Clifford Merle Wells
graduated from his earthly life
on November 20, 2002

Memorial Service held
Friday, November 29, 2002
Santa Rosa Memorial Park Chapel

left, Aura Field for Cliff Wells


Note: the half circle across the hip area is a psyche record of an injury that occurred during WWII, when Cliff's ship was bombed at sea. Cliff's body was literally crinkled up like an accordion, as though he had been caught between both walls in the Death Star garbage smasher. His body was hung from a bar by his feet as doctors held his shoulders and pulled him into a straight, aligned position. There are several subtle energy wounds that have not healed through the animated layers of the entire aura field. "Fingerprints" of the back brace Cliff had to wear while learning to walk again appear to be in the most sensitive areas while in recovery.

Cliff joined the Navy when he was 14, so these wounds disabled him during his third 7 year cycle while he was young enough to recover fully. His eye injury, a severe one, is not indicated anywhere in his field. He attributes this minor miracle (eye literally hanging by a thread out of socket) to a German nurse who combined a treatment of Vitamins A & E alternately, every day. The co-operation between both the oils was to encourage healing but slow the scarring process at the same time. He received these treatments for over a year during his hospital stay. I mention this because the eye injury should appear somewhere in the overall field but there is no indication of it whatsoever.



An Article From Cliff Wells' Nutrition Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue Three



If you have ever owned fish as a hobby, you know that the pH {acid-alkaline balance] in a fish tank can mean the difference between live fish and dead fish in a matter of a few hours. Believe me, it’s equally important in the body chemistry in humans. In my opinion, it is a common cause of many aches and pains. Let’s start with the term pH [parts Hydrogen]. This term is used to indicate the acid-alkaline intensity of a solution. The pH balance is expressed in the form of a scale graduated in values from 0-14. Seven is considered neutral. 0-7 gives you the acid content, and 7 to 14 represents the alkaline content. The amount of acid depends upon the number of hydrogen ions in a solution. It has been proven that 10 MILLION QUARTS of water yields one gram of hydrogen ions. As you may know in mathematics, the logarithm for 10 million is 7. Water, then, would be the center of the scale or neutral.

In order for the body to function efficiently, the concentration of acid and base substances must remain very constant. Death may ensue if the blood or extracellular fluids become either too acid or too alkaline. The pH rating for these fluids may vary normally from 7.1 to 7.4 [slightly alkaline].

The food we eat is a source of both acid and base substances in the body. A food has either an acid or base residue depending upon the predominations of either the acid minerals [phosphorus, Sulphur, chlorine] or the base minerals [potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium].

Note: The effects of juice acidity, storage time, and temperature on the lead content of canned grapefruit juice were determined. Freshly processed juice had 0.06 PPM of lead. Levels increased to 0.19 PPM after 17 weeks storage. After 52 weeks, levels ranged from 0.13 to 0.26 PPM. Storage temperature had no effect on the level. The major factors in determining lead levels was the surface of solder exposed to the juice and the juice pH with the more acidic juices having slightly greater lead content.

[J Food Science 45:965 1980]

I have found in my many years of consulting people regarding their eating habits that if they maintain a reasonable balance of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods with each meal many of their digestive problems would vanish.

Considerable evidence suggests that the carcinogens or co-carcinogens responsible for the development of colorectal cancer are either bacterially degraded bile acids or cholesterol. It is proposed that a high colonic pH promotes co-carcinogen formation from these substances and that acidification of the colon either by dietary fiber [following its bacterial digestion to short-chain fatty acids] or milk [in lactose-intolerant individuals] may prevent this process. While the properties of dietary fiber to speed colonic transit and increase stool weight are clearly important, its major action may be to lower colonic pH.

[Lancet 8229, 1081, 1981].




The following chart will aid you in selecting the food combinations for each meal. [Note: If you are using my breakfast drink each morning, then you have no problem as the breakfast drink is in balance… providing you make it as I have suggested in previous newsletters.]

Keep this chart nearby in your kitchen so when you prepare a meal you may glance at it to maintain the proper balance in your eating habits. GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.


The Art of Getting Along

He learns that it doesn’t do any harm to smile and say, "Good Morning," even if it is raining.

He learns that the quickest way to become unpopular is to carry tales and gossip about others.


The suggested goal for balance of the acid-alkaline status in the human anatomy may be compared with the balance we strive for in our wealth. Incoming energy/fuel/resources is ideally balanced with an equal amount of recycled raw materials, wealth, and skill, that is sent into the collective to compensate for what was taken from it. Example: The choice George Clooney and friends make to restore the community after receiving benefits from it.



The following table of foods is taken from
Ragnar Berg of Germany

Foods preceded by the letters "AL" are alkaline forming.
Foods preceded by the letters "AC" are acid forming.



Column No. 1


Non Starch Foods

AL Alfalfa
AL Artichokes
AL Asparagus
AL Beans [string]
AL Beets [whole]
AL Beet Leaves
AL Broccoli
AL Cabbage [white]
AL Cabbage [red]
AL Carrots
AL Carrot Tops
AL Cauliflower
AL Celery Knobs
AL Chicory
AL Coconut
AL Corn
AL Cucumbers
AL Dandelions
AL Eggplant
AL Endive
AL Garlic
AL Horseradish
AL Kale
AL Kohlrabi
AL Leek
AL Lettuce
AL Mushrooms
AL Okra
AL Olives [ripe]
AL Onions
AL Oysterplant
AL Parsley
AL Parsnips
AL Peas [fresh]
AL Peppers [sweet]
AL Radishes
AL Rutabagas
AL Savory
AL Sea Lettuce
AL Sorrel
AL Soybean [products]
AL Spinach
AL Sprouts
AL Summer Squash
AL Swiss Chard
AL Turnips
AL Watercress


Column No. 2


Proteins and Fruits

AC Beef
AC Buttermilk
AC Chicken
AC Clams
AC Cottage Cheese
AC Crab
AC Duck
AC Eggs
AC Fish
AC Goose
AL Honey [pure]
AC Jelly
AC Lamb
AC Lobster
AC Mutton
AC Nuts
AC Oysters
AC Pork
AC Rabbit
AC Raw Sugar
AC Turkey
AC Turtle
AC Veal
AL All Berries
AL Apples
AL Apricots
AL Avocados
AL Cantaloupes
AL Cranberries
AL Currants
AL Dates
AL Figs
AL Grapes
AL Grapefruit
AL Lemons
AL Limes
AL Oranges
AL Peaches
AL Pears
AL Persimmons
AL Pineapple
AL Plums
AL Prunes
AL Raisins
AL Rhubarb
AL Tomatoes



Column No. 3


Starchy Foods

AL Bananas
AC Barley
AC Beans [lima]
AC Beans [white]
AC Bread
AC Cereals
AC Chestnuts
AC Corn
AC Corn Meal
AC Crackers
AC Corn Starch
AC Grapenuts
AC Gluten Flour
AC Lentils
AC Macaroni
AC Maize
AC Millet Rye
AC Oatmeal
AC Peanuts
AC Peanut Butter
AC Peas [dried]
AC Potatoes [sweet]
AL Potatoes [white]
AL Pumpkin
AC Rice [brown]
AC Rice [polished]
AC Roman Meal
AC Rye Flour
AC Sauerkraut
AL Squash [hubbard]
AC Tapioca











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