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Dear Mystic Eyes,

Is the Ambassador Goddess Hathor linked with Trump II The High Priestess [Juno and Veiled Isis] or Trump III The Empress [The Queen, Unveiled Isis] in my reading?

By the way, the movie Cleopatra interests me a great deal. I am partial to the Taylor-Burton film made in Rome during the sixties. Will there ever be a restored version of the film?

                    Very Truly Yours,
                    Angel, CA

Dear Angel,

The Goddess Hathor is linked to both Trump II The High Priestess and Trump III The Empress. During the pre-dynastic Egyptian period [Trump III alignment] and the later dynastic period, associated with Trump II The Priestess (also a chantress) Hathor’s symbols changed, in step with the shifting times. All ancient civilizations experienced dramatic restructuring stages in their symbolism when the North Star 'moved out of' the constellation Draco. If the ancient temples are still standing when the North Star returns to Draco, ancient allocations will experience a resurgence and return to mainstream consciousness.

Trump II and Trump III may represent Hathor when they give direction to energy, if they conduct energy, and when they utilize the bi-polar pulse beat of the universe. They may augment animation of existing systems [copper] because they represent the purified feminine principle. Study the anima types put forth by Carl Jung for more about reaching the door that opens to the One.

Trump II is dedicated to ‘form,’ source/quality of fuel, and science as in the book held by the Priestess. Trump III is the correct method, or formula, with which we set, mirror, and facilitate the pace appropriate to ritual. Both Trump govern psychometry, dowsing, and skrying.

Isis is represented by the throne hieroglyph because she governed the land when Osiris taught agriculture [cultivation of grapes and wheat] to the people. Hathor is an ambassador, speaking as Egypt in foreign lands. Both Isis and Hathor are related to universal power stones like turquoise, that are often dedicated to the earth. Hathor is associated with golden yellow and carnelian. The yellow sapphire is often given to both Trump II and Trump III. Trump II is most often linked with silver and copper [Luna/Venus.] The Empress or Unveiled Isis is best represented by silver and quicksilver [Luna/Mercury.]

Bon chance,

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    above Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra in a banquet scene set to lure Marc Antony [Richard Burton] to Egyptian soil.
    Director Joe Mankiewicz originally screened a six hour cut for the studio initially shot for two separate screenings, probably with the same goal as Peter Jackson [The Lord of the Rings], and the Wachowski brothers [The Matrix]. The first part of the story featured Caesar and Cleopatra and the second half would have featured Marc Antony's relationship with Cleopatra after Caesar’s assassination. By the time of the premiere, the film was four hours. The studio said that was still too long because that running length didn't permit two showings per theater per day. The final theatrical cut was 3:14.

    The 2001 DVD includes the first theatrical cut, which is about four hours long. The missing two hours from the pre-theatrical screening have never turned up despite an exhaustive search through the vaults.

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