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A Few Popular Power Triads in Mythology

Jupiter-Juno-Minerva [Greek Zeus-Hera-Pallas Athena]
combination Jupiter [Index] Finger and Thumb

Jupiter-Apollo-Diana [The Weather Cycle]
combination Jupiter Finger-Mount of Jupiter and Apollo [Ring] Finger-Mount of Apollo,
and Mount of the Moon

Leto-Diana-Apollo [Cycle of the Eclipse]
combination Thumb and Mount of the Moon, and Apollo Finger-Mount of Apollo

Aditi-Mitra-Varuna [Hindu Sky Goddess-Sun-Moon]
combination Thumb and Mount of the Moon, and Apollo Finger-Mount of Apollo

note: Attendant Subsidiary Lines augment any of the above formulae



    "Palmistry, or Chiromancy, is the art which professes to discover the temperament and character of anyone, as well as the past and future events of his life, from an examination of the palm of his hand; and of the lines traced upon it.

A, will; B, logic; C, mount of Venus; D, mount of Jupiter; E, mount of Saturn; F, mount of Apollo; G, mount of Mercury; H, mount of Mars; I, mount of the Moon

K, the rascette; a,a, line of life; b,b, line of the head; c,c, line of heart; d,d, line of Saturn or fate; e,e, line of liver or health; f,f, line of Apollo or fortune; g,g, the girdle of Venus; R, the quadrangle; m,m,m, bracelets of life."
(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)

Source: Everybody's Cyclopedia (New York: Syndicate Publishing Company, 1912)



Suggested Film Review

1) Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
Paul Newman, Aquarius Sun [Butch Cassidy], Robert Redford, Leo Sun
[The Sundance Kid], Katharine Ross, Aquarius Sun [Etta Place]

2) Charlie's Angels
first season TV series: Kate Jackson, Scorpio Sun [Sabrina Duncan], Farrah Fawcett,
Aquarius Sun [Jill Munroe], Jaclyn Smith, Scorpio Sun [Kelly Garrett]
first film: Cameron Diaz, Virgo Sun [Natalie], Drew Barrymore Pisces Sun [Dylan],
Lucy Liu Sagittarius Sun [Alex]

3) Constantine

3) Dreamer

4) Harry Potter

5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Harrison Ford, Moonchild Sun [Indiana Jones], Karen Allen Libra Sun
[Marion Ravenwood], Shia LaBeouf Gemini Sun [Mutt Williams]

6) The Matrix


















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