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1. The first six days of The Chemical Marriage set forth the processes of philosophical “creation” through which every organism must pass.

2. The walled city represents the sanctuary of wisdom wherein dwell the real rulers of the world – the initiated philosophers.

3. From an ethical standpoint, the young King and Queen resurrected at the summit of the tower and ensouled by Divine Life represent the forces of Intelligence and Love which must ultimately guide society.

4. St. Elmo’s Fire is believed to be an expression of the salamanders.

5. The most famous ‘living stone’ [Greek-Roman] is the Gygorian stone in the Strait of Gibraltar.

6. At one time the Dionysians referred to themselves as Sons of Solomon, and one of the most important of their symbols was the Seal of Solomon – two interlaced triangles.

7. Dr. John Dee was the calendar maker, astrologer, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth II

8. There are numerical ciphers from which the cryptic message may be extracted by counting every tenth work, every twentieth word, or every fiftieth word.

9. The marble temple dedicated to Diana at Ephesus, designed by Cresiphon as a miniature of the universe - one of the seven wonders of the world, was jointly sponsored by the Ionian cities in the area close to Smyrna.

10. The oracle of Zeus at Dodona uttered prophecies via a complex, well organized system that included the oracular doves migrating to the sacred oak grove on a preordained date, and “talking” brass kettles.

11. Mythology and group origin were intertwined so the Divine Being was the spiritual parent and protector.

12. Fire walking rites practiced in the Fiji Islands can be dismissed as hallucinations or mass hypnosis.

13. The Iroquois term ‘orenda’ means a spiritual vitality, that senses another dimension of primitive consciousness.

14. The most famous oracles of antiquity were those of Delphi, Dodona, Trophonius, and Latona, of which the Oracle at Delphi was the oldest.

15. When we are away from familiar landmarks and signposts, we may be unable to sustain the strength of our own cultural patterns.

16. The entrance to the oracle’s cave of Trophonius was marked by two brass obelisks and surrounded by a wall of white stones, set within a sacred grove.

17. To understand the inner meaning of ritual it is almost necessary to personally experience its effect upon the emotional structure of both participant and observer.

18. Sir Isaac Newton decided to abandon his endeavors to discover the law of gravity but the entire formula was soon revealed to him in a dream.

19. The journal of Ben Franklin tells of his faithful attendance at meetings of the Iroquois for over 25 years.

20. Poverty Point, NE Louisiana, are remains of a 2nd millennium b.c. culture


According To The Oracle
Your Score Is Read Accordingly


Answers to your match up quiz: all answers are true, except #7 and #14. [the correct answers are Queen Elizabeth I and Dodona]

Perfect Score -- All matches correct indicates your elevator goes to the spiritual switchboard on the top floor.

Missed 1 - 4 -- Plug in and visit the Oracle. When you get there ask for one of those ‘right as rain’ cookies.

Missed 5 - 9 -- Don’t worry about the vase. ‘OM’ and glow like the sun.

Missed 10 - 14 -- Breathe deeply, count to ten, and ask yourself: Is that air you’re breathing?

Missed 15 or more -- Trinity will arrive eventually and take you off the Mobil Station tracks.




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