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Take a Minute and Take the 60s Music Quiz



Questions 1 - 20 - value one point each


1. Who recorded "Georgia On My Mind": a. The Steve Miller Band b. Jan and Dean c. Ray Charles, d. all

2. "For Your Love" was a hit by: a. The Byrds b. The Yardbirds c. Bob Dylan d. Led Zeppelin e. Eagles

3. True or False: Big Brother and the Holding Company performed "Ball and Chain" live before they first recorded it.

4. Who wrote the rock opera "Rock Justice"?

5. Who recorded "Stand By Me": a. Ben E. King b. Spider Turner, c. John Lennon d. all

6. What group did Ringo quit to join the Beatles? a. The Yellow Brick Road b. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes c. The Rockets

7. Elton John is associated with which of these sports teams? A. Macon Whoopies Hockey Club b. Manila Folders Baseball Club c. London Bridges Cricket Club d. Watford Hornets Soccer Club

8. Which San Francisco Psychedelic Band recorded "Pride of Man"?

9. "Puff the Magic Dragon" was a hit recorded by: John Sebastian b. James Taylor c. Peter, Paul, and Mary d. all

10. The Beach Boys based "Surfin’ USA" on what Chuck Berry song?

11. "Black Magic Woman" was a big hit for: a. Steppenwolf b. Stevie Wonder c. Santana

12. What became of the San Francisco Psychedelic Band The Warlocks?

13. The Rolling Stones hit song "Jumpin Jack Flash" first appeared on what album? A. Let It Bleed, b. Beggar’s Banquet, c. Between the Buttons

14. Of the following artists, who is known as an early composer in fringe, electronic, and computer controlled music? A. John Cage b. Noam Chomsky c. Edward Albee

15. What Memphis soul belter was backed by Booker T and the MG’s at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival?

16. What British group recorded the theme for the CSI TV series?

17. Who said, "I’m really not interested in America as much as mankind." [He directed ‘Nashville’]

18. Who sang the song "U.S. Male"? a. James Brown, b. Jim Morrison, c. Elvis Presley

19. Who is the singer, songwriter, actor who appeared in Semi-Tough?

20. What director-duo gave us American Graffiti?


    BONUS QUESTIONS         






1. What was Stevie Wonder’s first hit record?

2. What was the original name of The Straight Theatre in the Haight-Ashbury?

3. Who directed the grim 1964 comedy Dr. Strangelove: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

4. What is the 60s hit song Sean Connery sings in the shower in the suspense-thriller film, The Rock





Answers questions 1--20: 1. c. Ray Charles, 2. The Yardbirds, 3. True, 4. Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane/Starship), 5. d. all, 6. b. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, 7. d. Watford Hornets Soccer Club, 8. Quicksilver Messenger Service 9. c. Peter, Paul, and Mary, 10. Sweet Little Sixteen, 11. c. Santana, 12. They morphed into The Grateful Dead, 13. c. Between the Buttons, 14. a. John Cage, 15. Otis Redding, 16. The Who, 17. Robert Altman, 18. c. Elvis Presley 19. Kris Kristofferson, 20. Lucas-Coppola

Answers Bonus Questions [ 2 points each]: 1. Fingertips Part Two 2. Haight Theater 3. Stanley Kubrick 4. "If You’re Goin to San Francisco"




Highest score: 24—28 Live Long and Prosper!

On a Magic Carpet Ride: 19—23 you are outta this world!

E.T. Cruiser: 13—18 remember to call home

Caught in Cross Town Traffic: 9—12 look on the bright side of life!

You are a real Space Cadet: 0—8 20,000 light years from home



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