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Do You Like The 60s Alternative Lifestyle?

Test yourself and find out how much you know about this important decade of global cultural change.



Questions 1 - 20 - value one point each


1. New York’s Peppermint Lounge discotheque was named after "The Peppermint Twist," by: a. Chubby Checker b. Joey Dee c. The Clovers

2. Eddie Cochran’s biggest hit was: a. Summertime Blues b. Devil or Angel c. Transfusion

3. Jimmy James and the Blue Flames was the first band formed by: a. Jimi Hendrix b. Elmore James c. Rick James and the Stone City Band

4. The top box-office actor of 1966: a. Richard Burton b. Sean Connery
c. Paul Neuman

5. The top box-office actress of 1966? a. Julie Andrews b. Sophia Loren
c. Elizabeth Taylor

6. Time Magazine declared the city of the decade: a. London b. New York c. San Francisco

7. Jefferson Airplane’s first LP "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off" was released in a) 1965, b) 1966, c) 1967

8. What popular rock singer performed the theme song from the top grossing film of the year, 007 spy thriller "Thunderball"? a. Lavern Baker
b. Tom Jones c. Neil Diamond

9. Which popular performers reached #1 with the song, You Keep Me Hangin On? a. The Rolling Stones b. Righteous Brothers c. The Supremes

10. Dr. John the Night Tripper recorded his first collection in 1968, Gris-Gris, with: a. RCA b. Motown c. Atlantic


P E A C E - back by popular demand
Jackson Browne and Wavy Gravey for Seva


True or False

Quincy Jones Quartette
11. Quincy Jones played Seattle soul clubs with Ray Charles at age 14. True or False

12. Quincy Jones played in Lionel Hampton’s big band at age 15.
True or False

13. Quincy Jones scored his first film in 1965, Sidney Lumet’s The Pawnbroker. True or False

14. Quincy Jones directed Michael Jackson’s Thriller. True or False

15. In 1966, The Metropolitan Opera House closed in New York after 83 years. The new Metropolitan Opera House, decorated with murals by Marc Chagall, opened at Rockefeller Center. True or False

16. Boston Celtics center, Bill Russell, succeeded coach Red Auerbach, to become the first Black athlete to coach a major American sports team. True or False

17. Television: Batman and Star Trek both began successful television series in 1968. True or False

18. Leader: The only person the Martians are really interested in talking to. True or False

19. T-Bone Walker, known as the first bluesman to exploit the electric guitar, later changed his name to T-Bone Burnette. True or False

20. Johnny Cash, the "Man in Black," regrouped with his Million Dollar Quartet members to record, "The Survivors." Are they Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis? Yes or No


Catwoman Eartha Kitt in the Catmobile
BATMAN television series



                    BONUS QUESTIONS         


1. Who's cover of George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun," ranked high on the pop charts?

2. A Specialist is a. One whose fund of information is so mysterious that only he/she can be entrusted to disseminate it. b. A descendant of the witch/witch doctor and believed to possess magical information. c. The specialist is distinguished from the expert only because he/she gets paid.

3. Who was promoter and manager of successful alternative rock stars Van Morrison, Santana, and Eddie Money?

4. Where did Cream's Farewell Concert take place [1968]?

5. What blues group backed Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival, for his controversial premiere electric performance? a. Paul Butterfield Blues Band b. The Allman Brothers Band c. James Cotton Blues Band

6. Demographics - The study of population matters for the benefit of establishing administrative, military and political budgets. As a census, demographics are conducted by people from Cal Tech and MIT, though alumni from Harvard and Berkeley are needed for their interpretation. True or False





Answers questions 1--20: 1. b) Joey Dee, 2. a) Summertime Blues,
3. a) Jimi Hendrix 4. b) Sean Connery, 5. a) Julie Andrews, 6. a) London, 7. b) 1966, 8. b) Tom Jones, 9. c) The Supremes, 10. c) Atlantic,
11. True, 12. True, 13. True, 14. False, 15. False, 16. True, 17. False,
18. True, 19. False, 20. Yes

     Answers Bonus Questions [ 2 points each]:
1. Richie Havens 2. All 3. Bill Graham 4. Royal Albert Hall in London 5. a)
6. True





Highest score: 28—32 Living in the name of Peace and for the sake of your Country!

Dancin' In The Street: 24-27 An appropriate time to shop for new shoes.

Break On Through: 19—23 Spirit moves you to break on through to the other side!

Quest for the Best: 13—18 Your mind really understands itself and wants to be free of sorrow.

Discovery Zone: 9—12 Take time during your day to discover something extraordinary - whenever you want!

Question Authority: 0—8 If your teachers don't encourage you to ask questions, find a new teacher.



Salaam * Shalom * Maluhia * Pax * Pax Cultura * Paz * Paix * Mir * Om Shanti
May Peace Prevail on Earth!



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