes and Nigel Bruce played Watson in fourteen U.S. films (two for 20th Century Fox and a dozen for Universal Pictures) from 1939 to 1946, and in The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the Mutual radio networkfrom 1939 to 1946 (before the role of Holmes passed to Tom Conway). The Universal films were distinctive for their contemporary setting. In 1939, 20th Century Fox's Hound of the Baskervilles contained an unusually direct reference to Holmes's drug use in the last line of the film: "Watson, the needle."

   Richard Roxburgh
Born: January 23, 1962 in Albury, New South Wales, Australia time unknown
Sun 2° Aquarius 36' conjunct Saturn 2° Aquarius 17' conjunct Venus 1° Aquarius 34' forms the core of a strong stellium in the sign of Conan Doyle's Moon @ 0° Aquarius 46', in his Ninth House.
It should be mentioned Conan Doyle’s Midheaven 10° Aquarius 38' conjuncts Roxburgh’s Jupiter 15° Aquarius 33' to echo ACD's Ninth House Lunar placement, since Jupiter is the ruler of the Ninth House of the higher mind, farsightedness, and the overview. The sign Aquarius is the ideal symbol of detachment and disinterestedness when new knowledge is available. Emotional filters don't tint the first impressions or memory at a later time if files are retrieved for review. This gift may be part of the reason Sherlock Holmes can mentally assemble a situation accurately, based on the clues he locates - as the scene should have happened. Directors often use this skill when shooting a film and later editing the scenes - Alfred Hitchcock is considered a foremost master of this technique.
Roxburgh's Mercury 21° Aquarius 00' is too far away from Conan Doyle's Moon and Midheaven to qualify as a true conjunction by degree, but by sign it indicates the similar style of analysis, body language, and delivery.
Richard Roxburgh plays the part of Sherlock Holmes with Ian Hart as Dr. John Watson, in the classic thriller, The Hound of the Baskervilles Directed by David Attwood, a TV movie released in 2002 in Australia
(released 19 January 2003 USA)

   Robert Stephens
July 14, 1931 in Bristol, England, UK time unknown
Sun: 20 Moonchild with Moon in Gemini
Mars 18 Virgo with Neptune 3 Virgo, indicating interest in the study of action and reaction, the study of the divine soul and the animal soul, tendency to bibliomancy and psychometry.
In 1970 Stephens enjoyed a powerful conjunction between his progressed Mercury 19 Virgo 37 conjunct his radix Mars in Virgo, probably a contributing factor prompting his decision to leave Britain's National Theatre. Mercury moves about a degree per year so the Mercury-Mars effect was only in play for a few years, actually peaking the year prior to 1970. Interpretation of Mars in Virgo indicates a craftsperson’s precision, well-pitched promotions, and pacing as apropos keywords for the professional delivery style. Virgo is magnetic earth, focused on dividing the sunlight hours into small time blocks until observances around sunset – often the high point of the day. Then the magnetic earth energy mingles with electric solar energy at the horizon, releasing a large amount of lithium, to charge up the atmosphere. Efforts are geared toward order and good timing whatever task is engaged. Mercury corresponds with adolescent energy so the spontaneous factor that activates the game “is afoot.” A Jack-of-all-Trades factor is in play. The mind is quick with progressed Mercury, redefining the way sense impressions are recorded in the reacting centers of the brain. Messages are ‘wrapped in protective buffers’ – as though hermetically sealed - to ensure delivery of intact files for the ‘little grey cells’ regardless of intellectual serenity or restlessness. When files are insulated this way there is only a slim chance there will be even token erosive effects.
Robert Stephens appeared as Sherlock Holmes with Colin Blakely as Dr. Watson in Billy Wilder's, "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" at the time he parted company with Britain's National Theatre in 1970. Christopher Lee was recruited to play Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother [see above].

watch "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" 1:44:32 1970

   Nicol Williamson
double Virgo with Sun: 20° Virgo 40' and ASC 29° Leo 58' Leo and a stellium in Virgo, the earth sign ruled by Mercury
Moon in the Ninth House: 12° Taurus 42' conjunct MC: 17° Taurus 09' conjunct Uranus, planet ruler of Aquarius 17° Taurus 38' rx in the Tenth House
The Virgo stellium impacts two depts. of life, the Ascendant and Second House:
Mercury 2° Virgo 46' conjunct Mars 4° Virgo 00', in the First House, the Ascendant
Sun 20° Virgo 40' conjunct Neptune 20° Virgo 53' Virgo, in the Second House
Jupiter 24° Aquarius 21' rx , in the Sixth House (Natural ruler Virgo)
Sherlock Holmes in the 1976 Herbert Ross film "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution" 1976
Nicol Williamson is a Scottish actor who was described by English playwright John Osborne as "the greatest actor since Marlon Brando".
Based on Nicholas Meyer's novel, Sherlock Holmes (Nicol Williamson) and Dr. John Watson (Robert Duvall) seek the aid of Sigmund Freud (Alan Arkin) to cure Holmes' cocaine addiction - and to solve a mystery locked in the great detective's subconscious. Laurence Olivier is Professor James Moriarty and Vanessa Redgrave is Lola Deveraux.





Sean Connery, Christian Slater
The Name of the Rose is a murder-mystery set in the slipstream of the Dark Ages, at
the close of the Crusades [1096 until nearly 1300]. Sean Connery is brilliant as the Sherlock Holmes
of his day.





A Study in Scarlet The book's title derives from a speech given by Holmes to Doctor Watson on the nature of his work, in which he describes the story's murder investigation as his "study in scarlet": "There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it."

As the first Sherlock Holmes story published, A Study in Scarlet was among the first to be adapted to the screen. Sherlock Holmes solves a murder rooted in the Mormon trek of 1850.
In 1914, Conan Doyle authorized a silent film be produced by G. B. Samuelson. Holmes was played by James Bragington, an accountant who had never before (and never after) worked as an actor. He was hired for his resemblance to Holmes as presented in the sketches originally published with the story. Fred Paul (as Jefferson Hope) and Agnes Glynne (as Lucy Ferrier) co-starred.
Directed by George Pearson Released: October 1914 (UK)




A Study in Scarlet (II) Director: Francis Ford elder brother of director John Ford (1914)
20 min Short
Released 29 December 1914 (USA)
Francis Ford as Sherlock Holmes, co-starred with younger brother director John (6 Oscars) Ford in the role of Dr. Watson.




A Study in Scarlet Director: Edwin L. Marin (1933)
72 minutes
Released: 14 May 1933 (USA)
Stars: Reginald Owen as Sherlock Holmes, Anna May Wong as Mrs. Pyke, June Clyde as Eileen Forrester,
Alan Mowbray as Inspector Lestrade, and Warburton Gamble as Dr. Watson
Release Date: 14 May 1933 (USA)




Sherlock Holmes and a Study in Scarlet (1983)
Animated mystery with voices of Peter O'Toole as the great detective and Earle Cross as Dr. Watson. Writers: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (novel), John King (script)
50 minutes




* Christopher Lee, from his 1991 interview in Scarlet Street #4:

"I, like any actor who can play more than one role, was determined to prove my versatility to the industry and the public. And the opportunity came for me in 1970, when Billy Wilder chose me to play Mycroft Holmes in his film. I shall be eternally grateful to him, not only for the opportunity of having made a film with him, one of the great legendary directors of all time, but also because, by casting me in that part, he helped me to break this ring of typecasting."

** Jeremy Brett's performance in, "The Eligible Bachelor" is a tour de force of Twelfth House clairvoyant communication between two individuals who have connected in higher octaves [a la Conan Doyle's star chart]. Brett also reacts appropriately when an Italian man with monumental courage, helping immigrants trying to escape a notorious assassin, is cut down without mercy. "The Red Circle" establishes problems between Holmes and Dr. Watson but the tragedy was probably waiting to happen regardless. Holmes feels severe emotional pain as he suffers in silence next to Dr. Watson in the middle of an opera performance during the final scene of the episode.

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