Maria Shriver ~ World Server


   Maria Shriver Star Chart    rt., Malibu - October 2011
Sun: 13° Scorpio 46', Sixth House, the House of Service, Health, and Karma [pertaining to the physical vessel]
Moon: 14° Leo 26' - beauty, drama, compassion, poise, and grace; less introspective than most people expect; may find peace in a manicured or farmed garden, full of life with a creek or stream with fish and water plants, wildflowers, butterflies, humming and song birds, perhaps an occasional visit from a family of deer. Strong desire to achieve self-wish will be realized, however best personal work achieved in later life due to Sun in Sixth Dept. of Life that can delay the harvest. Some bleed through from Sargent Shriver's Mars in Leo re world service via Peace Corps.

Moon 14° Leo 26' Leo, in her Fourth House suggests an interest in Alzheimers
Part of Fortune 25° Leo 27' in the Fourth House
A Study by Maria Shriver and the Alzheimers Association
Lunar Aspects
Sun square Moon and Moon sextile Mars

Other well known people with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo include:
James Cook, Terry Gilliam, Kirk Hammett, Lauren Hutton, Hedy Lamarr, Larry Mullen Jr., Jawaharlal Nehru, Stefanie Powers, Julia Roberts, Jean Seberg, and Monica Vitti

Sun in Scorpio with 26 Taurus rising means Shriver has solid convictions and a good deal of analytical power going on under the surface. Her motives are not easily discernible until she decides to make her move, which generally results in success. The majority of her ascendant house is made up with Gemini degrees so she has command of the language, and that includes body language – she’s not as easy to read as people may think. Her invisibility cloak may cover an underlying interest, even passion, for something on the back burner, yet quickly reveal itself as a matter of paramount importance to her.


Maria's Third House is one of the defining power points in her star chart. This department of life governs brothers and sisters, neighbors, short trips, hobbies, implementing change, and what is self-taught. Maria has combined and utilized her spirit of enterprise and love of community by coordinating the Women's Conference. The planetary characteristics that surface expand to embrace the creative inspiration of people described by this house. Love of ‘good form’ combined with the critical factor could be applied in the assessing of worth and value of artistic efforts of other people. With Virgo on the cusp of the Fifth House of children, early education, artistic expression may be extended via avant garde instruction, coaching, cooperation with various patrons.
This is the area of life that often brings in unusual people, options, or experiences, sometimes rather abruptly. The indication is nervous, restless energy and some tension that can be channeled to improve harmony, creativity, and positive motivation in the neighborhood. Again, this supplies more options so the possibilities that facilitate understanding between people in the local community increase. The energy is 'lucky' and brings harmony to atmospheric conditions that could convert appreciation of contributions by international individuals to a real menu for the global village table. The energy is very powerful, electric, and eccentric on occasion, and can shake things up if people are expecting a predictable run of the mill initiative. Maria Shriver’s style accents an interesting regimen but it often encourages people to colour outside the lines if a situation projects itself past the Book of Hoyle playbook. Naturally, this approach will welcome more sheep into the fold, but the audience will nonetheless expand to a global village model without boundary lines.
Sometimes hyper-sensitive to the subtle energy fields around people, places, and things; clairvoyance, psychokinetic energy more likely than woman’s intuition, though that’s also in the mix.
The energy involves animation, such as systems related to the electro-magnetic and respiratory system in the physical anatomy. With Mercury, natural ruler of the Third House, Uranus establishes quality [functional design status] of the control panel that maintains the flow of akasha as determined by the anatomical blueprint in the master gland. By extension, there would be an interest in energy sources that operate any vehicle, appliance, toy, etc. – energy required re battery power, sustainable sources of energy like solar and wind, or perhaps personal will combined with elbow grease, since we usually ask whether he, she, or it does windows.
With Uranus in Leo in the Third House there is desire for travel of a strange, exciting, perhaps experimental nature, especially in connection with aviation and where scientific investigation plays a part. In touch with the pulse of public interest, journalism and/or writing [playwrites, novelists, poets here]; social networking; natural communication skills, forethought – what will be important to people today and tomorrow, opposed to what was important to people yesterday. Correspondence may be spasmodic but should always be attended to personally.

Well known women with Uranus in the Third House: Patricia Arquette [ASC and Moon Leo], Emily Dickinson [ASC Scorpio, MC Leo], Jane Fonda [Moon Leo, MC Scorpio], Susan Hayward [ASC and Moon Scorpio], Katharine Hepburn [ASC Scorpio, MC Leo], Jennifer Lopez [Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon], Julia Roberts [Scorpio Sun, Moon Leo].
One of the best known men with Uranus in the Third House is Ted Kennedy, the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts [D], the third-longest-serving senator of all time. For many years the most prominent living member of the Kennedy family, he was the youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and the father of Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy.


Mercury in Libra is influenced by Maria's powerpack stellium in her sixth house of harvest - see Mercury combust Neptune below.
Women Rock

Venus 1° Sagittarius 06'
Seventh House, Descendant - Sincere, direct and earnest; high standards and emotional courage safeguard against usual addictions to form and material world status quo that often snare less confident pedestrians who don't believe in themselves and/or lack a sense of their own worth.

Mars in Libra in the Sixth Department of Life: work, care of and attention to physical karma [opposite Twelfth House of spiritual karma], the time of harvest, employees and those who serve [Christ washing feet of disciples at Last Supper], business skill, detail work, perfectionist, edgy, talent designing landscape, interior, colour coordination, fashion, advertising and promotional art; well organized, astute, scientific, often a woman ahead of her time. Should avoid search for working 50-50 contracts that upset personal pace - they seldom bring balance into life. Work ethics, usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. Some others with Mars in the Sixth House include: Carol Burnett, Judy Collins, Sean Connery, Nicolaus Copernicus, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn, Howard Hughes, John Lennon, Linda McCartney, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Yves Saint Laurent, Rudolf Steiner, Martha Stewart, Stuart Sutcliffe, Nikola Tesla, Voltaire, and Denzel Washington

Mercury in Libra combust Neptune is like a fire that doesn't consume, but the energy units can evaporate as a result of the tremendous heat the aspect generates. The term combust refers to the close proximity of the planets in the star chart, an indication that the combination of the waking conscious intellect and the spiritual vision will produce a brilliant flame but it must be acted on immediately or much of the potent creative worth could dissolve. As a result, in the sixth house, these flashes of insight, cognitions, and inventive blueprints would then be reclassified as a memory. They resurface when the individual sees that someone else has put their plan into action, and only when they're looking right at it realize they probably thought of it first. This aspect could be the source of problems for writers as well who wonder how someone else got hold of their script, design, or creative idea. Generally the combination indicates inclination to work with others in team efforts. Unusual adaptability [Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo are all fixed signs] with powers of concentration – and the ability to see something of people’s spiritual views hidden behind the mask with understanding about why some things remain unrevealed.

In a recent interview with AARP, Maria was asked if her mom is her model for her parenting style. She answered, “I’m a huge fan of my mother’s, but I’m a different kind of mother. My mother didn’t touch me, but you can’t give what you didn’t get. I’m sure my daughters will be different mothers than me. I said to them last night: ‘You will be imperfect. We all are. And you will do your best. Stay open. Keep learning.’”

Maria’s parenting style is lined up with her Earth Mother Intellect that blossoms through her Mercury as guide, healer, and a companion wayfarer [Intellect, communication, filing-clerk of the zodiac]. Her sixth house stellium, supported by her third house [Leo style throat center] communication gift – both departments of life Mercury ruled -facilitate any messenger, teacher, and ‘opener of the way’. In Christian texts, Mercury or Hermes, is Psychopompus soul guide - St. Raphael, as companion on the road of life, in the Book of Tobit. He patron saint of psychologists, healers, singles, and healing via noncorporael energy.

The third house naturally rules relationships with brothers, sisters, and neighbors. Journalism, self-publishing, and reporting to the community in a precise, accurant style comes under this heading. Maria’s third and sixth houses are the strength of her star chart because they further her spiritual and intellectual gifts while allowing her to evolve within her own heart center. She can be meticulous, yet mutable [lose the battle, win the war]; ideals are uncompromised, while her ‘work in progress’ friends, acquaintances, and even strangers are accepted with an unconditional warmth that acknowledges all as members of the global village.

The Sign Virgo in her chart is on the cusp of her fifth house, the department of life that describes children, the heart’s desire, and the influence her parents had on her in her nest of origin. Mercury as ruler of Virgo, an energy manager in the feminine sense, co-creates a sophisticated and easy to monitor system for her family and community to thrive, supported by the ability to prepare things for distribution. In the physical anatomy Virgo is associated with the pancreas and intestines which reduce the food consumed to its ultimate components in order that the body may distinguish that which serves its requirements and reject what is unfit for assimilation. The functions of these organs may seem as lowly as her third house Leo aspects are noble, but they are nonetheless essential for the well-being of the physical anatomy on the whole.

Individuals like Maria, who function in the world of mortals in this way, personify the work of the harvest when, each year, we prepare for the long stretch of Winter ahead. They open the way for us all. The sacred mystery plays of the ancient world were designed to disseminate this basic idea for the population in general.

ASC: 26° Taurus 07' , planet ruler Venus the Social Urge
Maria's Venus - deposited in her Seventh House of Partnership, [opposite her Ascendant] describes partners/people who personify the objective reality, delivery style, and treaties of war and peace. Others with Venus here: Tyra Banks, Monica Bellucci, Glenn Close, Rita Hayworth, Hermann Hesse, Nelson Mandela, Henri Matisse, Elizabeth Montgomery, Franz Schubert, Saint Francis of Assisi, Dame Joan Sutherland, and Sigourney Weaver.

MC: 3° Aquarius 27' in accord with Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Sun sextile Jupiter [most visible in her Midheaven], suggest best expressions in public life are likely when wagon is hitched to a star of social work or one of the social professions: invention, computer coordination and/or apps, medicine, law, politics, architecture, literature, science, music or art with some social application.

Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer. This air sign symbolizes the food of the gods and first assimilation of the new grain into the soil of the earth; the cup bearer is a symbol of eternal youth, enthusiasm, and universal collectives. Aquarians accept destiny and path as part of a universal movement. The temperament is Angelic, can see a heaven possible on earth; volatile, transparent, idealistic; may have weak physique, but compensates for it by superior intellect, moral and spiritual qualities. The wise plan, often linked with Tarot Trump XI The Enchantress. Athena, Roman Minerva, is the goddess of heroic endeavour and deva of the city. Her helmet, known as 'The Helmet of Minerva' is coveted by all champions worldwide.
The Great Seal of California

[l., Pluton ‘the rich one’]
Pluto, ruling planet of the zodiacal sign Scorpio, is relatively new, considered an “Industrial Age” discovery as we start to reclaim what has been 'buried beneath the surface' for centuries, since the time of ancient Rome. This 'resurging' new infusion or representation of an ‘upgrade’ of the waking conscious mind, concerned with research in the field of Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and AIDS, coincides with modern CSI (Crime Scene Investigation] and The Innocence Project, and the growing awareness of global challenges due to climate change. Any research that delves into atomic structure, alteration of atomic patterns as portrayed in the film Transcendence - all part of the vibe - conform to Star Wars Jedi Knight status. Lightning quick, efficient and top caliber reflexes needed to master a lightsaber are likely. Her core crystal would probably give magenta or purple colors, but she could also feel comfortable with the green color of the diplomat, mediator, and peacekeeper like Qui-Gon Jinn and Luke Skywalker. Pluto in his nonconstructive, negative form is personified by President Snow in The Hunger Games [Donald Sutherland comments here] representing leadership position taken by an inferior individual.

Pluto reveals the door to the underworld - pathway via the right brain journey, initiation, and the judgment chamber. The numerological vibration is 22, a super number frequency, containing references that include: 0, monad, and unity, wheat [related to Osiris who taught agriculture, or natural alchemy, in Ancient Egypt – common symbols are harvested wheat and grapes]. Fold in other links that directly bond with Yodh, a magical vision, someone who listens in secret – connected to justice: as with balance, adjustment [see The Adjustment Bureau and Hereafter], fairness. Phoenix related topics [Pluto the higher octave of the Moon] are placed in this category. Most questions that arise during early puberty are linked with a modification of Plutonian hormones, as example: “Who am I?” and “Where do I come from?” and, ”Is there life after my incarnation is complete?” The planet itself is often mistaken as a malefic influence because many people don’t understand the higher vibration of the subtle akashic layer as manifested in the material world. The Pluto-principle has an acquired Janus-Principle characteristic when properly befriended: dual-consciousness or the ability to see forward and backward at the same time, perceiving the two sides of everything simultaneously.

   Aspects w/i 5°:
Venus square Pluto 28° Leo 28' : ruler of Ascendant square ruler of Sun Sign Scorpio, difficult to clear final stage of initiation. Special artistic giftedness, extraordinary power of attraction. Desire to create beautiful things. Tendency to home rennovation, garden schemes may range from 'Monet' to zen, but always inspire.
Jupiter conjunction Pluto exact, an extra-ordinary happiness in love, abundant creative powers. Jupiter 28°55' Leo square Venus, attractive behaviour, the grace, tact, and warm heart. The tendency to gain popularity quickly can be compromised by sickness and love-conflicts. Changes in residence may be like 'molting' - double edged sword - good for rebirth process, yet must cut dead wood and recycle at the same time. Jupiter in her Fourth House
Venus trine Uranus emphasizes the eagle-phoenix symbolism for Scorpio because change and reform are successful with few losses. Achievement will often take a far-sighted perspective, to attempt to deal with the magnetic, fascinating powers of the psyche of which Scorpio is so aware. Scorpio rules regeneration and rebirth. The new cycle requires the individual attempt to reform, update, 'modernize' and organize personal experiences, pouncing on those that are out of position and displacing energy that might be available for use but lacks a useful program for it at the moment. The shedding or "molting" [cobra symbol] will quickly eliminate the old thought forms from future life agendas. Scorpio rules cellular repair [especially at night in a level 8 sleep state] and waste elimination: the casting away of unneeded and detrimental material, either psychic or physical.
Venus 1° Sagittarius sextile Midheaven, 3° Aquarius 27' by degree: one of the 'beautiful people', facilitates beauty and art at the level of global consciousness [Women's Conference], kind, well loved.
Venus and Pluto rule the appearance of the eyes. Venus is known for soft, dewy eyes with long curly lashes. Pluto rules the pupil, the 'camera lens' associated with pure akasha energy, the film industry, and the unconscious. He symbolizes the concentrated darkness; the fixity and depth of the eyes mark Pluto-Scorpio more than any other trait. The camera loves people with this feature.

   Maria Shriver has her Pluto 28° Leo 28', conjunct Jupiter, square Venus, and sextile both Mercury and Neptune, all considered positive relationships for the planet of transfiguration. Transformations are likely in the Department of Life where Pluto is deposited; this house governs the nest of origin and domestic matters, the internal parent, transmigration of souls with other clan members, kitchen start-ups, real estate, the kiva, the grave. The fourth house is the psyche seat of power, the deepest part of the individual psyche, and the most powerful. Interest in the Monad may lead to meditations that involve the type of meditation Maria mentioned she might like to pursue at some point, "a silent retreat...I'd like to get really good at meditation. I'd like to get really good at accepting love. I'd like to get really good at unconditional love."

Pluto symbolizes the activity of the master gland, akasha in life and death expression, much like Shiva-Shakti represented as dancing through heaven and hell, creating and destroying in one motion. The highest spiritual consciousness and the most coercive tendencies exist within the full range of this planet expression. The fall of the Berlin Wall took place November 9, 1989, in Berlin (Germany). The Sun was 17° Scorpio 19' with Moonchild Ascending @ 5°17' Cancer, and Pluto in the Fifth Department of Life.


Maria Shriver 26 Dec 2013

  Something for Scorpio’s Astrological Herbal

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginica).
If the Inquisition had known about Witch Hazel they wouldn’t have had to torture people to find out if they were witches. This shrub, which doesn’t grow in Europe anyway, is the herb that uncovers the truth about psychic manipulation. It is used as a divining rod because of its sensitivity to psychic truth. If you left your golden lasso at the office, pick up the extract at any drug store. Rub it on the solar plexus in order to bring problems to the surface. This may take months and precipitate crises, but it will work. When the person is ready to release the problem Witch Hazel will cut the connection.

Keep in mind the truthsayer has more on her plate than developing techniques that release charges in her own physical anatomy. There is the key question regarding the disposition of her objective reality. The manner in which she operates: how, when and where she disseminates the information is of primary importance to the success of the effort.

In addition, it is one of the great blood remedies, specific for distended veins, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, especially bleeding hemorrhoids, dark red, profuse hemorrhages, bleeding between periods, dark red and profuse, with the sensation of bruised soreness associated with the part.

Pumpkin, Squash, Gourd (Cucurbita pepo). Pumpkin Seed Oil is an old herbal tonic for the male organ. It increases male hormone. There is usually accompanying problems with possessiveness and power-tripping in sexual relationships, which Pumpkin will also help to relieve. It is the male counterpart of Black Cohosh, in relationships where one feels sexually imprisoned.
check: Colour Us Cornucopia for more

   Destiny Path: 1
Sacred to the ancient Qabbalah, and all the secret wisdom schools; This is the beginning of the alchemy of the mind, the transmutation from a lower state of being to a higher one. Exoteric interpretations: source, original, positive, the initiative, electric, advancing, upward mobility, can start with nothing and achieve continual vertical ascent. The first vowel in the name Maria is an A, that intensifies the power of the 1 Destiny. Emphasis on research, pioneering enterprises, and transformational formulae. Best not to repeat oneself when launching anything new.

   Neptune, the Utopia Search, is the higher octave of Venus, the Social Urge – spiritualized Eros, often linked with mythology that teaches the relationships of twin flames, soulmates, and a spiritual view of the material world. The power is based on a close union between inspiration and intellect. Far reaching plans may be made in the privacy of one’s own room and their impact may be global [Neptune rules oceans of the world and the collective unconscious.]

Neptune in the House of Service, Analysis, and ‘The Harvest’ is empowered by the intellect in unique ways – there is a great interest in the healing arts, particularly those which directly relate to Neptune. One thinks of the professions of the anesthesiologist [gas-also under the rulership of Scorpio], the hypnotherapist [varying levels of sleep and the power of positive thought], and the psychoanalyst [dreams, recognition of subtle energy and psyche power – such as an ability to manipulate the astrosome]. The Sixth Dept. of Life governs care and maintenance of the physical anatomy overall, and with Neptune in this house, the interaction of spirit and matter may be thoroughly researched with great satisfaction and benefit to others in the community.

Maria Shriver talks with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Neptune 28° Libra 34' is conjunct Mercury in a combust aspect [w/i one degree of perfect]
Neptune is sextile Pluto and Jupiter, both aspects are also combust.
Combust energy requires an inclusive agenda that is carefully considered well in advance of time doors and windows. Combust planets are so close to each other that, when activated, they may burn much of the potential energy that could otherwise be applied to an activity before it is finally firm within the imagination and transferred to appropriate flow charts for application in the physical world. People with so many combust planetary relationships usually have a long list of techniques ready to help with complex problems when they surface. When a problem has been visualized and processed in part ahead of actual clock time for it to appear on the horizon, success is within reach. Most people do this automatically in the dream state, but people with combust planetary aspects cultivate the discipline in the waking consciousness as well, just to be certain there is minimal loss of valuable raw materials and reserves are not drained.

The cold war taught that the United States, with 50 per cent of the world’s wealth and only 6 per cent of its population, would have to devise the pattern of relationships that will permit us to maintain this position of disparity; to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreamings, human rights, programs with the goal of raising quality of life standards - essentially all Neptunian factors that seek change for the better. Those with strong Neptune aspects often work as missionaries, social workers, therapists, world servers, and community organizers in an effort to overcome the 'tendency to move to the line of least resistance.'

Siblings: Mark Kennedy Shriver · Robert Sargent Shriver III · Timothy Shriver

Scorpio Countries include: Algeria, Barbary, Bavaria, Cambodia, Fez, Judea, Morocco, Norway, and Transvaal
Cities: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dover, Halifax, Liverpool, Messina, Milwaukee, Newcastle, New Orleans, St. Johns (Newfoundland), Tampa, Washington D.C. – also The Statue of Liberty on Bedloe's Island, NY Harbor


   Father Sargent Shriver
November 9, 1915, 12:00 PM [solar chart - time unknown]
Westminster MD
Sun: 16° Scorpio 13' , the middle decanate ARA
Sargent Shriver and his daughter Maria have Sol in Ara, the altar upon which is placed what is sacrificed to a higher purpose. This Pisces decanate of Scorpio ruled by Neptune tends to turn from the animalistic drives to loftier purposes and endeavors. Moving from selfish gratification to devotion to others one may explore the spiritual heights like the eagle-phoenix. Mental and spiritual pleasures often yield greater fulfillment than physical pleasures. The keyword is RESPONSIBILITY.
Moon: within 2nd or 3rd decanate Sagittarius

Mercury 27° Libra - high artistic standards are applied to good taste in all kinds of physical surroundings, especially at home. Sensitive to subtle grades of waxing and waning; gentle, considerate of others, artistic talent.
Venus 1° Sagittarius - Mars 16° Leo

Destiny Path 9*


   Mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver
July 10, 1921, 11:00 AM
Brookline MA
Sun 17° Moonchild 47'
Moon 27° Virgo 59'
ASC: 23° Virgo 39'
MC: 22° Gemini 32'
Mercury 14° Moonchild rx in Tenth House is one of the first things the general public will view - personalized sense impressions and a natural appreciation for the unique gifts people wish to contribute to their communities.
Venus 2° Gemini 23', in Ninth House of the Higher Mind, in the first Decanate of Gemini. Ursa Minor, the little bear, represents the intuitive part of the mind.
This double Gemini decanate ruled by Mercury can be very intelligent, perceptive, skillful, and youthful. When one's attention is well directed insights can come from the unconscious mind. The guiding pole star found in this constellation symbolizes the important principle of truth that must ever be one's guide. Interest in communication, education, and the arts may be indicated. The keyword is INTUITION.

Destiny Path 3
Fifth of nine children of
Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Kennedy.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day: The Service of Play
By Maria Shriver

My mother was a warrior. No, not someone who carried a sword and went into hostilities to harm, but rather a warrior for good, and for the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.

My mother's battlefield was the Special Olympics organization she founded in 1968. Her weapons of choice were compassion, an enormous heart, a sharp intellect and a competitive spirit. She used her full arsenal of talents to fight for those who were not viewed by society to be capable, to be fully human, to be deserving of the opportunity to play, to compete, and to contribute to their community worldwide.

This Saturday, September 24, over 100 countries will celebrate the second annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) Day. Athletes, families and fans from around the world will play unified -- people with and without disabilities playing sports together -- to teach the world how to live unified.

September 24 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day
Eunice Kennedy Shriver Tribute - The Legacy Continues:
Video tribute honoring Eunice Kennedy Shriver,
founder of the Special Olympics movement.

Special Olympics
On a steamy July 20 morning in 1968 Eunice Kennedy Shriver stepped up to the microphone at Soldier Field in Chicago and convened the first Special Olympics Games. It was only seven weeks after her younger brother Robert had been gunned down in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and about five weeks before the Windy City exploded in violent confrontations between police and protestors at the Democratic National Convention.

The assassination and the violence in the streets profoundly altered the American political landscape… and, in a much different way, so did the Games at Soldier Field.

With a crowd of fewer than 100 people dotting the 85,000-seat stadium, about 1,000 athletes from 26 states and Canada, all of them routinely classified in those days as mentally retarded, marched in the opening ceremonies and followed Shriver as she recited what is still the Special Olympics oath:

Let me win,
But if I cannot win,
Let me be brave
In the attempt.

Chicago mayor Richard Daley, who would become a polarizing figure at the convention that August, attended the four-day event and told Shriver, "You know, Eunice, the world will never be the same after this." While skeptics shook their heads and most of the press ignored the unprecedented competition, Shriver boldly predicted that one million of the world’s intellectually challenged would someday compete athletically. She was wrong. Today, three million Special Olympics athletes are training year-round in all 50 states and 181 countries. They run races, toss softballs, lift weights, ski moguls, volley tennis balls and pirouette on skates…

-Jack McCallum, Small Steps, Great Strides - Special Olympics
Sports Illustrated 12-08-08



*   The Peace Corps   In 2011, the Peace Corps is commemorating 50 years of promoting peace and friendship around the world.

   It was JFK’s signal speech on world peace in San Francisco on the night of November 2, 1960. He called for “A peace corps of talented men and women willing and able to serve their country” as teachers, engineers, doctors, or nurses in developing nations around the globe.

Between his election and inauguration, he appointed a transition task force to develop and refine the proposal. The Peace Corps proposal first entered the official national agenda in his State of the Union address on January 10, 1963.

Forty days after he moved into the Oval Office, the Peace Corps became a reality through an executive order and the dispatch to Congress of a message and proposed bill to establish a permanent independent agency. The executive order enabled the president to organize—under his energetic brother-in-law Sargent Shriver—and to staff fully an operation that was in place by the time the bill passed six months later. Shriver was the perfect choice to run the new program—idealistic, tireless, and deeply committed to public service, as he demonstrated in a variety of official positions both before and after JFK’s death. Shriver, too, was dedicated to helping the least fortunate among us, both at home and around the world.

-Ted Sorensen, COUNSELOR   A Life at the Edge of History


42 million women and the 28 million children who depend on them are living at less than 200 percent of the federal poverty line — equivalent to an annual income of $47,000 supporting a family of four.

-The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink


   BACK Heartwarmers and World Servers

   Robin Hood Foundation

Robin Hood finds, funds and partners with the most effective organizations fighting poverty in New York City.
At Robin Hood, 100% of your donation goes directly to programs helping poor New Yorkers and we perform rigorous evaluation to ensure that your donation makes a big difference. Every dollar you give will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to a matching grant.
Robin Hood Foundation is on Facebook
RobinHoodNYC on Twitter.

   How to Market Your Business (or Yourself) on Facebook | Maria Shriver

How to build your own committed Facebook audience

Maria Shriver's Women's Conference
Shriver's event was part of a non-profit, The California Governor & First Lady's Conference on Women, which has now been dissolved. During the non-profit's years of operation, Shriver oversaw the granting of $5.5 million in funds to various organizations. A final round of grants, valued at a total of $700,000 were awarded prior to the group's dissolution. Last year's event drew tens of thousands, and featured over a hundred guest speakers, including First Lady Michelle Obama.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver - The Women's Conference 2007 Minerva Awards
- Part 2

Maria Shriver answers questions about #WhatWomenNeed and Shriver Report for Brentwood School's 2014 Young Women's Conference - YouTube 5:29 Published on Feb 10, 2014

Maria Shriver twitter - friends, current activity, news updates

Maria Shriver wrote on her facebook page:
Sally Ride was an inspiration to me and to women all over the world. Every time a woman dreams of conquering the next frontier, she will stand on Sally Ride's shoulders.

I was proud to honor Sally with a Minerva Award and induct her into the California Hall of Fame in 2006.
Most of all, I was proud to be her friend. She was smart and generous - a pioneer.
Dr. Sally Ride The Women's Conference 2006: Minerva Awards
First woman astronaut in her own words time: 3:21

Best Buddies find a program

Best Buddies bicycle for the kids
Over 1,400 celebs, public figures, and district-dwellers embarked
on a challenge to raise money for Best Buddies International.

Riding your bike in 62 miles of downtown D.C. might not seem like the optimal way
to spend a Saturday, but for a great cause like the Audi Best Buddies Challenge,
it’s worth it.
Recently, 1,4000 people including Maria Shriver, Glee’s Lauren Potter, & a handful of Olympic medalists hitched one leg over the seat and cycled 100k (or 32k depending
on how tough they were) to their legs content. There were multiple 5k walks and runs
for the less athletically-inclined, and potato sack races if you’d rather just hang with
the kids.
Audi also brought in Kool and the Gang to give a complimentary performance to the participants after their day-long workouts.


Rose Kennedy's Cake

2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 teaspoons baking soda (add last)
Pinch of salt
1 can crushed pineapple with juice
1 1/2 cups crushed walnuts

Cream Cheese Icing:
8 ounces Cool Whip
8 ounces cream cheese
1 stick margarine
1 1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
1/2 cups walnuts, chopped

Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
Break eggs into mixer bowl. Add sugar, flour and salt; mix well. Add vanilla extract, pineapple and walnuts; mix well.
Grease and flour an 11 x 17-inch pan.
Add baking soda to mixture and pour in pan. Bake 30 to 35 minutes. Cool completely before icing.

Icing: Melt margarine. Put margarine, cream cheese and Cool Whip in bowl; mix well. Add nuts. Add sugar and mix well . Pour over cake. Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.



Global Citizen
Your local food bank

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TIME Interviews Maria Shriver
Maria Shriver answers reader questions about a lifetime
in politics and her favorite Schwarzenegger movie.
Her new book "Just Who Will You Be?" youtube 9:19