Topic: Apollonius calls number 17, "The Star of
the Magi," designating it as "The Astral virtues
of the elements, of seed of every kind." This is
the region of principle, and life becomes clear.

Collectives here: Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer,
Federation of Planets, Fellowship of the Ring

Dear Mystic Eyes,

I think I have telepathic ability, or at least some degree of gifted insight, because I continue to see The Star in my daily meditation spread. I know telepathy is a two-way street and would like to know if there is a clue about the mechanics of higher mind action in the card. I do not want to get caught up in the 'psychic fly-paper' of remote viewing. Thanks for your help.
                    Young and Searching,
                    in Arcadia, CA.

Dear Young and Searching,

The Star is associated with the intellect-communication triad in zodiacal terms, composed of: Gemini the Twins [mutable], Libra the Balance [cardinal], and Aquarius the Cup Bearer [fixed] in that order. The figure of the goddess is shown or referred to in all three signs. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes contains several foundational building blocks expressed in this Major Arcana key.

In Trump XVII the Goddess is "definitely personified as a human-seeming figure; she is represented as bearing two cups, one golden, held high above her head, from which she pours water upon it..." In classic terms she may be glimpsed in the quest legends of Ceres/Demeter, Cybele, Galadriel, Isis, Venus, and other representations of Love at the time of year the Dog Star rises. Her search is connected with centers of initiation like Eleusis, near Athens, in ancient Greece. In the New Testament, it is translated as "the advent." Gentle, subtle psychical effects associated with dreamers, initiation, and communion with an immortal, could be comparable to any sacrament with hallucinogenic quality because of access to an unknown. The fruits of the Holy Spirit, descending in flames upon those followers of Jesus hidden in the upper room, are comparable to characteristics of modern LSD. Many trans-mediums draw this card in the destiny name/talent reading. The seven-pointed Star of Venus declares the principal characteristic of the nature of the Goddess.

"The left hand, lowered, holds a silver cup, from which also she pours the immortal liquor of her life. This liquor is the Amrita of the Indian philosophers, the Nepenthe and Ambrosia of the Greeks, the Alkahest and Universal Medicine of the Alchemists, the Blood of the Grail; or rather, the nectar which is the mother of that blood. She pours it upon the junction of land and water..."
quotes above from THE TAROT OF THE EGYPTIANS, artist Lady Freida Harris [directed by Master Therion]
Blessed be,

THE FANTASTIC FOUR and the RISE of the SILVER SURFER: go Tarot Card navigation. getting started, The House System

    THE LORD of the RINGS: The Tower of Ecthelion flew the standard of the City, during the last years of the Third Age held held the palantir known as the Anor-stone. Tower of Ecthelion - The White Tower at the peak of Minas Tirith: "...the Tower of Ecthelion, standing high within the topmost walls, shone out against the sky, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, tall and fair and shapely, and its pinnacle glittered as if it were wrought of crystals..."                       -J. R. R. Tolkien, The Return of the King, V 1, Minas Tirith

    "This thing you call language, though...most remarkable. You depend on it for so very much, but is any
    one of you really its master?" -Spock/Kollos, Star Trek: Memory Alpha Is There in Truth No Beauty?

    Other Trump XVII collectives reside in: Babylon 5, The Enterprise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, It Might Get Loud, Justice League of America, King Arthur and Knights of Round Table, Matrix Neb Crew, Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army, Star Wars Rebel Alliance, and the X-Men.


    The Sun is a star symbolized as a circle with a dot in the center, as is the psyche centre, the point where the psyche meets the consciousness. Sirius is a star outside the boundaries of Sol, our star and his solar system, yet we are still connected with it.
    Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell discovered the circle and central dot is one of the oldest symbols in recorded history, but it also refers to The Monad as well, the "going home" experience we have within during level 8 sleep.

    The image suggests a uniform distance from the central dot to all degrees that compose the circle. It suggests, conversely, that the distance from any point on the circumference to the dot at the centre will be the same. These intuited links from the centre out to the edge of the circle, and vice versa, may be considered tiny bridges.
    Traditionally, such a neat and logical design can be superimposed over blueprints for most working systems, in the microcosm and macrocosm that includes our own solar system. When give or take is factored in, we don’t have to stretch the imagination too far to explain 'things' in terms of modern physics - defined as time/space management formulae. The star Sirius is a symbolic challenge to go beyond what we know, aspire to, and wish for humanity – the Sun that tells us to "let it go" and push the envelope. Sirius represents the intersection or bridge that connects immortal with the mortal.

    The Dogon Tribe in Africa describes this 'star' specifically as having a circle of reddish rays around it, and this circle of rays is 'like a spot spreading' but remaining the same size. The Dogon are a West African tribe who have known about, and worshipped, Sirius A and its twin the invisible star Sirius B, for the past 5,000 years. They are also aware that the planets circle the sun in elliptical orbits, there are four moons of Jupiter and rings around Saturn.

    Ancient Egypt transcribed Sirius, known as Sopdet or Sothis, as a hieroglyph with a star and a triangle. The Dog Star seen above the horizon begins the 'Dog Days', the signal that Isis, Egyptian Queen and Earth Mother, will search for Osiris, who had been betrayed and murdered by his brother. This legend mirrors a Greek and Roman story about Venus who mourns Adonis, slain by the boar's tooth of winter. Many cultures have their own version of the theme. In Egypt, the symbol for this journey of sorrow is an eye with three triangular tear drops [apex up] just under the eye. The heliacal rising (the first night that Sirius is seen, just before dawn) was noticed every year during July, before the annual flooding of the Nile and the summer solstice, after a 70-day absence from the skies. Early Egyptians used this to mark the start of the New Year, celebrated with a festival known as 'The Coming of Sopdet'.
    full article

    Interfacing Mercury and The Sun

    There are many two way traffic lanes that carry messages between Mercury and Sol, represented in Trump XVII The Star [Sirius, the Dog Star] and Trump XIX The Sun [Sol, center of our solar system] respectively.

    Mercurial Tarot Trump include: Trump III and Trump XVII, associated with Mother archetypes. They are most often represented as Mother of the World, Goddess, and Universal Mother Principle [Receptive, Feminine] and apply to skeletal structures that support current and ancient cultures.

    The third tarot card hints at the Cosmic language, at Quabbalah…. According to the recordings left to posterity, Hermes Trismegistus was a representative of the highest knowledge, a brilliant example of human intelligence and of an enlightened spirit in analogy to the Mercury vibes, for they are assigned to the immortal spirit and are analogous to it.
    right, Chartres Labyrinth
    the sacred journey

    The Symbol of the Fish, Dolphin, and Whale
    Christian Emblem of Christ, and Symbol of the Age of Pisces

    Fishes were sacred to Aphrodite in Rome and Greece; Freya, in whose honor the day Friday was named, was the Scandinavian Venus, and Friday was sacred among many nations to the goddess of beauty and fecundity. The Catholics recommended that fish replace meat on Friday for many centuries. Oannes, the Fish Man was a prominent figure in Chaldea; Friday is sacred to the followers of the Prophet Mohammed.

    The word nun means both fish and growth. The Jews were led to victory by the Son of the Fish whose other names were Joshua and Jesus [the Savior]. Nun is still the name of a feminine devotee of the Christian faith.

    Among early Christians three fish were used to symbolize the Trinity, and the fish is also one of the eight sacred symbols of the great Buddha.

    It is also significant that the dolphin should be sacred to both Apollo [the Solar Savior] and Neptune. It was believed the dolphin carried shipwrecked sailors to heaven on its back.


    Film recommendation

    A Mighty Heart
    Michael Winterbottom 22 June 2007
    Writers: John Orloff (screenplay), Mariane Pearl (book)
    Stars: Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman and Irrfan Khan
    Running time: 108 minutes

    This film is based on a true story. On January 23, 2002, two journalists, Daniel Pearl and his pregnant wife Mariane, fly from Karachi to Dubai. Daniel Pearl, well known reporter with the Wall Street Journal, was teased by a 'secret' middle-man who offered an exclusive interview with an Islamic fundamentalist cleric. Pearl is directed via phone instructions, online, and third party 'taxi driver' types. As Mariane pieces together the puzzle parts that describe her husband's status, we discover how Daniel continued to follow bread crumbs and go-betweens leading him to cross his comfort zone and move outside his "safety buffers," one by one.

    The characters are all pushing in the same direction, ultimately, but at what seems to be an invisible prompting, everyone feels compelled to move outside their safety zone [Saturn] and/or comfort zone [Mercury, Venus]. Some responsibility for the confusion can be chalked up to the convergence of full spectrum cultural lexicons colliding at a time when global archetypes are faltering on shifting sands.

    Considering the tricks, lies, and treachery in the story, the movie might have been too surreal for people to watch. The upward spiral movement of the film is provided by authentic love - those "pure" hearts who help Mariane with the search for Daniel, and the true love shared by Mariane and Daniel.

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    Johnny Mnemonic Robert Longo 26 May 1995
    Writers: William Gibson (screenplay), William Gibson (short story)
    Stars: Keanu Reeves, Dolph Lundgren, Dina Meyer, and Ice-T
    Running time: 103 minutes

    Data courier Johnny Mnemonic [Keanu Reeves], carrying a data package literally inside his head too large to hold for long, must deliver it before he dies from it.

    Dolphins may be the communications experts on the planet. Scientists have discovered that dolphins carry on at least seven conversations at once (and that’s based on the assumption that they communicate only through sound, discounting body language, telepathy, and forms of communication we might even be capable of imagining!) To enter their world is literally to enter a sea of sound. What could they be talking about? Relationships? Feelings? Community? Us?

    In addition to their vast intelligence and gentle hearts, the cetaceans have another attribute which now fascinates humankind. They have an exquisitively developed sonar system. By bouncing sound waves off their surroundings, they can literally see into and through most objects. This, in addition to their very good eyesight, gives them the ability to perceive their environment in practically a 350 degree radius. The implications are many. Any illness or aberration in a companion can be immediately picked up and attended to.

    Ocean currents and contours can be perceived easily and efficiently. And perhaps more fascinating, this kind of “inner vision” gives rise to a society of “no secrets” – for what is the point of “putting on a happy face” when it is perfectly natural for me to see through it to your broken heart, if that be the truth?

    Dolphins have the second largest brains on the planet (humans have the third). And according to myriad communication experiments, that brain holds intelligence commensurate with its size. Here we have, perhaps, another source of the dolphin-human attractive force: another sentient species on the planet! How long has humankind gazed at the night sky, our hearts reaching out with loneliness, for an answer from a distant star? When all the while, in our very didst, was a society as alien and wise as that we imagined would come from outer space?...

    -Kim Rosen, Reflections in a Dolphin’s Eye


    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Leonard Nimoy 1986
    Writers: Gene Roddenberry (television series Star Trek), Leonard Nimoy (story)
    Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley
    Running time: 119 minutes

    To save Earth from an alien probe in the 23rd Century, Kirk and his crew go back in time to retrieve the only beings who can communicate with it, humpback whales.

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