Featured Dilemma: How to read
Trump III in an energy spread
with House System guidelines?

Dear DonnaKova,

I drew Trump III several times in the Energy Management Star [first card in the lay out] and would like information about the House System interpretation. The name of Trump III in my deck is the Unveiled Isis. Thank you.
                    Joy in Manhattan, NY

Dear Joy in Manhattan,

Trump III is ideal as the first card of your star when you begin an upgrade in lifestyle, relationship, or home decor. The energy suggests a cordial attitude, an adaptive and hospitable place.

Trump III tries to establish a common theme for all people with the same or parallel purpose. Any social connection, club, and power team that navigates red tape well, celebrates a universal code, and enjoys merriment after a full day is included. There is a mixed atmosphere [variety is the spice of life] with a texture of self-regulation that approaches the same technical balance found in a self-contained garden pond.

Meeting in your home is fine for a small assembly. Any cause likely to pass beyond the boundary of your immediate community will require a larger space. It may be easy to rent a room for an event rather than remodel, but always highlight the room with a personal touch, warm illumination, and an imaginative accent.
Bon chance,


Charity Event, Fund Raiser, Health - Holistic Clinic,
Neighborhood Committee, Psychic Faire

Party Hostess
Activities that help raise funds for your worthy cause are often set for late morning through the afternoon hours. They should be closed by 4:00 P.M. for best results. The atmosphere [whimsical, R & R, or serious theme] should be matched up with 3-colour schemes, party favors, and a short list of activities that require minimum time for a healthy yield. Some activities appeal to party-goers as well, so hold on to crepe paper, stand up display and table centerpiece should there be a 'last minute' get-together. Success can depend on how people feel and their available options - where they can go. No 'lines', screened or 'out of bounds' area if something can be seen by your guest. Provide wide traffic lanes.

Your group may enjoy the following 'lite' versions of a more formal, sophisticated, or cerebral [Trump IX Hermit] activity:

a) poetry or book club to help friends develop public speaking skill - emphasis on short stories and comedy
b) reinvent a home - pick up the slack for a sick neighbor: paint the window frame, mow lawn, rake leaves, and clean steps, etc. - easy to do and will help provide positive environment for someone on the mend
c) fashion and colour group: drape bolts of fabric to select a seasonal palette for each guest
d) palmistry: reading the palm and jewelry - try on jewelry for each wrist & all fingers
e) cake sale and/or pie eating contest, etc. to go with the big game - raise money while you catch the action on the big screen!

THE HALL: scenes from Harry Potter's school Hogwarts, and The Golden Hall in, The Lord of the Rings. Star XVII - getting started, The House System



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