O r l a n d o   B l o o m ~   L e g o l a s


Star Chart for January 13, 1977 [Canterbury, England]
Orli's Sun @ 23+ Capricorn exactly conjuncts The Peacock Constellation. His Pallas Athena @ 29 Leo perfectly conjuncts The Royal Star, Regulus, (owns powerful status as Alpha Star in the constellation Leo, The Lion.) OB made a name for himself as expert archer Elf-Prince Legolas in J. R. R. Tolkien's epic poem The Lord of The Rings.
see Trump IX The Hermit for 13° Sagittarius 51' Midheaven background.
Ascendant 21° Aquarius 32'
see Trump XI The Enchantress for information about Aquarius/Pisces Ascendant degrees. Note: The King of Cups [Knight of Cups in some decks] is linked with the 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces.

Dominant signs: Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Scorpio [Moon 0° Scorpio 18' - Libra/Scorpio cusp]

Note: OB dominant planets also appear in star chart of Abraham Lincoln as follows:

Orlando Bloom Neptune 19.91% Saturn 15.10% Uranus 14.54% Venus 9.83%

Abraham Lincoln Neptune 21.33% Saturn 17.77% Uranus 16.29% Sun 15.10%

Dominant house: 8, 11, and 10 [Midheaven]
Prince Paris of Troy a character running against the bent of Orli's nature - a challenge for any actor.

The astrological influences of the constellation Sagitta [29CAP41 – year 2000 01AQU04] given by Manilius: It was decreed that Troy could not be taken without the arrows of Hercules; these were held by Philoctetes, who, afflicted with a noisome wound in the foot, had been abandoned by the Greeks in Lemnos; subsequently healed and brought to Troy, he slew many of the Trojans, including Paris. Unlike most of the Greeks Philoctetes, as an archer, wore no armor.
Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5




Pisces Era Binary Solution

Just as the heart beats in and out, the lungs breathe in and out, duality is the basic quality of all natural processes in so far as they comprise two opposite phases or aspects. When integrated in a higher context, this duality generates a binary system based on the counterbalanced forces of two opposite poles. The physical anatomy is balanced with the etheric double, and so on. The moral level reached by any religion can in fact, be measured by its capacity to show, by means of dogma and symbols, how duality is transcended.

"... this wealth of evidence from the monuments of ancient Egypt, soberly considered, there cannot remain a vestige of doubt that Libra was originally the first sign of the Zodiac and that it equated with Akhet, ‘the place where the sun rises,’ that is, the Ascendant, with its cow goddess Hathor. The fact that Serke, the scorpion goddess of the constellation Scorpio, was styled in the Pyramid texts ‘She-who-relieves-the-windpipe’ proves by implication that as early as the 3rd millennium B.C. Libra and the 1st house of the zodiac were atomically associated with the head, as Scorpio and the second house were the neck and windpipe. It is fashionable for Christians to underrate the intelligence of the Egyptians because they were ‘animal worshipers’ blissfully unmindful of the fact that they themselves, worship Christ as the Lamb of God and the Holy Ghost under the form of a dove!"




Binary Solutions as Pleasant Experiences

The Arts

Alchemy: Alchemical Gold, Lapis
Design: Composite Characters, The Labyrinth
Fashion: Transparent Veridian Green, Natural Neutrals
Music: TransGlobal Bands


- Garden Fountain: London, England, go to Serpentine Lake, gallery, and nearby Memorial Fountain dedicated to Diana, Princess of Wales, the Serpentine's former patron - a place of tranquility for adults, a place of joy for young at heart. The oval holds two streams of water, one slow and smooth, one fast and choppy, which converge in a dish-shaped pool. Kathryn Gustafson has described her design as "historic and formal, contemporary and relaxed".

- Floating Candles with Floral Arrangement
* Desire and Pleasure
Venus and Mars
Scarlet zinnia, American beauty rosebud[s], violets and red poppy, Spanish jasmine for sensuality
* Hospitality
Oak leaves with birch bark, orange and bay leaves, yellow violet
* Live Long and Prosper – Immortality
Palm, bay leaf, foxglove, a small garland of red and white roses
* Parted Lovers
Red and pink rose petals, gorse, cabbage rose, bay leaf, zinnia
* Protection for Loved Ones
Morning glory, amaranth, traveller’s joy; departing add sweet pea

Float arrangement with small tea candles in a cut crystal, or clear crystal, goblet, bowl, or dish; trim with seasonal bouquet and ribbon; Extra ~ hostess gifts for party events, place crystal bowl on nest of coloured gemstone and glass beads; these floral focalizers are beautiful around an ice sculpture or marble centerpiece at holiday events.


Modern World
- The Havasupai and the Hualapai - the Havasupai occupy Havasu Canyon, located in the western reaches of the Grand Canyon in Arizona
- Switzerland

Ancient World
- Delos, Island Sanctuary of Immortals Who Govern Weather Patterns
- Island of Gotland, Baltic Sea - East and West met, during the Age of the Vikings, in the middle of the Baltic Sea on the island of Gotland. Merchants from Russia, Novgorod, and the Arab world traded and mingled at this island port with their counterparts from Scandinavia, England, and Germany. The middlemen through centuries of this international commerce were the farming folk of Gotland. And they became fabulously rich.

Fantasy World
- Hallelujah_Mountains, Pandora, the floating mountains and waterfalls, seen on screen in Avatar, directed by James Cameron; The Hallelujah Mountains are considered sacred by the Na'vi. See the Tree of Souls

- Middle-earth created by Peter Jackson for J.R.R. Tolkien sagas transcribed by Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins, see Middle-earth Inn for directions to the various pages





Legolas: Or too few. Look at them. They’re frightened. I can see it in their eyes.

Boe a hyn: neled herain dan caer menig.

[Translation: "And they should be. 300 against 10,000."]



"silver quickness and electrified senses" of an elf is linked with
the Etheric Double, in part,
and the electro-magnetic field associated with the number 11
Tarot Trump VII, Trump IX, and Trump XI

Kingdom of Heaven and Orlando Bloom - Kingdom of Heaven




Elf Food

Elf appetite? Hunting for a hidden dimension? Try this perfect afternoon snack on a long road into the world of Natural Alchemy - 3D Fractals

Bite of: Kalamata olive fociccia sandwich, made with feta cheese, grilled peppers, sliced avacado, and sun dried tomatoes.

Blender: pine nuts, cup white wine, tsp horseradish (optional garlic or zest of lemon)
Blend and chill before spreading on lembas.
screen caps: Three Hunters



Clear Scented Water

All the scents you want are in your garden. To begin, select your favourite red rose and lavender.

Follow these directions
Substitute garden lavender and herbs of choice for the red rose if desired. Fill a large straw basket with red rose petals ready for harvest, a day or so before they should naturally fall from the flower.

In a medium size copper saucepan, add rose petals to clear mountain water at a ratio of about 2 cups roses to 1 litre of water.

Pack the roses until solid. Cover with a thin layer of fresh water. Slowly bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Strain into glass containers for refrigerator storage. Scent remains two days.



Romance – Friend - Affection

Fire-Water Secrets

Float Springtime cherry blossoms, small branch of both pink and white in crystal bowl, with pink or red tea candles.

Place floral and floating-candles in crystal near your photos, correspondence, and other treasures, in the part of your home resonating with marriage-partner themes.

To add passion to your romantic relationships, put pink quartz power stones [charge these in meditation] around the bottom of your crystal with the arrangement. Pink quartz hearts are perfect, but shaped beads work wonderfully if you have to substitute.

Rose water or a variation is preferred. The Romans bathed in rose perfumed waters and drank rose wine. Romans built fountains everywhere so they could continually enjoy the scent of fresh red roses.

The symbolism associated with the crystal bowl is derived from the ancient ‘silver cup’ that belonged to Joseph, the Bowl with the gilt of its stars, and the legend of the Holy Grail. The cauldron and well are linked with The Chalice Well at Glastonbury, by legend, and the ancient healing waters. These are created based on the zodiacal constellation Crater and fixed star ALKES.

Directly and indirectly, all patterns and forms flow from the source, the serene fountain, always providing wisdom, spiritual inspiration, and eternal youth.

Rivendell is situated in a hidden, fertile valley. Two of the many places Tolkien visited helped Rivendell coalesce in his mind. Lauterbrunnen was one of them. According to locals, the name Lauterbrunnen is a combination of 'lauter,' meaning 'many,' and 'brunnen,' meaning 'spring,' 'fountain,' or 'well'. However, there is considerable dispute about the meaning of 'lauter', with some translating it as 'louder,' and others as 'clear,' 'bright,' or 'clean'.

In Tolkien's letter to his son Michael he wrote: "I am... delighted that you have made the acquaintance of Switzerland, and of the very part that I once knew best and which had the deepest effect on me. The hobbit (Bilbo’s) journey from Rivendell to the other side of the Misty Mountains, including the glissade down the slithering stones in the pine woods, is based on my adventures in 1911..."
"...but leave many vivid pictures as clear as yesterday... We went on foot carrying great packs practically all the way from Interlaken, mainly by mountain paths, to Lauterbrunnen, and so to Mürren and eventually so to the head of the Lauterbrunnenthal in a wilderness of moraines."


Golden arrows and peacock quiver - transparent veridian blue highlights for Prince Legolas costume.
Behind the scenes: Legolas and Arwen
Make your own Legolas costume


At the summit opposites meet and merge into one

Let the contest begin! Éomer, Rohirrim, Legolas: Éomer: "No spills."
Legolas and The Riders of Rohan

With silver quickness and electrified senses, the elves of LOTR are a breed apart from Santa's jolly helpers. "You won't see them at the bottom of your garden along with the fairies," says Orlando Bloom, who worked with a movement coach to perfect the catlike steps of elf archer Legolas ("I'd been watching Kurosawa, and I wanted that samurai-warrior quality") and trained for two months on the bow and arrow. "By the end, I was shooting paper plates out of the sky."
Elven Arrows of the Golden Wood and Daggers used by Legolas
Collection of Lord of the Rings Fonts

Tolkien Numbers
New Tolkien page

The Lord of the Rings Extended DVD
Buy Tolkien books

Haldir ~ A marchwarden of the Galadhrim of Lórien, who guarded its northern borders with his brothers Rúmil and Orophin. When the Fellowship arrived there after fleeing Moria, he became their guide and led them to Caras Galadhon.
'Haldir' is interpreted as 'Hidden Hero' and pronounced 'ha'ldeer'


Arwen's Garden - Arwen's Garden 2


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